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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Monday Night Raw
Monday 15th September 2008
Live from the Idaho Center
Nampa, Idaho

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

“Behold the King, the King of Kings. . .”

Dressed in jeans and one of his own trademarked skulled T-shirts, Triple H walks out to the stage with a face of fury. He stops and gives the fans a death stare before pacing down the ramp to the ring, picking a microphone up off the apron in the process. As he steps inside the squared circle, he walks in to the middle and just stares furiously at the booing Canadians. The music stops but he continues glaring at them with the boos ringing round the arena.

Triple H:

The camera cuts to a shot of The Game’s wife, Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey walking down the ramp. She appears to be in quite an emotional state, and her curious husband turns round in shock to see her approaching the ring. He watches her as she takes each step and then step inside the squared circle and he looks puzzled, then looks at her for an explanation as to why she’s there. She just stares at him blankly and he doesn’t know how to react, and she then walks past him to go and get a microphone. He watches her as she then turns round and walks towards him. They look at each other with Triple H asking her what she’s doing.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey:
Hun’er, you need to snap out of this. Can’t you see what this is doing t’ you? Can’t you see how out of control you are? Can’t you see how this is affecting us, how it’s affecting our children? Do you even remember them?. . . We have kids now. You and I have responsibilities. We have two beautiful girls who need and rely on us. They need us more than we need this business. This has been my life too from the very moment I was born but right now my children come first. If you can’t accept that, all you’ll ever have is your precious title. That’s if you even get it. . . I’m serious Hun’er. You have t’ decide. Do you want the W-W-E title or a family? If you don’t do the right thing like you should as not just my husband but as a father to our beautiful baby girls, I’ll make sure you never see them again.

The King of Kings looks shocked but not too happy at being pushed in to making this decision.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey:
When you’ve made your choice, feel free t’ let me know because I’ll be waiting. But Hun’er, don’t take too long, because I’m not putting myself or our girls through this a second longer. We deserve better, a lot better.

Stephanie kneels down on to one knee and drops the microphone, then walks past her husband without looking at him. She then leaves the ring and walks back up the ramp without turning back and giving her husband a second look. The Game watches her every step and he clearly doesn’t appreciate his wife’s ultimatum.


An emotional Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is walking through the back, and it looks like she’s been crying. As she turns a corner, she bumps in to the WWE Champion, Batista. The Animal looks genuinely concerned for her as she looks on the verge of breaking down.

I know things aren’t great right now Steph, but I hope you know that if you ever need t’ talk, you know I’ll always try t’ help you anyway I can.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: Thanks Dave. That means a lot. I’m so sorry for ev’rything Hunter’s put you through lately. . .

Batista: . . . Hey that’s got nothing t’ do with you. It’s not your fault, it’s his.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: I know. I don’t know what’s got in to him lately. It’s like he’s a whole diff’rent person. He’s just been obsessed with you, Ric an’ the title. I just can’t handle it anymore.

Steph starts to cry again and Batista hugs her straight away. As he continues to console her, a livid Triple H turns the corner and sees them. Needless to say, he’s not happy. The King of Kings storms over and pulls Batista off his wife.

Triple H:

Batista: Like you y’mean?

The Game goes right for Batista but Steph steps in between them straight away.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey:
Stop it both of you. This isn’t helping.

Batista: Steph, anytime you feel the need t’ talk, just call me y’hear.

Steph nods as Batista then turns round and walks away leaving Triple H fuming.

Triple H:
You better not call him.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmlsey: I’ll call whoever I want.

Triple H: Like hell you will.

Steph slaps him across the face real hard, taking them both surprise. Steph tears up again and walks away blubbering, leaving her pissed husband behind, and he’s got a look that could kill.


“PRICELESS, baby I’m priceless. . .

The not so confident Ted DiBiase Jr walks out to the stage with the Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder and gets some boos thrown at him. He cautiously wanders down the ramp and curses the Canadian fans before getting in the ring where he hands over his title belt to the referee, still not looking happy at all as he prepares to do battle with the WWE Champion.

“In the End

Here comes The Animal. Batista runs out to the stage and then each side, sending the crowd in to raptures. With the WWE Championship strapped around his waist, he makes his way down the ramp and stops, then poses as a big pyro display goes off behind him. The WWE Champion is clearly pumped up and sets off down the ramp again but we see Triple H charging out behind him. Batista doesn’t have a clue and is hammered across the back by The Game’s right forearm. It sends The Animal down on to his knees and the music stops. The King of Kings is pissed that’s for sure, and he puts the boots to the back of his bitter & defenceless rival.

Trips pulls him back up and fires him in to the guard rail back first. Batista falls forward and lands back on the ramp, the rolls the short distance down to the bottom. The Game follows him with DiBiase grinning to himself. Triple H helps Batista up again and this time fires him in to the ring post face first, and The Animal falls to the floor. DiBiase leaves the ring with a smile on his face and goes to grab his Intercontinental title as Triple H drags Batista up and tosses him in the ring under the bottom rope. The smug DiBiase heads back up the ramp as the intense Triple H climbs up on to the apron. . .

“I hear voices in my head. . .”

Randy Orton
and his rookie, Darren Young hit the stage looking very focused indeed, catching the shocked Triple H off guard. It brings another smile to DiBiase’s face as Orton & Young walk past him without giving him much attention at all as The King of Kings steps inside the ring with Batista squirming around on the mat. Orton & his rookie slowly enter the ring with their eyes firmly set on Triple H. He shifts in to the centre of the ring and prepares for war as Orton & Young shimmy round, circling him until The Game flips and fires at Orton and then Young as he looks to defend his mentor.

Young clubs Trips across the back as Orton falls to the mat. Orton’s determined rookie grabs The Game by the arm and tries for an irish whip, but it’s reversed and Triple H lifts Young off his feet as he comes back at him and sends him crashing in to the mat courtesy of a spinning spine-buster. It’s met by a mixed reception, and as the intense King of Kings makes his way back up staring down at Young rolling round in agony, Orton is getting up too. The Game turns round and walks right in to The Viper who leaps up and catches him with a thunderous RKO.

Orton crawls across to Triple H and stares right at his starry eyes, and in the corner of his eye, he sees Batista struggling up to his knees. The number one contender for the WWE Championship smiles sadistically and locks his eyes on The Animal. As Young too stands up, Orton makes his way across to the unsteady WWE Champion who has no idea of the danger he’s in despite the crowd desperately trying to warn him. Orton gets ready to strike and urges his Unforgiven opponent to turn round, and as he does, he plants him with an RKO, taking The Animal down to the mat.

With boos ringing out as he rushes back up, Orton smiles sadistically again, looking very satisfied with Batista laid out in front of him. Young admires his mentor’s work and now spots Triple H coming round. The rookie lets Randy know, tapping him on his shoulder and pointing right at The King of Kings. Orton switches gears and grins again with a plan clearly on his mind. He nods at Young and backs up in to the corner as The Game tries to get on to one knee.

The Viper charges out of the corner with a fierce determination written all over his face and punts The Game right in the head. That gets a decent pop and Orton takes several seconds to admire his work with Young doing the same as both Batista & Triple H lie motionless on the mat. Orton now asks Young to go and get him a microphone, and he does just that. The Legend Killer holds out his hand, not taking his eyes off Triple H for a second as Young hands him the microphone.

Randy Orton:
Hun’er, if I’ve not made this clear enough already, this is my title shot, not yours or anyone else’s. At Unf’given I will once again become the W-W-E Champion, and if anyone gets in my way, I will put them including you Hun’er on the shelf permanently.

“Voices” plays again to a mostly negative reception from the Canadian fans, but there are some cheers in there as The Viper stares down remorselessly at the unconscious Triple H. Young looks down and smirks too, and as he & Orton turn to leave the ring, the still emotional Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley runs down to the ring and goes to check on her husband straight away. She panics and calls back for help, amusing both Orton & Young while Batista begins to sit up by the ropes. A couple of EMT’s race down to the ring and try to establish The Game’s condition as Orton & Young back track up the ramp, keeping their eyes on the damage they’ve caused.

*Opening Video*
“Wanna Be Loved”

*Cut to the Arena*


Jim Ross:
Good evening ev’ryone and welcome t’ Monday Night Raw, coming t’ you live t’night from the Idaho Center in Nampa, Idaho just six days away from Unf’given where Batista will defend the W-W-E Championship against Randy Orton, and after last week King anything can and probably will happen.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler: Absolutely J-R. I know it was just a week ago but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It was an eventful night that’s f’ sure. It makes me wonder what’s gonna happen t’night.

