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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I've been pretty slack with regards to reviews lately. Apologies for that, just been busy elsewhere. Anyhoo...

Loved the opening to the show. Edge's character was spot on throughout. That was a nice touch with the security guards, though I expect them to take a beating at some point tonight. The way Edge played the victim in typical heel fashion came across well. Cena and then Angle's arrival and the brawl with the security would have made for great TV. I guess in real life it's usually a spot saved for the end of shows, but it worked to make an explosive opening to yours. Bischoff out, and RVD going twice tonight? Hmmm... need to wait and see how this plays out. Certainly a strange decision. But yeah, a good start to the show all in.

I was a little surprised to see Triple H make his entrance before the break. Also, there was no mention of what happened to Cena, RVD and Edge. Perhaps fading to commercial with Edge, Cena and Angle still in the arena and then bringing out Trips as soon as we return would have been a better way of handling things here. The intensity shown by Trips throughout was great. Bischoff again, and more security guards? Not sold on that tbh. Is it the same group of guards as we just saw? I think this definitely could have been placed elsewhere in the show. The content was fine, as was the way it was written, but I just feel it's too close to the previous segment.

I remember disagreeing with the way Show and Kane handled things last week. I guess I got my explanation here. Here's hoping something now happens between the two teams to make Benjamin really focus on the match. A brutal beat down of him or something to add to the ongoing angle.

Helms in this thread is gold. Really great the way you've elevated him. Solid enough match, with particular attention from me on the fact Flair pinned Chavo after Helms hit his finisher. A Flair/Helms match for the IC Title seems likely, but I'm just not sure when it'll happen. Before Mania? Or wait ‘til Backlash?

Nice way to follow up on the 'Lito/Masters interaction from last week. I'm still unsure as to where you're going with this. A Masters turn seems to be in store, but I dunno if you'll go that way. One thing this promo and the match before it has done for me is that right now Carlito is the favourite (of the Raw guys at least) to win MitB. But yeah, this is another nice little addition to the 'Lito/Masters thing.

With regards to the Spirit Squad match here. I realise the reason for them facing five jobbers, but looking at your roster, there's plenty of guys not doing anything who could've been used here. Viscera, Val Venis, Goldust etc would've gave the Squad a bit more credibility. They beat up jobbers last week, I'd liked to have seen them face some established names this week. And be careful with giving too much focus to Kenny. Those other guys need some love and attention too.

Wow. Lotta promos tonight. Very by the numbers from RVD here. I did in particular like the crossover mention from Smackdown with regards to what The Undertaker said. But yeah, nothing spectacular here. More of a keep things tickin' over promo. And I wouldn't include "Y’know Maria, last week I got the exact same question from Todd Grisham..." as it means I'm getting more of the same as I got last week. Just a little thing to watch for there.

Finally we hear from Charlie Haas! Really liked his words here. Especially the part about how Shelton has lost when he's not teaming with Haas. Really added a much needed dimension to his character. One little grammar error you made - "You wanna challenge?" Wanna = Want to. Should've just been left as "You want a challenge?" That's some unbelievable nitpicking from me tbh. But yeah, finally a different side from Haas. And bold of him to challenge Show like that. Should be a solid match next week.

I gotta disagree with Nige above me. I liked the ending to this match. Edge, having made it perfectly clear he didn't want a match tonight, but unable to follow through with Bischoff's edict to remove RVD from competition, walking out on the match served his interests best. And that's what Edge is all about. So, while it wasn't ideal, from a booking standpoint it made sense. As for the action, no real complaints. And the Bischoff confrontation after it tied everything in nicely together.

Hayden Stojkovic. Can't for the life of me think where that's came from. The chat about Mickie's history, creeped me out more than made me sympathise with Mickie's predicament. Wow. Poor Hayden. That was cold. Ashley out, and finally we get an angry Mickie. The promos in this feud have been awesome, and now we're steppin' it up a gear. Much like Charlie Hass, this was an important moment for the character tonight, and I'm glad it's finally arrived.

Short but sweet here. A Cade/Murdoch face turn? I did it on another site. It's certainly doable. And a feud with the Spirit Squad would give both teams something to do. And if RWC turn face, could they be in line for a title shot come Backlash? Interesting little development. One thing though, not a single word from Murdoch? He's not bad on the mic IMO. He should've had a line here.

Having given a list of guys not doing anything earlier, I'm a bit annoyed to see the same squash match two weeks in a row. It better lead to something or I'm struggling to see the point in it.

And it's main event time. Enjoyed reading the match. The end sequence in particular was nice. Edge out wasn't a huge shock, served its purpose of regaining Edge some of the heat he lost earlier. And here comes The Deadman. A solid way to finish things. Will we see Van Dam on Smackdown to respond this Friday?

Overall, a good show. A ton of talkin' was done though. Looking at it in hindsight, perhaps you've got too much going on. But everything is building to Mania brilliantly. And I've gotta be pleased with the advancements of Mickie James and Charlie Hass tonight, two things that were needed. Good job man. Keep on rollin' along!
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