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Re: WWE: A New Dawn


J.R.: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to Monday Night Raw! We are one week away from one of the biggest dates in WWE history, and that is WWE Unified! But first, we have another action-packed episode of raw!

The camera focuses on J.R. and Matt Striker, sitting at the announce table.

J.R.: Joining me to call these events is none other than Matt Striker.

Matt Striker: Thank you very much J.R., tonight we have some amazing action in store for you. Last week, The Undertaker responded to Drew Mcintyre’s challenge and then some, laying out both Drew and the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho. Tonight, we have an absolutely amazing main event for you. Mcintyre and Jericho team up to take on The Undertaker, and the WWE Champion John Cena.

J.R.: I cannot wait for that match Matt. Also tonight, CM Punk takes on John Morrison, with Punk’s opponent this Sunday Rey Mysterio standing at ringside. And finally, and we have just received not of this ladies and gentlemen, Randy Orton is going to be making an important statement to the WWE Universe. I have no idea what that means, but I’m sure it’s going to be intense.

As soon as J.R. finishes talking, ”Broken Dreams”, the chilling theme tune of Drew Mcintyre plays and the crowd boo. Moreso than usual due to Drew’s current hatred of The Undertaker, and Drew looks at the crowd with disgust as he slowly walks towards the ring, microphone in hand. He begins to talk as he walks, a dry sarcasm accompanying his broad Scottish accent.

Drew Mcintyre: Well well, I’m sure you all have your hopes up about tonight’s match. Myself, and the World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho, teaming together for the first time in history. You get to see two of the greatest together. The Chosen One, and the Saviour Of The WWE. You certainly are lucky people.

Drew climbs into the ring and paces around the inside of it a few times, the negative reaction to him building up whenever he isn’t speaking.

Drew Mcintyre: But that’s not all. This is a great time to be a WWE fan. This Sunday you get to see the rise of The Chosen One. You get to see me take my first steps to true greatness by defeating The Undertaker. So I would just like to say, if anyone has any words of wisdom, or anything they’d like to tell me before I become a legend of this business, by defeating the deadman, I suggest they do it right now.

Drew stops speaking and stares up at the top of the entrance ramp. No-one appears. The crowd begin too boo loudly and Drew Mcintyre smirks.

Drew Mcintyre: Well then, I guess…

No Chance….

’No Chance In Hell’, the instantly recognisable theme of the WWE Chairman begins to play. At first, the crowd cheer, simply due to shock. But then they remember it’s Vince McMahon, the man who tried to end the career of Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 2 months ago, and the cheers quickly turn to boos. Nonetheless, Vince McMahon appears, grinning wildly and holding a microphone. He walks down to the ring and looks over at Drew.

Mr. McMahon: …Drew. Drew Mcintyre. “The Chosen One”. Hand picked by ME, to be a future WWE Champion. You just asked anyone who has something to say to you to come out now and do it. So I did. I have something to say to you Drew Mcintyre…
There’s a dramatic pause. The crowd begins to get a sense that all may not be well between Drew and Vince, and get excited.

Mr. McMahon: …go get ‘em kid!

Drew smiles and Vince stands next to him and puts his arm round him.

Mr. McMahon: you are a future WWE Champion and this Sunday you are going to take your first steps towards getting there! …you’re like a son to me Drew, and you deserve all the success you get.

The crowd now unanimously boo both McMahon and Mcintyre. But then, their tone changes. A familiar sound roars through the arena and the crowd cheers. ’My Time Is Now’ plays, signalling the arrival of the current WWE Champion. Sure enough, John Cena emerges to a massive response, almost all positive. Since the rise of new heels in the WWE, and the diminished role of John Cena, he has grown more popular amongst casual and hardcore fans alike. He stands at the top of the ramp, holding his own mic.

John Cena: Oh my god! Can you two get any more annoying? McMahon, and Mcintyre! Why don’t we get the whole clan out here huh? Hey John McCain, Ronald McDonald, All the McAnythings get out here and you can all have a great big group hug! Or….not.

Mr. McMahon John! What the hell are you talking about?

John Cena: I’m talking about you Mr. McMahon! And I’m talking about you Drew Mcintyre! This is the WWE! Mr. McMahon, you should know more than anyone that the people tune in to WWE to see wrestling, but no, you’ve got to come out here and massage your own ego. Now, Drew, this is a message more directly for you.

John begins to walk, quickly, down to the ring. Drew starts to back off as the crowd cheers, but Vince tells him to stand his ground and he does.

