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Re: WWE 2010: The Return of Excellence

**Sorry for the long delay of posting this show, but Life>BTB. With that said, expect this thread to pick up over the next couple of weeks.**

Smackdown for June 18th, 2010-Pittsburgh, PA-Mellon Center

*The new opening theme for Smackdown (“Let it Rock” by Kevin Rudolf f/Lil’ Wayne-*Theme of the 2009 Royal Rumble) hits as we get the opening video and pyro*

Todd Grisham: The final stop before WWE Fatal 4 Way this Sunday, makes its way through Pittsburgh and the Mellon Center! Todd Grisham and Matt Striker with you at ringside and what a night it is going to be!

Matt Striker: That’s right Todd. All four competitors involved in this Sunday’s World Heavyweight Championship match will be in action tonight.

Todd Grisham: Also tonight we will see the brutal attack that the eight graduates from NXT season 1, put on the three number one contenders for the WWE Championship.

Matt Striker: These faction is a threat that this company has not seen for a long time, and it seems as if they are completely bent on shaking this company to the core.

Todd Grisham: Well thus far their purpose is being heard loud and clear. It’s that they…

*This Fire Burns hits as CM Punk makes his way to the ring with his Straight Edge Society members, the beautiful Serena, and Luke Gallows to a bunch of heat. Punk has a mic in his hand as he signals for his music to be cut as he begins to speak*

CM Punk: This Sunday you all will be witnesses to a dawning of a new day here on Smackdown. For this Sunday, I will once again reclaim the World Heavyweight Championship, and prove that being Straight Edge is the ONLY way to go to being World Heavyweight Champion!


CM Punk: Yet tonight being stuck here in Pittsburgh will have to do for now!


CM Punk: For a city that builds itself on hard work, respect, and dignity, you all sure do not look like it. Neither you nor your precious athletes!

*Huge Heat as the trio enter the ring*

CM Punk: You boo me because you know that I speak the truth. That you know that deep down you all can be just like Serena, Luke, and myself. However your unwillingness to change and your stubbornness to clutch onto your drink or drug of choice, is what prevents you from being as pure as we are.


CM Punk: What you all lay your eyes upon in this ring is a matter of preservance in a country that is filled with indignant people, who matter of recreation and enjoyment is downing a bunch of cold ones and popping pills.


CM Punk: It is what makes this Sunday even more sweeter…

*Bringing the Hood to U hits as JTG makes his way to the ring to a huge pop*

Tony Chimel: Introducing his opponent from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 235 pounds, JTG!

Todd Grisham: In our first of four big time matches, it will be CM Punk facing off against JTG.

Matt Striker: Punk has the advantage of having his Straight Edge Society with him, however it is the quickness and elusiveness of JTG, that is going to keep Punk on his toes throughout this match,

Todd Grisham: You gotta imagine though what a win over the former World Heavyweight Champion can do for JTG’s career, especially here on Smackdown.

Match 1:
CM Punk (w/Straight Edge Society) vs. JTG

We kick off the program with a match between a former two time World Champion and a upstart trying to make a name for himself in the singles’ ranks. JTG surprisingly gets the early advantage as we see him really keep Punk on the disadvantage. Punk tries to work over the legs and torso of JTG, but the man from Brooklyn, refuses to show an ounce of quit. JTG connects with a series of his signature moves as the crowd get behind him, as he continues to play to the crowd. Luke Gallows tries to get involved however he is stopped by JTG as well. Punk tries to blindside JTG, but JTG had the move scouted. JTG then goes for and connects with the Da Shout Out! JTG makes the cover but the lovely Serena enters the ring. The official stops her from getting in, at which point JTG gets to his feet and goes to the ropes. However as he turns around Punk connects with a kick to the stomach and hits the GTS! Instead of going for the cover though, Punk locks in the Anaconda Vice. Try as he might, it’s not long before JTG taps out to the vicious submission hold!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, CM Punk! MT-8:33

Todd Grisham: CM Punk is looking to make a point here tonight with his submission victory, as he is one of the four participants in the Fatal 4 Way Pay-Per-View match of the World Heavyweight Championship. All four participants are in competition tonight.

Matt Striker: See Todd you are misguided if you don’t believe that this Sunday is the chosen night for CM Punk and the crowning of the World Heavyweight Championship upon him.

Todd Grisham: You really don’t care what comes out your mouth at times do you, Matt?

