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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

I like Callihan as an undercard guy but I really don't think I would want to see him in a bigger role than that. And what's with finding people that like CZW and JAPW on this fourm?

PWG Seven Review (now with more inflated Ratings!)

Six Person Tag Match:

Peter Avalon, Malachi Jackson, and Ryan Taylor vs. Brandon Gatson, Johhny Goodtime, and Cadice LeRae

For all the booking flaws that PWG has they do know how to book openers. I laughed, I marked at big spots, and I sat there waiting for Peter Avalon to get his ass kicked (it was awesome when he did btw). Maybe it was lacking things like "psychology" or some type of "story" other than Avalon wanting to fuck everything that moved but it was, without doubt, awesome. This was just one of those matches that had me thinking, "I love wrestling" and had me wishing that I could go to California to see one of these shows.

Draw dropping spots and a lot of laughs. Ballplexes were attempted, women were kicked in the head, I think there were men kissing, and Johnny Goodtime almost died. All is well in PWG. And no, I don't care that my rating is insanley high for this match.

Brian Cage vs. Brandon Bonham

Let's just sum the beginning up real quick. Shit got real serious real fast. So serious that Excalibur was forced to utter the line, "Nobody's cervix will be left in tact after this." That's pretty serious.

Obviously this was really hard hitting and while much more serious than the last match it captured the general awesomeness that the first match had. From the little I've seen of Bonham this is his best match hands down. Cage really impressed me as well. It was his first PWG match so I had never seen him wrestle before. He's good, very good, and someone that we should all keep on eye. Anyway PWG keeps the show going with another great match, and this was one that I didn't have high hopes for at all.

Akira Tozawa vs. Chris Sabin

Oh it's the third match of the card, good spot for a filler. Except this is PWG so they put one of Dragon Gate's fastest rising stars in with one half of TNA's best tag team.

To the surprise of nobody this was a very good match. I twas nice to see some mat wrestling for a little bit early on. Seeing the extent of Tozawa's insanity was also a lot of fun. Not quite on the level as the last 2 matches but a very good midcard match.

Scott Lost's Retirement Match:
Scott Lost vs. Scorpio Sky

I can't think of a better way to go out than this. Lost got to wrestle in front of a crowd that loved him and went against one of his friends. And he had an awesome match. It did have some hints of "The Best of Scott Lost" but Scorpio Sky managed to pick up the intensity and it sucked me into the match. I'm not quite sure what Scorpio has been doing for the last few years but he can still wrestle.

I wanted nothing more than to see Scott Lost pick up the win and I was a little shocked at how this ended. A classy move by Lost I know but it was still pretty shocking for me since Scorpio isn't even on the PWG roster. Another great match here and I can't think of a better farewell match. The speech after the match was very well done and Lost looked really likable even though he admitted that he didn't want to wrestle anymore at the age of 30.

Bryan Danielson vs. Roderick Strong

So after seeing Lost leave PWG we get to see Danielson make his return. I've seen him wrestle Strong a bunch of times before and this was probably on the lower end of the list, mostly because of how short it was. I can't really pinpoint what I didn't like about it and now that some time has passed since watching it I honestly don't remember much of it. They did nothing wrong but the match just sort of happened.

PWG World Championship Match:
Davey Richards (c) vs. Chris Hero

If you don't like Davey Richards I think it's safe to say that this match will do a great job of pissing you off. And if you are one of those people you will have someone managed to not enjoy one of the best matches of this year. Near the end of the match I'm fairly certain they forgot they were in PWG in 2010 and thought they were main eventing in Japan a few years back. Davey Richards looked downright amazing in this match. It would have been perfect booking if they would have gone on to establish Davey as a dominant champion. He took everything that Hero had and just kept fighting.

I liked how Davey kept going back to his leg submissions. He had been working the knee and legs of Hero all throughout the match and it was good to see that he tried to get the win with either the Clover Leaf or the Ankle Lock. Good selling from Hero throughout the match as well. These guys might be the 2 best on the indies right now so I can't say I'm shocked that they delivered a MOTYC.

Guerrilla Warfare Match for the PWG Tag Team Championship
The Cutler Bros. vs. The Young Bucks vs. Peligro Abejas (c)

All this was missing from being perfect was for Excalibur to mention the word "Plunder." The match was insane in every form. I think I'll just say that they beat the shit out of each other and did a bunch of crazy shit.

This is the perfect show. Every match was good and they provided a great mix. Just look at the last 2 matches. Both were amazing but were nothing alike. PWG seems to have reverted back to a year or so ago when they were incapable of having anything but great shows.
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