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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

*The matches are shorter than usual, mainly because I went a bit overboard with Raw’s and I’ve got Unforgiven to write. These are only TV matches and I’m not really that bothered about them anyway other than the finish.

Friday Night Smackdown
Friday 19th September 2008
Live from the Donald L. Tucker Center
Tallahassee, Florida

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Beat the Clock Challenge
Yoshi Tatsu w/Johnny Jeter vs. Chris Jericho

Tatsu was using the ropes to help himself get to his knees. Jericho didn’t let him get any further and went after him but walked right in to a stiff kick to the gut that sent him down to one knee and then staggering around holding his chest. Yoshi stepped through the ropes and composed himself on the apron before going for a springboard, but as he came through the air, Jericho grabbed his legs and pulled him down to the mat before looking in the Walls of Jericho.

The crowd tried to encourage the Japanese debutant and he held on for as long as he could with Jericho desperately applying a ton of pressure, and it eventually gave him no option but to tap out. “Break The Walls Down” played to a mixed reception as a relieved Jericho stood up and got his arm raised with Jeter looking slightly disappointed on the outside. Jericho left the ring with a small but satisfied grin on his face as Yoshi sat up, and the camera went back to Jericho throwing both his arms up in to the air at the top of the ramp after setting the new time to beat.


Beat the Clock Challenge
Christian w/Tyson Tomko vs. Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez w/CM Punk

With the fans cheering, Christian pulled himself up to the second rope and connected with a diving cross body. Once again Del Rio-Ramirez kicked out, and as both men got back up, Christian looked sure to hit the Killswitch, but the Mexican pushed him forward in to the ropes. This time though as Christian came racing back, he took his opponent down with a spear to a big pop. Christian went for another cover, and it came as no surprise when Del Rio-Ramirez got his shoulder up again. Captain Charisma was in total control now, and Punk knew it.

He watched on as Christian stalked Punk’s rookie for the Killswitch with the clock ticking down, bringing a worried Chris Jericho out in to the arena. Despite the boos coming from the crowd, neither Christian & Punk saw him making his way down as Christian’s full attention was on Del Rio-Ramirez who was struggling to get back up. Punk panicked and jumped up on to the apron with ten seconds to go. With the ref distracted, Jericho slipped in to the ring and caught Christian’s attention. He let go of Del Rio-Ramirez and went after Jericho, who just backed away towards the ropes.

Christian noticed the clock ticking down leaving him all but any chance of equalling the time. So did Jericho and he left the ring under the bottom rope as Christian went over to Del Rio, but it was too late and the buzzer sounded to a ton of heat from the crowd. Jericho smirked on the outside as Christian walked right over to the ropes and urged him to get in the ring. A groggy Del Rio-Ramirez left the ring and joined Punk on the outside as the announcement was made that the match was a draw as neither man had beaten the time set by Jericho. However we saw a not so happy looking Tazz walk out to the stage with a microphone in hand.

Tazz: Chris, all y’had t’ do was stay out of it, but you’re lucky. . . See I’m gonna make what might turn out t’ be an unpopular decision, but from where I’m standin’, this is the best thing t’ do. . . Chris, you will be takin’ on C-M Punk f’ the World Heavyweight Championship. . .

Jericho smiles and punches the air while a curious Punk looks on.

. . . But Chris, you won’t be the only one. . . At No Mercy it’s gonna be C-M Punk, Chris Jericho and Christian in a triple threat match.

Jericho & Punk don’t look happy about that at all, but Christian does and he nods down at Jericho with Tomko now in the ring with him. Punk (with Del Rio-Ramirez) & Jericho then look towards Christian in the ring as he takes in turns looking at both as Smackdown comes to a close with the world title match at No Mercy now confirmed.

*Opening Video*
“If You Rock Like Me”

*Cut to the Arena*


Michael Cole:
Good evening ev’ryone and welcome to Friday Night Smackdown live from the Donald L Tucker Center in Tallahassee, Florida where t’night ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels will go one on one with the former United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin, who in two weeks at No Mercy will be looking to regain the very same title. . . Also in store t’night folks, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters will be in action against Bobby Lashley in what I can only imagine will take physical to the extreme.

Matt Striker: You can say that again Michael. Both men are absolute powerhouses. It’ll be a battle to say the least.

Michael Cole: Well last week Matt we had the Beat The Clock Challenge to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship at No Mercy, and it resulted in a controversial conclusion to the show with Chris Jericho doing everything within in his power to ensure he would be the one to challenge C-M Punk in just over two weeks. However, even though his time remained unbeaten, he won’t be the only one facing C-M Punk. He will be part of a triple threat match with Christian where the winner will leave No Mercy as the World Heavyweight Champion. Each of those men are in the building t’night and there may just be fireworks if last week is anything to go by.

“On A Mission”

The Empire, Stu Sanders (Wade Barrett), Drew McIntyre & Katie Lee
make their way out in to the arena, all stone faced and getting boos thrown at them by the Tallahassee faithful. Sanders & McIntyre are in their ring gear and they give the crowd some serious disapproving looks as they walk down the ramp with Katie behind them carrying a Union Jack.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

“On A Mission”

The Empire
slowly make their way out in to the arena with Katie Lee carrying a Union Jack as Drew McIntyre & Stu Sanders (Wade Barrett) walk down the ramp to heat from the crowd. McIntyre & Sanders aren’t in a great mood to say the least and they show nothing but contempt for the fans as they head down the ramp and in to the ring. Sanders walks over to the apron and asks for a microphone. He gets it and rejoins his fellow Brits in the centre of the ring as their music cuts. The boos continue as Sanders stands there with McIntyre & Katie Lee not looking impressed at the reaction they’re getting.

Stu Sanders:
If there was ever any doubt as to how the Americans conduct themselves, we found out for ourselves last week just how underhand and shameful they are. Just like they have in the past, Montel Vontavious Porter and his partner in crime, literally, Ron Killings, the two men we know as the common criminals forced their way in to our own dressing room and attacked us for no good reason whatsoever. . . It just proves our point that the Americans have absolutely no shame or respect for anyone else but themselves. In fact, they don’t even show any respect for each other. . . We realise that something needs to be done about this, and we are the people t’ do it. We’re going to make America see that it has a problem by going after the very people that epitomise what their country is all about, and the only way to get our message across is by treating them like the criminals that they are. In turn that will show the children of America the consequences of breaking the law, and in just over three weeks time at No Mercy we are going to beat some sense in to. . .

“I’m Comin’. No one can stop me, no one can hold me. . .”

The angry duo of M.V.P. & Ron Killings hit the stage to a big pop. Understandably, they’re not happy as they stare right at The Empire, who also aren’t pleased with their rivals’ presence. McIntyre, Sanders & Lee step back as the Americans enter the ring with M.V.P. picking a microphone up off the apron. You can feel the tension between them threatening to explode as the music stops and M.V.P. & Killings glaring right at the Brits.

You wanna set an example f’ the whole world, stampin’ out crime by beatin’ the hell out o’ us two. Y’can see my problem right? I mean it’s not like you’ve not attacked us time an’ time again like the typical American criminal you go on an’ on an’ on about since you two punks showed up. . . Now even though y’don’t think so, we’ve paid f’ what we’ve done. We served our time an’ that’s all that matters. We’ve also had enough o’ you two as we can take. . . What we did last week ain’t gonna be nothin’ compared t’ what we’re gonna do come No Mercy. Only this time it ain’t gonna be that flag o’ yours you’re gonna be covered in, it’s gonna be the red white an’ blue, the stars an’ stripes of the United States of America.

Stu Sanders: Typical. That’s the typical American response right there. You’re so sure of yourselves it’s sickening. That’s why we can’t wait to show you up in front of ev’ry single American. . .