Jim Ross: My guess is anything as far as Randy Orton is concerned. He’s on a mission right now an’ Triple H would testify t’ that if he could, but last week Orton punted him in the head an’ we hear that The Game is in a bad way ‘cause of that incident, an’ t’night King, the wildcard, Orton’s rookie, Darren Young will go one on one with Batista in what will be his W-W-E debut. He couldn’t ask f’ a bigger match than the one he’s got t’night, an’ y’can guarantee King that The Legend Killer won’t be far away.

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler: Oh yeah, you can bank on that J-R, but what I’m really lookin’ forward to is The Big Show takin’ on Mister McMahon. I never thought I’d hear myself say that. God knows what’s going through Vince’s head right now.

Jim Ross: One could only imagine, an’ I’m sure there’s a lot of people who can’t wait t’ see that later on. But that’s not all folks as we’re going t’ see The Miz in action against John Morrison’s best friend, Matt Cappotelli in a no holds barred match. That really is something I never thought I’d see after ev’rything Cappotelli’s been through in recent years, but we will right here t’night in Nampa.

“My Time is Now”

A huge roar breaks out in the Idaho Center as John Cena makes his way out to the stage. Dressed as he usually is in his cut off jeans and T-shirt, the pumped up Cena hits both sides to pose for the fans. He smiles and salutes as normal before heading down the ramp to the ring. With the majority of the fans still cheering, he picks up a microphone placed on the apron and steps through the ropes to enter the ring. He walks across the ring and poses for the fans again, getting another big pop. He then backs up and his music cuts, bringing out the cheers & boos even more, and Cena soaks it up with a big smile.

John Cena:
Well good evening Nampa!

*Huge Pop*

John Cena: Y’know there’s nothin’ I’d love more than t’ compete in front of you all t’night, but unfortunately that’s not gonna happen courtesy of the number one contender for the W-W-E Championship this weekend at Unf’given, Randy Orton.


John Cena: Don’t get me wrong, it was one of those fluke injuries, an’ right now with ev’rything that’s been goin’ on, it’s given me more time t’ think things through. . . See as I’m sure you all by now, I’ve been made an offer, an offer t’ leave Monday nights an’ the bright lights of Raw t’ go back to where it all began f’ yours truly, Smackdown.


John Cena: I’ve had plenty of time t’ think it over an’ then some, and without doubt this has been the toughest decision of my whole career. Ever since comin’ t’ Raw, I’ve enjoyed ev’ry single moment. I’ve had some good ones an’ I‘ve sure as hell had some bad ones, whether it’s gettin’ injured at the hands of Randy Orton or bein’ told by tens of thousands of fans tellin’ me I suck on the grandest stage of them all.


John Cena: Oh I’ve had worse than that, not that I’ve ever let it get me down. I always have an’ always will soldier on ‘cause that’s what JOHN CENA IS ALL ABOUT!

*Large Pop*


*More Cheers*

John Cena: See this is where the problem lies. I’ve been goin’ back an’ forth f’ nearly a month tryin’ t’ figure this out. I could easily stay on Raw, or I could go back t’ Smackdown an’ start a new chapter in my career. An’ after weeks of thinkin’ this through, I think I’ve finally come to a decision. I’m not sayin’ it’s the right one but I’ve made my decision nonetheless, an’ I’m gonna announce it t’ the world this Sunday at Unf’given.


The moment seems to get to Cena as he looks in to the stands.

“I hear voices in my head. . .”

*Major Heat*

‘The Viper’ Randy Orton
strolls calmly out to the stage with his rookie, Darren Young by his side. Cena turns and looks up with a wry smile as he watches the man who injured his shoulder and Young make their way coolly down the ramp and in to the ring. Orton stares coldly at Cena as he walks past him to collect a microphone with Young also staring at Cena with a smirk on his face. Orton turns round and walks back to the centre of the ring to face Cena with his music grinding to a halt.

Randy Orton:
John I’m glad to hear you’ve finally come to a decision. I just hope it’s the right one. . . Between you and I, I think you know you should’ve left Raw a long time ago. However now is exactly the right time to walk away as you know better than anyone that I am on a mission to remove ev’rything in my path to ensure I reclaim the W-W-E Championship. The W-W-E Championship that I lost at WrestleMania, or should I say you lost on my behalf.


Randy Orton: I’ve not f’gotten that moment John and I won’t until I regain the W-W-E title this Sunday at Unf’given. You are the sole reason I’ve not been able t’ sleep since WrestleMania, and if f’ some reason I don’t beat Batista, you won’t be competing on Raw or Smackdown for a long time.


Randy Orton: You better hope I beat Batista and take back the title I never lost in the first place. Let me remind you John that the reason you’re not able to compete right now is because you were in my way of getting to Batista, and look what happened. I put you on the shelf again, and last week I did the same t’ Triple H.


Randy Orton: I’m not done there either. Batista’s next, and if you decide t’ stay on Raw John, you might just end up on the shelf permanently.

Cena’s not smiling now while Young laughs at his defiant mentor.

John Cena:
You really think you could pull that off huh?

Randy Orton: We both know I could Cena. In the last year alone you’ve had two injuries because of me. . .

John Cena: . . . And both times I’ve come back, and I will do TIME AN’ TIME AGAIN.


John Cena: And the last time I checked Randy, I was still a Raw superstar.

Randy Orton: If you were smart, you won’t be f’ much longer. Still, if you make the wrong decision, the chances you are you’ll end up not being a Raw superstar after I’m done ending your career like I should have a long time ago.


John Cena: I like your optimism Randy, really I do, but there’s one problem. See as I’m sure you know as much as anyone here on Raw, I’m not intimidated by anyone an’ there’s nothing I love more than what J-R calls a good old fashioned slobber knocker.


Randy Orton: The problem with that John is it’s not just me you have to worry about. There’s Darren Young too. The man I’m going to take with me to the top of the W-W-E, someone who’s dying to make a statement. That statement could be taking you out f’ good. I know he could do that right here right now, only t’night he has more pressing things t’ deal with, as t’night he will be facing Batista, and he’s going t’ do the exact same thing I will this Sunday and beat Batista.


Young confidently nods his head at Cena and the crowd.

Randy Orton:
By this time next week Cena, we will hold all the power on Raw whether you’re here or not. Surely you can see it’s in your best int’rests to make sure you’re not here.

John Cena: Y’know Randy, it’s real handy that this whole vow of destruction has all come about since you’ve got yourself a new sidekick t’ watch your back. That’s a smart move.


John Cena: Well let me think about that Randy. It’s a tempting offer, it really is.

Orton stares intently at Cena with Young also watching keenly.

John Cena:
Here’s how it is. Over the years John Cena’s never been one t’ back down from a fight. However there has been an’ always will be the odd exception, an’ t’night’s one of ‘em.


John Cena: See as much pleasure as it would give me t’ kick your ass all over this arena, one thing I’m not Randy is stupid. So as kind as an offer as it is, I have to politely decline.


Orton smiles slightly, seemingly expecting that answer from Cena.

Randy Orton:
I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but let me congratulate you on making a rare sensible decision. I hope for your sake you make another one this Sunday, because I promise you Cena, you’ll regret it. The John Cena era is over. It’s my time. The Orton Era is upon us, and there’s nothing you or anyone can do about it. Not you and not Batista. Nobody can or will stop me.

*More Boos*

John Cena: Is that so?. . . Well I guess we’re just gonna have t’ see about that aren’t we Randy?

Cena & Orton stare at each other as “My Time is Now” plays to a big pop with Young keeping an eye on Cena too. The injured Massachusetts native now kneels down and drops the microphone on the mat, turns round and leaves the ring. Orton & Young watch him closely though as he slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way up the ramp.

*Video Promo*

Christopher Daniels & Kaval
, Raw’s newest team on the block are heading through the back with their game faces well and truly on with their World Tag Team Championship Tournament First Round match coming up next.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*
During The Break

A very serious looking WWE Champion, Batista is shown entering the arena dragging his travel bag with the WWE title resting over his shoulder.

*Cut Backstage*

A somewhat angry Eric Bischoff is pacing through the halls of the Idaho Center and stops at a door marked ‘WWE Intercontinental Champion, Ted DiBiase Jr’. Bischoff takes a second to compose himself before opening the door and barging in, revealing to us Ted DiBiase Jr & Ezekiel Jackson sat down on the bench getting ready with Maryse standing inside too. DiBiase looks up and isn’t happy.

Ted DiBiase:
Ever heard of knocking? Can’t you see we’re trying to get ready?

Eric Bischoff: Yeah about that. I guess I’m surprised t’ see you even bothering t’ change given what’s happened the last two weeks with your so called matches that have all for some reason or another not taken place.

Ted DiBiase: And?

Eric Bischoff: Well Ted, it’s real simple. See I caught your red handed once last week when Kofi was attacke. . .