John Cena: Did Chris Jericho put you up to this? Huh? Did he tell you to come out here and hype him up? I bet he’s waiting backstage to make his big appearance. Well don’t worry WWE Universe, you don’t have to put up with that voice just yet. You know why? Because I have something to say to you Drew. If you want a spot in the main event, you have to earn it. This weekend, you’re going against The Undertaker. If you beat him…sure, I’ll admit you’ll be up there with the big guys. But this is The Phenom, the man who is 18-0 at Wrestlemania, a sure-fire hall of famer and one of the greatest wrestlers the WWE has ever seen! Come on…not even with big papa Vince standing beside you…you don’t stand a chance.

John and Drew get in each others faces as the crowd cheer the confrontation between the two. They had a brutal match the week before and the crowd were desperate to hear more. Drew then suddenly kicks Cena in the stomach and winds him. McMahon cheers him on and climbs out the ring as Drew stomps away at Cena, kicking him into the corner and repeatedly punch and kick him. However, as Vince gets halfway up the ramp, Cena gets back his energy. He kicks Drew away and stands up, shoulder charging him to the ground. He then flips Drew over onto his stomach and, facing Vince McMahon, Cena locks Drew in the STF. After a few seconds, Drew starts frantically tapping out.

Matt Striker: Drew is tapping! Drew is tapping! And Mr. Mcmahon looks shocked!

[color=red]J.R.: But where’s Chris Jericho in all this, that’s what I wanna know. I bet he’s up to no good, that’s for sure!

Drew continues tapping as the screen fades out to commercial.


“New Foundation” plays as the crowd boos the arrival of The Hart Dynasty, including Natalya. They walk down the ramp sneering at the fans, staring them down and acting like they’re better than them.

Matt Striker: Well we start tonight’s show with intergender six-person tag team action. One team is the formidable Hart Dynasty, complete with the only female graduate of the Hart dungeon, Natalya.

J.R.: All three of these people have been brutally treating their adversaries recently. Personally, I want to see them get what they deserve in this match tonight.

Tyson and Smith slide into the ring and pose on the turnbuckles, while Natalya paces inside, mapping out the ring and mentally preparing herself for the match ahead.

The music then switches to “Motor City”, a new, Jim Johnston created, Linkin Park-esque theme for the Motor City Machine Guns. They emerge with Tiffany in tow, each of them standing next to her and pointing towards her as she poses, much to the crowd’s delight. The three of them then suddenly run to the ring and slide under the bottom rope, pointing to the crowd and posing on the turnbuckles.

Matt Striker: Wow! An explosive entrance for the Motor City Machine Guns and the ever-beautiful Tiffany!

J.R.: Yes it was Matt, and talking of explosions, fireworks really went off between Natalya and Tiffany last week on Superstars.

A clip is shown of Superstars last week where Tiffany and Natalya brawled backstage, fighting in a cafeteria and in corridors, eventually being broken up by the Guns. The camera then goes back to live action, as the match starts with Tyson Kidd and Chris Sabin.

This match is as fast-paced and lively as the confrontations between these two teams had been in the past. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley work a much more tag-team style offensive, with many quick tags and two-person moves, including ‘Bullet Point’, a double super kick, and an aided Standing Sliced Bread No. 2. However, once David Hart-Smith is tagged in for the first time, momentum changes as D.H.Smith starts to work over Shelley (the current legal man)’s legs, keeping him grounded and also preparing him for a sharpshooter.

D.H.Smith gets slowly more aggressive throughout the match, preventing the hot tag to Sabin. He even goes outside the ring and smashes Shelley’s legs repeatedly off the steel post. However, the match turns around when Shelley manages to kick Smith away in this position. He then scrambles over and manages to tag in Tiffany. To the surprise of the crowd, Tiffany doesn’t pay any attention to it being Smith in the ring, and not a diva, and goes straight after him. This earns her a big pop, as she levels Smith with a dropkick before David manages to tag in Natalya.

The ending of the match comes in the form of a traditional 6-man scramble. Shelley takes out Smith, and the two brawl outside. Sabin goes after Kidd, but Kidd lowers the ropes and sends Sabin toppling to the outside. Natalya then overpowers Tiffany in the ring and picks her up, before Kidd and Natalya hit a brutal Hart Attack on Tiffany. Kidd slides away before the referee notices, and Natalya covers Tiffany for the three-count.

Winners: The Hart Dynasty & Natalya (06:15)

The Hart Dynasty celebrate their victory whilst fleeing the ring, as Sabin and Shelley notice what happened to Tiffany and quickly come to her aid. David-Hart Smith runs away and rejoins Natalya and Tyson at the top of the ramp, as the three of them smirk at the top of the ramp, as Sabin and Shelley tend to an injured Tiffany.

J.R.: Wow, while that was a fantastic matchup, I cannot believe what Tyson and Natalya just did to Tiffany, that is really unforgivable. I just hope The Hart Dynasty get what they deserve this Sunday at Unified!

The camera then cuts backstage.

The camera fades in and Maria Kanellis is standing, holding a microphone and smiling widely at the camera.