M.V.P.: . . . Well if that’s the way y’feel bro’, there’s only one way t’ find out how it’s gonna pan out.

M.V.P. drops the stick and both he & Killings charge forward and hammer away at the stunned Sanders & McIntyre to a huge pop from the Canadian crowd. Katie Lee flees from the ring and drops the flag by accident. The Americans gain the advantage with Killings ducking under a right from McIntyre. As the Scot turns round, Killings kicks him in the gut and then sends him crashing down in to the mat with a sit out suplex slam to a big pop. Sanders is in trouble as his partner rolls under the bottom rope to the outside with Katie rushing round to check on him.

M.V.P. whips him in to the corner and races in at him, levelling him with a huge boot to the face. The Englishman staggers out of the corner as M.V.P. backs out and walks right in to the Playmaker. The fans go nuts as Killings picks the Union Jack up off the mat and snaps it across his leg, then throws it down on the motionless Sanders to another big pop. “I’m Comin’” hits and M.V.P. & Killings look down and nod their heads in approval at their handy work. They then turn towards McIntyre as he sits up with Katie on the floor, getting very dirty looks from the Brits.

*Cut to the Arena*

The Empire are in the ring and Sanders has a microphone in his hand with McIntyre & Katie stood at either side of him as their music cuts.

Stu Sanders:
This is going to sound a lot like déjà vu, but that’s because we were yet again shown absolutely zero respect by a couple of your own people last week. However America, we’re used to it by now. We’ve come to terms with just how ignorant and disrespectful you people are.


Stu Sanders: It’s not like it’s a well keep secret. We already knew the problems with this country when we came here, but we never expected that the problem was as serious as it is. This country is nothing short of a disgrace, and fortunately for you and the rest of the world, we are going to sort this mess out starting at No Mercy.


Stu Sanders: We’ve been serious from day one about resolving the problems this so called great country has and I urge you all not to underestimate us like two people we could mention. And just for their benefit, we’re going to show them right now what they’ll have to deal with in two weeks time, and let me tell you this. It’s going to be nothing short of a full blown war, a war which only one team will win, and that will be myself and Drew McIntyre.


Stu Sanders: Mark my words, it’s a war your convict role models can’t win, and the only ballin’ M-V-P will be doing is bawling his eyes out when we beat him and his partner in crime to a pulp before covering them with this flag of ours in the middle of this ring.

*More Boos*

Stu Sanders: Now to show them and ev’ryone of you what’s in store for them at No Mercy, we asked for a match t’night and that’s exactly what we’ve got. So without wasting another second, whoever our opponents are, I urge you to walk on down here right now so we can show this pitiful country that we mean business.

Sanders turns round and hands the microphone over to Justin Roberts with a referee also in the ring. The music of Sonjay Dutt hits and he walks out to the stage along with his friend & tag team partner, Jimmy Yang to a pop. Sanders & McIntyre don’t look too impressed by them as Katie leaves the ring, carefully stepping through the ropes with the Union Jack.

*The Opening Match*
Sonjay Dutt & Jimmy Yang vs. The Empire w/Katie Lee

Sanders & McIntyre were all over Dutt & Yang. They sure as hell meant business from the off, and apart from a few minor blips, they controlled the match from start to finish. In the end, Sanders was able to counter a moonsault, catching Yang and shifting him on to his shoulders for the Wasteland. He sent him crashing down to the mat with McIntyre then taking care of Dutt as Sanders made the cover to pick up the win for the Brits. They were booed loudly by the fans, and the boos became even louder when Katie Lee got in the ring with the Union Jack. Sanders & McIntyre then took great pleasure in placing the flag over Yang’s lifeless body to a ton of heat, only then they were interrupted by M.V.P. & Ron Killings, who walked out to the stage with M.V.P. holding a microphone. The fans’ cheers eventually died down, allowing M.V.P. to speak, much to the annoyance of the angry Brits in the ring.

Winners: The Empire by pinfall.

M.V.P.: Very impressive, but just so we’re clear, we ain’t underestimatin’ you guys, not f’ a second. An’ if you want a war, well you’ve got one.

*Big Pop*

M.V.P.: The problem you guys ‘ave got is pretty obvious to us. Since you’re used t’ gettin’ help from other countries like ours, there ain’t no way in the world you’re gonna win this one.


M.V.P.: In two weeks you’re gonna be lyin’ in that ring covered in the stars an’ stripes, an’ that’s straight up ballin’ baby.

“I’m Comin’” plays to a solid pop as M.V.P. & Killings stare defiantly at the now ticked off British duo & Katie.

*Video Promo*

The happy looking Matt Sydal & Mickie James are walking through the back with Sydal in action after the break.

*Commercial Break*

TJ Wilson (Tyson Kidd), Harry Smith’s rookie & Natalya Neidhart are walking through the hallway smiling and looking generally content with life on Smackdown when Wilson is jumped and knocked to the floor. Natalya screams and looks mortified as the incensed duo of Petey Williams & Johnny Devine stomp all over her boyfriend.

Natalya Neidhart:

She tries to pull Petey away but he just throws his arm back without looking and sends her falling back to the floor. She didn’t catch it full in the face though (like she may do from TJ on a nightly basis). She was just overpowered, and the number one contenders for the tag team titles at No Mercy continue to put the boots to Wilson. Petey then backs away with Wilson not looking in good shape at all.

Petey Williams:
J, that’ll do.

Devine looks like a man possessed and doesn’t look too happy at stepping back. They both turn round and see Natalya sitting up, and they show no remorse whatsoever. The Canadian duo turn back and look down at Wilson rolling around in agony.

Johnny Devine:
How you feelin’ now kid? Last week doesn’t feel as good right now does it? It was nothing but a fluke. When you get up, go tell your mentor that and that at No Mercy, he and his partner are gonna end up like you are now.

Williams smirks as he & Devine turn round walk away with Wilson struggling to sit up. He sees Natalya on the floor too and tries to shift towards her.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

A very laid back Shelton Benjamin, dressed in his street clothes strolls out in to the arena to a chorus of boos looking very smug indeed. He smiles through the boos as he casually makes his way down the ramp and in to the ring, collecting a microphone from the apron in the process. As he walks in to the middle of the ring, he takes a look in to the stands, still smiling widely. His music cuts and frees him to speak his mind.

Shelton Benjamin:
I told you this would happen Matt. I told you, I told your girlfriend an’ I told all these dumb ass fans o’ yours what I’d do if you didn’t do what I asked. You’re the only one t’ blame here. All you had t’ do was say one simple word. . . yes. That’s all you had t’ say. All y’had t’ do was prove y’had the guts t’ be a champion, an’ clearly you don’t.

“Don’t Waste My Time”

Shelton turns and looks up at the stage to see an angry Elijah Burke walking out in to the arena along with his girlfriend, Layla. She too doesn’t hide her contempt for Benjamin as she & Burke walk on down to the ring, both giving The Gold Standard a dirty look. He’s not over the moon to see them either.

Elijah Burke:

Burke’s not messing about and Shelton gets the message now. He watches as Burke rolls his sleeves up and takes his watch off, then hands it to Layla and turns round.

Elijah Burke:
We gonna do this or what? Go ahead. Take y’best shot.

The crowd jeer as Benjamin gets fired up and really thinks about it with Burke staying ice cool, unlike Layla.

“Born to Fly”

A huge pop breaks out inside the Ottawa Civic Center as Matt Sydal, the King of the Ring & United States Champion hits the stage with his girlfriend, Mickie James to the shock of almost everyone in the arena, especially Shelton. Burke nods his head and smiles at his buddy and then turns round smiling to face Shelton, looking like he knew all along. Layla’s grinning too as the somewhat serious looking Sydal joins his buddies in the ring with a sling on his arm while Mickie holds on to the United States title. Sydal smiles at them before staring right at the shocked Benjamin, and Burke hands him the microphone as Mickie & Layla enjoy the moment.