Ted DiBiase: . . . Hey that was just a coincidence like we said.

Eric Bischoff: Sure it was, just like it was when the Corporation saved your ass the week before and Triple H attacked Batista before your match las. . .

Ted DiBiase: . . . Wait. I told you the Corporation an’ I had an arrangement, but I had nothing t’ do with what happened t’ Batista last week. Take that up with Triple H. Oh wait, you can’t.

Eric Bischoff: You’re right, I can’t. How fortunate.

Ted DiBiase: Look, for what it’s worth. I honestly didn’t have anything t’ do with Triple H jumping Batista. . .

Eric Bischoff: . . . Sorry you said that like your word counted f’ something.

Ted DiBiase: If you don’t like what you hear Bischoff, you could always turn around and get out. Believe me, I don’t mind.

Eric Bischoff: No I’m sure you wouldn’t, but you know what? I might regret it but I’m actually going to give you the benefit of the doubt t’night. You probably were oblivious as to what Triple H had planned last week. It might’ve worked out well for you again like it always seems to. However I just want you to be clear on something going in to Unf’given. Not only are these two banned from ringside, if I suspect the slightest bit of foul play from now until Sunday, it will give me great satisfaction t’ strip you of the Intercontinental title. Are you all clear on that?

DiBiase stands up and walks up to Bischoff looking very relaxed now.

Ted DiBiase:
That’s perfectly clear, because after myself and the big man here are done with Kofi Kingston t’night, all I’ll have t’ do Sunday is pick up the pieces. . . Whether you like it or not, I’ll still be the Intercontinental Champion by the time Unf’given’s out of the way.

Eric Bischoff: I have a feeling Kofi might have something to say about that but I hope for your sake you stick to your word f’ once ‘cause trust me, nothing would give me greater pleasure than t’ take that title off you.

Ted DiBiase: It’s not gonna happen.

DiBiase grins right at Bischoff, looking very smug indeed. Bischoff is not impressed.

Eric Bischoff:
Remember this though champ, I’m gonna be watching your ev’ry move. Put one foot out of line and that title comes with me. And between you an’ me, it won’t take much f’ me t’ take it from you. . . All the same though, good luck t’night an’ Sunday. You might just need it.

Bischoff turns round and leaves the room smiling having made his point. DiBiase’s not so smug now as the camera zooms in on his angry face.

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Opening Match*
World Tag Team Championship Tournament First Round Match
Goldust & Eugene vs. Christopher Daniels & Kaval

JTG & Homicide were watching on from a monitor in the back knowing that they would be facing the winners in the semi finals of the tournament as Daniels & Kaval looked to follow on from their debut victory last week over Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms. Despite not endearing themselves to the crowd, they got on with the job in hand, putting on a clinic and shrugging off the crowd’s negative reactions. After an even start where Goldust managed to frustrate Kaval, the newest team on the block gained the initiative. Kaval was able to pull back with a matrix from an uppercut attempt from a seated Goldust, and as the veteran was making his way back up in a hurry, Kaval ran the ropes, hit a springboard and connected with a gamengiri.

It sent Goldie down in a flash, and Kaval scurried across desperately to make a cover where Goldust just about got his shoulder up at the count of two. As the match progressed, they managed to isolate Eugene. That was until Kaval reacted badly after Eugene managed to drag himself to the safety of the ropes while fighting the Iron Octopus, a head-scissor arm bar submission hold. Kaval wasn’t happy and went right back at Eugene, but the referee held him back as Eugene used the ropes to help him get back up. Kaval flew at him but Eugene sidestepped him with Kaval hitting the ropes and getting rolled up right away, but Kaval kicked out at two.

As both men made their way back up in a hurry, Eugene struck first with an inverted atomic drop, and with Kaval hobbling around on the mat, Eugene lifted him off his feet and in to an air plane spin. The crowd cheered as Eugene spun him round before getting dizzy himself, leaving him no option but to let go of his opponent who fell to the mat. Eugene went for a cover and was left looking heartbroken as Kaval kicked out. Goldust was urging his partner to tag him, and he did just that, bringing the veteran in to the ring. Goldust watched the drowsy Kaval make his way back up, not seeming to know where he was.

Just before Kaval stood up, Goldust set off charging past him in to the ropes and came back looking to take him down with a one arm bulldog, but Kaval pulled his head back with Goldust hitting the deck. Kaval looked on with a face like thunder and then nailed his opponent with a thunderous double sit down dropkick to the face after running the ropes. That brought Daniels in to the ring and he looked all set to wrap the match up on a number of occasions. However he was unsuccessful after the best moonsault ever and a thunderous enzuigiri. He was getting very agitated, and as he watched the battered Goldust struggle to pick himself up, he pulled him in to place for the Angel’s Wings.

He didn’t anticipate a fightback from him, but that’s what he got when he was on the receiving end of a back body drop. Goldust had momentum on his side and looked on the verge of securing a huge victory for him & Eugene as he set Daniels up for the Final Cut. He lifted him up for the suplex, but as he spun round, Daniels stepped back and Goldust hit the mat. Daniels reacted quickly by charging at the shocked Eugene and knocking him off the apron with a raised knee lift while Goldust made his way back up in a real daze.

Daniels walked back towards him, kicked him in the gut and this time connected with the Angel’s Wings to send him & Kaval in to the semi finals of the tag team title tournament and book themselves a match against JTG & Homicide. Kaval joined his partner in the ring and they got their arms raised with satisfied smiles on their faces, revelling somewhat in the boos that were being thrown at them. As they then made their way back up the ramp, they were stopped by Raw’s host Zack Ryder for a quick chat.

Winners: Christopher Daniels & Kaval by pinfall.

Zack Ryder: Congratulations guys on that truly awesome performance. I gotta say that you guys really are living up to this reputation as bein’ one of the best tag teams in the world right now, an’ after that vict’ry you’re now just two wins away from becoming the new World Tag Team Champions. That’s gotta sound good right?

Christopher Daniels: Let me make this clear just so ev’ryone understands. . . Like you said, there’s been a whole lot of talk about myself and Kaval, and we’re here for one reason and one reason only, to become the World Tag Team Champions.


Christopher Daniels: Those titles have our names on them, and when we get them we won’t just be known as one of the best teams in the world but the absolute best bar none.

Kaval stands there and nods with Ryder looking impressed with the duo. Daniels looks in to the crowd and shows he means what he’s just said.

*Cut Backstage*

A concerned John Morrison is walking back & forth in a locker room with a focused Matt Cappotelli sat down on the bench pulling his knee pads in to place. The Monday Night Delight now sits down alongside his buddy.

John Morrison:
Matt, I know we’ve been through a lot t’gether, but this whole thing with The Miz, well it isn’t your problem. You don’t have t’ do this t’night. It’s still not too late t’ pull out you know? You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, especially The Miz.

Matt sits up and looks at Morrison.

Matt Cappotelli:
I know John, an’ I know you’re just tryin’ t’ look out f’ me, but you don’t need to, I know what I’m doin’. I’m gonna make sure The Miz gets what’s comin’ to ‘im after ev’rything he’s said since SummerSlam, an’ no one can change my mind John, not even you man. I’ve gotta do this.

John Morrison: Alright, but I’m gonna be out there with you. You can be sure he’s gonna have that Slater kid with ‘im too, and you just know he’s probably got something planned. I’m not going t’ let you go out there in to a trap Matt. No way.

Matt Cappotelli: I wouldn’t have it any other way bro’.

Morrison & Cappotelli smile and give each other a brotherly hug.

*Commercial Break*

“Oh Radio”

With his music playing, Raw’s host, Zack Ryder is standing in the middle of the ring wearing his ring gear and holding a microphone. There’s already a referee in there with Ryder, who’s looking very confident indeed. His music cuts and gives him a chance to address the crowd.

Zack Ryder:
After what went down last week, I should be ragin’, but I’m not. There’s only one thing on my mind right now guys an’ girls, an’ that’s beatin’ Rey Mysterio this Sunday at Unf’given.


Zack Ryder: Nothin’s gonna get in my way of doin’ just that an’ that’s a promise. I’m so sure in fact that I’m gonna embarrass the hell out of ‘im that I thought I’d prove it to him an’ all of you right here t’night.

*More Boos*

Zack Ryder: Now obviously I’m not talkin’ about facin’ Rey one on one. I’m gonna be doin’ that Sunday, but that doesn’t stop me issuing Rey an’ his rookie a challenge to a tag team match right now.


Zack Ryder: So what you gotta say Rey Rey? Are you up t’ the challenge or not? Let’s hear it.

Ryder looks up at the stage waiting for a response.

