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High Voltage Results

JR: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the MGM Grand Arena in lovely Las Vegas, Nevada, where Sting takes on Bret Hart in a 1 on 1 matchup for our main event, plus we find out what Shelton Benjamins reaction to his former friend beating him down on Saturday night means to him and what he will do about it. And now its over to the King.

King: Thanks JR, yes that plus the naming of the other 4 men to fight for Saturns Hardcore title at the Royal Rumble in an ARMED ASSYLUM match, never before seen in our company, where the crowd bring the weapons. And tonight Heyman has told us over the next few weeks he will give us a Rumble preview as over the next few weeks randomly selected opponents in the Rumble match will face off in 1 on 1, tag or 6 or even 8 man tag matches.

JR: Yes thats a great decision I feel from our GM, with tonight Rhyno, Maven and Savio Vega taking on Test, Low-Ki and Ken Shamrock, plus Stone Cold and the Rock team up against Macho Man and Kurt Angle, so folks strap yourselfs in because its gonna be a wild ride, and after the break we find out about our ARMED ASSYLUM matchup

Commercial Break

JR: Welcome back folks, we are about to braced with the arrival of our GM.

Paul Heyman walks down the ring to a mixed reaction. He gets in the ring and shakes Lillian Garcia's hand, then takes her mic.

Heyman- OK, the 4 opponents at the Royal Rumble for Saturn are......

Hardcore Holly
Tommy Dreamer
Cactus Jack

Heyman- On another note I would like to welcome 3 more superstars to WIWA. So on behalf off all the fans and staff here at WIWA welcome to John Cena (massive pop) Sandman (fair pop) and Carlito Carribean Cool (some heat).

Heyman leaves as Shelton Benjamins blasts and he gets a good pop from the crowd. He comes out with a bandage over his head and his leg taped up. He gets in the ring and takes Lillians mic.

Shelton- CHARLIE! CHARLIE! Get out here boy Im gonna whip your ass, street style, C'mon bring it on asshole!

Haas comes out with a mic in hand.

Haas- Well hello Shelton, I see that you are in a bad mood, is it because Im better then you? Or is it because I kicked the crap out of you Saturday night!

Shelton- Enough of your guttertrash Haas get down here so I can beat you down like the dog you are!

Haas- O but its not guttertrash Shelton, I AM better than you and I think deep down you know it. No I wont fight you tonight, but hows about Friday sound!

Shelton- Well thats a whole 3 more days you can worry about how badly Im gonna kick your ASS!

Haas- But its gonna be for your TV title which I will take from you!

Shelton- Just bring it punk! I'll be ready

Haas walks off smiling evily as Shelton dosent take his stare of Haas until Haas is gone behind the curtain. Shelton then exits.

JR: Well Shelton came looking for a fight, and on Friday hes gonna get one against that backstabber Charlie Haas!

King: Now now JR we all know that Haas is a superior athlete compared to Shelton Benjamin.

JR: Are you kidding me? Benjamin would wipe the floor with Haas, but any its time for our opening match, 6 man tag!

Match 1: 6 Man Tag Match
Participants: Rhyno, Savio Vega & Maven vs Test, Low-Ki & Ken Shamrock

Tests team all get heat. Savio's music hits and the crowd pops him well. Same with Maven. Then Rhyno's music hits and the crowd errupts! Rhyno charges towards the ring and knocks down Shamrock, so its gonna be these 2 starting things off. Rhyno knocks Shamrock down again then drops an elbow and pins him but Shamrock kicks out at 1. Rhyno sends Shamrock to the ropes and demolishes him with a diving shoulder block. Rhyno picks up Shamrock and takes him to Rhyno's tag team corner. Rhyno drives shoulders into the gut of Shamrock before tagging in Maven. Maven hammers way in the corner on Shamrock then catches Shamrock stumbling out with a perfect dropkick. Maven covers but Shamrock kicks out. Maven tags in Savio. Savio drives a fist into Shamrocks exposed gut and then drops a double axe handle on his back. Savio rebounds off the ropes with a leg drop and then hooks a leg, but things are broken up by Test. Savio tells test to stick it and with the distraction, Maven sneaks in without a tag and comes off the top rope with a clothesline. Maven plays to the crowd after that but turns around into a big boot from Test which knocks the stuffing out of Maven. All hell breaks loose now as Savio and Rhyno come in. Savio takes Low-Ki to the outside and slams him into the french announcers table. Test and Rhyno pair off in the center of the ring. Test goes behind and goes for the pumphandleslam on Rhyno. Maven drops Shamrock with his double knee backbreaker. Rhyno counters Tests pumphandle into the GORE!. Maven covers Shamrock meanwhile. Low-Ki tries to get back in the ring but Savio yanks him out and he smacks off the mat. The ref counts 1------2------3 and Maven, Rhyno and Savio pick up the win.