Matt Sydal:
Shelton, these guys have been telling me that you want some kind of answer from me. . . Well you’re not going to be disappointed because I’ve got one for you. . . You got it.

Shelton Benjamin: I don’t think you do, an’ it certainly ain’t cool. You’ve got a broken arm f’ cryin’ out loud. You ain’t got a hope in hell.

Sydal turns round and looks at Burke with a surprised look on his face, and then does the same to Mickie & Layla. They all act surprised too, worrying The Gold Standard slightly.

Matt Sydal:
Who said anything about a broken arm Shelton? I didn’t.

Benjamin looks very confused.

Shelton Benjamin:
What y’talkin’ ‘bout? I broke that arm. I smashed it up, I saw it. Take a look at your arm f’ god sake.

Matt Sydal: Oh that.

Sydal hands the microphone over to Burke and then takes the sling off without a care in the world before dropping it on the mat to the amazement of Benjamin and the joy of the crowd. It looks like his jaw has dropped and hit the mat.

Matt Sydal:
Yeah about that Shelton, I think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick somehow. I can’t think how that happened.

Shelton shakes his head angrily at Sydal.

Matt Sydal:
What? You got a problem or something Shelton? You asked f’ this. . . I’m sick of having to look over my shoulder ev’rywhere I go, and the longer this has gone on and the more I beat you, you lose it more each time. The thing is this time Shelton, when I retain my United States title at No Mercy, we’re done. This is your rematch, your only rematch an’ you’re the one that has t’ win. ‘Cause if you don’t, that’s it. You won’t get another shot at beating me ever again.

*Cut to the Arena*

“Born to Fly”

A massive pop breaks out inside the Donald L. Tucker Center as the United States Champion & King of the Ring, Matt Sydal hits the stage all fired up. He flies to one side of the stage with Mickie James following him out and clapping her boyfriend as he poses for the Tallahassee fans. He then runs across the stage to the other side and throws his right arm up, which was greeted by another big pop. He turns round and smiles at Mickie, then walks towards her and gets a kiss from her. They walk gradually down the ramp and stop with Sydal unbuckling his title and throwing it up in to the air, and a pyro explosion goes off behind him, slightly catching Mickie by surprise. Sydal laughs and gets a cheeky elbow bump from his girlfriend before they head down the ramp to the ring where the United States Champion poses some more, this time with his title on the second rope with Mickie looking proud & happy to be there.

“Time to Shine”

The Cruiserweight Champion, Johnny Jeter strolls out to the stage along with his rookie, Yoshi Tatsu. They’re met by boos that you would assume are for Jeter, and he has his title draped over his shoulder despite not being in his ring gear as he should be. His rookie on the other hand is dressed to compete and we can now see Jeter is holding a microphone. Sydal looks a bit confused, as does Mickie as the United States Champion looks up at his former rival. The music cuts and frees the cocky Jeter to speak.

Johnny Jeter:
I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news for you all. . . As you may or may not be aware, I should be on my way down t’ the ring for a match with my long time friend there. Not only is he the United States Champion, but he’s also the current King of the Ring. . . Matt Sydal.

*Big Pop*

Johnny Jeter: However I regret to inform you that’s not going t’ happen.


Johnny Jeter: See now I’m a mentor to Yoshi Tatsu here, who did a great job against Chris Jericho last week, I thought this would be a big opportunity for him. It’s not like I have anything to prove, but he does. So I’m sorry Matt for this late change, but I’m sure you won’t mind.

Sydal smirks & shrugs his shoulders.

Johnny Jeter:
Great, I didn’t think so. It’s why you’re the great all round guy that you are Matt. . . Come on Yoshi, let’s go.

Sydal shakes his head as Jeter puts the microphone down and heads down the ramp with his rookie. His music plays again as Mickie leaves the ring and Sydal gets ready for action with Tatsu and his smug mentor getting to the ring.

*Match 2*
Non-Title Match
Matt Sydal w/Mickie James vs. Yoshi Tatsu w/Johnny Jeter

Sydal showed a few minor signs of ring rust and Tatsu followed on from his impressive debut display last week against Chris Jericho by making Sydal work hard on his first match for almost a month. During the match, Michelle McCool and her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes raced down to the ring and attacked Mickie James, distracting & worrying her boyfriend (Sydal). The trio of divas backed up looking very proud of themselves, and Mickie looked in a bad way, barely moving on the floor. Matt went to check on his girlfriend, then Elijah Burke & Layla rushed down to help her to the back. Sydal was distracted as he got back in the ring after being told to by Burke.

Jeter was highly amused as Tatsu went on to trouble Sydal. However the King of the Ring & United States Champion came back fighting as ever and after ducking a roundhouse kick, he connected with a Cyclorama (belly to belly moonsault slam). Tatsu was in deep trouble and despite clearly being preoccupied, Sydal capitalised, dragging him to the corner in a hurry before climbing up to the top rope and hitting the Shooting Star Press to pick up the victory. He quickly collected his title belt and left the ring, probably to find out how Mickie was doing as Jeter entered the ring with a microphone. He watched Tatsu make his way back up, not looking too impressed with his rookie.

Winner: Matt Sydal by pinfall.

Johnny Jeter: Yoshi, you disappoint me. That’s two defeats in two weeks, and that doesn’t just reflect badly on you, which if I’m honest, I don’t really care a rat’s ass about. It reflects badly on me.


Tatsu just looks blankly at his mentor.

Johnny Jeter:
If you want me to carry on being your mentor, you’re gonna have t’ step up your game. And since I’m the Cruiserweight Champion of the world, there’s no one better t’ help you, so you better get your act t’gether quick if you wanna stick around.

Jeter drops the microphone and keeps looking at Tatsu, who clearly doesn’t understand a word his mentor’s just said. The Cruiserweight Champion’s music plays again and he leaves the ring with an unsure Yoshi following him awkwardly.

*Commercial Break*

Michelle McCool is laughing and joking with her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes as they walk back through the production area.

Michelle McCool:
That was a good job t’night ladies, far better than the last two weeks. I sure hope Mickie’s not too badly hurt. . . not!

Alicia & Rosa continue laughing with their mentor, but they suddenly stop, as does McCool. The camera pans to the right and standing there is the not so happy General Manager, Tazz.

I could ask you ladies what you’re lookin’ so pleased about but I already know. . . Y’think that was smart or helpful Michelle t’ let your rookies jump Mickie like that. I mean what did they learn from that exactly apart from doin’ your dirty work?

McCool doesn’t have an answer and shrugs her shoulders at Tazz.

Well I’ll tell y’what Michelle, I’ve got a way t’ settle this problem o’ yours wit’ Mickie. . . The way I see it, you both want a shot at Beth Phoenix an’ the diva’s title, an’ in two weeks at No Mercy, one o’ you is gonna get it. An’ right here next week we’re gonna find out who that’ll be, ‘cause you’re gonna go one on one wit’ Mickie an’ the winner will face Beth at No Mercy.

That brings a smile to Michelle’s face.

Michelle McCool:
That’s a great idea. I love it.

Tazz: Yeah I thought y’might. The only thing is, I’m gonna be watchin’ t’ make sure neither o’ these two help you out again next week. An’ if they so much as breathe on Mickie, they’ll get you an instant disqualification an’ it’ll be Mickie who gets the shot. You understand that?

Michelle McCool: Loud an’ clear boss. I don’t need any help beatin’ Mickie, trust me.

Tazz: Glad t’ hear it, ‘cause if y’do get any help, you won’t be gettin’ a shot at the diva’s title anytime soon.

That wipes a smile off McCool’s face a bit as Tazz turns around and starts to walk away.