Maria Kanellis: Hi WWE Universe, I’m Maria Kanellis. Please welcome my guest at this time, he is competing in the Television Championship match next week at WWE Unified, he is Matt Hardy!

The camera pans out slightly to reveal Matt Hardy standing in street clothes, smiling at Maria.

Matt Hardy: Hi Maria.

Maria Kanellis: Hi Matt! So, what are your thoughts on the television championship match that is taking place this Sunday at WWE Unified?

Matt Hardy: Well Maria, I’m excited. I’m really pumped up to be part of this new generation of the WWE, and have my chance to truly make an impact in this very important time by winning the Television Championship.

Maria Kanellis: Absoloutely, and what do you think of the match this Thursday on Superstars, when the celtic warrior Sheamus is taking on Christian?

Matt Hardy: Well, Christian is an old friend of mine, and I know he’s as determined to win on Sunday as I am. Now Sheamus, I don’t know him very well, but he seems to be a pretty strong guy. It should be a good matchup, and I’m hoping they wear themselves out a little, maybe that’ll give me an advantage come Sunday.

Maria Kanellis: What are your thoughts on Sheamus?

Matt Hardy: Sheamus? Well, the guy seems to be a bit of a bully. He seems to like bringing people down and trying to get in their heads. He made some jokes about me last week though, and I showed him I was tough. On the Peep Show I proved that I would stand up to him and if he pushed me, I’d push back. This Sunday, I’m gonna make sure I push the hardest and become the first ever Television Champion.

The crowd cheers almost unanimously this heartwarming message from the Sensei of Mattitiude as Matt does a brief V1 pose for the camera and thanks Maria, before leaving the scene.

Maria Kanellis: Thanks for watching WWE Universe! Coming up next, we reveal WWE’s next pay-per-view following WWE Unified!

The camera fades out. A commercial then plays for ‘King Of The Ring’, playing it up as a grand return, highlighting moments from the past such as the Austin 3:16 speech, Booker T winning the crown and Edge pinning Kurt Angle in 2001. The trailer shows very brief shots of Sheamus, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy and Dolph Ziggler before it’s final message: ‘King Of The Ring: Returns in June’

J.R.: Well it’s true, next week on Raw we start the build-up to the return of King Of The Ring!

Matt Striker: Yep, and I am very excited J.R. starting next Monday we will be having first round matches. 16 men start, they will be reduced to four, then the pay-per-view in June will hold the semi-final matches as well as the grand final. For the winner, the spoils, not only the King Of The Ring crown but also a guaranteed title shot that will take place at Summerslam on August 18th.

“Lovefurypassionenergy” by Boyhitscar plays in the arena and the hot crowd gives off a huge cheer as the ex-Womens Champion, and legend of women’s wrestling Lita appears at the top of the ramp, wearing street clothes and holding a microphone. She poses for the crowd and walks down the ramp, high-fiving a few younger fans on her way.

Matt Striker: Well here she is, the legend herself, and the special referee for the Women’s Championship match at WWE Unified, the one and only Lita!

J.R.: One of the most controversial wrestlers in history, Lita has been certain to leave her mark wherever she went. What I wanna know is what she’s doing here tonight!

Lita rolls into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle, throwing her hands in the air for the fans, who do the same to her. She then drops to the ring canvas and her music fades out. She takes a few seconds to soak in the fans admiration before she speaks, smiling from ear to ear.

Lita: Wow, it’s definitely great to hear that again…

The crowd cheer once more, as Lita is visibly emotional from the support she’s receiving.

Lita: You know, when I decided to come back, I have to say I was a little worried. I didn’t leave this company on the best of terms. There were a lot of things about my private life that I know you all didn’t like. But I’m so grateful that you all know that I’ve changed, and now I’m back with a clean conscience.

The crowd again voice their support. They even start a loud, distinctly male, “We Love Lita!” chant, which causes Lita to laugh just as she’s about to speak again.

Lita: Thank you…thank you so much. I just came out here tonight to let you all know that I am back for good, this isn’t just a one night deal. I feel like there are still things I have to do here, and there are still goals left to achieve. The support from each and every one of you is what helps me to achieve these goals, so for that I can’t thank you enough.

Lita blows kisses to the fans as they cheer her on. However, the good mood is quickly cut by the tune of “You’re Not Enough For Me”, the distinct theme music of current Women’s Champion Michelle McCool. The crowd boo louder than usual at Mccool because they were enjoying the promo from Lita. McCool emerges and is met with an increased negative reaction which she relishes. She laughs at Lita and the fans as she walks down the ramp and into the ring.

J.R.: Now what the hell does Michelle McCool think she’s doing here, this is Lita’s moment…

McCool is already holding a microphone, and as her music fades out she talks into it in her grating tone.