Match Time: 7m 23s
WINNERS: Rhyno, Savio Vega & Maven

JR: Well thats a great start 6 man tag and with 6 of the best, a great match.

King: Well I hate agreeing with you JR, but that was a good match, although I was rooting for the opposition.

JR: Too bad King, but up after this commercial break Roger Walker will be backstage with Carlito Carribean Cool, who will debut this Friday.

Commercial Break


Roger- Well ladies and gentlemen I am standing by with one of the latest editions to our WIWA, Carlito Carribean Cool.

Carlito- Who are you?

Roger- My name is Roger, Roger Walker.

Carlito- Roger? Thats not COOL name. No no from now on you are Danny.

Roger- I dont wanna be Danny, I wanna be Roger.

Carlito- Backchatting to Carlito is not COOL either, tell me Danny do you know anyone who thinks you are COOL?

Roger- Well my name is Roger, Carlito, and I dont know if anybody thinks Im COOL

Carlito- Well Roger, er I mean Danny, you NOT COOL! But me debuing on Friday, now that, thats COOL!

Carlito takes a crunch of his apple and spits it in Rogers face

Carlito- Hahahaha, now thats COOL

Carlito turns around to walk off and finds Diesel in his way.

Diesel- What are you doing? Did you just spit your apple at Roger?

Carlito- Of course I did, thats pretty COOL eh?

Diesel- Hell no you moron thats not COOL, thats immature!

Carlito- O yeah, you wanna piece of me big man?

Diesel sizes up Carlito then smirks.

Diesel- Son you are not worth my time or my effort.

Diesel swipes Carlito's apple and takes a bite. He then spits the apple back in Carlito's face much to the crowds delight.

Diesel- Hahahaha, now that, THATS COOL!

Diesel leaves with Carlito looking very mad.

JR: Well Carlito's gonna find out that around here people stick up for each other a lot more then in the WWE.

King: Now as Carlito would say, that whole segment was COOL!

JR: Yeah well up now its Sting vs Bret Hart and its gonna be a doozy.

