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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

The opening video was okay, highlighting some of the events which took place at JD, with the still images definitely adding to the effect, however I prefer when everything that took place at the PPV is mentioned, not just the Ďmainí things. A little thing I know, but itís just what I like.

I actually really enjoyed the opening commentary, introducing Joey Styles to the commentary team. I love the tension youíre already building between Styles and Cole, with Cole of course eventually being given the boot. Cole glossing over the welcome, to Styles interrupting was quite good. I think you tried a little too hard with Styles referring to RVD as the former ECW TV Champion though, I just canít see that ever happening.

Once again, I loved the commentary during Batistaís entrance. Opening the show with Batista was a real shock, I definitely didnít expect this, as after the six man tag match, I have no idea where his going with this. Batista was alright here, very intense, although I was glad you kept it rather short, as in his current state in this thread, if the promo went much longer we would have began to see just how embarrassing his mic work is. I like the fact that youíre finally going to give him that push up to the next level, or it seems like you are, as I think he probably deserves it by this point. One thing about Batista that I wasnít sure about was how he was talking directly to Orton, sending an intense message, and then in the next breath he began talking about Orton to the crowd, yet still trying to maintain the intensity. Whilst it was good for what you did, I think it would have been more effective if he just continued talking to Orton directly. I didnít think Orton would answer this challenge, which is why I was rather pleased to see Edge, as these two could have a rather interesting and original (in this thread) confrontation. Typical Edge to start, immediately degrading Batista, good stuff. Batistaís rebuttal was actually pretty good, which I didnít expect, as I especially loved the line regarding Edge resetting his goals. The rest of Edge was very good, him being his usual neurotic self, brilliant stuff. Batista wanting to fight was nice to, before Arn Anderson interfered. Double A was very good, owning Edge and then setting up tonightís main event. Honestly, Iíd say the opening was pretty good, despite an issue with Batista right at the start, I thought everybody was written perfectly.

Burke and Booker T get a nice win over AMW; although itís a little surprising to see the WWE Tag Team Champions lose in just over five minutes. I understand that itís a weekly show, and you need time for other matches, but Iím not sure this makes your champions look all that impressive. I guess there will be a rematch down the line, and well, if Burke and Booker donít get the win, Iíve no idea where your tag division is going, because I donít think there is any potential new challengers around.

The New Wave really need to get back on track, otherwise Orton really is going to give them the boot. As a matter of fact, Orton not being there to encourage Doane makes me think maybe he will anyway.

I canít wait for this KOTR tournament to really begin heating up, it should be fun.

Doane > Holly, nothing really to add. A nice way to get NW back on track, although Iím not sure if it will be enough to impress Orton.

A smart move showing what happened to RVD again, simply adding some more intrigue to just what his condition is, although I think itís obvious he will be out for awhile.

I think I may have said a few times that I only really like Double A when heís dealing with Orton, and whilst tonight I liked him earlier in the show, I didnít like how he was now. It would have been fine if he just had this promo, which was written wonderfully, where he was all worn down, he admitted he stuffed up, and medically suspended Rob, but I think the opening promo hurt the effect of this segment. For one, you wrote Anderson brilliantly as broken down and worn, however there was none of this a mere half an hour or so ago. I just thought if this was Andersonís mood, it had to be like it all night, not just in one segment. As I said, promo was written wonderfully, you got him as feeling tired and beaten across perfectly, but previous events hurt it a fair bit.

Once again, with the commentary running down whatís happening with RVD, and Cole using the term ďsports entertainersĒ was noticed. I donít usually care for the commentary on SD, but tonight it has been really great to read.

Paul Londonís victory speech was never going to be promo of the year, although for what it was, simply an acceptance speech, you really did a terrific job. I was a little surprised by the compliments he paid to Albright, especially the whole ducking a challenge thing, I doubt heíd mention that considering the attack before the match when London was supposed to get his first title shot. Besides that, it was pretty good, and whilst Iíd much rather Batista and London, I like how youíre clearly showing that it is Orton and his New Wave brothers against the world. The passionate speech about Van Dam being like a brother was nice, as was the call for blood. Honestly, a much better promo than I expected out of Paul London, good work.

The match itself was a lot more competitive than what I expected, tbh, because with how things have been recently, I was surprised to see Dinsmore go so well. Even with Dinsmore doing well, I think it was quite obvious that this was Londonís match to win, continuing his momentum since he became the US Champion. London advancing to the KOTR is good, and Dinsmore losing continues the New Waveís drifting away from Orton, so good booking, imo.

