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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

Firstly, I just wanted to apologize for taking so long to get in here. Iíve been lazy, and havenít been writing feedback in general for awhile now, so if things are a little off, feel free to let me know. Anyway, a nice opening video package to open things up, letting me know exactly what took place at the Rumble. Regarding Smackdown events, I like Test being given a fair go against Benoit, I always liked him, whilst Finlay being in the World Heavyweight Title picture is epic, keep him around there please. I despise Jeff Hardy, so good to see you giving a young, cocky superstar like Kenny Dykstra the title, hopefully he can run with it. Cena was still superman at this time, so hopefully heís doing something interesting, and Edge winning the Rumble is rather sexy. These were all just things that popped into my head immediately; Iíll elaborate further on things once I get into the show properly.

By the way, a really small thing regarding Edge winning the Rumble, the commentators said Edge would be in one of the two main events. Whether I give feedback for the event or not, the winner of the Rumble must be in THE main event of WrestleMania.

Opening the show with Shawn Michaels was a pretty good decision, imo, simply because heís involved in a very interesting scenario with Triple H. I thought you had Michaels on song from the get go. I really enjoyed the way you mentioned how he has changed since back in his attitude era days, which were awesome, but thatís another topic for another day. The idea of Michaels hitting Triple H with a steel chair is okay, but if this leads to yet another rehashed Michaels/Triple H feud, Iím not sure Iíd be too into it. I guess I can accept you playing a little on Michaelsí tendency to turn on partners to, as they hadnít really done that angle with Cena in real life yet. The only line in this promo I had a real issue with was the whole Michaels is booing his own actions, just sounded really cheesy, and kind of ruined the situation for me, tbh. HBK being interrupted by Edge and Orton was unexpected, although I believe it makes sense, considering Edge won the Rumble, and should have time to brag. Iím not too sure Orton would accompany him to the ring though; wouldnít he be a little jealous right about now? Edge, much like Michaels, was spot on. Everything he said sounded like Edge, he was his usual egomaniac self, and he managed to throw in the insults regarding Michaels as well. I wasnít too sure about Michaels claiming that he brought back the old HBK for the Royal Rumble last night, simply because he still lost, and his back to his 2007 ways in this promo. If Michaels did indeed bring back the old HBK, he would have to stay that way, otherwise it would seem rather pointless. Triple H coming to save Michaels was alright, although a DX reunion is not really something Iím interested in. Is this the first appearance from Shane O Mac in this thread? It sounded like it may be, and tbh, I quite liked his part of the promo. I think maybe the Cena situation could have been mentioned a little later in the night though, as mentioning it right now kind of took away from the awesome situation we had in the ring. I loved McMahonís explanation of why Triple H was really out to the ring, and Hunter agreeing, it means no DX. Anyway, the promo in general was pretty good, bar a few tiny problems, and youíve now set up a pretty good main event for the night, good start.

After an impressive performance at the Royal Rumble, a nice squash win over Conway is the perfect way to keep Punkís momentum rolling. At this stage, I could see him being a valuable asset to your MITB match. Regarding Conway, I understand he is being a jobber and what not, and this probably wonít happen, but Iíd mark if you gave him some mic time, and actually tried to develop his Ďjust look at meí gimmick.

Mike Knox being all angry at Kelly is to be expected, as is Kelly telling him to leave her alone. Whilst I hate Knox, I believe this angle needs to be finished, so just have Punk squash Knox already. I donít think Kelly would really suit Punk though, as despite the SES, I think Punk operates best alone.

With The Coach remaining as some sort of authority figure, I believe it should have been him who came out earlier and made the main event, leaving Shane O to address Cena later on. It would have made the Cena situation, and the opening promo one seem much bigger if they were worked separately. I liked The Coach sucking up to the WGTT, but I think you wrote Carlito rather well in this meeting as well. ĎLito and Flair luring WGTT into a match to see who faces the champions is clever as well, giving us another great match for tonight. I have an issue with Flair not pursuing Kennedy though; it makes him seem really bitchy to barely even mention him and to set his sights on tag team gold instead. Even if Flair goes at KK in the future, by then they would have lost some heat.