Matt Striker: I have no problem Todd. It’s just that when I speak on things they come true,

Todd Grisham: Um…whatever! We still got plenty of matches and more action to take care here tonight. We’ll be back!


Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Smackdown folks. Just a few moments ago, CM Punk, defeated JTG in singles’ competition. Tonight as per request of Smackdown GM, Teddy Long, all four members involved in this Sunday’s Fatal 4 Way World Heavyweight Championship match will be in competition.

Matt Striker: The leader of The Straight Edge Society just showed that he is a threat and a force to be reckoned with come this Sunday.

*Broken Dreams hits as Drew McIntrye makes his way to the ring as Chimel does the intros for the next match*

Match 2:
Drew McIntrye vs. Vance Archer

While Archer is a great athlete in his own right, this is nothing more than an exhibition for McIntrye. McIntrye is almost beside himself in making a point to the Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston. McIntrye mostly toys with Archer for most of the match, with Archer connecting with a slimmer of his moves. Before letting the momentum get to an unreachable point for Archer, McIntrye connects with Future Shock. After making the cover, Mac gets the three count for the win!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Drew McIntrye! MT-4:02

*McIntrye snatches a mic from Chimel as he goes to the outside*

Drew McIntrye: Kofi Kingston…I know you’re watching from the back and I know you can hear me. This Sunday that Intercontinental Championship is going back around MY WAIST!

*Huge Heat*

Drew McIntrye: KOFI…I…AM THE CHOSEN ONE…NOT YOU! Mr. McMahon told me that I was and this Sunday I’m going to…

*Drew drops the mic as he sees Intercontinental Champion, Kofi Kingston sprint into the ring as Drew tries to attack him. Drew connects with a series of right clubbing hands, however Kofi continues to fight. Kofi turns the brawl into his direction, as he gets to his feet. Drew comes at Kofi once more but this time Kofi ducks and then connects with Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere. Drew falls to the floor on the outside as Kofi’s music hits to a huge pop.*

Todd Grisham: What a rush of momentum for Kofi Kingston! These fans are on their feet for the Intercontinental Champion!

Matt Striker: Don’t sweat it Todd. Kofi’s technique is all for show. This right here means nothing, just a brief temporary setback for the challenger. This Sunday the title’s coming home to “The Chosen One”, Daddy-O!

Todd Grisham: NO…just…just stop it. *Shakes his head* Well folks when we come back we will be hearing from the World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger. We’ll be right back!


*We cut to the locker room and we see the World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger. Jack receives a lot of heat from the crowd before speaking*

Jack Swagger: As the World Heavyweight Champion I have requested and received this time to address the Smackdown audience and the Smackdown locker room. This Sunday your champion is being forced to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against one, two, but THREE unworthy opponents!

*Huge Heat*

Jack Swagger: You see, I’m Jack Swagger! An All American. No, An All-American-American…AMERICAN! But more importantly, I am the World Heavyweight Champion!

*Huge Heat, but Swagger continues to speak over the crowd*

Jack Swagger: But to defend my title is an outrage. I should have say as to who I defend my title against. But let me just say this, after this Sunday, the cards will be in MY HANDS! Earlier this week I went to WWE headquarters, and spoke with upper management and told them my story. How here on Smackdown, I have been treated unfairly and unjust by our General Manager. How I have been forced to defend my title in such dubious situations. And you know what? They agreed with me and they agreed with this statement. That should…NO…WHEN I AM VICTORIOUS this Sunday, I will NOT have to defend my title until the next month’s PPV, and I GET TO CHOOSE WHO I WILL DEFEND THE TITLE AGAINST!

*Huge Heat*

Jack Swagger: But that’s this Sunday. Tonight as I face off against Christian, I want you to know that there’s history between the two of us. Back in ECW, YOU BEAT ME TO BECOME THE NEW ECW CHAMPION.

*Huge Pop*

Jack Swagger: And tonight I’m going to show you that I am the better World Champion than the two of us.

*Swagger smirks at the camera as we cut to ringside*

Todd Grisham: Jack Swagger looks focused and determined as he knows he’s in for a huge fight this Sunday. He can lose his title and not even be involved in the match-ending predicament.

Matt Striker: Jack Swagger though has the smarts and the wits to not allow himself to be put in that type of situation. It’s not The Big Show that the other three should be concerned, it’s my man, the World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger!

Todd Grisham: Is there someone in the back that is feeding you these ridiculous lines to say, Matt?

Matt Striker: Nope this is straight up off the top of the dome, TG.

