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Raw feedback

First off, nice 1 for getting rid of the PPVís named after match types. I really donít like the names of such PPVS. I thought Iíd start at the beginning of your thread so here are my thoughts on your first Raw:

The opening segment was quite good. I think it worked well that you teased an Orton vs Cena match but then revealed that this will not be happening, at least any time soon. The first match was fine and made Sheamus looked strong after he lost the title last night. I would have possibly had this match later on in the show though. Any chance of replacing Justin Roberts with Lillian Garcia? Lol just joking but I prefer her. The Jericho and Morrison segment was solid and Jericho seemed authentic. The only thing I thought could have been better was that an attack like that from Jericho seems to have happened a little too early in this feud. Just my opinion tho.

The tag match was decent and did a good job of making the tag title scene seem competitive. There was a small typo as you missed out Bourne and Henry from the match title. I didnít really like the Miz promo because it seemed to devalue the US title a bit. The match between Cena and Otunga was good and it was nice that Otunga made some waves in the match because I think he has an interesting character.

I think that the sigur ros remix could work as your entrance theme lol. I have heard the original too many times now after I finally downloaded it ages ago after figuring out what it was called. It is an interesting concept to have yourself show up as the owner of the WWE. I think it possibly could have worked better if you turned out to be the GM but in saying that I obviously donít know who I am comparing you with in that respect. The main event was good but I didnít like the way Sheamus left with the belt at the end. Overall, good show and a thread that has a lot of potential.
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