“Booyaka 619”

He doesn’t have to wait long as here come Rey Mysterio and his rookie, Mystico. They walk out to the stage calmly in their ring gear and Rey has a microphone in his hand. The Master of the 619 holds up his hand, calling for the production crew to cut his music, and they do.

Rey Mysterio:
You want a match right now Ryder? With us?

Zack Ryder: Oh yeah Rey. That’s exactly what I want.

Rey Mysterio: Then I get a real simple answer f’ ya. You got it!

*Big Pop*

Rey & Mystico walk down the ramp while Ryder smiles and nods his head. He watches them walk up the steps with Rey dropping the microphone on them before entering the ring. The music stops and Ryder lifts the stick back up to his mouth.

Zack Ryder:
Now as y’can see, there’s two of you an’ just one of me, but I’m gonna change that right now an’ intr’duce you to my partner. And just like me, he’s gonna be in action an’ victorious at Unf’given. He is the undefeated, the unstoppable Celtic Warrior, SHEA-MUS.


“Written in my Face”

‘The Celtic Warrior’ Sheamus
walks out to the stage looking fired up with the smug Ryder nodding his head at Rey & Mystico, and the Mexican duo look on with some reservation at Ryder’s partner. Sheamus enters the ring and walks past his opponents, staring right at them before shaking hands with Ryder. Raw’s host hands the microphone over to Lilian Garcia through the ropes as all four men prepare to do battle.

*Match #2*
Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. Zack Ryder & Sheamus

Sheamus was a man on a mission and was allowed to do most of the work by the passive Raw host. The Celtic Warrior was dominant in the opening minutes against Mystico, but Rey’s rookie showed similar spirit to that of the Master of the 619 when he looked in trouble. He was comfortably scooped up on to Sheamus’s shoulder, and the Irishman took the time to look in to the crowd, staring at them disapprovingly. He then ran out of the corner looking to take Mystico down with a running powerslam, but the Mexican rookie came to life and slipped to safety down the pasty Irishman’s back. Sheamus was stunned and Mystico reacted quickly to dropkick him in the back, sending him forward in to the pads.

Rey watched on with hope as his rookie snuck up behind him on his knees and rolled him up, but The Celtic Warrior kicked out with force at two. Both men raced back up to their feet, and Mystico ducked a wild right before levelling his opponent with a thunderous enzuigiri. Mystico was still showing the effects of the beatdown he’d received from Sheamus, taking him several seconds before he could crawl across on his knees to make the cover. The Mexican duo were left disappointed as Sheamus got his shoulder up at the count of two. Both men then made their way to their respective corners on their knees and tagged in their partners. Ryder didn’t look too keen but Rey went right after him, gaining the initiative for himself & Mystico.

Ryder was reeling and when it looked like Mysterio was in cruise control, Sheamus came to the rescue and nailed Rey with a big boot as the Mexican went for a springboard crossbody. He ended up falling to the mat with Ryder scurrying across to make a cover, only Rey got his shoulder up before the ref could count to three. Raw’s host was frustrated and went crazy in trying to finish Mysterio off. He failed and Rey came back fighting, dodging the Zack Attack and running right at Sheamus to send him off the apron with a dropkick to the knee. As he turned round by the ropes, Ryder ran at him and in to a drop toe hold that sent him down on to the second rope. Rey dialled up for the 619 to a huge pop from the Nampa crowd.

He charged across the ring, hit the ropes and ran back to swing through the ropes to nail Ryder in the face with the 619. It sent Zack spiralling back across the ring while Mysterio steadied himself on the apron as he watched & waited for his opponent to get back up. Ryder was in a daze, and as he turned round, Mysterio went for the springboard, but again Sheamus struck, standing up on the outside and jumping up on to the apron. He shoved Rey down to the mat after he hit the top rope. That allowed both men to tag their partners again, and a few more times after that, leaving Sheamus in the ring with Mystico at the end. It looked as if Mystico would score somewhat of an upset when he ducked the brogue kick and caught the shocked Irishman with a super kick.

However Sheamus lifted his shoulder up off the mat just as it looked like it could have been three. With Sheamus barely moving on the mat, Mystico went to hit a springboard moonsault but crash landed after Sheamus rolled to the side. The Celtic Warrior crawled forward to the ropes on his knees and used them to get back up to his feet as Mystico clawed his way up several feet behind him. As Sheamus got to his feet and turned round, he was overcame with anger and charged right at Mystico, nailing him with the brogue kick. The Mexican was knocked out and unable to kick out as the menacing Irishman dropped to his knees to make the cover and pick up the win for him & Ryder.

“Written in My Face” played to heat as the delighted Ryder entered the ring to get his arm raised along with the unsatisfied looking Sheamus. Rey got in there too to make sure Mystico was okay, and he was as he slowly lifted his head up off the mat, which caught the attention of the victors. Ryder gave Sheamus a look that told him to go kill Rey. The Celtic Warrior didn’t need the invitation and walked menacingly towards him with the Raw host smiling away. Rey realised the danger he was in and stood up to stand his ground. He tried to talk Sheamus out of it but didn’t need to as “Lambeg” hit and Finlay walked out to the stage to a big pop with his shillelagh in hand.

He gained Sheamus’s full attention and Ryder wasn’t best pleased as the veteran charged down the ramp and in to the ring. He stood alongside Mysterio and wielded his shillelagh, forcing Sheamus & Ryder back and eventually out of the ring, very reluctantly. Finlay didn’t take his eyes off of Sheamus, who was livid and mouthed the words “Sund’y fella” at his rival and fellow Irishman. As Mystico sat up in the ring, Ryder & Mysterio stared at each other too with Finlay & Sheamus still glaring intensely doing the same with the Celtic Brawl just six nights away.

Winners: Zack Ryder & Sheamus by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

Kofi Kingston
is getting ready for his match coming up later on, and it’s easy to see he’s not in the best of moods to say the least. He’s got a face like thunder, and it gets much worse as he sees the door to his locker room open and Kelly Kelly walk in. Kofi shakes his head as his friend walks towards him and sits down next to him. She looks very sombre tonight, and has difficulty getting Kofi’s attention.

Kelly Kelly:
Hey, how you doin’ Kofi? Are you okay?

The former Intercontinental Champion leans forward and laces up his boots, clearly trying to avoid a conversation with Kelly.

Kelly Kelly:
Kofi, we need t’ talk. Please listen to what I have t’ say.

Kingston reluctantly sits up and listens, still not looking at her.

Kelly Kelly:
You’ve not spoken to me all week and I just want to know you’re okay. Y’know, after what happened last week wi. . .

Kofi Kingston: . . . Kelly look. I’ve got a big match t’night an’ a bigger one on Sunday. The last thing I care about right now is this.

Kelly Kelly: I thought we were friends Kofi, and you knew that was all we could be. I’m sorry that what Ted said and showed you what happened with Zack hurt you. . .

Kofi Kingston: . . . I ain’t hurt Kel’, I’ve just got a whole lot more important stuff t’ deal with now than you an’ Zack whatever his name is right?

Kelly Kelly: I know you better than that Kofi. I know when something’s wrong, and clearly. . .

Kofi Kingston: . . . Yeah clearly something’s wrong. I got screwed out o’ the Intercontinental title at SummerSlam an’ I’ve got a shot at gettin’ it back in less than a week. Whatever y’do Kel’ is your business. I ain’t got time f’ this right now, y’got that?

Kelly Kelly: I got it. I’m sorry Kofi. I’m sorry things have turned out like this but I think it’s for the best if we don’t hang out anymore.

Kofi Kingston: Whatever.

Kelly stands up looking sad with Kofi blanking her and going back to lacing up his boots.

Kelly Kelly:
Take care.

Kelly walks out of the room and Kofi looks up, not happy at all. He pulls his untied boot off his left foot and throws it in to the wall with the camera zooming in on him before fading out.

*Video Promo*

The Miz and his rookie, Heath Slater are shown making their way through the back with the confident looking Mr. Hollywood just minutes away from his No Holds Barred match with Matt Cappotelli, coming up after the break.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
From Last Week

The Corporation
walk out to the stage, all smirking and revelling in the boos being thrown in their direction. Vince McMahon and both his sons, Shane & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield make their way down the ramp, chuckling at the fans in the process.

Vince McMahon: When I said last Monday night that I am sick an’ tired of being told what t’ do on my own show, I wasn’t joking. This is my creation and it’s farcical that my hands have been tied as far as running this show is concerned. That’s why I said last week that I’m taking the power back and that at Unf’given, we as a unit, The Corporation will take on the world’s largest athlete in a handicap match.

“Back in Black”

A big pop breaks out as Eric Bischoff, Raw’s Head of Authority walks out to the stage with a microphone in his possession. He’s looking fairly relaxed, and the same can’t be said for The Corporation now as they turn and look up at him.

