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Re: WWE: A New Dawn


Joey Styles: Good evening and welcome to WWE Superstars! My name is Joey Styles, and we’ve got some fantastic action here for you tonight. Last week, the brutal Natalya Neidhart destroyed poor Tiffany, this week, she said she‘s going to take to the ring and call out the Blonde Bombshell for a rematch. Also we have high-flying action from the cruiserweight division, as the international superstar Kaval goes up against a man whose been trying to hold him down, Cody Rhodes. But, all of that, as important as it is, is buildup for tonight’s main event. The Straight Edge Society have been plagued with problems recently, tonight, they seek to unite with a victory as their leader CM Punk takes on a man who ran rough shot over his competition last week despite not claiming the victory, and a competitor for the Television Championship at WWE Unified in two weeks, Christian.

The opening harmony of “Smoke & Mirrors” plays over the speakers as Cody Rhodes appears at the top of the ramp to the boos of the crowd. Ignoring the heat, he faces his “virtual mirror” and checks his hair and chest, unzipping his jacket. He then walks to the ring.

Joey Styles: Eurgh, I can’t stand this guy. Back when I used to commentate ECW, preening, arrogant jerks like this guy used to be kicked out on day one, with a few missing teeth to be sure. Now, look at them.

Cody rolls under the bottom rope and poses for the fans as his music fades.

“Fighter’s Passion” then chimes in with it’s opening bells, as the crowd look slightly confused as to who is coming out. When Kaval appears, they cheer, if relatively mildly to the newcomer as he smiles briefly, before adopting his stern ring persona.

[color=green]Joey Styles: Kaval, trained all over the world, wrestled all over the world. Tonight, he’s here on Superstars. An outstanding cruiserweight, I can’t wait to see what this ever exciting athlete has in store for us tonight.

Kaval goes through the ropes and squares off with Cody Rhodes, ready to fight, with intensity in his eyes as he rings the bell.

Kaval immediately goes for Rhodes, seeking revenge on the man who has made him look bad two weeks in a row. His opening assault is brutal and physical, with many stomps, forearms, kicks and chops, culminating in a Suicide Dive to the outside on a started Rhodes. The match swings then however, with Rhodes reversing an irish whip and sending Kaval into the steel steps. From then he proceeds to dominate, smashing Kaval’s skull of anything he can find, ring posts, barricades, and announce tables, he walks him almost the full length around the ring before Kaval manages to pull away. The two of them then scramble into the ring at a nine count.

Kaval once again loses his temper and brawls with Cody Rhodes, punching him repeatedly in the corner. The referee only just manages to pull him away before five, and this sends Kaval sprawling, fuming in anger to the other turnbuckle. He then runs at Rhodes and knees him in the skull. This practically KO’s Rhodes, who slowly gets to his feet and stumbles around. Kaval then unleashes another flurry of kicks, grounding Rhodes once more. He then goes to the top turnbuckle, ready to hit The Warrior’s Way! He shouts as he jumps, but Rhodes rolls out of the way and rolls a surprised Kaval up! He puts his feet up on the ropes! And scores the three count!

Winner: Cody Rhodes (3:48)

Rhodes rolls out the ring, still practically knocked out, stumbling into the barricade and the side of the ring as he attempts to make a quick getaway.

Joey Styles: What!? I cannot believe this! This is the WWE, that shouldn’t happen! Kaval was all over Rhodes and now, cheating, AGAIN, Rhodes has won this match. I have no respect for that man Cody Rhodes whatsoever. He does not deserve to be a WWE superstar, and I think Kaval agrees.

The crowd boos as the camera focuses on the look of rage on Kaval’s face. The referee attempts to help him up but he pushes him away. He then rolls out the ring and looks at Rhodes. Cody notices Kaval and attempts to run away, but trips and falls to all-fours. Kaval then runs and kicks Rhodes hard in the stomach. He proceeds to severely beat Cody down, eventually throwing him back into the ring. His attack remains fierce though, slamming Cody’s face off the mat repeatedly, until he is completely knocked out. Kaval then stomps out the ring and grabs a steel chair from near the announce table, much to the delight of the crowd.

Joey Styles: Kaval’s got a steel chair, and it looks like that arrogant ass is about to get what’s coming to him!

Kaval drops the chair in the ring and pulls Rhodes over to the corner, setting him up for The Warriors Way. He then places the steel chair over Rhodes’s chest and stomach. He climbs to the top of the turnbuckle, shouts in furious anger, then leaps, crushing Rhodes’s chest with The Warriors Way.

Joey Styles: Oh my GOD! Kaval just crushed Cody Rhodes’s chest flat! He is definitely going to have internal bleeding after an assault like that!