Todd Grisham: TG? Really, Matt?

Matt Striker: Yeah, it has style and substance. Two things that YOU DON’T have.

*Chimel does the introductions*

Match 3:
Cody Rhodes vs. Tyler Reks

In a departure from the four big matches, we see “Dashing” Cody Rhodes, takes on Tyler Reks. Rhodes who as of late, has been offering his “Dashing” grooming tips, is all business in this match as he wastes no time in getting the offense on Reks. Reks, though proves he’s no pushover as he connects with a series of impressive moves, even throwing the former World Tag Team Champion off his game at times. Reks hits his springboard dropkick but only gets a two count. However that move brings Cody back on his game, as he sidesteps a speeding Reks right into the corner. Holding his right shoulder, Reks turns around and is floored by Cody with CrossRoads. Rhodes makes the cover and gets the three count for the win!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, “Dashing” Cody Rhodes! MT-5:15

Todd Grisham: Cody Rhodes looks impressive in victory here tonight against Tyler Reks. Cody has really been building some momentum for himself as of late.

Matt Striker: That’s “Dashing” Cody Rhodes to you Todd. However you’re right, as Rhodes has been on quite the momentum build the past few weeks. Only time will tell where he goes from here, but I have a feeling that championship gold is in his future, and that will be real soon.

*We cut backstage to Josh Matthews*

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen at this time I am joined by one of the four participants in this Sunday’s World Heavyweight Championship match, Rey Mysterio!

*Huge pop as Mysterio enters the camera’s view*

Josh Matthews: Rey Mysterio, tonight you face off against your good friend Matt Hardy, in what should be an excellent match. However my question is what are your thoughts heading into the PPV this Sunday?

Rey Mysterio:
First off Josh, you’re right. Me and Matt are going to tear the house down tonight out in that ring! *Pop* However as far as this Sunday is concerned, I got three competitors looking to accomplish the same goal that I’m trying to do. And that is to leave that match as the World Heavyweight Champion! When I won the World Heavyweight Championship four years ago, it was the greatest feeling in my career. And since then I’ve worked through injuries, surgeries, and countless doubt to get back to this opportunity. CM Punk, is one talented kid and without a doubt he is someone who has been on his game as of late. Big Show. There’s no getting around the fact that he is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most intimdating people to be in the ring against. And Jack Swagger, the current World Champion, He has changed his whole outlook over the past couple of months, and is proving why he is indeed the World Champion at the moment. With that said though this Sunday all that goes out the window. It’s going to come down to who wants the win more! Who wants to be champion more, and trust me in that department no body has me beat. So get ready for the last words you hear from that match is the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio!

*Huge Pop as Mysterio leaves the area*

Josh Matthews:
Thank you Rey.

*We cut to commercials*

*We see a clip of the beginning of the show with CM Punk followed by his match and victory over JTG*


Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Smackdown folks. Todd Grisham and Matt Striker here with you from Pittsburgh, PA, and the Mellon Center. We’re just two nights away from WWE’s new pay-per-view, Fatal 4 Way. Both World Championship matches will be decided in fatal-4-way stipulations. In which case the champion can lose the title without being pinned,

Matt Striker: That leaves the champion at a great disadvantage, as he only has a 25 percent chance of winning and even more so, he does not have to be involved in the finishing pinfall or submission to lose the title.

Todd Grisham: Well the main event from Monday Night Raw is the WWE Championship Fatal 4 Way Match, between Sheamus, Randy Orton, Edge, and John Cena. Well last week we saw the horrific attack from the eight graduates from NXT Season 1, as John Cena was brutally attacked in an eight on one assault. Well this past Monday, John Cena was not at Raw, but said via satellite that he will be in Long Island this Sunday, and he WILL be defending the WWE Championship in the fatal-four-way match,

Matt Striker: However a triple threat match took place between the other three competitors for the WWE Championship. And we all saw that the eight renegades was out to make a statement, that went further than the WWE Champion, John Cena.