Mickie James as the referee for the number one contendership was nice, as it allowed you to display her reluctance to face Victoria again. With Mickie being the face (I think this is correct), youíd expect her to be a little less scared, tbh. Anyway, a dominating Victoria owns, no matter how many times Iíve seen it, so a match between her and Mickie shall own.

The John Cena interview was okay. Discussing who would be his next challengers for the gold was to be expected, although I didnít like the joke you threw in. I know itís what Cena did back then, but I donít know, it just felt a little to forced for my liking. Whereas later on, I loved the crack about the Posse, I thought that was good stuff, and should have been the only joke between the two. Shane O basically being a smart ass was done pretty good as well, adding some tension between the two, but once again, I feel as if Shane deserved an in ring segment, in which his return could have been executed better.

Whilst I understand Bobby Lashley has no personality whatsoever, I felt as if his little retorts at Van Dam throughout this made him seem a little heel like. RVD, on the other hand, who is somebody a lot of people hate to write, you pulled it off pretty well. Whilst maybe it lacked some dudeís and manís, his passionate speech about the old ECW ways was terrific.

This tag match certainly delivered, with the match writing being pretty good throughout. Ric Flair and Carlito getting the win kind of disappointed me a little, simply because I mark for the WGTT, and it probably means that Flair wonít be gunning for Kennedy any time soon. Iím not sure what you will do with the WGTT from here, but they just have to feature prominently in your tag division, because once Edge and Orton break up, there wonít be much left.

Melina and Nitroís bickering was pretty good, although I would have liked Nitro to bight back less, and just have Melina chew him out. It just always seemed as if thatís the way their relationship went. Itís funny that I just mentioned how tag division could be lacking soon, and now youíre preparing to make a new team. Nitro and Masters will be different, but I think they could work as a part two of a flashy MNM, being as how Masters is ĎThe Masterpieceí and all.

The Hart Legacy coming to Raw is awesome. Donít rush them in for ĎMania though.

It was a rather weird confrontation between John Cena and Shawn Michaels, I really didnít know what to think. I understand the awkwardness was supposed to be there, although it really felt awkward to read. Iím not sure if this is because you did a great job with this, or a job not great enough. I know it sounds stupid, but Iím 50/50 on this one.

Lashley/Umaga was yet another good contest, showing that youíve really got some strong rosters, which youíre willing to utilize. I mark for Umaga, so Iím rather pleased he came out on top, although he doesnít seem as if heís really doing anything, so hopefully that changes soon.

AAEís promo afterward was short and sweet, making me excited for a brutal Umaga in this thread. RVD saving Lashley, and then getting the match up for next week was a nice touch as well.

The main event was rather nice as well, with your match writing continuing to impress me. One thing I really liked was Shawn Michaels taking out Triple H once again; it just adds so much more tension to the situation. Edge Spearing Orton means they are on the rocks to, which will be good for Carlito and Flair, imo. I think it will be good for your division in general as well, as Orton and Edge focused on other stuff, whilst holding the tag titles kind of belittles them. All the drama after the match was nice, and the triple threat match for next week should be off the freaking charts.

Overall, I was rather impressed with what I read. You seem to have a very clear indication of where things are going, and your match writing, and promo writing (despite the odd line here and there) made the show a delight to read. I also think the execution of the McMahon thing could have been done a little better also. One last thing, your ĎMania card is certainly not set by any means, and usually by now, people are planting the seeds for things. I donít know if you already have, and as a reader I just canít tell yet, but I must implore that if you havenít, you get things moving, as to allow adequate build for the biggest event of the year. Anyway, a pretty good show, definitely something to make me want to check out SD and read Raw next week, good stuff.

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