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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | May 25 2007 | Tampa FL

Still images from Judgment Day, with the commentary playing over them; a bloodied up Hulk Hogan defeating JBL, MVP getting himself disqualified against Carlito to add to Carlitos frustrations, then Paul London ending Brent Albrights seven month run as United States Champion.

And; Randy Orton - by hook or by crook - retaining the WWE Championship, eliminating all three challengers in the Fatal Four Way. Firstly taking advantage of a weakened RVD to put him back on the shelf, then double crossing Edge to eliminate him, before using a suspicious sledgehammer to defeat Brock Lesnar.

Opening Video


We open up inside the St. Pete Times Forum, with the fans looking excited, making noise, as we listen to Michael Cole intro the show.

Michael Cole: St. Petes Time Forum in Tampa plays host to the fall out from Judgment Day tonight, and despite facing judge, jury and executioner this past Sunday, Randy Orton will arrive in Tampa tonight, STILL WWE Champion. Not only did Orton retain his title this past Sunday, but the Career Killer also eliminated ALL three challengers en route to retaining the title. I’m Michael Cole, joined as always by Tazz, and tonight, we’re a little crowded at the broadcast position, because per request of the new WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura, we are joined by none other than the former host of Superstars, Joey Styles.

Joey Styles: It’s an honour and a privilege to be sat here tonight gentlemen. This decision certainly caught me by surprise, but I plan on seizing the day, and doing all I can to add to the broadcast.

Tazz: Well Joe, it took ya a heck of a long time to get to the WWE, but finally you’re here, and it’s great t’ be calling action alongside ya. Welcome to the team.

Michael Cole: (Glossing over the welcome) Welcome to the team Joey, and while Judgment Day may have passed, and aftermath is here tonight, and tonight, the 2007 King of the Ring tournament continues, with TWO members of the New Wave beginning their campaigns; Ken Doane faces the veteran, Hardcore Holly, whilst Nick Dinsmore will be taking on, none other than the NEW United States Champion, and one of the favourites to go all the way in the King of the Ring tournament, PAUL LONDON!!! Ge-

Joey Styles: What a collision that promises to be Michael. Paul London is on the roll of a lifetime right now, and Nick Dinsmore has A LOT to prove, with Randy Orton still far from impressed with his fellow New Wave members. Two fantastic young talents going at it in the King of the Ring tournament tonight.

Tazz: And what of Brent Albright?? You’ve both talked about Paul Londons current momentum, but what can we expect of the former United States Champion?? After seven months as the champ, just what frame of mind will Albright be in??

Michael Cole: Well we will find out just how that loss has effected the former champion, as Albright teams with Charlie Haas against Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy.

Joey Styles: And not only that, but Arn Anderson will be giving an exclusive update on the condition of Rob Van Dam, following the former ECW Television Champions reoccurrence of severe head trauma this past Sunday at Judgment Day. The big question going into the Pay Per View was the condition of RVD, and unfortunately we got the answer none of us wanted.

Michael Cole: That’s Rob Van Dam; former WWE World Champion, Joey. This isn’t ECW.

Joey Styles: Apologies. Old habits die hard.


Surprisingly, it’s the music of BATISTA that gets the show up and running, with the fans coming to their feet for The Animal, as he enters through the curtain, wearing a vest top, with jeans and boots - and of course, sunglasses … indoors

Michael Cole: Ever since his return to action, The Animal has been on a roll. Racking up the victories in impressive fashion, this past Sunday, Batista was the difference maker as he, Jeff Hardy and Finlay defeated the New Wave.

Tazz: Wonder what could be on the mind of The Animal, Cole. Batista aint one for doin much talkin.

Joey Styles: Having been watching from the outside, it appears to me that since his loss at WrestleMania to Brent Albright, Batista has raised his game. In the past, he’s coasted along, but now, The Animal appears to be realising his potential.

Michael Cole: Coasted?? With all due respect, Batista was taken under the wing of Triple H and Ric Flair. In that kind of company, you don’t get to ‘coast’ along.

Joey Styles: You don’t think so?? You’re entitled to your opinion, Michael, but the way I see it, Batista has the tools to be a World Champion. Randy Orton has been, and currently is the WWE Champion, thanks to be tutelage of the Nature Boy and Triple H. I don’t see any other reason that Batista has not had the same distinction, other than the fact that he never grabbed the bull by the horns, like Orton.

Tazz: You make a good point Joe, but Batista still has time on the clock to rectify that situation.

Batista takes a mic, and nods in approval at the fans response, before speaking up.

Batista: I’m gonna make this real quick … RANDY ORTON!!!

