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Re: Be the Booker Showcase Thread

I occasionally get the creative itch and script a match or storyline. I threw this together last night.

WWE Hell in a Cell - October 3, 2010

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

Josh Matthews is in the back with John Cena

Josh Matthews : John, can we get your thoughts just moments before your match with Wade Barrett?

John Cena : Yeah, Josh. I have a lot of thoughts. I've HAD many thoughts since this whole Nexus thing started 4 months ago. What is the purpose of the Nexus? What do they want? Who is behind it all? I and most of us employed by this company have pondered those very questions and, honestly, we haven't come up with many answers. After Summerslam I though it was all over. Team WWE beat Nexus...barely..but we did beat them. The next night I told them they weren't a threat anymore. Even after taking out the legends. Even after taking out Mr. McMahon they had lost their aura of dominance! But yet, they are still here. They are still looming over RAW, casting a Black & Yellow shadow over everything I do! Costing me the WWE Championship! Well Josh, that takes us to tonight. And yeah, I am putting a lot on the line. But I stand by my word! Yes Wade, I am a man of my word! I may not be the most popular guy but I have my word! If I lose tonight I will join Nexus. Hell, I don't even know what that means, Josh. But I will stand by my word! But here's another promise, Wade Barrett. I WILL NOT lose tonight! That's why I agreed to the stipulation! I know in my heart, and these people know, that I WILL NOT LOSE! After tonight this whole thing will be over, Wade Barrett! Whatever your purpose for forming Nexus was it won't matter after tonight! You have MY WORD! And that's all I can give you.... my word.

We now see Nexus in the locker room and Wade Barrett is talking to the group, but we can't hear what he's saying.

Before we get to the match, the RAW general manager bans the rest of Nexus from ringside but makes the match no holds barred.

The match starts and Cena brawls with Barrett outside of the ring, using chairs and ramming Barrett into the ringpost. Both men are in the ring and Barrett hits a low blow and rests in the corner. Wade shoots Cena into the corner and, as Cena stumbles forward, goes for a clothesline but Cena ducks and hits with his own clothesline. Cena lifts Wade up for the Attitude Adjustment but Wade slips out and rolls to the outside. Cena gives chase and Barrett slides into the ring and kicks Cena in the head when he slides under the rope. Wade continues to stomp Cena and pauses to glare at the crowd, drawing huge heat. Wade picks up Cena and hits a bodyslam and an elbow drop. He puts his foot on Cena's throat and yells "It's over Cena. You'll be with us tonight whether you like it or not!".

Wade Picks up Cena for Wasteland but Cena shimmies down into a pin attempt but gets a 2 count. Wade gets up quickly and exchanges punches with Cena and they roll to the corner. We cut to the back and Nexus is watching the monitor. Back in the ring Wade gets the upper hand and lifts a knee into Cena's midsection, whips him into the corner, and hits a backdrop. Barrett applies a fujiwara armbar and yells for Cena to tap. Cena grimaces in pain as the crowd is split on reaction. Cena works his way to the ropes and Wade breaks the hold. Cena is writhing in pain as Wade pulls a Nexus armband out of his tights. He yanks on Cena's hurt arm and slides the armband onto his biceps. Barrett stomps on the hurt arm and and points to his Nexus armband as the crowd hisses in protest. Wade picks Cena up and attemps Wasteland again but suddenly Darren Young is here and he walks down the ramp "Hey Wade! I told you a few weeks ago you made a mistake when you kicked me out of the Nexus! I told you I'm not the weak link. I'm the missing link!

Wade drops Cena and glares as Young hits the ring and attacks Barrett as a brawl ensues. Wade and Young brawl to the outside and up the ramp. The rest of Nexus pop through the curtain and grab Young. We cut to the back as Nexus attack Darren Young and leave him laying on the concrete.
Wade Barrett slides back into the ring where Cena is still hurt on the mat. Barrett applies a camel clutch and and Cena is wincing in pain. Slowly, Cena starts to get up as the crowd explodes. Cena rises to his feet and drops Wade to the mat. Cena, still in pain, stumbles to the corner. Wade is up now and in the opposite corner. Cena runs in and hits a back elbow, and as Wade stumbles forward, Cena hits the high backdrop slam. Cena looks to the crowd and then to his arm. He pulls the Nexus armband off, tears it in half and raises his hand high in the air. The crowd goes nuts as Cena leans down in Wade's face YOU CAN'T SEE ME!

Cena hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle and as Wade gets to his feet Cena lifts him up onto his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment. The crowd roars in approval but Cena is not hitting the move. He shrugs Barrett off his shoulders. Cena is standing in the ring with a blank look on his face as Wade Barrett gets to his feet and backs into a corner. Both men stare at eachother and Wade says something to Cena that we can't hear. Cena nods and Wade walks over and lifts Cena up for Wasteland. Wade hits the slam and covers Cena. Referee Chad Patton is bewildered and pauses for a moment. Barrett yells "Count the three!!!!"

The match is over and the crowd is stunned. John Cena slowly gets to his feet and the crowd starts booing heavily. The rest of Nexus, including Skip Sheffield, come down the ramp and get in the ring. Justin Gabriel has an extra Nexus shirt and Wade nods in approval. Gabriel hands Cena the shirt. Cena holds the shirt and the crowd is chanting "YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK".

Jerry Lawler : I can't believe what we're seeing. Is John Cena really going to do this? Why is he doing this, Michael?

Michael Cole : I...I, don't know, King. I don't know what to say.

John Cena looks at the crowd, still with a blank stare, and puts the Nexus shirt on. The crowd is going nuts as Wade Barrett stands next to John Cena and the rest of Nexus, also in their shirts, stand in formation. "We Are One" starts playing as Nexus, now including John Cena, stand tall in the ring. After a few moments John Cena leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, pausing one more time to look at the crowd, then looks to Wade Barrett who nods again. We see John Cena go through the curtain as the rest of Nexus is following slowly behind.
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