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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

This isn't going to be as long as others, not quite into reviews that are almost as long as the show. But I hope it helps.

Loved the opening promo with Edge, great stuff and in character. Not much I would have changed with it though besides maybe when he was talking about how Kurt has never beaten Cena for the WWE title while he has, maybe mention the fact that it was him that forced Angle to have his head shaved or it was him that began the 'You Suck' chants week in and week out. Reminding both of his opponents about why he is who he is.

Wow, big match there for the main event. Should be good stuff but I don't see it ending in a clean victory for any team, probably an appearance by Taker, an Edge run in or a Triple H and Michaels showdown making it a no-contest.

Huh? Van dam in two matches in one night? Shouldn't it be, Edge/HHH while RVD&Cena/Michaels&Angle? I mean that is how I would do things at least. But then again that is me, having RVD in two matches doesn't really do any good for him or the main event, not sure what booking motives you have in store for later on in the night though it better be good.

Everyone seems to start their sentence with "Y'know" Bischoff, HHH, Edge, Cena.. I am sure you could be more creative with the vocabulary and do things differently every so often and I know it may seem 'nit-picking' and not that important but I am a huge fan of formal writting and if you are going to have 'y'know' at least have it as "you know".

To be honest, too many promos before the first match. This isn't TNA where it can be 3/4 of a show promos. I am not saying matches are more important then promos, to be honest they aren't but you could have had this all spaced out a bit better throughout the show maybe HHH confronting Bischoff in his office backstage after the first match just so it doesn't seem half the show went by until action began.

Ric Flair winning was an obvious booking decision, this close to Wrestlemania someone of Flair's stature should walk in as the champion. Though I hope that you don't have him leave the event as the champion, he should hang up the boots soon and I hope that he passes the torch to Chavo, long time tag team partner in your thread (I think, unless I am getting mixed up with someone else's thread) and we both know that Chavo needs the IC title, and something to do on Raw he has the talent.

Agian like I said before, not a fan of half-assing words like 'lito and things like that. Sure it is his accent and it's how he talks but it seems like everyone is like that, and it shouldnt be done for every word in the sentence.

Pretty cool ultimatum given to Edge by Bischoff, didn't see that coming. With that said I don't see Edge going over RVD and I see quite the opposite. Before a six or seven man brawl is had to finish the show- Taker/RVD, HHH/Michaels and Kurt/Cena/Edge. Which should be cool if done.

Just like I said before, Kenny, Charlie and RVD also using the "Y'know". Give them something else, I am sure there is another word it just makes them all seem so robotic and generic starting with the same line. if you catch my drift.

Interesting stuff going on with Benjamin and Charlie, not sure where you are going with this- maybe a break up between them and a small feud to see who is the best? Should be intersting though and I actally see Charlie getting a victory over the Big Show in some upset type of way after Benjamin makes his presence felt.

Knew RVD would win, though great match. Seriously, good stuff, Main Event worthy.

Wasn't expecting Taker this early in the night, woudl have thought he would have waited until after the Tag Team match.

Not into Diva's in BTB to be honest, I just scrolled down over it to the next segment.

at "escuzemoi"

Though not a big fan of having two squash matches in one night the J.O.B squad and Eugene however, I guess teh huge main event will make up for it.

Please have Michael's induct Sensational Sherri.

Great main event jus tas expected, wouldn't have changed a thing with the match. Exactly what should have happened. And a great set-up for next week having Edge face Cena/Angle and then the other one the week after. Wrestlemania is shapping up to be a huge event and I am sure you won't let down.

I'll try and get some feedback up for Smackdown! Good luck.

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