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NWF: The Return

(pryos go off)

JR: Welcome to UWEF Horizon. Tonight, we have a slobberknocker match. We are live from Los Angeles, California.

King: That's right. It's a 15 men Royal Rumble match to decide who will get Triple H's title.

JR: Plus, the tag team titles are on the line as Axis Powers (Hassan and Dupree) will face Tagiri and Regal, the tag team champions.

King: And, Paul Heyman has an announcement. I can't wait.

JR: It's gonna be huge tonight as we are close to our Pay Per View event, UWEF Global Warming, May 7th.

(Triple H's music plays and and he comes out with his suit on)

Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the UWEF Heavyweight Champion, Accompanied by Evolution (Batista, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair), he is Triple H.

JR: Triple H is the UWEF champion and he was handed the title by Paul Heymen.

King: You always are an idiot. You always make him a bad guy while he is the champion. What's the matter?

JR: Paule Heymen just gave it to him. No tournament, no match. He just got the title.

King: And?

JR: Never mind.

(Triple H grabs the mic and before he can speak, the crowd chants, "You suck". Ric Flair tells them to shut up but they get louder and louder by the second.)

HHH: Well, well, well. If it isn't the place where their hero is a rapist.

(The crowd chants "asshole" and boo heavily)

HHH: It doesn't matter what you say, I am the UWEF champion. You see, ever since the WWE was bought out by UWEF, I was pissed at first but when I heard Paul Heymen was the one who bought it, I was happier than a fat kid at Baskin Robbins. Then, since Paul owed me that "favor', he gave me in return, the UWEF Heavyweight championship belt. Ya see, no matter what federation I go to, no matter which belts they have, no matter how many superstars they have, I am still #1. You all need to respect me. All of you!

(Y2J's music hits and the crowd cheers and chants "Y2J")

Y2J: I'm sorry but I couldn't help but to tell you to SHUT THE HELL UP!

(Y2J gets a huge pop from that and Flair looks like he is gonna go fight Y2J but Batista holds him)

Y2J: Nobody cares about you assclowns and especially the biggest one of them all, Triple H! You see, we go way back from 2000 when you screwed me and told Hebner that it never happened. Well, you succeeded. Then at Wrestlemania 19, you beat me for the Undisputed title and played as a good guy. Well, this is 2005, not 2000. This is my show, this is MY DOMAIN! And as for you Triple H, when I step into that Royal Rumble tonight with 14 other men, I will become the King of my World!

(The crowd loves it and gives a huge pop)

HHH: Well, this is UWEF, NOT the WWE! You see, no matter what you say, I will always be.......

Y2J: Are you dumb? You sound like a VCR. Rewinding your crap over and over again. These people in LA......

(Crowd cheers loudly and we pan to a sign saying "Jericho country" then back to Y2J)

Y2J:...came to see Y.....2......J!

Flair: Shut up! This is why you will never become the champion because you are inferior and you talk a lot of crap untill someone shuts it up for you and if you go after Triple H, the greatest champion alive.......

(Crowd boos heavily)

Flair:......you will be put up to shut up, once and for all!

Y2J: Well, I guess I'm sorry......sorry that I have to kick your ass!

(Y2J pulls out a nightstick from his pocket. the crowd loves it. Orton and Batista block HHH and Flair in position. Y2J makes it to the outside of the ropes and Orton and Batista charge but Y2J swings it on Batista and Orton. He enters the ring. He hits the nightstick on Batista and Orton. HHH and Flair make their escape. Jericho does his running bulldog on Orton and does the lionsault on Jericho. Batista does a clothesline on Jericho. He picks him up and does an Irish Whip on him but ducks Batista's clothesline and does a spinning kick. Jericho is trying to get Batista in the Walls of Jericho but Orton pulls him out and Evolution are in the entrance ramp taunting Jericho while Y2J is in the ropes telling Evolution that he's coming!)

JR: Jericho is not afraid of Evolution or HHH!

King: Oh stop it! I think if Jericho didn't use the nightstick, it would have been a whole different story.

JR: Rest assure, Jericho will be at the Royal Rumble tonight but coming up next.....

(We see the VS. things with the Axis Powers (Hassan and Dupree) joined with their normal poses and then Tagiri and Regal with their tag team poses)

JR....the Axis Powers, Rene Dupree and Muhammad Hassan, meet the Tag Team champions, William Regal and Tagiri, next here on Horizon.

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