See y’next week ladies.

The camera zooms in on the determined face of Michelle McCool as she ponders her vital clash next week with Mickie.

*Cut Backstage*

Matt Sydal looks very panicked as he makes his way back to the locker room and as he gets there, he sees some flowers left in front of the door. He looks surprised to see them and bends down to pick them up, then takes a look out the card.

Matt Sydal:
You gotta be kidding me.

He then pushes the door open and Elijah Burke & Layla are there waiting for him.

Matt Sydal:
Is she okay?

Elijah Burke: Don’t worry buddy, the doc’s just takin’ a look at her but she said herself she’s alright.

Sydal breathes a sigh of relief.

Matt Sydal:
Thank god f’ that. I better go an’ see her.

Elijah Burke: Where d’ y’get the flowers from man?

Matt Sydal: Oh yeah. They’re not for me or Mickie. They’re from you know who.

Elijah Burke: What d’ y’mean?

Burke & Layla look confused so Matt hands the flowers over to Layla and she grabs the card. As soon as she reads it, she doesn’t look happy and turns to her boyfriend.

Elijah Burke:
What’s up baby?

She hands him the card and he looks at it.

Elijah Burke:
It won’t be long now, keep smiling beautiful, Dolph. . . I’m gonna kill ‘im.

Burke’s fuming as you can imagine.

Hey, take it easy. I’m not happy about it either but this is what he wants. Don’t let him get to you okay.

Elijah Burke: Easier said than done baby.

Layla puts the flowers down on the bench.

Like he said, it won’t be long until No Mercy. Then you can finish this. And when you do, there’ll be no one happier than me, I promise.

Burke begins to calm down as Layla gives him a caring little cuddle with Matt smiling.

Matt Sydal:
How sweet. Anyway, I’m gonna go check on Mickie. I’ll catch up with you guys in a bit, and take it easy ‘lijah like she said.

The camera zooms in on Burke, and even though he’s playing it cool, it’s clearly just for Layla’s benefit as he stares angrily over her shoulder while holding her (lucky bastard).

*Cut Backstage*

A focused Bobby Lashley is walking with purpose with his match against Chris Masters coming up in a matter of minutes. He gets to the interview set where just by chance, Josh Matthews is talking to a production worker. Matthews sees Lashley and he turns his attention to him.

Josh Matthews:
Bobby, have you got a minute?

Lashley stops and looks at Josh, breaking out of serious mode for the time being.

Bobby Lashley:

Josh walks towards him with the microphone and the devastated to be ditched production worker takes off, maybe to take his own life.

Josh Matthews:
I won’t keep you long ‘cause I know you’re match with Chris Masters is coming up next week, but I have to ask you what’s on ev’ryone’s mind right now. That being why you came to Charlie Haas’s aid last week and saw off your opponent t’night and his rookie, Ryan Sheffield.

Bobby Lashley: Josh, I love this business. I think ev’ryone knows that, but there are some things that I don’t like. One of those things is a bully, and that’s what Chris Masters is. I don’t know Charlie Haas that well if I’m being honest. What I do know by his reputation with most people in the locker room is that he’s a really good guy. Masters took advantage of that when they were a team, but even more so last week when he and his rookie attacked Charlie for no good reason. He’s done it before, and when I saw him doing it again last week, I snapped. He needed to be taught a lesson. . . There’s nothing I despise more than bullies Josh, and I’ve dealt with a lot in my time believe me. I’ve found the way t’ deal with bullies is to stand up to them like I did last week and I’m going to t’night when I really teach him a lesson.

Josh Matthews: Okay, thanks f’ clearing that up Bobby. Good luck in your match t’night.

Bobby Lashley: Thanks.

It’s obvious Lashley means business as he walks away with his match against The Masterpiece coming up after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Beat the Clock Challenge
Charlie Haas vs. Chris Masters w/Ryan Sheffield

With Masters hobbling around on the canvas, Haas pulled down the straps and this time connected with the Olympic Slam to a big pop. Instead of going for the cover which he may now regret, he decided to lock in the Haas of Pain. The Masterpiece was screaming in agony as the relentless Haas did everything he could to make him tap with Sheffield doing his best to encourage his mentor. The clock was running down and had just ten seconds, not that Haas could see it or seem to care, and fortunately for Masters he held on as the clock expired and the bell was rung to bring the contest to a halt.

Haas didn’t care and kept the hold locked in, and the crowd loved it. Sheffield didn’t though and slid in to the ring right away to break the hold with a kick to the back of Haas’s head. He then pulled him up to his feet and in to a piggy back lift for a Backpack Stunner, and he hit it to heat from the crowd as Masters slowly sat up. He then struggled to his feet, still hobbling slightly as an intense Sheffield stared down remorselessly at the non-moving Haas. The Masterpiece then stood up and glared sadistically at his fallen rival, and slowly walked towards him.

As Haas started to come round, Masters stalked him for The Masterlock but was interrupted by “Hell Will be Callin’ Your Name” and Bobby Lashley walking out to the stage. The crowd cheered and Masters & Sheffield were shocked to see the hot Lashley standing there, and he then ran down the ramp and slid in the ring, to see off the panicked duo. Lashley then made sure they backed away from the ring and they did just that, looking pissed as hell with Lashley staring a hole through them as Haas sat up in the ring.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match 3*
Bobby Lashley vs. Chris Masters w/Ryan Sheffield

Early in to the contest, Charlie Haas walked out to ringside, probably to ensure that there would be no repeat of what happened to him last week and to return the favour. He watched on as Lashley hit The Masterpiece hard. Sheffield looked concerned for his mentor, and he managed to cause a distraction that allowed Masters to get a foothold in the match. Ultimately it didn’t prove decisive as Lashley fought off everything The Masterpiece had to throw at him, and after ducking a double axe handle blow to the chest, he sent him flying down to the mat with a flipping release german suplex. To his credit, Masters didn’t stay down. He made a decision he’d later regret and picked himself back up.

He found himself on the receiving end of a gut-wrench suplex and then a devastating spinebuster. Masters was struggling and rolled towards the ropes with the intense Lashley stalking him for a spear. Sheffield was worrying for his mentor and pulled him out of the ring and to safety as he tried to get up. The Masterpiece was looking worse for wear and decided enough was enough, turning his back on the match and heading back up the ramp, getting himself counted out to the absolute disgust of the crowd as well as Lashley. Haas got in the ring and shared his frustration with Lashley while the hurting Masters stared down at them with Sheffield doing the same by his side.

Winner: Bobby Lashley by count out.

*Video Promo*

The ever smug Dolph Ziggler is shown walking through the back in his ring gear, ready for action after the break.

*Commercial Break*

A furious Harry Smith is pacing through the halls with his tag team partner, Paul Burchill trying to catch up with him. The incensed mentor of TJ Wilson stops and barges open a couple of locker room doors before heading up the hall.

Paul Burchill:
Harry, this isn’t the way to deal with this.

Smith isn’t listening to Burchill and carries on walking, stops at another door and opens it. He stares in to the room like a man possessed and Burchill catches up with him again just as Smith goes right in, followed by Burchill and the camera follows them both. We can see a look on surprise on both the faces of Petey Williams & Johnny Devine, and Smith explodes in a fury. He goes right for Devine, grabs him and shoves him up against the wall.

Petey Williams:

Burchill holds Petey back as Devine appears he may just be close to wetting himself with Smith absolutely livid.

Harry Smith:
You think you’re tough do you after what you did earlier on? Make you feel big did it, jumping T-J like that? Well I’ve got news for you. You’re not tough. Far from it, and last week, well it wasn’t a fluke. We were all there when he made you tap out. Trust me, that was no fluke, just like it won’t be when I break you in half at No Mercy for what you did t’night you gutless son of a bitch.