Eric Bischoff:
Now as far as this match you’ve decided you’re going to be in at Unf’given against The Big Show, I’m the one who makes the final decision on whether I feel that’s appropriate or not. I’m sure when you were running Raw with your own agenda, a three on one handicap match sounded like a good idea didn’t it? That’s exactly why I’m the sole authority figure now, and let me make this clear for you Vince. You will not be facing The Big Show in a three on one handicap match at Unf’given.

“Crank It Up”

A big pop breaks out as The Big Show and his rookie Justin Gabriel join Bischoff on the stage. Both are dressed casually and Show has a microphone, but neither of them appears to be in the best of moods after what went down last week. They stare down at The Corporation and Show casually shakes hands with Bischoff.

The Big Show:
Y’know after last week, the thought of a handicap match at Unf’given sounds pretty good. . . Oh before I f’got t’ say that when I said I’m okay with a handicap match, I mean a three on two handicap match with my rookie, Justin Gabriel as my partner.

Eric Bischoff: I guess that’s fair. Now it’s official. In less than two weeks at Unf’given it’s going t’ be Vince an’ Shane McMahon and John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield taking on Justin Gabriel an’ The Big Show in a handicap match. . . Now we’re all agreed on Unf’given, we need t’ move on. As far as Unf’given’s concerned, we’re all set. The same can’t be said f’ t’night, well until now. . . Later on in our main event we’re going to have ourselves a sneak preview of Unf’given, because right here live on Raw t’night it’s going t’ be The Big Show going one on one with. . . John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

Justin Gabriel: Eric, if you don’t mind I’d like to an ask you for a favour. I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to be on Raw and I want to repay you. . . t’night. . . Show I know how much you want t’ get your hands on J-B-L but I’d really like the chance to take your place and face him myself t’night. . . What d’ y’say boss?

Eric Bischoff: I think that’s a great idea. You’re on. It’ll be Justin Gabriel an’ J-B-L one on one HERE T’NIGHT. . . However there’s a catch. I’m gonna make this a bit more int’resting for ev’ryone. I’m gonna raise the stakes a little. . . See John if you win t’night, next week The Big Show will have t’ run the gauntlet against each member of The Corporation. . . On the other hand if you lose, next week will see The Big Show going one on one with Vince McMahon.


Justin Gabriel w/The Big Show vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/Vince & Shane McMahon

JBL had stolen the ascendency, but once again Gabriel hung on to fight another day by getting his shoulder up at the count of two. JBL was fuming and the ref was concerned for Gabriel, and went to check on the rookie as he tried to make it back up. There was no concern for him from JBL or the rest of The Corporation though as Layfield sized his opponent up. Looking unsteady as he stood back up, Gabriel turned round to see JBL charging at him and lift his boot up to drive it down his throat, but the South African ducked in time, only for JBL to drill the referee with his massive boot instead. Layfield was stunned, as was Gabriel, but it was the youngster who reacted first to take JBL down with an STO.

Vince panicked and gave Shane an order, resulting in Shane-O-Mac throwing himself under the bottom rope and in to the ring. Show was stunned and warned Gabriel right away, who turned round in to a falling clothesline. Show was fuming and joined in the action, not pleasing Shane one bit. He tried begging for mercy, but he didn’t get any and Show grabbed him for a chokeslam. He took his time and was waiting for the crowd’s reaction, while at the same time, JBL was getting back up just to the side of him. Show saw him moving and shoved Shane down to the canvas, then nailed Layfield with the knockout punch to a big pop, just as Gabriel was sitting up.

Shane stood up by the ropes and was quickly clotheslined over the top by the seven foot plus giant, who then turned round and dragged Show closer to the corner. He then looked right at Gabriel and instructed him to go to the top rope, nodding his head at his rookie. Vince was big time worried as he watched from the outside as Gabriel made his way up to the dizzy heights of the top rope with JBL lying helplessly several feet beneath him. The crowd were cheering as Gabriel looked in to the stands and Show tried to shake the ref to life. Gabriel then jumped up in to the air and connected with a 450 splash to a huge pop.

Vince was furious as he saw the referee come round and slowly crawl across to make the count, an agonising slow count that eventually made it to three to give Gabriel a huge debut victory. Show was smiling just as widely as Gabriel was as he raised his hand in front of the fuming Vince, and Shane too as he sat up on the floor with “Crank It Up” playing. Gabriel then made his way to the corner and climbed up to the second rope posing for the jubilant crowd while Show walked towards the apron and smiled down at the pissed duo of Vince & Shane as this week’s show came to a close, knowing that next week he’ll be facing Vince live on Raw.

*Cut Backstage*

Leticia Cline is standing by outside of The Corporation’s locker room looking as tasty as ever.

Leticia Cline:
Hi ev’ryone. As you can see I’m here outside The Corporation’s dressing room, and t’night Mister McMahon will be going one on one with The Big Show. I’ve come here to try and get a word with the man himself. Just bare with me a second.

Leticia turns and knocks on the door.


It sounded like an angry Mr. McMahon.

Leticia Cline:
Err, Mister McMahon it’s Leticia. I was just wondering if I could get a few words from you about your match t’night.

Vince McMahon: Fine, come in.

Leticia cautiously opens the door and walks in where we can see Mr. McMahon sitting up on the floor with his sons, Shane McMahon & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield standing either side of him. Vince is already in his ring gear and is sweating slightly, seemingly having gone through some kind of workout. Leticia tentatively walks towards the McMahons and Vince, breathing more heavily than normal stands up. The mood in the McMahon camp is very serious.

Leticia Cline:
Mister McMahon, because Justin Gabriel beat J-B-L last week, t’night you will be taking on his mentor, someone you kicked out of The Corporation last month, The Big Show. How are you feeling about that right now?

Vince McMahon: How am I feeling? How am I feeling?. . . Let’s see. First off, that Gabriel kid didn’t beat John last week, meaning I shouldn’t have to wrestle The Big Show t’night. It was there for all t’ see that if anyone beat John last week, it was The Big Show. He had no right being in that ring whatsoever. I was there. I saw him punch John in the face with that huge fist and knock him out, but because Eric Bischoff has it in for us, he let it go. He’d love nothing more than t’ see me in the ring with his pal t’night.

Leticia Cline: You’re talking about The Big Show?

Vince McMahon: Exactly right, and he has the nerve to accuse me of throwing my weight around for my own benefit, which is clearly what he’s doing right now. But guess what? I’m not gonna stand for it, just like I didn’t stand for it when he tried to run me and my family out of business. I won that battle and I’ll win this one too like I have ev’ry battle my entire life. Vincent Kennedy McMahon doesn’t lie down and die for anyone. T’night, against all the odds, I will beat The Big Show, just like we will as a family six nights from now at Unf’given. And I assure you, we’re going to enjoy ev’ry second of it. Now is that all?

Leticia Cline: Yeah, thanks. Good luck t’night Mister McMahon.

Vince McMahon: Well thank you dear.

Leticia smiles ever so slightly before turning round and leaving the room. Vince turns round to face his sons, then gets back on the floor.

Vince McMahon:
Right, where were we?

JBL & Shane watch on as Vince puts himself through his paces, doing some sits up.

*Cut to the Arena*


Boos fill the Idaho Center as The Miz and his rookie, Heath Slater enter the arena. Both young men seem very relaxed as Mr. Hollywood stops at the top of the stage, smiling & nodding. He then walks down the ramp with a certain swagger & purpose, followed by his smirking rookie.

Lilian Garcia:
This contest is scheduled for one fall and is a NO HOLDS BARRED MATCH.

*Big Pop*

Lilian Garcia: Intr’ducing first from Cleveland, Ohio, being accompanied to the ring by Heath Slater, weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds, THE MIZ.

*Major Heat*

As The Miz enters the ring with the fans still booing, he walks over to Lilian Garcia and asks for her microphone. He gets it and takes up centre stage with Slater joining him by his side as the music stops, bringing out the heat even more as The Miz stands there smirking.

The Miz:
Well good evening Idaho.


The Miz: For once in your lives, t’night you people are lucky enough t’ get t’ see yours truly in action. However before we get t’ that, there’s something I need t’ get off my chest. . . It appears that over the last few weeks, some over sensitive individuals have taken offensive to some of the comments I may have made regarding one Matt Cappotelli.


The Miz: I have a message for each and ev’ryone of you who’ve taken a shot at me. . . get a life!


The Miz: I don’t regret a single word I’ve said, and if that upsets or offends anyone, I don’t care. I’m not here to tell you what the world needs t’ hear. I’m here for one reason and one reason only, to become the biggest star this company has ever seen.