Michelle McCool: Oh wah wah, did you not get enough attention last time you gave one of these speeches? Remember, when Cryme Time came out and they auctioned all your stuff…you know? Our beloved general manager JBL even bought a pair of your underwear! Not that they’d be very hard to find, you’d just have to ask any guy in the locker room and they’re sure to have a pair!

Michelle laughs nasally as the crowd boo and Lita looks at her, unimpressed.

Michelle McCool: No, no, but seriously, I’m sick and tired of old divas like you making appearances like you’re some kind of “legend”. Honey, no-one even knows who you are any more! Leave it to the young stars such as myself! You know, the ones who can actually wrestle?

Michelle laughs again as the crowd grow more and more irate.

Michelle McCool: Aww, no, I can see I’m hurting you, I can see that, but I gotta say I just don’t think this crowd cares about you at all. No, I have a message that they might actually want to hear, and that is one from the Women’s Champion herself! So why don’t you go backstage and screw half the locker room again while I tell this crowd something interesting for a change, huh sweetie?

Lita finally snaps at this last comment and charges at McCool. The crowd supports Lita and cheers her on as she slams Michelle’s head off the mat repeatedly. She gets off the champion and takes a few steps back. She eyes the turnbuckle and mouths ‘Moonsault?’ to the crowd, who cheer at this idea. She then runs towards the turnbuckle, jumping over McCool’s prone body on the way, and climbs the turnbuckle. She poses to the crowd however, which gives Michelle time to stumble to her feet quickly and grab the top rope, causing Lita to slip and fall to the canvas. McCool then smirks as she gets to her feet, brushing herself off.

She picks up Lita and places her head between her legs in a power bomb position. She then lifts her into the Faith Breaker position, and executes her finisher perfectly on Sunday’s Special Referee, right in the center of the ring. She then stands up and brushes her hair out her eyes, before walking over and picking up the microphone once more. She is now breathing heavily, but speaks with a more sly, cocky tone.

Michelle McCool: Well well…look what just happened. Looks like…you’re just as washed up as I thought. And what I just did to you…I’m going to do to Melina…this Sunday.

Now, catching her breath, she crouches just above Lita’s head and looks down at her, speaking directly into her face.

[b[Michelle McCool:[/b] And you’re gonna have to count it…one…two…three.

Michelle stands up and brushes herself off once more. Her music plays as Lita lies motionless in the ring and she steps through the ropes, walking back down the ramp.

Matt Striker: Well, that’s a strong message if I ever heard one. McCool shouldn’t be relying on Lita to be on her side at Unified after an assault like that!

J.R.: Probably not, but she sure as hell made a statement that Lita better stay out of her way in her match this Sunday.

Michelle reaches the top of the ramp and looks back at Lita one more time, grinning maliciously, before heading to the back.


’Wild & Young’ plays as the show returns from commercial and Lucky Cannon emerges to his biggest pop yet. Whilst not rivalling the healthy reactions of established stars, it is reasonably good for a rookie. He relishes this and plays up to the crowd, throwing one arm up in the air and high-fiving children as he makes his way up the ramp, sliding into the ring.

Matt Striker: Wow, well, we don’t have Lucky Cannon scheduled for anything tonight but he seems to be out here in his ring gear. I wonder what he could want?

J.R.: Well, last week Cannon defeated The Miz for his first victory ever on Monday night raw. In defeating the ex-United States Champion, he got the right to take down Batista at Unified, who I quite frankly believe deserves everything he gets from this rookie.

A stagehand grabs a microphone and hurriedly hands it to Lucky Cannon who smiles as his cheers slowly die down and then begins to speak.

Lucky Cannon: Ever since I came to the WWE, I have been humiliated, brutalised and insulted by one man. Just one man. This company has welcomed me with open arms with the exception of the animal, Dave Batista.

The crowd boos the mention of Batista.

Lucky Cannon: But this Sunday, that’s gonna come to an end. I’m going to show Batista that you can just push the new guy around and bully him. Especially not if you’re a meathead like Batista. I proved last week against The Miz that I am a threat to the animal. Tonight, I’m issuing an open challenge, to anyone in the locker room. I want to make Batista see that I am a force to be reckoned with. So if anyone thinks they can take me down right now, then I’m calling you out.

Lucky Cannon waits silently for a few seconds, as the crowd stay quiet in anticipation of who Cannon’s opponent was going to be.

You think you know me.