Smith stares in to his eyes, clearly intimidating Devine.

Paul Burchill:
Alright Harry, you've made your point.

Petey Williams: Yeah you heard him. Get off him.

Smith lets go of Devine instantly and grabs Petey by the shirt, and now Petey looks worried.

Harry Smith:
Alright, I’m not touching him now, are you happy? Were you happy when you put your hands on a woman like you did with Natalya?. . . You’re just as bad as he is, and I’m telling you right now that if you so much as put your hands on either of them again, it’ll be the last thing you do, you got that?

Petey’s too panicked to answer.

Harry Smith:

Petey Williams: I got it.

Smith lets go of the relieved Petey who takes a deep breath.

Harry Smith:
Good, ‘cause they’re not just my rookies, they’re my family. You mess with them, you’re messing with me.

Smith stares back at Devine, who’s still intimidated. He then leaves the room, shrugging past Williams with Burchill looking at them both before following his partner out of the room, giving their challengers something to think about.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match 4*
Michael Shane vs. Dolph Ziggler

Ziggler was his usual confident self and backed it up with an impressive performance. Shane put up some resistance to make Ziggler work for it, and after fighting free from a german suplex attempt by driving his elbow back in to Shane’s head, he turned round and ducked a clothesline before nailing his opponent with an enzuigiri. From there Ziggler was on top, and despite Shane managing to hang on for a while, Dolph eventually wrapped up the victory after dodging a diving cross body. He shifted behind Shane as he was getting up and connected with the Zig Zag to secure the win. He wasn’t able to celebrate for long though as Elijah Burke paced down to the ring with the flowers Layla was sent by Ziggler earlier on.

Ziggler didn’t seem fazed at all as Burke slid in the ring and threw the flowers right at him. Burke wasn’t done there and got right in Ziggler’s face, then shoved him in the chest. A worried Layla then rushed down to the ring and tried to pull her boyfriend away from her admirer, but Burke wasn’t having it. Layla tried to reason with him and Ziggler goaded Burke, who looked ready to explode with fury, but Layla managed to dissuade him. Burke then backed away but gestured to Ziggler that he’s going to get his hands on him soon. Ziggler just smirked back at him as Burke & Layla left the ring, and Burke didn’t take his eyes off of him for a second. It’s fair to say Layla wasn’t happy either as she stared angrily at her grinning admirer.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

A typically serious and suited & booted Chris Jericho is walking through the halls, seemingly on his way to the ring.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>Coming Soon!<

*Cut to the Arena*

“You know I got ya. . . yeah. G’on, break the walls down. . .”

*Chorus of Boos*

A very serious Chris Jericho makes his way out in to the arena with a scowl on his face despite last week earning himself a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship in two weeks at No Mercy. He gives the jeering fans nothing but looks of contempt before entering the ring and walking across to collect a microphone. He turns back and stands centre stage in the middle of the ring with his music cutting, giving us a taste of how loud the boos are for Jericho. He’s definitely not appreciating the response at all.

Chris Jericho:
Once again I have been the victim of favouritism by our esteemed general manager. One week ago I was just one of the superstars competing in the beat the clock challenge to determine the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, and after I was successful in my match, I set the time to beat. It was a time that no one else was able to beat, and with that factual information in mind, you would assume that I would be the only one to find myself in the World Championship match at No Mercy. However that is not the case even though I set the best time. Therefore I should be the only one who deserves the opportunity to challenge C-M Punk for his world title.


Chris Jericho: The concept of the beat the clock challenge is as straightforward as it sounds. The person who sets the fastest time in their match is declared the winner, and with a shot at the most prestigious prize in this industry at stake, that one person would go on to No Mercy to compete for that prize. Seeing that I was the one who set the time that was not eclipsed by anybody else, surely you can understand my frustration and confusion as to why I find myself in a triple threat match along with someone else who wasn’t even victorious last week. That person couldn’t be any more undeserving of a world title opportunity, but since he has an ally in our general manager, he has managed to sneak his way in, and the person I am referring to is the definition of failure you know as Christian.

*Big Pop*

Chris Jericho: Regardless of how his match transpired, the only matter of relevance is that he failed like ev’ryone else in trying to better my time. In no way should he be involved in what should be just my title match. It’s not a difficult situation to understand, even for our uneducated general manager, who just happens to be friends with Christian. It just goes to show that Tazz looks after his friends. However despite all the obstacles that have been put in my path, I will still be the one who will walk out of No Mercy as the World Heavyweight Champion.

*Major Heat*

Chris Jericho: I’m sure that Tazz is hoping that will not be the case. Any objective general manager would have seen that I deserved to be the number one contender having defeated The Undertaker at SummerSlam and that there was no need for any kind of challenge or match necessary to determine who is worthy of fighting for the World Championship. I am by far the most deserving individual on this show, and I will make Tazz see that for himself when I am victorious at No Mercy.


Chris Jericho: I will also prove to him that he made a mistake in not assigning me a young superstar to mentor like he has many other inferior individuals. If anybody on this show should be a mentor, it should be me. I am the best in the world at what I do and I have the knowledge and the expertise to pass on to them to give them the best chance of succeeding in the W-W. . .


‘Captain Charisma’ Christian
strolls out to the stage to a big pop in jeans and a T-shirt, looking quite relaxed. His problem solver, Tyson Tomko is by his side, and they’re both getting dirty looks from the unhappy Jericho in the ring. Christian smiles and points to his fans as he gets in the ring, and even throws a smile Jericho’s way as he walks past him to get another microphone. Tomko stares right at Jericho, unsettling him ever so slightly as Christian turns back and walks towards his problem solver with his music cutting.

Chris, I’m sorry to interrupt, but I couldn’t help come out here and back you up. You’re right. You are indeed the best in the world at what you do. The only problem is that wouldn’t exactly help if you were a mentor seeing that when it comes to being the best in the world at what you do seeing that’s not being the best wrestler but a liar and a pissy little bitch.

*Big Pop*

Chris Jericho: How dare you. Just who do you think you are?

Christian: Who do I think I am? I think just like you, I’m the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship.

*More Cheers*

The face on Jericho is a picture. He’s absolutely disgusted.

See you might be a pissy little bitch Chris, but at least you’ve got something to look forward to. Actually I take that back, because I’m sorry to disappoint you, but even though you’ve already told all my peeps. . .

*Big Pop*

Christian: Oh yeah, that’s some love right there!. . . Anyway. I’m sorry t’ be the one to tell you this Chris but you won’t be walking out of No Mercy as the new World Champion. . . I will.

*More Cheers*

Christian: And while I’m settin’ the record straight, I need t’ talk about what went down last week. Now I heard your side of the story Chris about how no one beat your time an’ all, but the only reason I didn’t was because you did ev’rything you could to make sure that didn’t happen. You know as well I do that had you kept your ass in the locker room where it was supposed t’ be, you wouldn’t even be going t’ No Mercy.


Christian: So if I were you, I’d consider myself lucky to even have a shot, and even though it should just be an’ Punk, I really don’t care if you’re there or not. All I care about is that I’ve got the chance to be the World Champion. This is what I’ve dreamt about my entire life. This is what it’s all about, and I’ll do whatever I have to. . .

Chris Jericho: . . . Let me stop you right there. There’s nothing you can do to win the world title. Your absolute best wouldn’t be enough, and the reason why it is a dream instead of a reality is because it’s out of your reach. You’re out of your depth.


Chris Jericho: Do you actually believe you’re on the same level as me? And despite your mature comments about me being the best in the world, when it comes to competing in this ring on the big occasion, there is no one better than Chris Jericho.

*More Boos*

Christian’s smile has gone and he stares right at the defiant Jericho.

