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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

Top Ten Matches in Turning Point History:

10) Gail Kim (c) Vs. Awesome Kong: TNA Knockout Championship (2007)

In what was an otherwise lackluster show, the Knockouts stole the show with one of the best women's matches I've ever seen on PPV. The chemistry between the athletic Gail Kim & the monstrous Awesome Kong was felt almost immediately and it generated a huge spark for the Knockouts Division. Amazingly, the two girls would top themselves a month later with another Match of the Night performance, but here, we got a very exciting match between the two most talented girls that TNA has ever had in their division.

9) Jeff Jarrett (c) Vs. Rhino: TNA World Heavyweight Championship (2005)

This one is somewhat underrated by TNA fans, but I thought Jarrett & Rhino had a very exciting main event match. It was a match that highlighted the differences between the two. Jarrett's old school wrestling style would give him the advantage in the ring, but once it became a brawling hardcore battle, that seemed to favor Rhino. The ending was particularly exciting as it seemed like there was an actual possibility of a title change. Of course thanks to the efforts of Team Canada, that didn't happen, but it was still a fun match to watch.

8) Beer Money Inc (c) Vs. The Motor City Machine Guns: TNA Tag Team Championship

In a preview of the excellence that was to come in 2010, Beer Money & The Machine Guns clashed for the tag team titles at the 2008 Turning Point. While nowhere near the classics these two teams would eventually have, it was still a very good show of the two best teams in TNA. At this point, the top spot of the division was clearly in the hands of Beer Money, who had quickly become one of the best teams in wrestling. The match between these two teams was a great display and I'm just happy that we would get to see much more of it down the road.

7)Petey Williams (c) Vs. Chris Sabin: X Division Championship (2004)

Back in the day, the excellence of the X Division was an every day occurrence and this match is an interesting one in the X Division's history. In the early years, the very best X Title bouts involved either AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, Jerry Lynn, or some mix of those four. Here, we got two fresher faces with a personal history (both were trained by the same guy) and they were allowed to deliver one of the finest X Title matches of all time. It was a very exciting bout where Sabin proved to be the only one who could counter the deadly Canadian Destroyer. Petey would retain the title that night, but this is easily a must see for fans of the X Division

Kurt Angle Vs. Desmond Wolfe (2009)

This great grudge match involved the well known Kurt Angle & TNA Newcomer Desmond Wolfe and they delivered one half of a fantastic double main event. Here, Angle & Wolfe put on a technical display better than most others could, while also keeping the intensity that the feud warranted. Wolfe seemed to have an answer for just about everything in Kurt Angle's move set. Wolfe made a very good first impression with TNA fans as he delivered one of the very best matches of 2009 with one of the top stars in the company. Of course Angle would get the win, and following this feud, Wolfe wouldn't quite get back on track again, but in this instance, he was given the chance to shine, and it was excellent.

Kurt Angle Vs. Abyss: Falls Count Anywhere Match (2008)

Some might say that I'm overrating this match, but I don't care. I was a huge fan of this one. It was an excellent hardcore match that was perfectly put together. What I really liked about it was the story they were able to put together. It reminded me of a slasher movie with Abyss as the Jason Voorhees/Michael Myers character and Angle as the victim trying to run away & take his shots when he's able too. It really made for an exciting hardcore match and one of my personal favorite matches of 2008. Abyss eventually went down after Angle knocked him off a scaffolding through the Spanish Announce Table to secure the victory.

4) AJ Styles (c) Vs. Samoa Joe Vs. Christopher Daniels: TNA World Heavyweight Championship (2009)

The second half of the aforementioned Double Main Event of Turning Point 2009. This was a rematch of the classic Unbreakable 2005 match for the X Division Title. Here, all three men were once again given the main event spot and they once again delivered big time. Having these three work a World Title match made it feel like I was watching an X Division match close the show. It was a very exciting contest between three great talents. Unlike the X Title match, Joe & Daniels were quite as credible as they were in 2005, but that didn't stop the match from being as exciting as it was. It was a fantastic showing from all three men as AJ Styles picked up the victory.

3) Kurt Angle Vs. Samoa Joe II (2006)

The rivalry between Samoa Joe & Kurt Angle was something that generated an instant spark in TNA and really got the fans excited. At Genesis 2006, Kurt Angle ended the undefeated streak of Samoa Joe, but the demand for a rematch was made by the TNA fans, and it was given to them at Turning Point. The end result was an even better match than their first encounter as Joe finally defeated Kurt Angle, evening the series at 1-1. Now I had my misgivings about doing the match between these two too soon (I would have saved it for BFG07), but the matches between these two were usually very exciting, and personally, this is my favorite match that they had together. It was great fun, and being more of a Joe fan, I was happy to see him win here.

2) AJ Styles (c) Vs. Samoa Joe: X Division Championship (2005)

Now the Unbreakable 2005 Triple Threat is usually hailed as the greatest X Division Title mtch ever, but I disagree. THIS is my favorite. AJ Vs. Joe at this show was nothing short of phenomenal. What really made this match work was how it was a perfect David Vs. Goliath match with all the high flying excitement that is expected from the X Division. AJ took probably the worst beating of his career, and it only made things more exciting as the match played out. I have never seen a match in the X Division that has quite captured the level of brutality & excitement as this one. This was an absolutely fantastic outing that deserves all the praise in the world, moreso than it usually gets to be honest.

1) America's Most Wanted Vs. Triple X: Losing Team Disbands Six Sides of Steel Match (2004)

This isn't only the best match in Turning Point history, but its my favorite match in TNA history. It was a match that offered a little bit of everything: Hardcore violence, tag team excellence, old school storytelling, & high flying daredevil acts the likes of which are hard to match. Elix Skipper's infamous walk across the top of the cage is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen in wrestling, and that really put the match over the top. However, there was so much more to it than that. This was the culmination of a year & a half long rivalry between the two greatest teams TNA had to offer at the time. Chris Harris, James Storm, Christopher Daniels, & Elix Skipper usually worked extremely well together, but the end result here was untouchable. This is one of the best tag team matches I've ever seen. Its one of the best Steel Cage Matches I've ever seen, and it was nothing short a classic. Hell, I'd say its a contender for Best Match in the Last Decade. Its certainly up there.


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