Match 2: Singles Match
Participants: Sting vs Bret Hart

Sting gets a huge pop. Bret Harts music hits and the crowd boo so loudly that the arena shakes. Hart taunts and teases the rowd on his way to the ring. Crowd starts chanting USA! and STING! really loud. Hart gets annoyed and tells the crowd to kiss his Canadian ass. He then faces up with Sting and slaps him in the face. Sting backs off then tackles Bret down and unloads with right hands much to the delight of the crowd. Sting bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow to Brets chest. Sting then whips Hart to the ropes and elevates him over the shoulder. Hart gets up and Sting chops him down. Sting then hits Hart with some rights and clotheslines him over the top rope. Sting gets the crowd all fired up then nails a baseball slide which sends Hart crashing into the barricade. Sting then slams Harts face into the steel steps. Sting rolls Hart back in the ring and covers 1-------2------ no! Hart kicks out. Sting works on Harts left arm for a little bit. Sting whips Hart to the buckle and looks for a stingers splash but Hart moves, and Sting crashes sternum first into the buckle then Hart dropkicks Sting off the top of the buckle to the floor. Sting seems to have hurt his ribs pretty badly. Hart rolls outside and drives Sting repeatedly into the ring and barricade spine first. Sting falls to the floor holding his ribs. Hart then hoists Sting up and drives him back first into the ring post. Hart rolls back in the ring and the ref starts his ten count. 1---------2-----------3----------4-----------5--------6------7------8, Sting gets back in the ring. Hart drops some knees into Sting gut then some elbows. This is followed up by a pin. 1---------2-------no! Sting just raises his right shoulder off the canvas. Crowd starts chanting USA! to give Sting some momentum, but Hart shuts it down quickly with a boot to the midsection followed up by a gutwrench suplex. Hart covers for 2. Hart then applies a modified bow and arrow lock. Sting gets the crowd behind him as he gets to his feet and drives the elbows into Harts ribs. Sting then goes behind and drops Hart with a neckbreaker. Both men down.
Both men up at the same time and they trade chops and rights. Sting wins the battle and whips hart to the ropes, but goes down too early and Hart counters and drives Stings face into the mat. Hart covers 1-----2---no! Somehow Sting kicks out, very close there. Hart then taunts the crowd before saying that its over. He goes for the sharpshooter but Sting uses his legs to eject Hart out of the ring and to the floor. Sting gets up slowly and catches Hart on the apron. Sting suplexes Hart in and follows with a cover. He gets a 2. Sting then goes behind and goes for the Scorpion Death Drop but Hart counters into an enziguri. Hart then works on Stings legs.
Hart after a few minutes motions for the sharposhooter, but when he wraps the legs around Sting rolls him up 1-------2--------3!!! Sting wins! Bret Hart is in shock, he pleads with the ref that it was only a 2 but the ref says no its a 3! Hart snaps and hits the ref. Hart then turns around and piledrives Sting. Hart stands over Sting and taunts to the crowd. Hart then spits on Sting before walking up the ramp. Sting gets to his feet eventually and the crowd give him a rousing reception as he plays to them on the way out.

Match Time: 21m 56s

JR: My god what a match, and by god Sting did it! O thats a match of the year contender right there!

King: That was great, but Bret Hart had no right to do what he did at the end, assaulting the referee and Sting, then teasing the crowd about America, he just sickens me JR!

JR: He's a poor poor personality, and he has no respect for America and our values. Well folks up after the break we got more buisness to transact, as Austin and the Rock takes on Kurt Angle and Macho Man.

King: That will be a tremendous matchup JR!

Commercial Break

We return to see our Hardcore champion Perry Saturn in the cafeteria enjoying a burger.

Saturn- Mmmm, this stuff is good.

All off a sudden Sandman attacks Saturn from behind. Saturn counters Sandmans mometum and hip tosses him through the plastic table! Sandman gets up and Saturn boots him down then starts pummeling on him with right hands. Staurn grabs his coffee and throws it at Sandmans face. Sandman holds his face in pain and runs and shoves his head under a bubbler and runs the water. Sandman cools down and turns around, but Saturn grabs him and throws him against the wall. Saturn runs off leaving Sandman down.

JR: Well that damn title is causing chaos around wherever we go King, its nuts!

King: Its also entertaining and buisness wise its brilliant, tons of old ECW fans show up to our PPV's because of the Hardcore title.

JR: Yes well King are you ready for the main event?

King: I cant wait to see Angle and Savage win, its gonna be awesome!

JR: Well personally I dont think that Austin and the Rock would lose.

King: I dont care who you think will win or lose Ross, just call the damn match!

JR: OK King no need to bite my head off.

Match 3: No DQ Tag Team Match
Participants: Stone Cold & The Rock vs Kurt Angle & Randy Savage

