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Re: Friendlies & Euro 2012 Qualifiers Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Travis Bickle View Post
Why do you think he lifts a trophy every year? For the simple fact that he's at Chelsea... surrounded by tons of world class players. It's like Juventus in their prime with guys like Ferrera - had he left we would have been fine but because he's on the winning team the fans connect with him and it made him seem a better player than he actually was.
No Travis. If Terry was as bad as you make out then we won't always be up there with the least goals conceded. We wouldn't be winning a trophy every season. Carvalho and Alex are very good (understatement with Carvalho), but they aren't superman. They can't cover Terry's ass for 90 minutes 50+ games a season. Sorry, but I just think you're full of hate and it is CLEARLY dictating your views.

Originally Posted by Travis Bickle View Post
I also didn't realise you had to be a chelsea supporter to rate Chelsea's players. I watch Chelsea at least 25 times a year and I know for a fact that Terry leaving that team would have no impact on their results. And in fact had they not had someone as slow as Terry marking Eto last year they may have progressed further than the second round of the champions league.
It's not about you rating him or not. It's about you questioning Ancelotti on wht he is starting. Who the fuck are you to do that? Who are you to question Ancelotti - a man who has won everything he has gone after - on why are he is starting the man who captained his team to the league title and was part of the defence who conceded the least goals last season?

Terry plays left central defence. Eto'o scored on the right side of the pitch last year at Stamford Bridge. Whilst Terry was marking Diego Milito. You are nothing but a hater and your points and views on this are becoming laughable.

Originally Posted by Travis Bickle View Post
Yes I do hate Terry because he represents everything that is wrong with the coaching system in this country. Over here we encourage the brash, "leader of men" bollocks whereas in countries like Spain they are actually targeting skill, pace and ability. Had Terry been brought in a footballing nation that prided itself on attributes that actually matter then he would be playing second division football.
I couldn't give two shits if you hate him or not. But if you speak bollocks and make shit up when you're talking about him involving Chelsea, then I'm going to be there to correct it.

Originally Posted by united_07 View Post
Gary Neville lifts a trophy every year, doesn't mean he should be in the england first 11.
My comments have nothing to do with England. Plus, Terry plays every week. Neville is lucky to play five times a season now. Completely different circumstances.
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