Ortonís meeting with the New Wave was very good, continuing the rift that has been between them as of late. The drama continued to build nicely in this story, with one of the three now actually getting complimented.

A Randy Orton promo? Honestly, I like it, but I just didnít expect it. Orton was spot on from the get go, continuing to be, probably the best character on SD, atm, as he continues his reign of terror. I really liked the angle of the promo in the early stages, having everything based around getting what you deserve; I thought it was quite good. I like the fact that Orton is showing that London is on his radar to, it gives the US Champ more credibility. From here, moving on to Double A was all done with a smooth transition, and as I said, I probably canít fault anything you wrote here. Lesnarís attack was exciting stuff I must say, although Iím not too sure whether or not attacking Orton from behind was a good thing or not, it makes him seem a tad bitchy. Lesnarís intensity after the attack was very good though, making me forget about the fact that it was from behind. I have a theory that this is all some kind of big set up by Orton, using the sledgehammer to get Lesnar off of his ass, but for now, this is quite interesting with Lesnar wanting Triple H, and Orton probably going to feud with Edge or Tista.

at Brian Kendrick. Ever since becoming the Cruiserweight Champion his transformation has been amazing, and having this meeting with London was brilliant, the two former partners, it just had that awesome feeling to it. Terrific work.

I thought Albright and Haasí interview was pretty good, as we get more of an idea of why they are together, and we see that Albright doesnít really care for a US title rematch or anything like that. So yeah, this promo was definitely needed, and it did its job, however hopefully this Master Craftsmen thing doesnít stick around, Iím, not a huge fan of the name.

The tag team match was rather good, with Albright getting an important win, and Kendrick continuing his thing with Guerrero, and now Super Crazy will probably become more involved as well. Nothing special, but just a well booked match that gets some things rolling.

The New Wave ditched Orton? I didnít expect things to go like this, especially with Doane being on Ortonís good side tonight, I canít wait to see where it goes from here.

Another promo, this time from Carlito? Once again, I didnít really see this coming, but I love promo heavy shows, so nothing to worry about. at the tension on commentary once again, Iíll continue to take notice. The intensity from Carlito is not something Iím entirely used to, however I thought you grasped his frustration pretty well throughout. With this attitude, ĎLito canít be his charismatic self, so I was pretty happy when MVP made his way out. Porter was the typical heel weasel, playing it perfectly, however I thought maybe he could have shown a little bit more arrogance. Having Masters by his side was nice, as was the brawl, and Hardy evening shit up. Double A out again, showing no signs of tiredness, btw, and he makes a match for Hardy/MVP? Awesome. By the way, I did realize that Anderson let it be known that he couldnít risk putting ĎLito in the ring with Porter, linking it to Orton a little. I still would have preferred if Anderson didnít make another appearance tonight, it makes him seem less tired if heís interrupting every explosive situation.

This match between Porter and Hardy was brought about rather cleverly considering it was just a filler, and a nice win for Porter, probably getting Carlito even more annoyed with him.

JBL promo next week, as usual with you, should be gold.

Once again, the commentary has been wonderful, and it continued with Cole, the dumb ass, thinking they were still off the air. Edge attacking Batista from behind was nice, showing just how eager Edge finally is to become the WWE Champion. The main event was brilliant, with Edge looking the goods early, and the strength of Batista keeping him in it. I liked the ring psychology of this match, with Edge attempting to get the upper hand by spending time on the outside and what not. The ending was what counts though, and honestly whilst I liked the chair backfiring on Edge, Iím not sure if I liked Batista going wild with the chair and picking up the victory. Even if he just did a Batista Bomb afterward, it would have made it seem a whole lot better, as Batista, who to me is still really just a mid carder, defeating Edge with a chair doesnít give him much credibility to face Orton next week.

I really liked this show. As per usual with you, everything did its job, making for a highly entertaining show. There were a few little booking things, which never happens with you, and whilst the promos were brilliant, there were a few typos, which also never happen with you. It was a little weird to see, and maybe itís just a sign of how youíre struggling for time, or motivation or whatever it is, but hopefully you can work through it. To end things on a positive, youíve proved you donít need The Coach for your commentary to be interesting, it was wonderful tonight, and is something I canít wait to see develop. As I said, still a pretty good show, so keep at it, Wolfy.

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