*More Boos*

The Miz: You can boo as much as you want, it’s not going to change a thing. I will be this company’s star attraction for years to come whether you people like it or not, and over the last week it appears something else you don’t like is me making a challenge to poor old Matt Cappotelli. There are actually people calling me a despicable, heartless human being all because I challenged him to a match. Well newsflash people, you might see me as the bad guy in all this, but one thing you need to remember is that I didn’t force him in to it. He accepted the challenge. Don’t blame me. Ultimately there’s only one person responsible for what may or may not happen t’night, and that’s not me. For those who are curious, it won’t be god either. It’ll be his close personal friend, Matt Cappotelli.

The Miz: The only way he could ever beat me is if god came downstairs, and rest assured people, that’s not gonna happen. He may have beaten cancer but he won’t beat The Miz.

*Major Heat*

The Miz hands the microphone back to Llilian Garcia, smiling away just like Slater with the fans booing the crap out of The Miz.

“Listen, this ain’t no make believe. . .”

*Big Pop*

The disgusted duo of Matt Cappotelli & John Morrison slowly walk out to the stage, and The Monday Night Delight shakes his head and stares down at his rival just grinning back at him.

Lilian Garcia:
And his opponent, being accompanied to the ring by John Morrison, from Rochester, New York, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, MATT CAPPO-TELLI!

*Huge Cheer*

Cappotelli is one intense guy right now as he focuses on one person and one person only, The Miz. He & Morrison set off down the ramp with Cappotelli wearing cut off black jeans, a white T-shirt and boots as well as the all padding he needs on his elbows & knees. The Miz backs up in to his corner with Slater leaving the ring looking very confident of his mentor’s chances as Cappotelli climbs up the steps to enter the ring, glaring right at his opponent. Morrison takes up a position in his friend’s corner while the very overconfident Mr. Hollwood continues smirking at Cappotelli who looks ready to go.

*Match #3*
No Holds Barred
Matt Cappotelli w/John Morrison vs. The Miz w/Heath Slater

As soon as the bell rang, Miz ran at Cappotelli and knocked him down with a thunderous clothesline leaving Matt in some pain on the mat. The Miz smirked and looked over at Slater, then nodded his head. Slater grabbed a chair from beside the timekeeper’s table and slipped it in to the ring to his mentor as Cappotelli started to make his way back up. Mr. Hollywood picked it up and got ready to take his opponent’s head off with Morrison looking very worried on the outside. He panicked and threw himself in the ring as Cappotelli got to his feet. With The Miz lifting the chair up high above his head and as Matt turned round, Morrison ran at him and shoved him out of the way, running right in to the chair shot meant for his buddy.

It amused The Miz and he had laughed at the sight of Morrison flat on his back and Cappotelli trying to get to his knees. The Miz stepped back and got ready to strike again with the fans booing and looking extremely worried for Cappotelli. He didn’t take his eyes off him, and as Matt stood up and turned round, he blasted him in the skull with the chair to a barrage of heat. Both The Miz & Slater enjoyed seeing both Morrison & Cappotelli flat out, and The Miz simply dropped the chair before placing his right boot across Matt’s chest for the cover.

Cappotelli was helpless and the referee counted to three resulting in yet more heat and “I Came to Play” playing again. Slater joined his mentor in the ring and applauded as the ref raised The Miz’s hand in victory. The Miz was in heaven, sn-iggering away as Melina, the WWE Women’s Champion ran down the ramp to check on both her friends, further amusing Mr. Hollywood & Slater. They then left the ring wearing big smiles as they laughed at the angry & concerned fans as well as taking a look back in the ring with Morrison beginning to come round.

He slowly sat up and stared up at his remorseless rival before seeing Cappotelli totally out of it. His attention turned to Matt, who wasn’t moving, and The Monday Night Delight called for help from the back. He got it and a couple of EMTs charged down the ramp to attend to Cappotelli, much to the amusement of Miz & Slater, who stood watching with pleasure from the stage. Morrison looked up at them with contempt while the EMTs continued checking Matt’s condition.

Winner: The Miz by pinfall.

*Video Promo*

Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore
are shown walking through the back, and we then switch to a shot of Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig with the Bella twins doing the same with an eight man tag team match coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*
During The Break

Matt Cappotelli
is shown being put in to the back of an ambulance on a stretcher with John Morrison & Melina. We can see that Cappotelli has regained consciousness and Morrison jumps in the ambulance with him, then turns back to Melina.

John Morrison:
I’ll give you a call from the hospital okay?

Melina: Sure. I’ll meet you there.

Paramedic #1: We’ve gotta take off, sorry.

The paramedics slam the door shut, and as Melina turns round with the ambulance setting off, she’s greeted by The Miz & Heath Slater. They’re both grinning in a big way, disgusting Melina.

The Miz:
Is he gonna be okay? I sure hope I’ve not done any more damage to that delicate brain of his.

Melina: You’re sick, you know that.

Melina storms off past them and they laugh out loud together as they watch her leave.

The Miz:
Now that Heath, that was awesome.

Heath Slater: Oh yeah.

They carry on laughing as the ambulance leaves the arena in the distance.

*Video Promo*

The Big Show
is shown getting ready in his locker room, definitely fired up for his match later on with Mr. McMahon, strapping his wrists with his rookie, Justin Gabriel in there with him.

*Cut to the Arena*

Jim Ross:
Welcome back t’ Monday Night Raw folks. We just got some big news during the break that’s gonna have serious repercussions come Sunday night at Unf’given. Based on what happened before the break, the match between The Miz an’ John Morrison will now be a no disqualification match. I sure hope that Mister Hollywood gets what’s comin’ to ‘im this weekend. . .

Lilian Garcia: . . . This eight man tag team match is scheduled for one fall.

“Out to Kill”

Lilian Garcia:
Intr’ducing first, at a combined weight of four hundred and forty seven pounds, Joe Hennig and Cody Rhodes.


Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig
make their way out in to the arena with the Bella twins by their side, and they’re looking in a fairly serious mood tonight with their all important match against Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms coming up on Sunday night at Unforgiven. They walk down to the ring and hit the ring, getting more heat from the fans.

“PRICELESS, baby I’m priceless. . .”

*Ton of Heat*

The determined Ted DiBiase Jr, the Intercontinental Champion along with his rookie, Ezekiel Jackson & ‘The Million Dollar Woman’ Maryse walk out to the stage with Zack Ryder clapping at the side of the stage.

Lilian Garcia:
And their partners at a combined weight of five hundred and forty four pounds, Ezekiel Jackson and the W-W-E Intercontinental Champion, Ted DiBiase Junior.

The Raw host walks towards them and gestures for them to come towards him, and they do just that with Ted’s music coming to a halt. Ted loosens up a bit as he shakes hands with Ryder, and the two of them share a joke and laugh.

Zack Ryder:
Teddy boy, how’s it goin’ my man?

Ted DiBiase: Pretty good thanks buddy. Congrats on the win earlier on. You looked good.

Zack Ryder: Thanks bro’. I gotta tell ya, I loved what y’did last week t’ Kofi with Kelly.

Ted DiBiase: You liked that huh? I should be thanking you for treating her like the tramp that she is and kicking her to the curb like she deserves.

Zack Ryder: You’re right about that. Anyway bro’, what I wanted t’ ask y’was how you’re feelin’ right now goin’ in t’ Unf’given against Kofi Kingston with these guys barred from ringside.

Ted DiBiase: Well Zack it’s pretty simple. I guess I don’t blame Bischoff for trying to get even, but I have t’ say in some way I’m glad he’s making me prove myself. Not only am I going to prove t’ him I deserve to be the Intercontinental Champion, I’m going to prove all these ignorant doubters wrong too when I beat Kofi Kingston and retain my Intercontinental title Sunday night.

Zack Ryder: Well I know y’can do it Teddy boy. Y’know I’m behind ya. Good luck my man. I’m rootin’ for ya.

Ted DiBiase: Thanks.

They shake hands again and Ryder smiles at both Jackson & Maryse, getting a smile in return as “Priceless” plays again. DiBiase & co make their way down to the ring and join Cody, Hennig & the Bellas in the ring and get themselves acquainted.

“Live for the Moment”

*Big Pop*

The trio of Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore hit the stage, all fired up and pose for the cheering crowd.

Lilian Garcia:
And their opponents. First, at a combined weight of six hundred and fifty three pounds, Shannon Moore, Gregory Helms and MATT HARDY!

The Carolina boys make their way down the ramp, staring intently at their opponents. They stop at the bottom and wait for their partner.

“S-O-S, I hear ‘em callin’”


Here comes the pumped up Kofi Kingston to an almighty pop, walking out to the stage firmly focused on his opponents, choosing not to pose for his fans as he usually does.

Lilian Garcia:
And their partner, weighing in at two hundred and twenty one pounds, KOFI KINGSTON.