Chris Jericho:
When I say that, I’m not being arrogant. I can back it up. I was the first ever W-W-E Undisputed Champion. I beat ‘Stonecold’ Steve Austin and The Rock in the same night where you could only dream of such an accomplishment.

Christian: Yeah you’re right. So far that’s all it’s been. . . a dream. But in two weeks Jericho, I’ve got a chance t’ make it reality, just like you did that night that you never let us f’get about and talk about ev’ry chance you get.


Chris Jericho: At least it happened.

Christian: Yeah it happened, but at No Mercy it’s gonna happen f’ me too. This is my time. Whether you think diff’rently or not doesn’t matter. That’s just your opinion. All that matters is that I believe in myself. I believe that I deserve this chance. I deserve this shot and I’m not going to No Mercy just t’ make up the numbers for you an’ C-M Punk, I’m going there t’ win.

*Big Pop*

Jericho & Christian stare at each other, both incredibly determined.

“This Fire Burns”

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk to a chorus of boos. He walks out to the stage with his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez, and ‘The Straight-Edge Superstar’ is carrying a microphone. He smirks down at his No Mercy opponents, who now set their sights on him instead of each other, as does Tomko. Dressed casually and with the world title draped over his shoulder, Punk turns and shares a private joke with his Mexican rookie.

CM Punk:
Guys seriously, all this arguing is pointless. You can argue all night if you want. It’s still not gonna the change the fact that neither of you are going to take this title from me.


CM Punk: What we should be arguing about is how someone other than you two was screwed over last week, and that’s the man standing by my side, my rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez.

*More Boos*

CM Punk: See I can agree with you Christian to a point as I think we all know Jericho, hey Chris, wet his pants when he saw the clock ticking in your match with Al’. Our problem is that you’re discounting the possibility that Alberto could’ve beaten you in the time left to not just set the best time but challenge me at No Mercy.

*Some Boos*

CM Punk: Seriously. If anyone got screwed last week it was him. Yet unlike Captain Charisma, he’s not been given a free pass t’ facing me in two weeks. It’s nothing short of a travesty, and this is where I actually agree with the pissy little bitch. Had it not been for Tazz, you wouldn’t be anywhere near a title match. I don’t know if you guys are close or not, but what I do know is that my so called rookie is more talented than the two of you combined.


CM Punk: He’s the only one who is worthy of a title match, and the only reason we’re letting this go is because his day will come soon enough. That and Tazz will never allow me to be in the ring with you, my rookie with the title at stake with an ulterior motive.

Chris Jericho: That’s understandable. You. . .

CM Punk: . . . I’m not finished. Oh and Chris, while we’re at it. I heard your little speech about how you’re not mentoring anyone, and all I have t’ say is that Tazz actually made a good decision for a change. See how could you even expect to be a mentor? You’re the most selfish person I’ve ever met, and if there’s anyone to learn from, it’s the World Champion. And Chris, I’ll think you find that’s me.


CM Punk: There’s no doubt in my mind. . . In fact I’m sure there’s no doubt in Alberto’s mind that I’m the one to get the best out of him and make him as good as he can be, which is already better than the pair of you.

Del Rio-Ramirez nods his head and smiles at his mentor and then at Jericho & Christian.

CM Punk:
I have to admit that I’m fortunate enough to be assigned a rookie who’s already better than the majority of the roster. He’s done it all in Mexico and he really shouldn’t be labelled a rookie, and I guarantee he’ll be a World Champion before either of you.

Chris Jericho: I think you’ll find I’ve already been World Champion, and I will be again in a matter of weeks. . .

Christian: Hold on Chris, I just wanna say Punk that you might be the World Champion f’ now, but you’re out of your mind.


CM Punk: Excuse me.

Christian: You can talk up your boyfriend all you want, but if you actually believe for a second he was gonna beat me last week, you’re insane.

Chris Jericho: As are you along with anyone who seriously believes you’ll be the new World Champion.

CM Punk: That’s true. However the same can be said f’ you too Chris. All you both have t’ do is look back to The Great American Bash where if I remember correctly I didn’t just defeat the two of you, I also saw off both The Undertaker and Edge to retain the same world title I will when I beat the pair of you again.


CM Punk: You just have t’ do the maths. I beat four of the best this show has to offer that night, and at No Mercy there’s just two of you. . . you two. It’s a foregone conclusion, just like it is that John Cena will be staying on Raw if he has any sense. And while I have the chance, I’d like to take this time to send a message to John Cena on behalf of the Smackdown locker room. . . If you’re seriously thinking about coming here, don’t. You’ll be even more unwelcome here than you already are on Raw. . .

Christian: Hey, man of the people, who made you the King of the locker room huh? Like a lot people, I’ve had my run ins with Cena, but if he wants t’ come here, I say bring it on.


Christian: But champ, if I were you I’d f’get all about John Cena. You’ve got a whole lot more t’ worry about right now like No Mercy.

CM Punk: I know full well what I have to deal with and how to handle my business. I certainly don’t need any advice from you, but if you’re so worried about my focus, I’ve got a proposition for you. . . How about next week you prove to the world that we’re wrong about you by accepting a match with the man who will actually walk out of No Mercy as the World Heavyweight Champion. . . C-M Punk?


Christian smiles, not overawed at all while Jericho grins away too, looking quite happy at the thought of his two rivals going at it so close to their triple threat match.

You an’ me next week? You got it.

*Big Pop*

Christian & Punk stare at each other with Jericho & Del Rio-Ramirez smiling.

Chris Jericho:
I’d just like to say that I wish you both the best of luck next week and I look forward to picking up the pieces for myself at No Mercy and leaving as the. . .

CM Punk: . . . You can get that out of your head right now. By the time I’m done with the dreamer next week, you’re next. No one will take this title from me. That’s a promise.

Punk lowers the microphone and “This Fire Burns” plays to heat from the crowd as Punk and his rookie smirk down at the serious duo of Christian & Tomko with Jericho smiling in the background.

*Commercial Break*

Shelton Benjamin is looking very focused as he pulls up his knee pads, sat down on the bench in his locker room, and the camera zooms out to reveal Josh Matthews sat alongside him.

Josh Matthews:
I’m here with Shelton Benjamin who will be taking on ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels in our main event t’night, and Shelton I’d like to thank you for allowing me this time to speak with you. The first thing I want to ask you is for your reaction to what we learnt last week regarding Matt Sydal’s injury or lack of it as it turns out and your ladder match with him for the United States title in two weeks at No Mercy.

The Gold Standard sits up and turns to face Josh, and more importantly the microphone.

Shelton Benjamin:
Y’know, all I’ve had t’ deal with f’ months is Matt Sydal this an’ Matt Sydal that. I’ve had about as much as I can take of ‘im, an’ in two weeks after I’m through gettin’ the United States title back, I won’t have t’ listen t’ the whole I can’t beat ‘im crap anymore. Quite frankly Josh, I don’t give a rat’s ass if I hurt ‘im or not, ‘cause all that matters is that this match at No Mercy is a ladder match. It’s right up my street. It plays t’ my strengths, not his. This is one match he can’t beat me in. I guarantee I’ll be walkin’ out o’ No Mercy the United States Champion once again.

Josh Matthews: Moving on t’night Shelton, you’ll be competing against one of the best this business has ever seen and someone I know you have a lot of respect for in Shawn Michaels. Do you see this as a chance to prove the people that doubt you wrong heading in to No Mercy?

