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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Father Flex View Post
I do not want to sound rude because I am a harmless guy who hates confrontation, but Panther, you should not be giving advice. You are sounding extremely arrogant and all knowing, when in fact you are as clueless as the rest of us. I think the last couple of pages have exposed you a bit but I am certainly not trying to run you out of this thread, seeing as more opinions are, of course, beneficial for discussion purposes.

Misinformed - you are. It's okay to be misinformed. We all are at one point or another. However, acting like your intellect, wit, and information is better than the rest of our's is lunacy.

Tone it down. While opinions and suggestions are fine, deceiving information promoted through your assurance (which is, after all, derived from self-fabricated beliefs) isn't beneficial to anyone.
Clueless as the rest of us? It's easy to see where he is going wrong.

His diet pills as he says are shredding the weight off him thus having minimal fat on his stomach to show his abdominal muscles. Every skinny fucker you see has a six pack, most of us just have a few pound in front of it. The thing is, it seems like he is taking the diet pills and working out. I'm wondering if these diet pills actually speed up your heart rate too which in turn tricks the body into thinking you are doing cardio when you aren't. If your pumping weights but shredding weight whatever it is at the same time, your never in a million years going to but on muscle. Your pecs are there, but you need to build on them. A balanced diet usually goes a long way too, plenty of protein is the trick.

Hey I'm not expert, but it's clear where your going wrong. Cut the diet pills which help you too lose weight, eat right (protein, protein, protein) and work relevant muscles whilst allowing them time to repair too.
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