Kofi paces down the ramp with DiBiase watching, not sure what to make of his rival’s mood. Matt, Helms & Moore greet their partner and head in to he ring with the Bellas & Maryse doing the opposite.

*Match #4*
Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore
vs. Ted DiBiase Jr, Cody Rhodes, Joe Hennig & Ezekiel Jackson w/Maryse & The Bella Twins

What stood out in this match was the aggression of Kofi Kingston. He demanded to start the match and went at it with his former bitter rival, Cody Rhodes. He had no answer for Kofi, who never let Cody get a second breath. He gave him a real pounding, whipping him in to the corner and jumping up to the second rope where he pummelled him with a series of right hands. He followed that up with a monkey flip, and then as Cody as made his way back up in a spin, Kofi ran the ropes and came flying back to take him down with a flying forearm smash. Kofi wasn’t best pleased to see Cody kick out at two, and stood up right away with a face like thunder.

He urged Rhodes to get up, and when he did, Kofi exploded with a series of stiff kicks to the chest that rattled Cody. Kofi then whipped him in to the ropes and nailed him as he came back with a jumping heel kick. Cody kicked out again at two and began to sit up with Kofi getting even more agitated. He pulled Cody up to his feet and fed him his leg before going for an enzuigiri, but Cody ducked and Kofi fell to the mat, giving Rhodes the chance to tag out and give his rookie a chance to prove himself. Hennig flew in and dragged Kofi up to instantly send him right back down with a devastating jawbreaker. Kofi was clearly hurt by that the determined Hennig wasn’t happy to see him get his shoulder up at two.

Hennig kept going, really making an impression as he worked over Kofi. However there was plenty of fight left in the African Sensation though, and after he flipped back from a side suplex, he caught Hennig with a side Russian legsweep. He dragged himself to his corner and tagged Shannon Moore, who climbed all the way up to the top rope instead of hitting the ring as Hennig made his way back up. Moore was calling for him to turn round, and as Hennig turned to face Moore, he was on the wrong end of a missile dropkick. Moore was on top but not for long as he ran right in to the pads chest first after Hennig stepped out and then planted him with a neckbreaker.

Moore then had the misfortune of being the first person in the WWE to get in the ring with Ezekiel Jackson. The human tank threw Moore around like a rag doll with Matt & Helms looking very concerned for their fellow Carolina native. There was some light at the end of the tunnel for him though as Jackson brought his eager to impress mentor in to the match. The Intercontinental Champion kept the pressure on Moore, but when he looked to grab him for a Cobra Clutch, Moore slipped behind him and took him down with an overdrive. Matt & Helms were willing him on from the corner, and he crawled his way across looking worse for wear and managed to tag in Matt to a huge pop as DiBiase got to his knees.

Matt ran at him and knocked him down with a clothesline and then another before whipping him in to the corner to nail him with a third. Only this time Matt held on to DiBiase’s head and ran out of the corner, driving his head in to the canvas with a bulldog. The crowd were cheering like mad as Matt followed up for a cover, but this time it was Ted’s turn to kick out. Matt kept the momentum going with a diving leg drop and then a side effect, but as he went for the Twist of Fate, the Intercontinental Champion fought back and shoved him in to the ropes. As Matt hit them, Hennig kicked him in the back, causing Matt to turn round and drill Hennig off the apron with a right hand.

Matt then turned round and walked right in to a flapjack. From there it went back and forth with both teams having their turn to take control. However as we got to the closing stages, Jackson was on top for the heels and was making his mentor’s Unforgiven opponent suffer. That changed however when Kofi held on to the ropes after an irish whip, and as a furious Jackson ran at him, he raised his boot up in to the big man’s face. It sent Jackson staggering away from the ropes, giving Kofi the chance to run at him with speed, but the big man broke him in half with a spinning side slam. DiBiase called for his mentor at the point and asked to be tagged in, and he was despite Jackson not being overly keen on doing so.

Ted made the cover but somehow the battle scarred Kofi kicked out before the ref could count to three. The Intercontinental Champion surprisingly took it on the chin and stood back up, shifting behind the squirming Kingston, stalking him seemingly for Dream Street when just like last week during Zack Ryder’s match with Mystico, a gong hit and the lights went out to a deafening pop. The lights were off for a few seconds, and when they came back on, there was no sign of The Undertaker, also just like last week. It was met by boos and confusion by DiBiase, who took a good long round. With his eye off the ball, he didn’t see Kofi getting back up.

And as he turned back to face Kofi, the African nailed him with the Trouble in Paradise to a big pop. Everyone else was still shocked and didn’t react quick enough to stop Kofi making the cover and the ref counting to three. Hennig, Rhodes & Jackson looked on in shock and anger as Kofi stood up and got his arm raised, staring down with intent at the man he’ll challenge this Sunday in a SummerSlam rematch. Matt, Helms & Moore joined him in the ring and congratulated him, winding up Rhodes & Hennig, but Kofi’s attention was firmly on the groggy & irate DiBiase who sat up staring at him with Kofi staring right back.

Winners: Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

Gail Kim and her rookie, Shantelle Taylor are walking through the hallway, both dressed casually.

Shantelle Taylor:
You mind if I go get a drink? I’m so thirsty.

Gail Kim: Yeah sure, go ahead.

Shantelle Taylor: Can I get you one Gail?

Gail Kim: Yeah that’d be nice, thanks.

Shantelle Taylor: No worries. I’ll catch up with you in a sec’.

Gail Kim: Alright.

The two divas reach the locker room and Shantelle turns the corner while Gail opens the door to the locker room and walks in. Shantelle then carries on and walks right in to Mia Rain, a fearsome sight for the rookie with Rain staring right at her and making her very uncomfortable.

Mia Rain:
Well hello. How are you enjoying life in the W-W-E little girl?

Shantelle Taylor: Fine.

Mia Rain: That’s good.

Shantelle Taylor: O-kay.

Mia Rain: Well you take care. There’s some nasty characters to look out for. I don’t know if your mentor’s told you that.

Shantelle Taylor: She has.

Mia Rain: Good, then you don’t need me to tell you then. I’ll just leave you to it.

Taylor looks confused and Rain walks past her, but as soon as Taylor goes to walk away too, Mia turns round and knocks her down to the floor, catching Shantelle completely by surprise. Gail then opens the door and walks out.

Gail Kim:
What’s going on?

Kim sees the carefree Rain standing there and then turns her head to see Shantelle on the floor. She panics and goes right to her as the rookie sits up, not looking hurt, just stunned.

Gail Kim:
What happened?

Taylor turns her head and looks right at Rain.

Shantelle Taylor:
She happened.

An angry Gail now looks at Rain, who just smirks back at them.

Gail Kim:
You feel big do you Mia?

Still smirking, Rain turns around without a care in the world and leaves Gail and her rookie to stare daggers at her.

*Video Promo*

Mr. McMahon
is ready to go as he walks through the hallway with his sons, Shane McMahon & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield for his match with The Big Show coming up in just a few moments.

*Commercial Break*

Todd Grisham is standing by at the interview set.

Todd Grisham:
Ladies and gentleman please welcome my guest at this time, the W-W-E Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista.

We can hear an incredibly loud cheer coming from the arena as the camera zooms out to show us Batista standing alongside Grisham in his ring gear with the WWE title resting all shiny & proudly on big Dave’s left shoulder.

Todd Grisham:
Batista, in just six days you’ll be defending the W-W-E title against someone you know very well in Randy Orton, and t’night in our main event you’ll be facing his rookie, Darren Young. However first I wanted t’ get your thoughts on what happened last week when you were attacked by Triple H before your scheduled match with Ted DiBiase Junior.

Batista: My thoughts? Yeah I can give you my thoughts Todd. Hun’er should consider himself lucky he’s in no shape t’ be here t’night after what he did. It’s not my fault he can’t handle a few home truths. What Stephanie said to ‘im last week, ev’ry word was true. I just wish it’d been me not Randy that beat the hell out of ‘im. But one good thing’s come out of this Todd. Now Hun’er’s out of the way, I can focus on one thing an’ one thing only, Randy Orton.

Todd Grisham: Well earlier on Randy sounded very confident of regaining the W-W-E title. . .

Batista: . . . Randy’s always been confident, which is strange considering I beat him at Vengeance and at SummerSlam. . .

Todd Grisham: . . . I’m sorry to interrupt Dave but it seems that Randy is on a mission right as of late, and he’s found himself what some people are calling a wildcard in the shape of your opponent t’night, his rookie, Darren Young.

Batista cracks a wry smile.

I know as well as anyone what Randy’ll do t’ get what he wants, only t’night I’m gonna send him a message by beating the crap out of his rookie, showing him he’s gonna be in for the fight of his life at Unf’given and that this title belongs to one person an’ person only. . . me.