The crowd cheers Kaval as he celebrates his revenge. However, just as he is doing this, ”Longhorn” plays, the theme music of JBL, the general manager of Monday Night Raw. JBL looks panicked, one arm outstretched and the other holding a microphone, JBL hurriedly addresses Kaval.

JBL: Kaval! Kaval! I demand you to stop this right now, I have an announcement to make!

Kaval looks down at Rhodes then up at JBL, choosing to listen to him.

JBL: Good! Now, as I’m sure you’ve heard, we plan to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion. Well, we’re going to be doing that at Unified, in a Fatal 4-Way match! The competitors are going to be yourself, Cody Rhodes there, your ally Daniels, and Zack Ryder. However, I want all four of you to compete in the match next Sunday, and I don’t want Rhodes getting any more injured than he surely already is, so I demand you leave him now.

Kaval looks pleased at the title shot, but this turns to anger when he hears he must leave Cody, feeling justice hasn’t fully been done. However, he sighs and rolls out the ring, holding his hands up once more in celebration as the screen fades out.


When the show returns from a commercial break, William Regal is shown once again sitting in a deep red room, looking directly into the camera with a grimace on his face. He speaks with a purposefully dull monotone.

William Regal: Good evening and welcome to the second edition of Fame & Shame with William Regal. Tonight, I am joined by a guest host, as apparently my show last week was deemed “not entertaining enough”. So, I’d like to welcome my guest host…

William sighs.

William Regal: …Santino Marella.

The camera pans back to reveal Santino, grinning and waving to the camera. Regal sighs.

William Regal: Well, let’s get on with-

William is suddenly interrupted by an over-eager Santino.

Santino Marella: Hello everyone and welcome, my name is Santino Marella!

William Regal: I’ve already done that bit you twit.

William shakes his head in silent anger and Santino crosses his arms in disgust.

William Regal: It’s been a good week for-

Santino Marella: Excuse me Mr. Regal, I’ll take this one thank you very much.

William looks taken aback, but before he can retort Santino begins explaining.

Santino Marella: It’s been a great week for The Manimal, Dave Baptista. He defeated The Big Show, and he gets to face Lucky Cannon at the Pay-per-view in two weeks time! I have to tell you William, I’m excited.

William Regal: You’d be excited by a loose piece of string. Now, on to the next one.

Santino stares aghast at the picture.

Santino Marella: Ah! Mr. Regal! Is that some kind of monster?

William Regal: I’m afraid not Santino, it is The Miz. It’s been a very bad week for The Miz, handing Lucky Cannon, the WWE’s newest superstar, his very first victory here in the WWE. One may think things for The Miz could only get better, but that’s not quite true, he could always grow that haircut back.

William chuckles and Santino looks at him with a confused expression, evidently not getting the joke. Regal looks at him and groans, shaking his head.

William Regal: and of course it has been another fantastic week for-

William is once again cut off by Santino, who quickly shouts over the top of him.

Santino Marella: Oh, I know who that is Mr. Regal, it’s Piggie Guerrero![/b]

Santino starts making oinking noises and puffing out his chest, using his fingers to push his nose upwards, demonstrating that of a pigs.

Santino Marella: Oink oink! I’m Piggie Guerrero![/b]

Santino laughs and slaps his thigh, oinking some more. Regal grows irate, begins to fume, then suddenly snaps on Santino.

William Regal: Now you listen here, I can just about tolerate you ruining my show, criticising me, and undermining the quality of this program, but don’t you dare EVER say another bad word about the lovely Miss Guerrero!

Santino looks shocked and cowers back, with Regal looming over him (the pair of them still sitting down).

Santino Marella: V…v…Vladimir!

Regal looks confused briefly, before the camera pans out to reveal Vladimir Koslov breathing over Regal’s shoulder, standing at his full height over him.

Santino Marella: This is my friend, Vladimir Koslov! I think you two know each other…

Regal turns in his chair to see Vladimir staring menacingly at him. The camera then cuts back to the picture of Vickie Guerrero and the audience here’s multiple crashing noises and shouting from Regal. When the show returns, Vladimir Koslov is sitting in Regal’s seat and both him and Santino are smiling.

Vladimir Koslov: See you next week, on Fame and Shame, vith Villiam Regal.[/b]

William Regal’s theme music plays and the screen slowly fades out.

Then, a highlights package of this week’s Raw plays, focusing on the Batista/Big Show and Lucky Cannon/Miz angle, The Peep Show segment and the main event featuring Jericho, Mcintyre, Cena and Undertaker.

When the show returns, Tiffany is walking to the ring backstage.

Joey Styles: Well, it seems that Tiffany heard the news that Natalya is going to call her out and it seems she’s going to pre-empt her address! I guess Tiffany has some words of her own for the Anvilette!