The abridged version of ‘Metalingus’ plays as Edge makes his way out. The crowd’s response is intriguing, as there is an initial outburst of cheers to see Edge once more, as he hasn’t wrestled for so long. However, this quickly turns to boos once they realise that they are cheering the Rated R Superstar. Nevertheless, Edge appears at the top of the ramp bloodthirsty and ready for action, a look of menace and anger in his eyes. He pumps himself up, bouncing from one foot to the other, getting ready to walk down the ramp. Then, suddenly, the boos in the arena increase tenfold as JBL appears behind Edge, frantically waving his hands. He physically stops Edge from walking forward, holding him back. He shouts something inaudible to the microphones at Edge and the 9-time world champion reluctantly, and angrily stops moving. He then turns around and walks back out the doors and out of the arena. JBL makes sure Edge is gone, then follows him out.

Lucky Cannon: What!? I thought I was going to have an opportunity to wrestle a 9-time world champion! An undisputed future hall of famer! Damn it!

Lucky Cannon drops his microphone and begins to walk away.

‘I Walk Alone’ then suddenly booms through the arena, cueing another chorus of boos from the now very amped up fans. Batista slowly walks out, in street clothes, with a smug look on his face and holding a microphone. His music fades out quickly as he stands at the top of the ramp.

Batista: Well, Lucky Cannon. It seems like no-one wants to fight you. What a shame huh? Well, lucky then I’ve got an opponent for you. He might not be me, but I know that he can take you down. And if he can beat you, then imagine what I’m gonna do to you on Sunday.
’It’s A New Day’ plays over the speakers, and the crowd boo mildly at the sight of Ted Dibiase, who emerged at the top of the ramp grinning from ear to ear. Batista pats him on the back and remains standing at the top of the ramp as Ted walks down to the ring and slides in, staring down Lucky Cannon. He wipes his feet on the mat and takes off his Million Dollar Belt, cautiously handing it to the referee as the bell for the match is rung.

This match is relatively short, and is mostly used as a showcase for Lucky Cannon’s abilities. He outsmarts Ted Dibiase and is surprisingly brutal with the son of the million dollar man, including throwing him to the outside directly into the barricade. Ted does stage a fight back at one point, flinging Cannon into the turnbuckle and performing multiple knee drops. However, the match is mostly highlighting how desperate Lucky Cannon is to prove himself to Batista.

The ending comes within a couple of minutes. Dibiase goes to charge at Cannon in the corner, but Lucky trips Ted so he hits his head off the turnbuckle. Cannon then picks Ted up and hit’s the TKO for the victory.

Winner: Lucky Cannon (03:00)

The bell rings and Lucky Cannon seethes, staring down Batista, who is back standing at the top of the ramp. For the first time since Extreme Rules, Batista actually looks scared, which causes the crowd to cheer on Lucky even more.

J.R.: Oh my god! Lucky Cannon looks like he’s gonna explode! Batista looks terrified! Lucky has a lot of momentum going into his match with The Animal, Dave Batista, this Sunday!

The camera then fades out on Batista’s shocked face as he backs away and out of the arena.

When it fades back in, Josh Matthews is standing, staring at the camera in a curtained-off room backstage.

Josh Matthews: WWE Universe, my guest at this time has decided to make a statement to you, the fans of the WWE. He is Randy Orton.

The crowd cheers wholeheartedly as Josh steps out of the view of the camera and Randy Orton walks into view, causing the cheers to increase. He has his usual solemn face, and talks in a calm tone.

Randy Orton: WWE Universe, I’m sure you’ve noticed my lack of activity as of late. At Wrestlemania, I showed my ex-partners, the Legacy, that I was better than both of them. Since then I’ve had a minor injury that’s kept me relatively out of action. Next Monday on Raw, I will be making my return. Now what usually happens is the big star comes out, and tells the champion that he wants their title. But I want something more. I want to stand out. Years ago I said I was Randy Orton: Legend. That is still the case, and next Monday on Raw I plan to do something truly…legendary.

The crowd cheer, albeit less than before, with a slight air of confusion as Randy smiles lightly, then walks away and the show goes to commercial.


When the show returns Striker and J.R. are sitting behind their announcing desk, addressing the WWE Universe directly.

[color=red]J.R.: A spine-chilling promo their from Randy Orton. But before his big reveal next Monday, there is, this Sunday, WWE Unified.

Graphics then come up showing each match, a complete rundown of the card, with Striker and J.R. commentating over it.

Matt Striker: For the WWE Tag Team Championship, the malicious Hart Dynasty take on WWE’s newest signings, and one of the most exciting tag teams in history, The Motor City Machine Guns.

J.R.: Yes, and then Batista, The Animal, the ex-WWE Champion and professional arrogant jackass, takes on another newbie, an ex-NXT rookie who is desperate to prove himself, Lucky Cannon.

Matt Striker: The WWE then sees the return of the one and only Lita, as the special guest referee in this women’s championship match. McCool and Melina have both been humiliating each other, and Lita hasn’t exactly made her allegiance clear. This match has a thousand questions, and you will see the answers come Sunday.