*Queues video up*

Edge looks to hit the spear but Orton ducks and then goes for the backbreaker. However Edge counters and hits the Edgeuction. Edge then makes the cover but only gets a two count. Edge picks up Orton and sends him to the ropes. Edge then goes for the spear and misses again. Out of nowhere he turns around and is floored by the RKO by Orton! Orton looks to make the cover, when all of a sudden….the ring is surrounded as Skip Sheffield clotheslines Sheamus! Darren Young and David Otunga then begin to break down the announce table, as Cole and Matthews were able to get out of the way at the last possible moment. However some of the other ring crew members weren’t so lucky. The others enter the ring and begin to surround Orton. Orton swings at Barrett, but it is a complete mugging. Tarver hits a huge clothesline, followed by a huge spinning heel kick. The others pick up Edge and put him in the corner, as Daniel Bryan connects with a huge running kick to the face of Edge. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater take apart the ring, while Otunga and Young attack some of the cameramen. Fink is clotheslined by Sheffield, as the area is quickly turning into the conclusion of last week’s show. Sheamus tries to get in the ring, but is hit in the back with a chair by Gabriel. In the ring now Barrett picks up Orton and hits him with the Wasteland. The ropes are now down and the ring is looking like last week, as Sheffield clotheslines Edge like crazy. Danielson then locks in a crossface like submission hold to Edge, while Young picks up Sheamus, and Barrett has Otunga hit a flapjack slam. Gabriel goes to the top rope and then connects with the 450 to Orton! Edge is slowly picked up to his knees as Danielson connects with a kick to the face of Edge. Sheamus is picked up by Tarver and is hit with a huge spinebuster right on the canvas. And after connecting with a 450 to Orton, Gabriel does the same to Sheamus. Following the actions in which the crowd is completely livid, the eight men begin to leave the ring, exiting the same way as they did last week. This time no officials come to help the three men, as we conclude the show with a wide-out camera shot of the ring being destroyed. The three number 1 contenders for the WWE championship are completely out, as all we hear is the reaction of the crowd as Raw comes to a conclusion!

*Video ends as we return to the announcers*

Todd Grisham: Just horrific is the only way to describe it. These eight men are walking around with some type of agenda and they mean complete business.

Matt Striker: I can tell you from feeling the boot of Skip Sheffield, that this group is focused on getting their demands met. By any means necessary as well as showing that this is not some type of jokes. This Sunday is going to be an interesting night, as it could be a changing night for the company WWE forever,

Todd Grisham: That is true. This Sunday can be a complete momentum changer in the favor of these eight individuals.

Matt Striker: This Sunday by no means is anyone safe in the WWE locker room, with these eight renegades running shop.

Todd Grisham: We still have a long night here folks including two big main events. We’ll be right back!


*We see clips of last week’s show opening with Kane entering the ring and delivering a passionate speech about his brother, The Undertaker, being attacked during Memorial Day weekend. Kane vows to find the culprit behind the heinous attack*

*Burned V2 hits as Kane hits the ring to a nice pop*

Todd Grisham: Welcome back to Smackdown folks, Last week Kane announced that during the Memorial Day weekend, his brother, The Undertaker, was found in a comatose state, after an assumed attack by and unknown assailant.

Matt Striker: Well Kane did mention that he will not stop at nothing to find that individual, and bring him to justice.

*Kane is in the ring, mic in hand, house lights are all red*

Kane: Last week I stood in this ring as I looked inside the cold casket outside, and wondered what would make someone so capable of inflicting such pain toward someone as The Undertaker! I stood there as I watched my older brother, a mere shell of his former self, lying there, barely able to move. I saw the pain that was etched in his face and the misery and turmoil that was buried within his soul!

*Kane pauses and lets the words sink in*

Kane: Whomever did this was someone was someone who doesn’t wish their career to last long in this business. When I find out who this trust me, TRUST ME, they will have HELL TO PAY. THEY WILL…


*Tremendous Heat is started as Vickie Guerrero appears on the top of the stage, as the light comes back to normal*

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse me! I have something important to say! My boyfriend, Dolph Ziggler is sick and tired of being mistreated and misused here on Smackdown! So tonight he is going to make a statement, and that statement begins by facing and defeating YOU, KANE!!

*Huge Heat as “I AM Perfection” hits as Dolph Ziggler makes his way to the ring to a lot of heat*

Todd Grisham:
Is Dolph crazy. Does he not know what he’s getting himself into. Kane is not in a good mood, and that can only mean bad things for Ziggler.

Matt Striker: Todd, don’t doubt the skills of Dolph, nor the skills of the lovely Vickie Guerrero. These two would not enter propose this proposition unless they were sure that they were able to claim victory here tonight.

Todd Grisham: Well we have an official out here, so it looks like it’s going to be Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane.