Tiffany has a stern look on her face, mentally hyping herself up for the challenge. Then, suddenly, Natalya slams into Tiffany’s side, smashing her into a wall. The crowd releases a horified ‘boo’ at the events occurring as Natalya repeatedly knees Tiffany in the gut, as she was caught off-guard. Natalya then takes a few steps back to admire her handywork, grinning devilishly. However, before she can react, Tiffany recovers and takes down Natalya, with the two beginning to scrap all over the floor of the backstage area as the crowd cheers Tiffany on.

Tiffany gains the upper hand when she grabs Natalya’s hair and throws her into a stack of crates. The two of them then brawl into the canteen area as a crowd of wrestlers and crew look shocked and suddenly scatter away, some standing back to watch the fight. Natalya grabs Tiffany’s neck and begins to choke her out. When this fails she slams her head off the table. The fight gets surprisingly brutal, with Tiffany at one point picking up a metal food tray from the kitchen and slamming it repeatedly off Natalya’s back and jamming it into her ribs in a rage. The crowd begin to chant her on as it looks like she is winning.

Tiffany slams Natalya’s head off a wall, but Nattie begins to fight back, pushing Tiffany away. However, at this point The Hart Dynasty and The Motor City Machine Guns come in, breaking up the fight and pulling the two women away from each other, both of them screaming at the other. They’re both surprisingly difficult to contain, but slowly they stop shouting and simply stare each other down as the screen fades out.


”I’m Comin’” plays, as the crowd gives MVP a healthy pop. He emerges in a classy grey suit, accompanied by a surprisingly similarly dressed JTG. JTG however still has the “Yeah” words written over his glasses and the teeth grills. The two of them got halfway down the ramp then JTG stood behind MVP with his arms folded and smiling, as MVP does his signature pose and fire explodes behind them.

Joey Styles: Well, we know this music but I don’t think anyone’s used to seeing JTG and MVP dressed like this! They seem a lot classier than usual. MVP seems to have picked up a microphone, I guess the WWE’s Most Valuable Player has something to say, maybe he’ll explain this sudden change in dress sense for the two of them.

MVP takes a microphone from someone around the ring and climbed into the ring simultaneously with JTG. His music faded out and he began to speak.

MVP: What you may have noticed recently, is that my associate JTG and I haven’t been featured much since all these changes took place in the WWE. We seem to have been…lost in the shuffle as it were.

MVP spoke with a much more composed, matter-of-fact language than usual.

MVP: But don’t you worry WWE Universe, that’s about to change. You see, we’ve been watching Monday Night Raw. We’ve been watching The Hart Dynasty and The Motor City Machine Guns, and we noticed that tag team wrestling seems to be having some what of a rebirth here. So, JTG and I have decided we want to get in on the act. But don’t think we’ll be doing this alone.

MVP then hands the microphone to JTG, who smiles wide before speaking.

JTG: Nuh-uh Montel, we’ve got someone to help us. A manager, but if you think we’re gonna reveal him now you’ve got another thing coming. Nuh, we’re gonna do that on a big stage in a big way. But for now, we gotta prove ourselves. From now on, we wanna be known as The Franchise Players. You hear that?

JTG climbed the turnbuckle, microphone in hand and addressed the crowd directly.

JTG: The Franchise! Players!

JTG then jumped off the turnbuckle and dropped the microphone. Both MVP and JTG then simultaneously took their suit jackets off and unbuttoned their shirts, taking them off too. ”American Psycho”, the spine-chilling theme tune of Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins plays through the speakers around the arena as the tag team emerges to mild heat, grimacing and cracking their knuckles, mentally focused on the match ahead. They largely ignore the fans as they make their way to the ring.

Joey Styles: Uh-oh, these two are psychopaths, and I don’t think this is the best way for The Franchise Players to, in their words, “make an impact” as a tag team, as I think they’re on the fast track to getting their asses kicked. I do not hold out high hopes for them here.

Archer and Hawkins quickly enter the ring and go into their respective corner, eager to start the match.

The Franchise Players vs. Curt Hawkins & Vance Archer

Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer dominate the opening section of the match, with the two operating a ground-based striking style featuring quick tags in order to beat down JTG. Vance repeatedly drills JTG’s shoulder into the turnbuckle and performing a power slam when JTG attempts a fight back but only getting a two count. From there though, the match turns around. Archer attempts to hook in his reverse DDT on JTG, but he twists out of it, grabs Archer’s hand and performs a surprisingly powerful clothesline, knocking him down.

Archer slowly gets up and JTG performs a dropkick, before reverting to his fast-paced style. Using various quick attacks, including the Mug Shot to Curt Hawkins. Then, as Hawkins is the legal man, JTG waits for Hawkins to get up and performs ‘Da Shout Out’. Although he could cover Hawkins at this point, he instead tags in MVP, who quickly makes his way over to Hawkins and starts stomping him. He then performs ‘Ballin’ on Hawkins and slowly waits for Hawkins to rise again. He then hits ‘The 305’ on Hawkins and goes for the three count.