J.R.: And then, in one of the most personal feuds we’ve ever seen in the WWE, that has lasted since well before Wrestlemania, the Straight Edge Saviour CM Punk takes on Rey Mysterio. If Punk wins, Mysterio must join his society, if Rey wins, The SES must disband!

Matt Striker: After that, the Cruiserweight Championship match, a fatal 4-way between four hot young superstars. All of them need to win, and all of them want to beat the other as much as possible. What’s sure to be an incredible high-flying matchup this Sunday.

J.R.: And another new championship, the Television Championship will be awarded as well to the winner of a triple threat match. The Celtic Warrior Sheamus, versus The Sensei Of Mattitude, Matt Hardy, and Captain Charisma, Christian meet. It’ll be every man for themselves in the search to crown the first Television Champion.

Matt Striker: Then, our co-main event for the evening. Drew Mcintyre has been running his mouth for weeks, months, claiming to be ‘The Chosen One’. But he took it too far when he tried to take out The Undertaker, and now the two go one-on-one on pay-per-view, this Sunday.

J.R. and finally, the other main event, the unification of the two biggest championships in wrestling history. Both Jericho and Cena believe that they are the true number one star of this company. This Sunday, we find out for sure, which one is right. Jericho, vs. Cena, for the Unified WWE Championship.

The camera then goes back to Matt and J.R., both smiling.

Matt Striker: Wow, not only as a commentator but as a fan, I truly can’t wait for this Sunday night.

Suddenly, ”Ain’t No Make Believe” boomed over the speakers and the crowd erupted into applause as John Morrison made his way to the top of the ramp, his trademark slow-motion entrance delighting audiences at home as fireworks shot behind him. Morrison smiles and walks down to the ring, high-fiving fans and even giving his famous sunglasses to one of them.

Matt Striker: Yes, coming up now we have the Monday night delight, John Morrison in action.

J.R.: Morrison has been a little under the radar recently. He’s been in training, working on his athletic skills, making sure he’s ready for making the big leap he needs right now. Tonight, Morrison is back, and I’m sure he’ll be looking to show the changes that he’s made.

Morrison hops over the top rope and poses on the top turnbuckle, smiling to the fans cheering him onwards, happy that he is so high up on the card for Raw. However, ’This Fire Burns’ then interrupts the crowds applause, and they instead boo CM Punk as he arrives, this time with the Straight Edge Society, Gallows, Mercury and Serena in tow. They all pose simultaneously, standing guard around a kneeling Punk, as the Straight Edge Saviour berates the audience. They then all make their way to the ring as a group.

J.R.: Man, am I sick of the sight of this group. Thank god that come Sunday, we may be seeing the last of them.

Matt Striker: Yes, this could well be the last time we see the Straight Edge Society walking to the ring together. Last week on Superstars Punk was embarrassed by a loss to Captain Charisma, Christian. This week, he takes on John Morrison to try and get his momentum back. However, the Straight Edge Society are not going to be the only people at ringside…

CM Punk gets into the ring and talks briefly with Serena, before the rest of the SES make their way to the corner on the outside that Punk is standing in. Morrison eyes Punk with anger, awaiting the last man at ringside for this match.

’Booyaka 619’ then begins to play, signalling a massive pop, rivalling those of Cena and Orton earlier in the evening, comes from the distinctly young audience. Mysterio emerges with a flash of multicoloured explosions and the crowd cheer even more. Rey is wearing street clothes, but still has his mask firmly on, covering his face. He hi-fives a few fans and nods at John Morrison, making his way into his corner and briefly hopping onto the apron to shake hands with JoMo, Before stepping off the ring again and to the floor below. The bell then rings to start the match.

This match starts with a hefty beat down from Punk. The prescence of Mysterio combined with the humiliation Punk suffered on Thursday results in JoMo getting surprised from the start, with Punk spending the first couple of minutes in the match simply beating down Morrison. He almost gets DQed multiple times for failing to stop punching/stomping/kicking Morrison before the count of five. Morrison’s case also isn’t helped by the continuing prescence of the SES. Gallows frequently distracts Mysterio whilst Punk distracts the referee, and this allows Serena and Mercury to work over Morrison in the corner.

The match starts to turn around though at the third attempt of this, as Morrison manages to kick away Mercury and avoid Serena, then clothesline Punk whilst he is trying to distract the referee. The match swings in favour of the Monday night delight briefly. He hit’s a quick DDT on Punk, at one point hitting a stunning Springboard Moonsault as well, but surprisingly only getting a two count. Morrison then goes for Starship Pain, but Gallows interferes and knocks John’s leg off the top rope mid move, causing him to crash to the ground. Finally, Mysterio had seen enough and runs over, beginning to brawl with all three of the other SES members outside. He starts off being dominated, but manages to turn it around until he’s the last one standing.

