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Results for Oct. 23rd, 2010!

NOAH “AUTUMN NAVIG. 2010 ~ NTV CUP Jr Heavyweight Tag League 4th” (Day 5), 10/22/2010 (Sat) 17:00
Sapporo Tesien Hall
1,200 Spectators (overcrowded)

Spoiler for 10/23:
(1) Masao Inoue vs. Masashi Aoyagi
Winner: Inoue (5:48) with a Small Package.
(2) Takuma Sano vs. Shuhei Taniguchi
Winner: Sano (10:26) following the Northern Lights Bomb.
(3) Go Shiozaki & Mohammed Yone vs. Kensuke Sasaki & Takashi Okita
Winner: Shioaki (14:56) following a Short Range Lariat on Okita.
(4) Takashi Sugiura & Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Yoshinari Ogawa & Kotaro Suzuki
Winner: Sugiura (13:32) following the Olympic Qualifying Slam on Suzuki.
(5) NTV CUP Jr Heavyweight Tag League ~ Block A: Katsuhiko Nakajima & Satoshi Kajihara vs. Roderick Strong & Eddie Edwards
Winner: Strong (13:06) following the Sick Kick on Kajihara.
(6) NTV CUP Jr Heavyweight Tag League ~ Block B: Yoshinobu Kanemaru & Genba Hirayanagi vs. Jack Evans & Extreme Tiger
Winner: Draw (30:00)
(7) NTV CUP Jr Heavyweight Tag League ~ Block B: KENTA & Atsushi Aoki vs. Taiji Ishimori & Ricky Marvin
Winner: Aoki (18:18) with the Assault Point on Marvin.

K-Dojo “CLUB K-3000″ 10/23/2010 (Sat) 18:30
Chiba BlueField
70 Spectators

Spoiler for 10/23:
(1) Bambi vs. Makoto Ooishi
Winner: Bambi (3:59) via Ring Out.
(2) TAKA Michinoku vs. Randy Takuya
Winner: TAKA (5:54) with the Heavy Killer #1.
(3) Daigorou Kashiwa & Hiro Tonai vs. Marines Mask & Akira Shiori
Winner: Kashiwa (14:34) with the Kashiwa Clutch 2.
(4) HIROKI vs. Yuu Yamagata
Winner: HIROKI (9:30)
(5) STRONGEST-K TAG #1 Contender Match: Daigorou Kashiwa & Hiro Tonai vs. Yuu Yamagata & Bambi vs. TAKA Michinoku & Randy Takuya
Winner: Yamagata (3:48) with a TAKA Super K Bomb on Takuya.
(6) 6 Man Tag Team Match: Kengo Mashimo, Saburou Inamatsu & Kaiji Tomato vs. Yuji Hino, Taishi Takizawa & Ryuuichi Sekine
Winner: Inamatsu (21:06) following the Death Valley Driver on Sekine.

Osaka Pro-Wres “BATTLE AUTUMN 2010″, 10/23/2010 (Sat) (18:00)
Osaka Minami Move On Arena
126 Spectators

Spoiler for 10/23:
(1) Atsushi Kotoge, Daisuke Harada & Miracleman vs. Tigers Mask, Black Buffalo & Tadasuke
Winner: Kotoge (13:54) with the Maxam on Tigers.
(2) Kanjyuro Matsuyama vs. Ebessan
Winner: Ebessan (10:46) with the Sonoda Suplex Hold.
(3) Ultimate Spider Jr vs. HAYATA
Winner: Spider (11:30) with the Spider Driver.
(4) Takoyakida vs. Kuishinbo Kamen
Winner: Kamen (7:23) with the Kankuu Tornado.
(5) Billyken Kid, Hideyoshi & Masamune vs, Kuuga, Orochi & The bodyguard
Winner: Kuuga (17:26) with a Cross Arm Lock on Hideyoshi.
~ What is it going to take for Billyken to finally slow down the momentum of JOKER? It seems at almost every time Billyken has a good team together JOKER still somehow manages to gain the upper hand, either through weapon attacks or by their numbers. Personally I think Billyken should fight fire with fire, but being the face of the promotion you wanna win fair and clean. Tough road ahead while JOKER reeks havoc.

In other news: Keiji Mutoh's weight loss is going very well, he has till tomorrow, when the match happens, to make weight at 105kg's (which is about 230lbs).
The pic of what he looked like yesterday in Japan is below in the spoiler tags, so it doesn't take up space
Spoiler for Keiji Mutoh:

R.I.P. "Dr. Death" Steve Williams
-- May 14th, 1960 - December 30th, 2009 --

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