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AJ Styles/CM Punk/Shawn Michaels interaction/promo

Hey guys, this is what I have up so far for my show, I've never done a show before so I thought I would show you this and see what you guys think about it.



JR: Hello everyone and welcome to this special edition of MONDAY NIGHT RAW! We are live on the USA Network and King do we have a jam packed show tonight or what?!

King: Yes, JR! You sure are right about that! Tonight in the main event it is going to be..wait..what the..

*Countdown appears on the screen*

JR: King, what the hell…

King: I don’t know what is going on we’re got to be doing the rundown..what is this JR?!

JR: I have no idea!

*Countdown goes to zero*

*Pyro goes off*

*Got the Life by KoRn plays over the arena and out comes AJ STYLES!!*

*AJ walks down the entrance ramp and makes his arrival to the ring!*

AJ Styles: Sorry to interrupt but hold on for just a God damn minute here! In case nobody here knows me. My name is AJ Styles, I was at the top of the Indys and that other place for a good period of time, but that just doesn’t cut it for me! I was screwed over by the people in the back and you know just god damn right who I am talking about, Hulk Hogan..you piece of shit, you took this amazing amount of potential and squashed him. The potential I’m talking about is me…AJ STYLES! Everyone knows I am the god damn best wrestler on the planet and no one and I mean no one is going to stop me!
Any wrestler in the back there with gold around their waist, you better watch out because AJ Styles is comin
*Cut off by CM Punk’s music*

CM Punk: Well, well, well, well…look who it is..its AJ Styles everyone. You know, I remember you from when I first started out and yeah, you HAD an amazing amount of potential. See, that key word HAD, yeah you use to have it but your past it right now AJ!

AJ : Oh, is that right is it? Huh? You know what I thin..

Punk : AJ, it doesn’t really matter at all what you really think because you are never going to make it in to the big time. Yeah, don’t get me wrong you had some amazing matches but you’re in my world now, AJ. In my world, I rein Supreme! No one can stop me, not you, nobody!

AJ Styles: You know I would challenge you to a match but I don’t want to please these ignorant fans out here *boos from the audience* so why don’t you go on to the back, Punk, I could do some bad things to you and you don’t want no part of*AJ gets cut off*

Unknown voice: Did someone say match?

*Camera goes to titantron, faced with a person having their back turned*

*Turns around*

JR: Oh my God, King…look it’s Shawn Michaels! What? I thought he was gone from the WWE!

*Crowd pops while music goes on*

King: Yeah, what is the Heartbreak Kid doing here anyway, he lost against the Undertaker!”

Shawn Michaels: Cut the music! Hahaha! In case you don’t know who I am, well you should know I am, I am the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!


Shawn Michaels: Ohh, an old man now am I, I bet an old man just didn’t book you in to a match with CM Punk did he? Haha! Because here tonight..on..RAW! *crowd pops* It’s going to be CM Punk verses AJ Styles!

*CM Punk interferes*

Punk: Hey Michaels, what are you even doing here, the last time I saw you was when you lost to the Undertaker. No one else here wants you anymore!

*Crowd boos*

Michaels: Punk, how did I know you were going to say that. It’s because you’re a nimrod..a loser! Haha! Oh, and I just thought I would tell you that tonight your match…

AJ and Punk : WHAT?!

Shawn: It’s going to be a good old fashioned Steel Cage match! Oh and It’s not going to be any ordinary steel cage match. It’s going to be a Lumberjack Steel Cage match. Man, I love this job. Now hit the music!

JR: Oh My God! Look at Punk and AJ’s faces! This is going to be a slobberknocker, King!

King: Oh, Hahaha. This is going to be crazy JR. A Lumberjack Steel Cage match?! Oh JR, I can’t wait!

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