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re: Raven Ryder twitter update thread

It's too bad that you can't be taught how to be original and that we all know what's going to happen next. I guess he's going to try to be the next big gimmick poster or the next big heel, we'll see some pathetic and pointless e-fights and see a bunch of stupid pictures with a caption that is supposed to be considered "funny". Real old... Really, really old.

For some reason, I could almost hear how this guy sounded as I read his post. He sounded like someone who speaks in a slow and boring voice, the type that can put you to sleep. Should I start bragging about my days as the captain of the Wrestling team or explain how easy it is to become the captain of any High School sport or team.

Yeah, sadly we all spend most of our days looking at the computer screen and jerking off to pics of facebook (PS - Don't forget to check out Shawn Prime Time Keim on FB! omigod!), while he'll stick around on the rants section and come off as a complete retard to every reply. Atleast jerking off to FB pics is more constructive to do instead of lurking the forum and waiting for that e-fight. Go, you! Go!

Dude is probably one of those pervs who trades pics with people before they have gay cyber sex. He found a pic of a dude he'd like to eat his ass out, and pretends to be this ... next to a girl who looks like her 20 pounds of make-up, oil on her face and the grease and sweat from her hair as if she just got back from putting on lipstick infront of a deep fryer. If she is your "bitch", like the petite kind? The little ones who you have to flex and bend to make their vadge tighter just so she notices that you even have a dick>

Obviously, someone is bored. Oh, this is soooo believable. You're such a star athlete and you get head from a chick who looks like she did steroids that made her head look funny.

What's sad is that this might quickly become the hottest thread on Rants because here comes the e-sults and the clever pics with captions and the e-hate after we've seen this thread done to death. The only fact I can't argue is if that really is the homo in that pic and he didn't trade before getting cyber cock, then it's a No Contest that PTK is the sexiest man alive on WF.

Let the originality begin!

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