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Re: ASCS Shock Presents: TNA 2010 - The Revolution

Sacrifice Video #3
Jeff Jarrett vs. Mr. Anderson

The video begins with shots of Jeff Jarrett and Mr. Anderson, both standing in the ring in a darkened Impact Zone with a red canvas.

Narrator: It began with an act of desperation to succeed...

We see Anderson hit Jarrett with the brass knuckles to advance in the #1 Contender’s Tournament.

Narrator: ... but after his quest to hold championship gold failed, Mr. Anderson’s sins have come back to haunt him.

Shot of Jarrett hitting Anderson with a guitar backstage.

Narrator: On May 16, Anderson and the TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett do battle with only their pride on the line. Which man will triumph in Daytona Beach?

Mr. Anderson: Y’know, this is pathetic. Hulk Hogan and his lackey Eric Bischoff put me in a match on pay per view against Jeff Jarrett? I’d rather face Jethro frickin’ Holliday or Sean Morley than Jeff Jarrett, hell, people would pay to see them face me rather than Jeff.

Jeff Jarrett: Mr. Anderson can complain all he wants, he brought this on himself. If he beat me fair and square in the #1 Contender’s Tournament then this wouldn’t be happenin’, but no, Ken just had to stoop that low. Like I said before, I underestimated his capabilities and I lost because of it, but now I know what he’s gonna try and do at Sacrifice and I ain’t gonna let him.

Shot of Anderson tapping out to Kurt Angle’s Ankle Lock.

Mr. Anderson: Ever since I lost to Kurt Angle, people have been goin’ nuts on me, they’ve been ridiculin’ me... but hey, I got further than their knight in plastic armor Jeff Jarrett, didn’t I? And, I beat Kurt in only my second TNA match anyway. That doesn’t sound too ridiculous, does it, huh?

Jeff Jarrett: Why Ken acts like he does, I don’t know, ‘cause he has a lot of ability, there’s no denyin’ that, but it’s pretty hard to see ‘cause he’s such an asshole.

Anderson using the brass knuckles on Sting to win at Lockdown.

Mr. Anderson: They say that ‘desperate people do desperate things’, and I couldn’t agree more... Jeff Jarrett is desperate to stay in the spotlight and after he’s dumped out of the #1 Contender’s Tournament he clings onto the back of the biggest name in the business... moi.

Jeff Jarrett: When I look at Mr. Anderson, I kinda see a bit of the old me in him. But the difference is, I learned that being a whiny, cheating son-of-a-bitch won’t get ya’ as far as you can really go, and that’s something I don’t think Ken is ever gonna see.

Mr. Anderson: I heard somethin’ else too... it says that ‘nice guys always finish last’. I agree with that too. A lot of things can be said about Jeff Jarrett, but I’m gonna add another thing this Sunday at Sacrifice, and it’s gonna say that Jeff Jarrett won’t ever step into a TNA ring again, with all thanks to...

Jeff Jarrett: Sacrifice, Mr. Anderson’s gonna learn something.


Jeff Jarrett: And that something...


Jeff Jarrett: ... is respect.

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