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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

SmackDown! Feedback

Nice start t the show to get us hyped up by recapping the Rumble and setting the tone for SmackDown! now being on the road to No Way Out. Not an overly stacked card for tonightís show, but still a rather nice looking one.

Very big match to start with here. I guess with the tag match in the main event slot, having this match not is the best way to go. Just a small thing, but I donít think youíll see MVP throw his sunglasses into the crowd. Heís all about being a heel who rubs his possessions in the face of other, so I donít think heíd be the type of guy to share his wealth with the crowd under his heel gimmick. Good start to the match, setting the tone physically by having MVP jump Kane. It was pretty basic from there through to the middle of the match Ė not that thatís a bad thing Ė although I have to say I liked them going through the crowd, which would obviously get the crowd really into the action. I thought the desperation of MVP was characterized really well through these stages, really showing that he was in a battle with the monster before he got the cheap shot in when they got back to ringside. Showing MVPís sickening side in the end, only for it to nearly cost him the match was a nice little spot at the end, although MVP getting the win was the obvious choice. Having him split Kane open was a nice little added touch to make MVP seem all the more beastly too. Good start to the show with a good win to really get MVP going in this thread.

Iím not sure if itís meant to be anything we take away as too major, but I am interested in seeing who it was that Teddy Long was talking to. Kennedy wanting Flair after Flair Ďembarrassedí him at the Rumble was good to see, especially with the desperation he had for the match, wanting to make it happen at any cost. I thought this would be angled more towards WrestleMania rather than No Way Out, but I guess Iíll see where you go with this for now.


Simple Batista promo that gets the job done, showing him as a fighting champion who is ready to step back in the ring with Finlay after the Rumble, or anyone for that matter at No Way Out. I actually have no idea who youíll have challenging him, but this was a solid Batista promo as we wait to find out.

Basic little promo to get the remodeled gimmick of La Resistance out there, which I actually like (itís kind of similar to what Iím going for with Dupree, actually ). You gain yourself some cheap heat to get these guys over and also outline what theyíre about, which is a fine way to introduce them properly to SmackDown!.

Nice little start to the match with Grenier checking how Dupree looks. Lovely way to get some cheap heat for the narcissism of La Resistance. Pretty straight forward match here for the most part, with the ending being pretty good in cementing La Resistance as dangerous heels with Maryseís distraction leading to the win, while The Extremists are obviously protected by their defeat only being thanks to some underhanded tactics.

The post-match felt a little odd in that it seemed like La Resistance were trying to make a statement, only for them to willingly have their thunder stolen by The Bluebloods. Still, the London and Kendrick run in and subsequent brawl off with La Resistance was good, while Burchill rejoining up with Regal is clever. I donít mind the three man Blueblood squad at all, and it obviously works against The Extremists, being that there are three of them as well. While youíre not doing anything huge with your tag division, the booking of it has been very solid thus far, and this was no exception.

Solid promo from Matt here, talking up his own performance at the Royal Rumble well, while obviously putting a fair bit of focus on Jeff too. Nice way to hype the Intercontinental Title match for RAW this week here, and hearing that itíll be on sounds good. RAW is looking like a stacked show, and this will only add to that. I actually wasnít wondering which Hardy will be competing on RAW, but I guess I am now.

Looking forward to the addition of AmDrag to the SmackDown! roster. He should be a good help in the cruiserweight division.

This seemed like a nice match between Chavo and Moore, with things kept at an exciting fast pace. Unlike the tag division, I feel your cruiserweight division is stuttering a bit, as while a three way feud here is okay, Mooreís push to be a viable contender has seemed a bit stop start, while Chavo only just started looking good last week. I guess you have to have time thanks to the WWE doing absolutely nothing with the cruiserweights at this time, but right now the division needs some work.

Nice way to remind us of MVP splitting Kane open by really having the chain emphasized, perhaps making for a useful little weapon in the future for MVP. His actual promo itself was pretty good, ending the thing with Kane once and for all, while MVP declaring he wants gold is okay too. Iím not sure Iíd like to see a Batista/MVP feud; especially at this stage considering MVP is still very new to SmackDown! and that those two headlining a Pay-Per-View would probably be a catastrophe buy rates wise, but showing MVP will be after gold down the line, if thatís what youíre doing, isnít a bad thing.

While these segments have been cheesy, and I feel youíve overdone the ahs a bit much in them, I donít mind The FBI coming back. Theyíre fill out a nice spot in the midcard of SmackDown!. Plus, Vito being in The FBI is much better than Vito wearing a dress.

Kennedy seeking out Arn Anderson to deliver the challenge to Flair was a clever way to go about things. The arrogance of Kennedy was good throughout the promo, really getting in Andersonís face and talking shit about Arnís age like you would expect from a guy like him. Talking about how Flair showed him no respect and the threat at the end were both nice little lines from Kennedy, making for a nice promo here.

Iím very much looking forward to seeing you get to WrestleMania 23. I honestly have no idea about the majority of the card, which makes it all the more exciting. Looking forward to seeing where you go with it.

Solid win for ĎTaker on SmackDown!, getting him some momentum going as we heard towards ĎMania, which is obviously The Undertakerís time of the year. Good to see Mercury allowed to be competitive too, giving him a solid filler week before he moves into his next feud, possibly going after Benoit and the US Title, which I would quite like to see.

Good promo from King Booker, perfect in terms of character, especially with him snapping at the crowd after referring to them as his subjects, in challenging ĎTaker to a match at No Way Out. This one has building for a while, so the match at No Way Out seems a natural. Should be good.

The Miz promo was fine in terms of modern day character, but I have to say that Iím a little disappointed that he not only seems to have just taken his modern day character (catchphrases and all) on board. I also find it strange that you seem to be positioning The Miz for a feud with Matt Hardy leading to No Way Out. While he may be WWE Champion now, back in 2007 The Miz absolutely sucked, thus pushing him hard simply wasnít an option. I donít mind him being used in a low position on the card, or even as part of a tag team where his flaws could be easily covered, but pushing him as a singles competitor in early 2007 simply doesnít seem viable.

The No Way Out vignette was pretty clever. Like WrestleMania, most of the card is a mystery, giving it an exciting feel.

Nice way to kick the match off with a bang, although I thought you maybe went overboard in trying to bring the high impact early on, as having Benoit throw so many German suplexes, having Test reel off the pumphandle slam and having Batista use a spinebuster so early in the match seems odd when all can be used as either finishers or big nearfall moves. The finish of the match was nice though, setting up what should be a good feud between Finlay and Benoit with high match quality, while Batista looking good is also a good way to finish the show as we wait for a number one contender. Good finish.

Another very solid show here. Your writing, as usual, was good throughout, and the booking seems to be building along nicely without anything too obvious happening. Iím not too sure what you have planned next, but I feel like thatís one of the positives of this thread, as you really do keep the reader on the edge of their seat. Looking forward to the next stop of RAW: Night of Champions before you well and truly get going on the road to WrestleMania. Things are shaping up well, so I canít wait to see what happens next. Good work, my man.

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