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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

Two shows in the space of a week? Have you been living off a Red Bull drip for a week straight or something?

What a great promo to open the show. Edge was right on the money here, and it was a great reaction to last week by having him hide behind a security team like that ad rant like only he can. His character was just brilliant, playing the spoiled brat and victim routine very well. Bringing up Joey Styles’ line from New Year’s Revolution was very smart as you played on that really well too. John Cena’s arrival, and then Kurt Angle’s set up a potentially explosive situation, and it would’ve come off great on TV with Cena waiting for Angle, who I’m still not sure is a heel or face btw. The tweener role suits him perfectly though in this spot. The matches Bischoff made are big and also have room for tension to spill over in a big way, and I did have to take a double take with Rob Van Dam’s name being mentioned twice. It makes sense though due to Bischoff’s problems with him, and it’s good to see Bischoff still trying to make his point. All in all it was a terrific start to the show.

Triple H’s entrance before the break sure did make for a big surprise, although there was no mention of where Edge, Cena, Angle & everyone else went to so quickly if they weren’t still there. Having The Game appear like that before a break was clever to make sure no one goes channel hopping. His intensity was off the hook and made for a really entertaining promo. I have to say though that I love Bischoff in this thread and how he tries to stand up to the faces as much as he can. It’s him at his best, and because he was winding Triple H up, it made the promo far better. What I don’t get is how Bischoff won’t let him compete until he’s been physically cleared, but he’s already been booked for WrestleMania. That little glitch aside, it was another awesome promo.

Kane & Big Show’s interview cleared up some loose ends and gave us some answers after what happened last week. It made total sense with them being the big men who think they’re dominant and want a challenge. I’m not sure if it’s enough to give Shelton Benjamin a reason to stick around with Charlie Haas. I think it’ll take a lot more to get him on side, but there’s still time. Although I think this is the first time I’ve read a promo with these two, and I thought it was pretty good, especially Show’s character.

The Intercontinental Championship match with the twist was certainly made a lot more interesting because of the twist with Helms and his promo before the action. It was good to see him talking smack before the match too, and as much as I would love to see him win the Intercontinental Championship, this would maybe have come a bit quick in their rivalry, although a swerve can be awesome. The match itself was booked well with Chavo & Flair’s friendship, and the finish with Helms getting unlucky thanks to Flair will work well for their feud moving forward. You did the right thing by showing Helms’ anger in sitting up at ringside, as well as Flair & Chavo showing there was no problem between them despite Flair pinning him. This was booked well all the way through from start to finish.

I was looking forward to the follow up of Carlito & Masters’ miscommunication (well not on ‘Lito’s part) last week. Again it was very funny, and you’ve perfected the Carlito character, you really have with the pauses and then telling Masters what he wanted to hear. If you’re leading towards a Masters turn, it’s being developed well, slowly but steadily. I was going to say after the last match that there needs to be more of an emphasis on the Money in the Bank match, but at least Carlito made some reference to it. That’s one thing I would like to see you push a bit harder. It’s getting lost amongst the many big storylines currently on Raw, and with the lack of real contenders in there, it needs some work to make it seem the big deal it can be as there’s no one other than Mr. Kennedy that I could see winning it, and that’s on the back of two clean defeats to cruiserweights.

This show’s already looking very promo heavy to say the least, fortunately they’ve all been really good and this is no different. Seeing Bischoff as the manipulative son of a bitch that he can be always makes for an intriguing show, and striking a deal with Edge & Michaels to take Rob Van Dam out later on certainly does that. It also gives Edge something to fight for, making for one hell of a match. I’m loving all the added incentives for the matches. It makes them more interesting for sure you clever swine! One thing I have noticed is that you mix up how you emphasise words, sometimes choosing to use “capitals” and italics too when you only need to use one. Also, I saw a “ya got” and a “y’know” in the promo too. They’re both the same but the latter’s the right as there’s no pause between the “ya” and the “got”. It’s so confusing!

Yeah, go Spirit Squad! Your booking of them reminds me of just how great they were and how they should never have been ditched like they were. Having them, well Kenny try and earn them some credit is understandable, but the swerve of them taking on five jobbers is a great way to get them heat and an easy win to make them look good. Ending it with Kenny was no real surprise, but considering he spoke before, it’s beginning to look like Kenny’s squad and the rest are just there to back him up. It’s no big deal right now, but moving forward, the other members need some attention.