Winners: The Franchise Players (04:05)

MVP and JTG calmly pick up their shirts and put them back on. They then climb out the ring as MVP’s music plays and swing their jackets over their shoulders, as Hawkins and Archer attempt to recover from the match.

Joey Styles: Wow, well that was a fantastic turnaround from this hot new tag team in the WWE, The Franchise Players, and I personally cannot wait to see what this exciting duo does next, and I definitely want to know who their new manager is!


The show returns from commercial and instantly, ‘This Fire Burns’ screeches through the speakers as the boos instantly begin to reign down on a particularly smug looking CM Punk, who looks gleefully at the hateful crowd and shouts down their insults.

Joey Styles: And now it’s time for our main event! CM Punk, the straight edge saviour is taking on one of the contenders for the Television Championship this Sunday! The arrogant ex-world champion seems to have something to prove as well, as he is taking on Rey Mysterio next Sunday in a Pledge vs. Hair match.

Punk hops over the top rope and shouts at the fans once more, posing on the turnbuckle as his own entrance is interrupted by the sound of ‘Just Close Your Eyes’, the entrance music of fan favourite Christian, who was very well-received by the crowd. Pointing out a few ‘Peeps’ signs in the audience as he gestures to Punk and waves him away, which Punk dismisses.

Joey Styles: And here he is, Captain Charisma. Humiliated on Raw by both Sheamus and Matt Hardy, the ex-ECW Champion has a lot to prove here tonight. He gets his opportunity against a certified main eventer. If he can defeat Punk tonight I personally believe he is truly worthy of the Television Championship come next Sunday.

Christian doesn’t pose much when he gets in the ring, instead choosing to focus solely on Punk, and mentally prepare himself for the match ahead.

Both wrestlers immediately seek to prove themselves, going after one another with vicious strikes and kicks. This heats up the crowd as they start a loud Christian chant. The two of them repeatedly attempt to get the upper hand, close-fist punching one another in the ribs, forcing the referee to separate them multiple times, only to go rushing after one another again as soon as the referee lets up. Eventually this deadlock is broken, much to the crowds delight, by Christian tripping Punk so his head lands in the middle rope, then standing on the back of his throat to choke him out.

The match continues in the same vicious vein for the next few minutes, with Christian dragging Punk out the ring and the two brawling on the outside, smashing each others faces of the barricade. The match turns in momentum when Punk reverses an irish whip and sends Christian into a thick clothesline. He then slams Christian’s arm repeatedly off the steel steps. He then climbs the steps and stamps on Christian’s hand as it is resting on the steel. Punk then takes control, rolling Christian back in the ring at the count of 8.

Punk, thinking he has the match wrapped up already, lifting Christian up for the Go To Sleep. However, the crowd cheered when Christian powers through the lift into a sunset flip pin, and very almost gets a surprise three count. The two of them then stand up and nail each other with a double clothesline, knocking them both to the ground. The match then continues at an even, but slower pace. The two of them exchange rest holds, and Punk locks in a long abdominal stretch, but Christian manages to rally the crowd around him and power out.

Then, slowly, Sheamus walks down the ramp and towards the ring. The crowd boo him as Christian gets distracted. He moves towards the ropes and shouts at Sheamus, who simply continues to saunter towards the ring, a wide grin across his face. Punk chooses to take advantage of this, and when Christian turns round, picks him up for the Go To Sleep! However, Christian manages to shift his weight and force Punk to drop him. He then bounces off the ropes and uses a Shining Wizard on Punk!

Christian, now with something to prove, fights with an even more vicious edge than before. He attempts a Killswitch after a slap to the face, but Punk fights out! He goes to lock up with Captain Charisma, but Christian gets a small package! And the three count!

Winner: Christian(09:00)

Christian’s music plays as he quickly gets to his feet and the crowd roar in applause. Punk has a look that is a mix of fury and shock, staring a hole in the back of Christian’s head. Christian attempts to escape but Sheamus moves towards the ring. He then notices he is outnumbered and stumbles backwards, walking straight into Punk, now standing and seething with rage. Sheamus then moves into the ring and the two of them suddenly start beating down Christian, stomping and punching him over and over again as the crowd boo.

But then, these boos turn to cheers, as running down the ramp come Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy! The two of them chase off Punk and Sheamus as Christian slowly gets to his feet. Matt and Christian exchange a conflicted look, but both Rey and eventually Matt raise Christian’s hand in victory.

Joey Styles: Wow! Thankfully Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio made the save after that incredible match! Christian came out the victor! We saw a new tag team! A violent brawl! A heated cruiserweight matchup, and that outstanding main event! Join me on Superstars next week for more intense action, WWE Universe, GOODNIGHT!


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