Meanwhile, in the ring though, Punk dominates once more, again stomping, stretching, and applying multiple submission holds to slow down the match. Punk attempts to clothesline Morrison…but then…the lights go out in the arena. The crowd gasp in shock. Then…a single green beam of light begins to circle the arena…and two big words come up on the titantron.


The crowd instantly know what this means and roar with an incredible positive response. There is a slight deflation when the lights come on and find no Triple H, but instead Punk and Morrison, standing to face each other. Punk looks concerned, which isn’t surprising. However, John Morrison looks, to the surprise of the fans, absolutely furious. Seething with rage, he begins to shout incoherently. Even Punk is taken aback by what is going on. The SES are on the outside slowly recovering, and Mysterio is baffled by Morrison’s actions.

Then, SUPERKICK! Morrison Superkicks Punk! Gallows runs in the ring to interfere, SUPERKICK! Morrison Superkicks Gallows! The referee rings the bell for the DQ!

Winner: CM Punk (by DQ) (07:16)

But Morrison doesn’t even notice the bell! Next in is Mercury, SUPERKICK! Morrison shouts in anger at the air and stomps on the ground. Serena rushes in to help Punk, SUPERKICK! Even Serena gets one! Then, Mysterio steps in and attempts to calm John down, SUPERKICK!! Morrison superkicks Rey Mysterio! The crowd fall deafly silent as Morrison breathes heavily with rage. He looks at the bodies crawling and lying around him then climbs out the ring, dropping to the mat below. He then slowly walks to the back, his head bowed, the commentary team silent. Images of shocked fans are shown, mouths gaping at the sudden change from John Morrison. The camera then fades to backstage.

Maria Kanellis is once again standing holding a microphone, smiling at the camera.

Maria Kanellis: Hi WWE Universe, it’s me, Maria Kanellis. Please, give a warm welcome to my guest, a contender in the cruiserweight championship match this Sunday at Unified, Zack Ryder!

Maria moves to the side slightly to reveal Zack Ryder stepping forward into the view of the camera. The crowd boo his arrogant grin.

Zack Ryder: Hey there Maria.

Maria giggles then composes herself.

Maria Kanellis: Hi Zack!

Zack Ryder: Sup?

Maria Kanellis: Oh, I’m great Zack! …oh, erm, how do you feel about your cruiserweight championship match this Sunday?

Maria notices she’s being unprofessional and tries to compose herself whilst talking to Zack Ryder.

Zack Ryder: I’m psyched Maria, you know? I’m going up against a couple of amateurs, Daniels? Kaval? Who are these people, you know? And as for Cody Rhodes, that guy’s great, but I am not afraid to hit him with the Rough Ryder if it means me winning the Cruiserweight Championship.

Maria Kanellis: Wow…and I just heard that you’re going to be facing Daniels this week on WWE Superstars, what do you think about that match?

Zack Ryder: Maria, I know that this Daniels guy ain’t got nothing on me. I’m Zack Ryder, and I can beat this rookie any day of the week. But you know what would make the match this Thursday special?

Zack removes his sunglasses and looks down at Maria, who stares up at him, slightly confused.

Maria Kanellis: What’s that Zack?

Zack Ryder: You…at ringside…

Maria grins and Zack smirks before walking away. Maria stands smiling for a few seconds before realising she’s meant to be interviewing the person who has just left, and looks shocked.

Maria Kanellis: oh, erm, good luck on Sunday Zack! See you on Superstars!

Maria grins shyly at the camera as the show fades back to the ring.

Justin Roberts is standing in the center and speaks into the microphone, addressing the fans.

Justin Roberts: Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time for the main event!

’Broken Dreams’ plays for the second time in the evening and slowly Drew emerges, slightly bruised and beaten from the altercation earlier, he is holding his ribs slightly. However, he still has a devilish smirk as he eyes the fans with contempt as they mock him for tapping out earlier in the evening. He walks down the ramp and steps into the ring.

Matt Striker: And once again, we see the Chosen One, the Sinister Scotsman, Drew Mcintyre grace the ring on Monday Night Raw.

J.R.: Grace the ring? People like him shouldn’t be allowed in that ring.

’Break The Walls Down’ then plays and Drew Mcintyre smiles. Explosions go off around the top of the stage and through them, Chris Jericho appears, swaggering and staring sternly at any members of the crowd who dare to insult him as he walks down the ramp and joins Drew in one corner of the ring.

J.R.: Well those two deserve to team with each other. Chris Jericho is not the face of this company and he knows it, he’s just bitter.

Matt Striker: You can say that J.R. but he is the World Heavyweight Champion. I think we can’t truly know whose the face of the company until this Sunday at Unified.

J.R.: Yeah, well we’ll see about that.