Angles music hits, the crowd chant YOU SUCK! Savage comes out with Angle, they are talking as they walk down the ramp. They shake hands before rolling in the ring. The Rocks music hits and the building errupts! After the Rocks music dies down the fans chant ROCKY! The chants die down. Everything is quiet. Glass Shatters blasts and the building shakes with the erruption. Austin talks trash walking down the ramp. After he does his salute on the turnbuckles, he and the Rock look at each other. They stare for quite some time before Austin makes a beline for Angle and we are underway. Austin whips Angle to the ropes and follows up with a lou thesz press, with the pistol like right hands. Then Austin comes off the ropes and drops his signature elbow drop on Angle. Austin covers for a 1 count. Austin knocks Angle down with a right hand then tags in The Rock. Rock unloads with the right hands on Angle, backing him up into the turnbuckle. Rock then whips Angle to the opposite corner and follows up with a back elbow. Rock covers but Angle kicks out early again. Rock slams Angle and tags back in Austin. He salutes Angle with his middle fingers, then goes for the Stunner but Angle counters and rolls out of the ring. Angle waves Savage over and they begin to regroup, much to the dislike of this Las Vegas crowd. Austin has enough and goes and attacks both men. He whips Angle into the barricade but Savage sledges him from behind. Austin fights out with right hands then spins Savage around and Rock jumps off the apron and clotheslines Savage. Angle rolls back in the ring and begs Austin not to come after him. Austin looks up at the crowd and they just start chanting WHAT! Austin shakes his wrist, as if theres a watch on it. He tells Angle its ass whoopin time. Austin stomps a mudhole through Angle then gives the Rock the tag. Rock catches Angle comming in with the samoan drop. Cover 1----2----no! Angle kicks out. Angle has been destroyed in this match. Angle finally gets a tag and all 4 men start brawling, the ref gives up and stands back watching them go at it. Austin goes for another Stunner on Angle but Angle counters into the Olympic Slam. Rock gives Savage the Rock Bottom. Rock then gets a trio of german suplexes and Angle stands tall. Then as he signals for the anglelock on the Rock, a familiar music hits.

JR: O, O my god, it cant be, it isnt, my god it is! RANDY ORTON has come back to whip Kurt Angles ass!

King: Look out Angle run, dont stare!

Angle looks in shock as Orton comes down to the ring. He steps in the ring and Angle steps out. Orton goes up to the ropes and dares Angle to get back in. Austin gets to his feet. Orton all of a sudden turns around and gives Austin the RKO! THe crowd are shocked. Orton stands tall, taunting over Austin. The crowd start booing loudly, chanting RANDY SUCKS! ROck gets up and realizes this and starts to hammer away on Orton. Rock drops him with a spinebuster. He then hits the peoples elbow on Orton. But as the Rock gets up Angle slides in and gives him an Olympic Slam! Angle hooks a leg. 1-------------------2-------------------3! Angle gets to his feet to recieve an RKO!
Orton walks up the ramp with a cruel look in his eyes, as Austin stares at him in shock back in the ring.

Match Time: 18m 43s
WINNERS: Kurt Angle & Randy Savage

JR: I dont believe that no good son of a bitch Orton just RKO'd Austin and ended up costing Austin and The Rock the damn match!

King: I love it! Ortons back as a heel! Orton just dropped Austin with a sensational RKO!

JR: That good for nothing bastard! Stone Colds gonna make that man pay! Anyway thank you for being with us folks, we'll see you on Friday for Explosion!

WIWA Royal Rumble Card So Far

30 Man Royal Rumble Match:

Notice that some of the entrants from the previous listings has been changed due to injury or storylines.

1.Hulk Hogan
2.Jerry Lynn
4.La Parka
5.Ultimate Warrior
7.Ken Shamrock
8.Razor Ramon
10.Shark Boy
12.New Jack
15.Kurt Angle
16.The Rock
17.Chris Jericho
18.Juventud Guerrera
20.Mike Sanders
21.Stone Cold Steve Austin
22.Mark Jindrak
23.Scott Norton
25.Savio Vega
26.Ron Waterman
27.Eddie Guerrero
28.Macho Man Randy Savage
29.Chris Benoit

5 Man ARMED ASSYLUM Match for the WIWA Hardcore Championship:

Perry Saturn (c) vs Hardcore Holly vs Tommy Dreamer vs Cactus Jack vs Raven

WIWA Lightweight Championship Match:

CM Punk (c) vs Syxx Pac

WIWA Tag Team Championship Match:

New Age Outlaws (c) vs ???

card will be edited when new matches are announced


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