Match 4:
Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane

Dolph starts the match off with a fury of rights and lefts. However Kane is not even taking him serious, by shoving him across the ring quite easily. Dolph comes back with a slap across the face that wakes up Kane. Sensing danger, Ziggler slides out of the ring and sends Kane on a big chase. Ziggler slides back in the ring and then back out, as Kane reenters the ring. However this time, Kane catches Ziggler by the hair. Ziggler turns around and lands a thumb to the eye. Ziggler then connects with a huge dropkick from the top rope. Looking to get a quick win, Ziggler makes the cover. 1…2…and Ziggler is stopped by Kane. Kane gets up and Ziggler comes back at him. Kane floors him with a big boot to the face. Ziggler is on dream street as Kane launches off the top rope and hits the top rope clothesline. Ziggler is turned inside out, as Kane picks him up and goes for the chokeslam! Kane connects and makes the cover. 1…2…3! It’s over!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Kane! MT-2:12

Todd Grisham: Kind of obvious isn’t it Matt, that Kane would win this match.

Matt Striker: Without question. I’m a fan of Ziggler, but I’m not sure this was a great idea.

Todd Grisham: You just said that Ziggler and Vickie knew what they were doing.

Matt Striker: True I did say that. But…that was before the bell rang!

Todd Grisham: Interesting.

*We see a split screen of Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy*

Todd Grisham: Well in a way a bit of friendly rivalry renewed when we come back, as Matt Hardy and Rey Mysterio face off against one another!


Match 5:
Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio

The match between these two is everything that you would expect, as from the opening bell the two pull out all of the stops. The commentators put over Hardy’s erratic behavior as of late, with his dealings to Drew McIntrye, to Mysterio’s recent issues with CM Punk, and his Straight Edge Society. With that established, we see while both are faces, Matt does utilizes some heel tactics.

We head to the first commercial break of the match after a huge splash from Rey to Matt to the outside. We return from the break, and we see Rey continually being the faster of the two highflyers. Matt catches Rey with a clothesline in mid air, and begins to go back on the attack. Matt focuses on an abdominal stretch, followed by weakening the legs of the former World Champion.

However Mysterio being the “Ultimate Underdog”, continues to fight back connecting with a fury of moves, including a huge senton splash from off the top rope. After a long two count, we see Matt get back some momentum, by hitting a huge scoop slam, and a top rope leg drop. Matt only gets a two count, as his frustration begins to show. At this point the commentators begin to speculate about Matt’s behavior as of late.

Matt looks to hit the Twist of Fate, but is countered again by Rey. Rey sends Matt to the ropes, and Matt misses a clothesline, before Rey takes him down with a headscissors. Matt gets back up to his feet and Mysterio quickly dropkicks him into the ropes. Caught up on the ropes, Rey hits the ropes and hits Matt with the 619! Mysterio quickly goes to the top rope and hits the splash from the top. Cover. 1….2…3!

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Rey Mysterio! MT-22:45

Matt Striker: Hats off to both men as they put on a match that will be remembered for a long time.

Todd Grisham:
Yeah for over twenty men these two put on a match that this crowd is not going to forget any time soon. Rey Mysterio though gets the huge win leading into Fatal 4 Way!

Matt Striker: However as huge of a night it has been folks, we got our Main Event up next.

Todd Grisham: That’s right. The World Heavyweight Champion, Jack Swagger, takes on Christian!


*Chimel does the introductions*

Main Event: Non-Title
Jack Swagger(c) vs. Christian

The main event is given a great deal of time, surprisingly since Christian is not on the PPV card. However throughout the match, Striker and Grisham bring up Christian and Swagger’s feud from late last year involving the now-defunct ECW Championship.

Swagger uses his size and height over Christian to gain the early momentum in the early going. Christian, though being the veteran makes a comeback, that sends Swagger on the defensive mode, as the crowd continues to get behind the multi-time World Tag Team Champion.

The two continue exchanging momentum for the next twenty five minutes, when all of a sudden there’s a commotion that begins to take place, as the crowd is on its feet. Within seconds we see that all EIGHT MEMBERS FROM NXT SEASON 1, have surrounded the ring and enters. The ref is thrown out of the ring, as Christian and Swagger are back to back. It’s basically an 8 on 2 challenge.

Within moments Christian and Swagger start swinging, but it’s no use, as it’s a complete attack on the two. The eight men are relentless in the attack, as within minutes it’s looking like last Monday’s Raw, as the ring, wrestlers, and ringside area has been destroyed. The crowd throws trash in the ring as we end the show to silence from the commentators, and boos from the crowd.

*End of Show*

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