There is then a few moments of silence to allow the crowd to hype themselves up slowly. Then, ‘My Time Is Now’ hissed through the speakers, prompting a second massive roar of the evening. Whilst it wasn’t quite as big as his initial reaction at the start of the show, it was still massive. Kids waved Cena banners and women shouted his name out as the WWE Champion emerged, sans belt, and saluted the fans before running to the ring.

Matt Striker: and there he is! The WWE Champion! The other face of the company, and the representative of the WWE Universe!

J.R.: I personally don’t like Drew and Jericho’s chances in this match, they have to go up against two of the biggest guns in WWE history, and one of them is this man, John Cena!

Then, the audience all hushed one another, anticipating the chilling arrival of the Deadman. Then, the lights went out, and the crowd cheered. ‘Graveyard Symphony’ then chimed through the arena and sent a chill down the spine of every WWE fan young and old. The Undertaker walks out slowly and solemnly. The commentators also remain completely silent and allow Undertaker the full spotlight, walking to the ring and terrifying both Drew and Chris as he steps through the ropes. The lights turn back on in the arena and Undertaker and Jericho both step out the ring as the match starts with Mcintyre and Cena.

Cena starts by gaining the upper hand over Mcintyre and repeatedly punching and kicking him. However, Mcintyre attempts a few quick roll-up pin attempts to try and get out of the match unscathed. He repeatedly leaves the ring, along with Jericho, and threatens to walk away from the match claiming he doesn’t need to win this. However, each time he eventually returns. When the match finally gets under way properly Cena gains the expected upper-hand, hitting a series of signature moves. It almost seems like the match is going to end quickly, with Cena hitting a flying shoulder block. He then goes for a second, but Drew manages to duck and dive to his corner, tagging in Chris Jericho.

Over the next few minutes, Jericho takes control of the match, working over Cena’s spine and previously injured neck. He is restrained from performing choke holds repeatedly, but each time he does so he is weakening Cena more, so it is worthwile. The crowd boo Jericho’s heel tactics and constant posing, assuming he has the upper hand. Around five minutes into the match, Jericho repeatedly punches Cena in the corner, before moving away and posing to the crowd once more. However, this costs him as, despite Drew’s warnings, this allows Cena to crawl over and tag in The Undertaker.

The Undertaker, as expected, dominates. The crowd applaudes every strike and shot that hits Jericho, considering each of them personal retribution. Jericho attempts to tag in Drew but Drew leans back and Jericho gets angry with him. However, before they can fall out completely, Undertaker goes back to taking down Jericho with a Running DDT. After a couple of minutes he attempts ‘Old School’. Drew takes advantage of this and sneaks along to the rope where Undertaker is walking and shakes it, knocking him to the mat below. Jericho attempts to capitalise but Undertaker kicks out at two. Cena gets frustrated at Drew’s behaviour and runs around to where Drew is and goes to attack him, but Mcintyre cowers back into his corner and the referee admonishes John. This allows Jericho to low blow Undertaker and dominate the match.

Jericho attempts the Walls Of Jericho repeatedly but Undertaker is far too strong and manages to power out each time and roll Jericho over. However, Jericho hit’s a Flashback, and even a couple of Hurricanranas, which almost garners a pop from the crowd due to the surprise that Jericho managed to do it. All this domination was in vein however as on attempting a running shoulder block, Undertaker grips Jericho’s throat and executes a Chokeslam. He covers Jericho for the pin but Drew breaks it up before three. Cena, again infuriated by Mcintyre snaps and runs into the ring, taking down Drew and rolling outside the ring with him, the two of them brawling on the outside. Meanwhile inside the ring, Undertaker goes to pick up Jericho, however, Jericho knocks him down and attempts a rollup pin! He gets the three count!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Drew Mcintyre (09:03)

To the surprise of Cena on the outside, and anger of the fans in the audience, Chris Jericho’s theme music plays. The camera focuses on Drew’s smirking face as he looks at Cena, red with rage at what just happened. He attempts to be noble though and begins to walk away, however, Drew spins him round and attempts to attack him. But this time, Cena ducks under Drew’s clothesline and picks him up! Attitude Adjustment on the concrete floor outside!

In the ring, Jericho stands up and celebrates, barely paying attention to Drew being brutalised on the outside. He also doesn’t notice Cena getting in the ring and Undertaker standing up. He turns round to see both titans staring down at him, furious. Jericho’s eyes bulge, and he then suddenly slides out the ring behind him. Both Cena and Undertaker run and attempt to catch him, but Jericho grabs his championship and hops over the barricade, running up the steps to the top of one of the crowd entrance doors.

Matt Striker: Wow! Drew just got his Attitude Adjusted, but Jericho escaped unharmed!

J.R.: Both of them deserved a lot more than that! But will they get it? I personally hope they do this Sunday at WWE Unified! Goodnight!


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