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Re: UWEF(United Wrestling Entertainment Federation) Horizon

(HBK's music plays)

Finkel: This match is for one fall and is for a spot at the Royal Rumble. Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas. He is the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

JR: What an ovation for Shawn Michaels.

King: That won't save him from Captain Charisma!

(The Canadian Connection song(Lance Storm) plays. The titantron shows Lance Storm, Edge, Christian, Tyson Tomko, and Trish with their original titantrons mixed with a redish background with the Canadian Flag. Christian comes out with a new attire. He has red and white tights with the Canadian flag on the sides. Tomko comes with his regular attire.)

And from Toronto, Canada, accompanied by Tyson Tomko, he is part of the Canadian Connection, Christian!

(The crowd chants "U suck")

NOTE: The Canadian Connection don't hate America, unlike the Axis Powers. They just want to prove Canadians can wrestle and they want to honor the Hart Foundation.

MATCH THREE: Christian /w Tyson Tomko vs. Shawn "HBK" Michaels

(The crowd chant "U suck" and Christian tells them to shut up. HBK and Christian start out and grapple as HBK pushes Christian back and lets him go but Christian pokes HBK's eyes and starts to do some decent punches and then does a clothesline. He tries to go cocky and taunt the crowd making them boo Christian, but HBK from behind dropkicks him and he falls outside teh ring. Tomko helps up Christian as HBK baseball slides Tomko and Christian. They are down and HBK is in the ring.)

JR: Christian's down, HBK is pumped, the #15 Royal Rumble spot is on the line when we come back.

*Commercial BREAK*

JR: We're back to UWEF Horizon as HBK has tooken over and gives massive chops to Christian.

(HBK chops Christian some more. Then he turnbuckles him to another turnbuckle. HBK runs up to Christian but Christian does a foot to HBK's face. Christian then arm sweeps HBK's right leg and Shawn is down, aching from his pain. Christian tries to go for a Sharpshooter but HBK goes for the ropes. While Christian distracts the ref, Tomko from behind pulls HBK out and Irish whips him to the steel steps. Tomko picks up HBK to do a violent clothesline. Tomko then puts HBK back into the ring as Christian works on HBK's leg with Elbow drops on the right leg. HBK is yelling out his lungs. Christian then put HBK's right leg on the low rope and runs back to do a running splash on the leg. The crowd boos massively on Christian as he taunts them. Christian then legdrops HBK's right leg as HBK can barely stand. Christian slaps HBK as the crowd gives heat to Christian. Christian then does a Sharpshooter on HBK telling him, "This one's for Bret". HBK tries to crawl and is close to the ropes but Christian drags him out and HBK yells louder. HBK is close to tapping but the crowd claps and cheers for him as he starts to get up and pulls Christian out. Hbk stands but is starting to crumble. He punches Christian. Then he clotheslines Christian. Another clothesline to Christian. He then is pumped when he does a dropkick. He is down but he springs back up, surprising the crowd with the right leg hurting. He then stomps his left foot, signaling a Sweet Chin Music. The crowd joins HBK as Christian rises up and he ducks HBK's Sweet Chin Music and Christian does his Arm Neckbreaker. He pins HBK but didn't get it. Christian then does a clothesline to HBK but HBK ducked and Christian clotheslined the ref instead. Knowing this, he starts to signal Tomko to get in the ring. Christian holds HBK for Tomko to big boot him but Tomko big booted Christian instead. HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music on Christian. Before, he can get the pin, Edge runs down to the ring but HBK knocks down Edge and Edge gets clotheslined by HBK. Trish comes in and tries to slap HBK but HBK stops it and grabs Trish's hair. Lance Storm from behind waits for HBK as he Superkicks HBK out cold. Lance, Edge, and Trish leave to the crowd. Tomko wakes up the ref and he drags Christian over to HBK as the referee slowly counts and Christian gets the win.)

Finkel: The winner of this match, Christian!

JR: How is that fair? HBK had it and it took the whole Canadian Connection to screw over HBK. That's not right!

King: Oh, stop complaining! He deserves the spot and he got it! We can't change that!

JR: Well, he is going to the Royal Rumble and speaking of that, It's up next! Right here on UWEF Horizon!

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