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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Feedback

Batista starting the show? Comes as a big shock to me, tbh. Glad that you didnít try and do too much with The Animal, as heís obviously more of a fighter than a talker. Wanting Randy Orton for the WWE Title is a nice new feud possibility, with the reasoning making sense, after he helped beat the rest of The New Wave at Judgment Day. Edge coming out and interrupting has pretty much become contractually obligated in this thread, and he was his usual whiny self here. Good points made by the title-less heel, but all ones that weíve heard before. Knew that these two werenít going to come to blows, with Arn interrupting and making quite the main event. Glad that the winner gets the title shot soon, as it makes next weekís show look huge, regardless of who is challenging Orton. Very nice way to kick off the night.

The commentary before the match pretty much gave away what was going to happen in this match, but it still told a great story and was entertaining. Loved seeing Burke make up for his JD mistake and single-handedly win the match for himself and Booker T, getting them right back to the front of the line of challengers for the tag titles. Hope this rivalry continues to entertain.

Doane should be Hardcore. But Dinsmore on the other handÖ

KOTR is already shaping up to be epic. Tbh, I see London/Shelton as the final as of right now.

Glad to see Doane get the victory, but I figured you might give the match some more time. Just seems way too short of a time frame for a 20-year-old to beat a veteran, even if that veteran is the resident jobber. Doane/London or Doane/Dinsmore would both be great matches, but I still see Ken taking on the US Champion next week.

Arn updating us on RVD was expected, but I didnít expect to hear Anderson say that he is the one to blame for RVD being injured. I guess I never really realized some of the points that Arn said, and this may be the beginning of a storyline that culminates with Arn relieving himself of his duties as SD! GM. Either way, itís obvious that Van Dam will be out of this thread for a few months, at least through SummerSlam, and I just wonder what state he will in when he comes back. Does he blame Arn? Or does he go after Orton again? So many possibilities.

Atfer starting off with the corny, ultra-babyface speech from London, this promo really picked up speed and delivered. Obviously London was happy to win the belt on Sunday and he is correct in praising Albright. Itís not a small task to hold a title for more than half a year. That being said, I really got into the promo when London made his intentions known to Randy Orton. That would be one hell of a match and feud and itís one that I truly believe we will see down the road. Sounds like a perfect match to have on Smackdown! after London wins a #1 contenderís match or something. Really glad that youíve foreshadowed a match between the two, tbh.

The story told during the match between Dinsmore and London was a very interesting one, with London predictably flat after such an awesome encounter with Albright just five days ago. Could really see the match playing out the way it did, with Dinsmore trying just about everything to go after London, but just canít keep the US Champion down. Good ending to the match, with it looking like London would again be cut off, but he manages to dump Nick off the top rope and get the win with the Shooting Star. Canít wait to see whatís next for this kid, tbh.

Dinsmore and Cade on the way out of The New Wave? Sure looks that way, imo.

Typical Orton promo here, really talking himself up and explaining why he is the absolute best on Smackdown!. And I think you handled him perfectly. Loved the way that he ran down all the men heís beaten and also Batista, who he thinks doesnít even deserve to be in the ring with Orton. Youíve truly made Randy into THE most unlikeable guy in the company, tbh. Talking about Anderson was needed and like I said earlier, this is the beginning of a storyline that will only end badly for Arn. Lesnar coming out was a pretty good shock, as was him just grabbing Orton and hitting the F-5, really doing the damage early. Surprised that you had Triple H revealed as the man behind the sledgehammer so early, but knowing you, you have your reason. The next time Brock and Hunter come face to face, it shall be epic, imo.

Great way to continue to show Kendrickís evolution into pretty much the ultimate douchebag. While London may be too big a star to be talked to in a segment like this, it still made sense, given the history between the two. Brianís going to come crashing down to earth at some point, and itís going to be pretty ugly for him.

Albright wasnít nearly as pissed about losing the US Title as I thought heíd be, considering how damn serious he was in the promo last week. But I do like that he realizes he can do bigger things because quite frankly, he should be above the US Title now. Him and Haas are really a team now and I see each man doing well in the KOTR, but Iím not so sure they will end up facing each other. Either way, one of the two is getting to the semi-finals, imo.

Liked the way that you incorporated Kendrick into this match. Yeah, Crazy and Chavo were never going to win, but at least you made it seem like Chavo being occupied with Kendrick made them lose the match, instead of just having them lose fair and square. A good win for the Craftsmen, as I look forward to seeing what they do in KOTR.

And the New Wave continues to unravel even moreÖ

Carlito getting right down to business shouldnít surprise anyone, as he has to feel empty-handed after failing to do what he set out to on Sunday night - end MVPís career. Porter actually coming out was a little surprising, but him trying to get out of facing Carlito again sure wasnít. Masterpiece coming out makes it obvious why MVP wasnít worried about confronting Carlito, but CCC launches himself at both men! Love the tenacity from CCC but the numbers are just too much. Jeff Hardy making the save was nice and now we get a little extra match!

A cheap win by MVP makes sense here and thatís just what happened. Keeps Hardy looking strong even though he lost but what this is really all about is the Porter/Carlito issue. One thing is for sure, it will end badly, tbh.

Next week looks huge, with a WWE Title and Tag Team Title matches, as well as two KOTR matches. And JBL showing up again? Oh baby.

Edge is desperate for another shot at the title, a one-on-one shot, and thatís obvious with his sneak attack to start the match. The match flowed very well, imo, with Batista and Edge trading the advantage very nicely. Loved how the frustration built in both men throughout the match, especially Edge, as they both knew what was at stake. Some very close near falls at the end, with Edge accidentally spearing the official setting the tone for the ending. Glad that Batista got out of the way of the conchairto but I was shocked to see him actually use the chair himself to get the win. Thought he would have at least hit the Batista Bomb. Oh well, biggest win yet of his career and Orton/Batista next week should be big.

A pretty good show, coming off JD very nicely. As I said earlier in the feedback, next week looks awesome so hurry up on that.


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