RVD’s interview was good, keeping him modest and with his mind firmly on the job. It’s what we’ve come to expect from Van Dam and it’s what suits his character best I believe, although at WrestleMania he’s going to be treated as a heel you would believe by the fans. Having him try to overcome Bischoff and prove a point makes for exciting reading as anything can happen, and it puts a lot of attention on Mr. Monday Night, which is only a good thing.

Fuck me, another interview and promo! This is 7 already and we’re not even halfway through the show. I said last week you were pushing the two hour limit, but unless the rest of the show is mainly squash matches or without a couple promos, this is overkill. Anyway, I think this promo might’ve been my favourite so far as we got a taste of Charlie Haas, and it was good. This is one of the most, if not the most interesting storylines you’ve got going on, mainly because we don’t know how it’s going to pan out. There’s still no change in Benjamin’s attitude, but at least we’ve seen Haas have his say and put him in his place. How that will effect Benjamin remains to be seen I guess. There needs to be something soon, although at least there’s some anger from him after they cost him a place in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

There’s no doubting that the RVD/Edge match was really good, I just didn’t like Edge walking out like he did. Yeah he’s a coward, but he’s the WWE Champion and needs to look strong heading in to WrestleMania. Had he walked out against a Triple H or Undertaker, I could maybe get on side with that. It just seemed that it was more important RVD got a good rub than Edge. What I would maybe liked to have seen was RVD get on top with the gong then hitting and allowing Edge to spear him or roll him, possibly holding the tights too. That way everyone wins and Edge doesn’t look as much of a coward as he did.

Wow, what a big development. Edge one on one with Cena & Angle the next two weeks is big, really big. It also shows that Bischoff isn’t to be messed with. A short, simple and very effective segment, setting up some must see matches over the next couple of weeks.

Stoj is going to love reading this promo! It was another good promo to push Trish’s heel turn and make her come across as a total bitch, and it’s been done really well. Her character is great, sounding patronising where she needed to be and her attempts to be funny like the shrink’s name, which I don’t find strange at all if you’re reading this Stoj. My parent’s called me Nigel for fuck sake! Anyway, the extra information and background on Mickie’s personality helps us understand and the fans of course why she’s acted how she has. Ashley’s part was okay, pushing Trish as a bitch to get the crowd on her back. It was all about the attack which was set up well to give Mickie the big save for once. Trish is looking great now and it’s clicking in to gear very nicely.

A Redneck Wrecking Crew face turn? Interesting. When you’ve rammed the show full of promos already, I don’t see the need to include this on this particular show. What Cade said was all believable and would make for a realistic face turn, and a feud with the Spirit Squad to the boys in green over would be very beneficial indeed for the new boys to come out on top against former tag champs.

Yay, Rene Dupree! I never bought in to the guy, and to see him beat Eugene again didn’t do anything for me. It makes him look good and continue his promising return, but to squash Eugene twice in two weeks seemed odd when there could surely have been someone else to put him over.

The promo between Michaels & Angle was some nice hype for what I assume will be the main event, nothing more than that really with the exception of Michaels going for Van Dam. Cena’s interaction with RVD did the same.

The main event was pretty good with a frantic finish which was a good read. Anything looked possible with all the great counters, and I thought Cena’s roll through out of the ankle lock in to the FU was particularly good. I shouldn’t have been surprised at the dirty finish to keep everyone clean from defeat, and of course it just wreaks of Edge. What I really didn’t like was that RVD made Edge look stupid again, and then Michaels too. It’s like RVD’s becoming the new Cena. That was until Taker finally appeared after his gong warnings to him. Their feud needed a real kick-start after the quiet week, and this should really light the fire going in to WrestleMania.

Overall, there were way too many promos and if it wasn’t for the two squash matches, this would’ve looked more like a three hour show than a regular two hour one. The three other matches went some way to making up for the lack of competitive action on the show. Saying that, some of the promos like the opener with Edge and the Triple H one that followed were plain awesome. RVD looked invincible for the most part despite being in two matches, making Edge (twice) & Michaels come off a bit weak in the process. I’ve had people whinge about having a GM appear more than three times in one show, but you showed here how effective they can be as Bischoff was outstanding throughout, getting involved and making some of the matches more interesting by adding some incentives. It’s great to see someone using their GM to full effect. The storyline progression is working well but the show itself, mainly wrestling wise wasn’t as booked as well as previous ones have.

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