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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Sorry I couldn't review neither Raw or Smackdown, was busy the past week however I do plan on posting something hopefuly for the next show.

Yay, I called it first. Back around the Rumble I said you were making a three way. Though as I said before, it would be an epic match to have close mania. This heel Michaels is interesting, haven't seen it done in many BTB's before and he is usually the lovable face that overcomes the odds. I could see you make somewhere down the road an explosive interpromotional tag team match where 'strange-bed-fellows' are made and RVD,Taker face HHH,HBK or some sort of combination between the four.

Kane and the Big Show were the most dominant force in the tag team division at the time, and it is hard trying to find a credible team to take it from them without making the champions look bad. Haas and Benjamin are a good choice, while I do hope that you do something with Chavo Guerrero it doesn't have to be the MITB win but a decent IC storyline for a few months cause god knows he has the talent but was never used right.

Road to Wrestlemania is going great, keep it up and your new banner is awesome.

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