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Re: ASCS Shock Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Sacrifice Video #4
Christopher Daniels vs. Kazarian
TNA X Division Championship

The video begins with a shot of the TNA X Division Championship.

Narrator: Since April 18 at Lockdown, the TNA X Division Championship has been shrouded in controversy.

Christopher Daniels and Kazarian escaping the Cage at the same time in the XScape Match and David Penzer announcing the result as a draw.

Narrator: The original holder of the title, ĎThe Fallen Angelí Christopher Daniels, and Kazarian were announced as Co-Champions, but just over a week later Eric Bischoff vacated the belt and announced a match between Daniels and Kazarian on May 16 at Sacrifice to determine an undisputed X Division Champion.

Daniels and Kazarian having a long-distance stare-down, before cutting to an interview area with Daniels who is sat in a chair.

Christopher Daniels: Iíve said it before and Iíll say it a thousand times if it means that everybody, especially Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan, finally understands it... that TNA X Division Championship should be mine. The fact that I have to face Kazarian just to get it back is a complete joke, if Bischoff was smart he would know that whether I have a title or not, Iím the best in the X Division and thatís a fact. But, I donít have to worry about not having the title because ĎThe Fallen Angelí is taking the title back at Sacrifice.

Cut to Kazarian.

Kazarian: Christopher Daniels is afraid to admit it, but deep down he knows that I have his number. Destination X, I came so close to winning the Ultimate X Match, me and Daniels were the last guys standing but he got lucky. Lockdown, I came so close to becoming the X Division Champion, but instead we and Daniels became Co-Champions. But on Sunday at Sacrifice, nothingís gonna stop me from becoming a three-time TNA X Division Champion, and there isnít a damn thing Daniels can do about it.

Kazarian hitting the Flux Capacitor.

Christopher Daniels: A lot of people donít believe me when I say that I was robbed of my X Division Championship at Lockdown, but itís a pretty well-known fact in professional wrestling that if thereís a draw in a title match then the Champion automatically retains. But no, Hulk Hogan was so desperate to screw me over that he bent the rules and put one of his many golden boys, Kazarian, in the same light as me. Nobody should be in the same light as me! There is nobody that will ever be on Christopher Danielsí level!

Daniels hitting the Angelís Wings.

Kazarian: Chris is nothing more than a selfish prick. From day one, heís taken credit for everybodyís hard work in making the X Division what it is today, he thinks that heís the only guy worth a damn but he must be blind because he obviously hasnít seen guys like Amazing Red, Jay Lethal and myself who help keep the X Division alive today. Hell, it seems like heís forgotten about AJ Styles and Samoa Joe too, two of the biggest stars in not just TNA but this business, and they started in the X Division.

AJ Styles and Samoa Joe holding the X Division Championship.

Christopher Daniels: At Sacrifice, Kazarian...

Kazarian: At Sacrifice, Daniels...

Christopher Daniels: Your heaven will be sent hell-bound...

Kazarian: Youíre gonna get a reality check.

Christopher Daniels: ... and thatís the gospel.
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