Batista’s attention and Grisham’s are diverted and as they turn their heads, the camera zooms out again and standing there is John Cena. Again we hear cheers coming from inside the arena.

John Cena:
Hey Dave. How’s it goin’?. . . Don’t answer that, I know how it’s goin’. You’ve got a huge match Sunday with Randy. I just wanna say big man an’ I know y’will already, but give him hell.

Cena taps The Animal on the shoulder and is about to walk away, causing Grisham to jump out towards him.

Todd Grisham:

John Cena: Whoa easy Todd. What’s up?

Todd Grisham: Well earlier on we heard you say that you’re going to announce your decision as to whether you will be staying on or leaving Raw at Unf’given. I just wondered if you could give us any indication as to what that decision will be.

Cena laughs a bit, admiring Grisham’s forthrightness.

John Cena:
Nice try Todd but I can’t. You’re just gonna have t’ wait like ev’ryone else, but I will say this. After my talk with Randy t’night, I’ve got a whole lot more t’ think about than I thought. That enough of a scoop for ya?

Todd Grisham: I guess, and for what it’s worth John. I hope you stay here on Raw. It won’t be the same without you here.

John Cena: Thanks Todd. Maybe you won’t be disappointed after all. Then again, maybe y’will. Take care now man. I’ll see y’Sunday.

Cena smiles at him again and this time walks out of the shot with Grisham turning back to the focused Batista.

Todd Grisham:
Dave do you have any thoughts on the future of John Cena?

Batista: The only thing I care about right now is keeping the W-W-E title whether Cena stays here or not. This is the only thing that matters.

Todd Grisham: Well thanks for your time Dave and good luck t’night.

The WWE Champion nods his head slightly at Grisham, clearly focused on the task in hand both tonight and Sunday at Unforgiven.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
The Big Show w/Justin Gabriel vs. Vince McMahon w/J.B.L. & Shane McMahon

As you can imagine, this wasn’t the most entertaining of matches in a wrestling sense. However the fans in attendance quite enjoyed seeing Vince getting tossed around by The Big Show, and he was enjoying himself too. As was Gabriel, but not so were Vince’s sons. Shane-O-Mac & John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield were watching on with concerned looks for the most part. As we got to the conclusion, Vince was in a really bad way and had the referee checking on him too. Vince struggled to his feet as Show sized him up for the knockout punch, looking like he was so psyched to knock his lights out.

The seven-footer stepped forward and drove his punch in to Vince’s face, but Mr. McMahon ducked and the referee was the one to get his lights knocked out. Vince breathed a deep sigh of relief as the stunned Show looked down at the referee lying at his feet. Gabriel was shocked too, but he was even more so a couple of seconds later when his mentor turned round to see Vince drop to his knees and low blow the giant. Shane & JBL applauded their father on the outside, and with the ref down they took the chance to join him in the squared circle.

They both took their jackets off and placed them on the top rope with Gabriel now the one concerned with his mentor rolling round in agony on the mat and the entire Corporation standing over him. The rookie then decided to fight fire with fire as JBL was getting ready to strike. Gabriel slid in the ring and hammered him from side on, then unleashed a ferocious kick to the back of his ankle that sent JBL down to his knees. Vince & Shane pounced on the South African youngster, but he was gutsy and fought them both off with help from Show, who was now back on his feet. Show tossed Shane over the top rope and then kicked JBL square in the head.

Vince’s turn was next as he was grabbed around the throat and planted with a chokeslam to a huge pop from the Idaho crowd. Gabriel looked at Show with a twinkle in his eye, getting a smile out of his mentor. Gabriel then dragged Vince in to the corner and climbed up to the top rope with the fans cheering. The South African looked in to the stands with a big smile on his face before leaping up in to the sky and coming down on top of Vince with the 450 splash. The fans were going nuts as Show high fived Gabriel with a pissed JBL sitting up by the ropes. “Crank It Up” played and they threw their arms up in to the air before laughing at the sight of the fallen Chairman of the Board with JBL & Shane sat up watching, fuming at what’s happened to their father.

Result: No Contest.

*Video Promo*

A split screen of the WWE Champion, Batista & Darren Young with his mentor, Randy Orton is brought up as the rookie prepares to make his WWE debut against The Animal, coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
Non-Title Match
Batista vs. Darren Young w/Randy Orton

The WWE Champion was up for this one in a big way, and he made sure Orton knew it, constantly looking towards him when he’d inflicted some damage to his rookie. The Legend Killer was definitely worried for both himself & Young, but the debutant did make a decent impression. He didn’t let The Animal have it all his own way, and his mentor played a part in it. After Batista dominated the early minutes, Orton was definitely concerned and gave Young a helping hand when The Animal ran the ropes. Orton grabbed his boot, resulting in Batista turning round and staring down at him.

Understandably he wasn’t happy and gave Orton a clear warning, giving Young the chance to run up behind Batista and knock him down with a hard clothesline to the back. Young managed to keep Batista at bay for a while, and even when it looked like the WWE Champion was about to get back in the match, he slammed the door shut on him. The Animal had reversed an irish whip and hit Young with a diving shoulder tackle, and as they both made their way back up, Batista prepared to rip him in half with a spear. Young turned round and sidestepped it at the last minute with Batista charging right in to the turnbuckle pads.

As Young took control, Orton nodded coolly at his rookie. However it didn’t stay that way for long, and as the match approached its final stages, Batista gained the initiative after blocking a suplex attempt and taking Young down with a suplex of his own. As both men made their way back up, Batista turned to the side to hit the ropes and went flying towards his opponent, connecting with a spear. Orton was getting seriously worried for his rookie as the fiercely determined Batista stood back up and stalked Young, who was in obvious pain as he used the ropes to help him get back to his feet.

The Animal went right after him and whipped him in to the opposite side, walked in to the centre of the ring, lifted him up off his feet and sent his back crashing down to the mat with a spinebuster. The crowd were cheering for the WWE Champion, sensing victory was within his grasp. Batista thought the same, and it appeared Orton did too. After Young just about got his shoulder up, Batista got to his feet and walked over to the ropes in front of Orton, then shook them in a frenzy. With the struggling Young desperately trying to get on to his knees behind him, Batista turned round and walked towards the pain ridden debutant.

The Animal lifted both his arms in to the air, signalling the thumbs up before then bringing them down to a huge pop. The fans were on their feet as Batista pulled his opponent between his legs with an angry Orton watching from the outside. The WWE Champion was met with no resistance by Young, who was then lifted up above Batista’s head and sent crashing down to the canvas courtesy of the devastating Batista Bomb. The fans were cheering as Batista shifted across the mat on his knees to hook Young’s legs for a cover and stared right at the frustrated Orton as the referee counted to three.

“In The End” played to a massive cheer and the referee went to collect Batista’s WWE Championship with Orton & Batista staring right at each other. The ref then handed the victor his title and raised his arm in victory, and The Animal turned round to pose with the title, naively turning his back on The Viper. Orton slipped in the ring immediately and snuck up behind him. The fans tried to warn him while Orton stalked his prey, and as Batista did turn round, The Viper jumped up and caught him with an RKO.

The Animal’s music stopped right away and Orton coldly remained on his knees and locked his eyes on the fallen champion. The WWE title lying beside Batista caught Orton’s eye and he shifted round to grab it before rising to his feet. Young began to sit up too and saw his mentor staring intently at the title he’ll be fighting for at Unforgiven. The Legend Killer then lifted the title up in to the air, standing over Batista with “Voices” hitting to a ton of heat from the Nampa crowd as the curtain comes down on this week’s Raw and the final stop on the way to Unforgiven this Sunday night.

Winner: Batista by pinfall.


Quick Results

Christopher Daniels & Kaval df. Goldust & Eugene
Zack Ryder & Sheamus
df. Rey Mysterio & Mystico
The Miz
df. Matt Cappotelli
Kofi Kingston, Matt Hardy, Gregory Helms & Shannon Moore
df. Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, Joe Hennig & Ezekiel Jackson
The Big Show
NC. Vince McMahon
df. Darren Young

>Superstars Tapings<
Mia Rain
df. Kelly Kelly
Cody Rhodes
df. Shannon Moore

Confirmed for Unforgiven
>This Sunday<

WWE Championship
Batista © vs. Randy Orton

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston vs. Ted DiBiase ©

Handicap Match
The Big Show & Justin Gabriel vs. The Corporation

Celtic Brawl
Finlay vs. Sheamus

World Tag Team Championship Tournament
First Round Match
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms vs. Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig


No Disqualification Match
John Morrison vs. The Miz

Rey Mysterio vs. Zack Ryder

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