Shelton Benjamin: The people who doubt me don’t know what they’re talkin’ about. The only person I have t’ prove somethin’ to is myself. I don’t care what anyone else says, but it is gonna be sweet when I make them all see I can beat Sydal in two weeks. As far as t’night goes, yeah this is a chance f’ me t’ prove I can hang with the big guns, an’ over the last fifteen twen’y years, there ain’t been anyone better than my opponent t’night. An’ Josh if you asked Shawn, he’d be praisin’ me like I’ve praised him. That ain’t me bein’ all cocky an’ arrogant as some might think, it’s the truth. After the first time we got in the ring t’gether, he said I was up there with the best he’s been in the ring with. T’night though, despite how much I respect ‘im, I’m gonna beat Shawn Michaels like I’m gonna beat Matt Sydal. Now if y’don’t mind, I need t’ get ready.

Josh Matthews: Alright I’ll leave you to it, and thanks for your time.

Matthews up and leaves as the camera zooms in on Shelton continuing to get ready for his match later on.

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

Beat the Clock Challenge
J-Red vs. Chavo Guerrero

The mentor & rookie put on an exciting & competitive contest, and Red had the crowd behind him from the start. As the match went on, they took to him even more, but Chavo sure didn’t. Guerrero looked like he had gained the upper hand and was on the verge of victory as he headed up to the top rope for the Frog Splash. He was very smug and was gloating in front of the disapproving Canadian crowd, but was totally unaware that J-Red was getting back up. As Chavo then turned round, he saw his rookie running at him and was nailed by a step up enzuigiri. It knocked the life out of him and Red then jumped up to the top rope himself before connecting with a top rope head scissors takedown to a huge pop.

Chavo was in a really bad way as his rookie stood back up and went right back to the corner and the top rope with the dazed Chavo attempting to get back up. Red struck the moment his mentor made it up to his feet, jumping off the top and connecting with Red Alert, a diving swinging reverse STO. The crowd were cheering like crazy as Red scurried across the mat to make the cover and earn himself a huge victory as well as the time to beat in the Beat the Clock Challenge. The fans gave him a great ovation as he celebrated his win with his mentor starting to come round despite not seeming to have a clue where he was.

Red hit the second rope and posed for the crowd and did the same in the opposite corner. As he stepped down the second time, Chavo was standing back up. J-Red wasn’t sure what to do as his unhappy mentor gazed right at him. Chavo grudgingly held out his hand to his rookie, and Red walked towards him and shook his hand, only for Chavo to pull him closer and kick him in the gut. The angry Mexican then planted him with a brain-buster to a ton of heat from the sell out crowd. Red was out of it and Chavo just looked at his rookie with nothing but contempt as he stood up to then give the crowd a dirty look too.

*Cut to the Arena*


An unhappy looking Chavo Guerrero walks out to the stage dressed to compete and to a negative reception.

Justin Roberts:
This contest is scheduled for one fall. Intr’ducing first from El Paso, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, Chavo Gue-rerro!

He shakes his head at the crowd as he makes his way down the ramp in one foul mood. As he gets in the ring, he walks towards Roberts and the referee, then asks for the microphone. Roberts doesn’t think twice and gives it to him. The music stops and Chavo walks in to the centre of the ring with a big frown on his face.

Chavo Guerrero:
What you just saw, what happened last week was nothing but a fluke.


Chavo Guerrero: It’s true. He’s only a rookie, an’ the sooner he understands that the better. T’night he spat his dummy out. He refuses t’ talk t’ me after I set him straight last week. I did what I did for his own good. It was a lesson he needed, only his already massive ego is out of control. I’m out here t’night to make him see that it was a fluke by not just winning my match but. . .

“La Vittoria é Mia”

Santino Marella
(in his ring gear) hits the stage to a decent pop, interrupting & angering Chavo even further.

Justin Roberts:
And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds, Santino Ma-rella!

The music stops as we can Santino standing there all happy with a microphone in hand.

Santino Marella:
A fluke you say Chavo? Well-a the way I see this is you are a horrible mentor. I am-a not surprised he is not talking to you after you-a beated him up the way you did last week. I wouldn’t want to-a talk to you either. . . You are a bad man Chavo, a very bad man and I-a have also noticed that you are a jealous man that these-a people like your rookie, mister J-Red.


Chavo Guerrero: JEALOUS? OF HIM? I don’t think so.

Santino Marella: Oh I-a do think so. In fact, I think these-a people will agree with me too. . . If you-a think Chavo is jealous of his rookie, give me your-a biggest cheer.

*Big Pop*

Chavo’s fuming in the ring and points angrily at the crowd with Santino smiling on the stage.

Santino Marella:
It-a is official. You are-a jealous of the J-Red. I also have another question for you-a lovely people. Do you-a think I will beat Chavo t’night like-a the J-Red last week?


Chavo Guerrero: Well guess what Santino? What these people think doesn’t matter. I am going to beat you, I promise you.

Santino Marella: Well I'm-a afraid to say I disagree Chavo. See-a last week on the Friday Night Smackdown’s, I beated ‘The All-American’s American’ Jack Swagger, and t’night I am-a going to beat you too.

The crowd cheers and Santino places the microphone down on the stage as his music plays once again. He heads down the ramp, smiling at all the fans with a furious Chavo watching his opponent’s every move.

*Match 5*
Santino Marella vs. Chavo Guerrero

Santino & Chavo put on quite the show in a very even contest, and with the crowd on his side, Santino quickly frustrated the Mexican. Chavo didn’t react well to the heat from the crowd either, playing a part in his frustration. Just as it looked like he was on top after the Three Amigo’s and went up to for the Frog Splash, Marella rolled away and Chavo landed horribly on his chest to the joy of the crowd. As both men then made their way back up, Chavo went to kick his opponent in the gut but Santino grabbed his boot. He then spun The Mexican Warrior round before rolling him in to an inside cradle to score another upset victory, setting off a big pop inside the arena.

The stunned & elated Santino stood up and got his arm raised with Chavo sitting up in shock. He wasn’t happy as he watched Santino celebrating in front of the cheering crowd. Chavo snapped and stood up, then went after Santino, turning him round and planting him with a brainbuster. The fans booed and Santino’s music stopped. Chavo then went to the corner and started to make his way up to the top rope when his rookie, J-Red raced down the ramp and climbed up on to the apron. Chavo was furious and told his rookie to get lost, but he didn’t and a row ensued, resulting in Red shoving Chavo down to the mat to a huge pop.

With Chavo clawing his way back up, inspiration struck for his rookie. Red climbed up to the top rope and watched closely as Chavo stood up, Red stepped off the top and hit the Red Alert, a diving swinging reverse STO to a big pop for the second week in a row. The rookie sat up and enjoyed the sight of his mentor struggling in a big way, squirming around on the mat as the dazed Santino sat up. Red stood up and helped Santino up to his feet and raised his hand with Santino’s music playing again, met by another pop as they both took satisfaction in Chavo getting his just desserts.

Winner: Santino Marella by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen of Shawn Michaels & Shelton Benjamin as they both make their way through the back for their match coming up after the break.

*Commercial Break*


Boos greet Shelton Benjamin’s entrance in to the arena, and boy does he look fired up as he walks out to the stage, blanking out the crowd’s reaction.

Justin Roberts:
This contest is scheduled for one fall. Intr’ducing first from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds, SHELTON BEN-JAMIN!

He means business as he makes his way down the ramp and in to the ring, paying no attention to the crowd still as he prepares for the arrival of his opponent.

“I think I’m cute. I know I’m sexy. . .”

It feels like the roof could have been blown off as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels hits the stage to a rousing reception. Michaels is fired up too and greets his adoring crowd with his traditional spin at the top of the stage.

Justin Roberts:
And his opponent, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, SHAWN MICHAELS!

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

“Check one two, oh yeah!. . .”

‘The All-Amercian American’ Jack Swagger
struts out to the stage to a large number of boos with a very big smile on his face wearing his ring gear. He doesn’t care about the negative reception as he walks down the ramp and in to the ring, where he walks up to Justin Roberts and asks to borrow the microphone. He’s given temporary ownership of it and his music cuts as he walks in to the centre of the ring with the fans still booing him.

Jack Swagger:
Last week, Shawn Michaels made a mistake, but at the same time, he also made me a challenge. He challenged me to a match at No Mercy. However that’s not what I am here t’ talk about, because last week Shawn Michaels also called me a coward. . . I am an All-American American. I am not a coward and I proved that last Friday when I showed Shawn first hand that he doesn’t intimidate me. His reputation doesn’t intimidate by. That’s why I accepted his challenge to a match at No Mercy in person, and Shawn I will beat you in person at No Mercy. That’s a promise.

“La Vittoria é Mia”

One of Smackdown’s newest superstars, Santino Marella walks out to the stage to a decent pop from the Canadian fans. He shows no fear of the cocky Swagger as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring looking in a competitive mood tonight.

*Match #6*
Santino Marella vs. Jack Swagger

Just before the bell was about to ring, “Sexy Boy” played and Shawn Michaels walked out to the stage to a largely positive reception. Swagger wasn’t happy and walked to the apron to stare up at The Heartbreak Kid, who just stood there looking back at him. The bell then rang as Michaels’ music cut, but The All-American American either didn’t here it or ignored it and continued to focus his attention on his No Mercy opponent as Santino sneaked up behind him and rolled him, holding on to the tights too as the referee counted to three, sending the fans crazy. Marella immediately left the ring and got his arm raised in victory as the ref joined him on the outside.

Swagger shot up and stared down in shock as the victorious Italian dropped to his knees for a second before jumping back up and throwing both his arms up in the air. Michaels then coolly walked down to the ramp and past an ecstatic Santino, who slapped hands with the fans as he walked the opposite way. Swagger was seething and backed up, preparing himself for Michaels getting in the ring, and The Heartbreak Kid did just that. As soon as he had stepped through the ropes, Swagger charged at him and threw wild shots at him, pummelling away at him in the corner with the music grinding to a halt.

Michaels came fighting back though and knocked him down with a jab. He then pulled Swagger back up and tried for an irish whip, but the youngster reversed it and fired the veteran in to the ropes. Michaels grabbed hold of them on impact, infuriating Swagger. He didn’t waste a second in running right at Michaels, and The Showstopper stepped out and took his head off with some Sweet Chin Music. The majority of the Canadian crowd cheered, however there were some boos as Michaels took a quick look down at Swagger before walking over to the apron to collect a microphone.

Shawn Michaels: Jack m’boy, the only person who made a mistake last week was you. You should’ve accepted my challenge like a man. At No Mercy you won’t be able to attack me from behind. It’s time f’ you t’ step up an’ prove you’re not a coward or you’ll end up like you are right now, flat on y’back thanks t’ some sweet chin music.

Most of the Canadian fans cheer The Heartbreak Kid as his music plays, but there are some boos as Michaels calmly kneels down and drops the microphone on the mat. He looks right at the out cold All American-American as he stands up before leaving the ring and slapping hands with the fans on his way back up the ramp.

*Cut to the Arena*

Michaels is now halfway down the ramp. He leans on to one knee and flash his guns with a pyro display behind him, generating a bigger pop from the crowd. Shelton watches on as his opponent slaps hands with the fans in the front row before heading in to the ring, where he again poses for the crowd, getting them all pumped up too. He then backs up in to his corner and strips himself of his pointless attire, and just as he & Benjamin get ready for the bell. . .

“Check one two. Oh yeah!. . .”

‘The All-American American’ Jack Swagger
, dressed casually walks out to the stage to a ton of heat. He doesn’t care and is only focused on one thing, well person. That being Shawn Michaels. He stares right at him, and Michaels does the same as he turns rounds not looking too happy with his No Mercy opponent’s presence. Swagger strolls down the ramp to ringside with Michaels watching his every step, and Swagger doesn’t take his eyes off him either as he walks round to the announce table and sits down alongside Michael Cole & Matt Striker, not going down well with The Heartbreak Kid at all.

*The Main Event*
Shawn Michaels vs. Shelton Benjamin

Upon joining Cole & Striker for commentary, the bitter Swagger said that Michaels embarrassed him last week and that losing to Santino is something he’d never forget for as long as he lived but promised to make up for it at No Mercy. He also pointed out his belief that he’s got inside Michaels’ head, and that’s why he will defeat him when they meet at No Mercy in two weeks.

Benjamin was fired up for this one, as was Michaels. It made for a great spectacle, and Benjamin upped his game. Michaels was very aware of Swagger’s presence, and it helped Benjamin take charge when Michaels took him down with a Lou Thesz press and then let Swagger know he was watching him. The Heartbreak Kid kept his eyes on him and off his opponent for too long, allowing Benjamin to pick himself back up behind him. When Shawn did turn round, Benjamin nailed him with the dragon whip. The former United States Champion did a good job of keeping Michaels at bay. He even came within an inch of winning when he whipped Michaels in to the ropes for a Samoan Drop, only for Shawn to kick Shelton’s ducked head.

Michaels then looked to take his head off with the super kick, but Shelton ducked and then reacted instantly, catching Michaels with a T-Bone suplex. Unfortunately for him, Michaels rolled towards the ropes and managed to get his foot on the rope before the ref could count to three. Benjamin was fuming, but to his credit he stood up and focused on finishing the job. He dragged Michaels away from the ropes and backed up in to the corner, then urged him to get up for the Paydirt. The crowd tried to encourage Michaels as he stood up, not looking in the best of shape. Benjamin was almost foaming at the mouth, and the moment Shawn got to his feet, he ran at him, but Michaels stepped forward and Shelton hit the mat to a big pop.

Shawn then helped him up to his knees before slamming him right back down and heading to the dizzy heights of the top rope. With the crowd cheering, he levelled Benjamin with a diving elbow drop and then retreated to the corner where he tuned up the band for some sweet chin music. The fans were on the feet as well as clapping and stomping their feet in tandem with The Heartbreak Kid’s boot. As Shelton then sat up, Swagger saw red and threw off his headset before sliding in to the ring.

He went right after Michaels, who saw him coming up and tried to take Swagger’s head off instead. The All-American ducked his head though and stomped Michaels in the gut as he turned round, resulting in an instant disqualification for Shelton. With Michaels slumped forward, Swagger then planted him with his trademark spin-out powerbomb to a ton of heat from the sell out crowd. He stared down with no remorse whatsoever as Michaels lay out cold in front of him. A confused Shelton sat up and looked over, not too happy as Swagger then threw his arms up in the air with his music playing again as this week’s Smackdown came to a close.

Winner: Shawn Michaels by DQ.


>Quick Results<

The Empire
df. Sonjay Dutt & Jimmy Yang
Matt Sydal
df. Yoshi Tatsu
Bobby Lashley
df. Chris Masters
Dolph Ziggler
df. Michael Shane
Santino Marella
df. Chavo Guerrero
Shawn Michaels
df. Shelton Benjamin

>Superstars Tapings<
Beth Phoenix
df. Rosa Mendes

>Confirmed for Next Week<

Non-Title Match
Christian vs. CM Punk

Number One Contendership Match
Mickie James vs. Michelle McCool

>Confirmed for No Mercy<

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian vs. CM Punk © vs. Chris Jericho

WWE United States Championship
Ladder Match
Matt Sydal © vs. Shelton Benjamin

WWE Tag Team Championship
The UK Pack © vs. Petey Williams & Johnny Devine

WWE Diva’s Championship
Beth Phoenix © vs. Mickie James or Michelle McCool

Flag Match
M.V.P. & Ron Killings vs. The Empire


Shawn Michaels vs. Jack Swagger

Elijah Burke vs. Dolph Ziggler
(If Ziggler wins, he gets a date with Layla)

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