Mixed reaction from the rowdy fans, cheering for Batista calling Orton out, but booing at the mention of Orton.

Batista: I took apart your boys at Judgment Day … and now I want the ring leader.

Batista pauses, and looks to the left, nodding at a shout from the fans, before looking into the hard camera again.

Batista: Randy, I’ve waited too damn long for a genuine shot at the WWE Title … and frankly, I’m not gonna wait another damn minute!!!

Decent pop.

Batista: The way I see it, you’ve brushed aside all the other contenders on Smackdown. A lot of people might not agree with how you’ve done it, and I’m one of them. But even I cant deny the fact that you’ve seen off every challenger so far. Chris Jericho? Gone. Rob Van Dam? Gone. Edge? Beaten. Brock Lesnar? Beaten.

Some heat from the fans for the rundown of beaten challengers. Batista stands still for a few moments, staring ahead, waiting patiently to speak, then does.

Batista: … all gone by the wayside. They’ve all had their shot, one way or another. But what about me?? That’s right, I’m still waitin. But if there is one guy on Smackdown that can wipe that look off of Ortons face … you’re looking at him!!

Looking into the camera, Dave rips his sunglasses off, showing the intensity in his eyes.

Batista: Randy, you’ve NEVER gotten the better of me. You didn’t in the past, and you sure as hell wont in the future either!!


Batista: I’m layin down the gauntlet … RIGHT HERE … RIGHT NOW!!! I WANT A PIECE OF RANDY ORTON!!! I WANT THE W-W-E CH-


Batista is thrown off by the music … of EDGE!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar storms onto the stage, looking as angst-ridden as ever.

Michael Cole: Once again, this past Sunday, The Rated ‘R’ Superstar had his lifetime ambition ripped from his grasp at Judgment Day, in what will surely be his last shot at the title for quite some time.

Joey Styles: He had an entire year to cash in that Money in the Bank briefcase. But he waited, and waited, and in the end, wanted all the glory by cashing in at WrestleMania Twenty Three, and it backfired.

Tazz: Maybe, but both of y’gotta agree that Edge letting his guard down at Judgment Day was completely outta character. Normally, it’s Edge dishing out that kinda punishment. NEVER has he been on the receiving end.

Joey Styles: Perhaps Tazz, Edge has gotten so wrapped up in becoming WWE Champion, to the point where he’s losing focus on other aspects. On Sunday, Edge had complete tunnel vision, and it cost him. That desperation that drives the Rated ‘R’ Superstar on, is arguably becoming the weakest link in his armour.

Edge walks around ringside, taking a mic, before hopping onto the apron, locking eyes with a calm Batista, with Edge shaking his head, before entering the squared circle. The music dies down, with Edge still staring at The Animal, and shaking his head.

Edge: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO!!!! This- this isn’t right. This isn’t … THIS ISNT FAIR!!

Edge attempts to keep his emotions in check, but struggles.

Edge: What- wh- (Composes himself) What makes you so special?? What makes you think you deserve a shot at the WWE title?? What?? Is it because you beat up the three stooges on Sunday??

Initial mixed reaction, descending into boos for Edge.

Edge: Is it because you couldn’t win the United States Title?? Were you simply above that, huh?? Was the U.S title beneath you, big man???

Batista shakes his head at the behaviour of Edge.

Batista: Way off. As much as I would’ve loved to have been United States Champion, it never happened. And after having time off after WrestleMania, I decided to move on, freshen things up and change my goals …

Dave walks up to Edge, and looks him dead in the eye.

Batista: And maybe it’s time you started to do the same.


Edge snarls, and runs his fingers through his hair, still trying to keep a lid on his temper.

Batista: The fact is Edge, as much of an honour it would be for me to have held the U.S Title … I’ve waited long enough to get my hands on the big one.

Edge shows a fake smile, before replying.

Edge: Well, I’m very sorry to burst your bubble. Because it’s obvious to me that you’re still a little unsure of how it works around here when it comes to title shots. But that’s okay- that’s okay. After all, you’re not used to competing for championships.

Heat from the fans. Edge has a cocky grin on his face after that one, whilst Batista shows a smirk too.

Edge: Y’see, whilst you’ve been sitting around and waiting for your shot all this time, I’ve been busting my ass, and breaking my neck earning mine.

Edge’s smile drops, and looks seriously at Batista, with The Animal reciprocating the icy stare.

Edge: You’ve went long enough without winning the big one, huh?? JUST HOW DO YOU THINK I FEEL!!!???

Edge gets in the face of Batista, eyes wide, looking on the edge of a meltdown.

Edge: I’ve bust my ass, night in, night out, seven days a week, fifty two weeks a year, for over ten God damn years, and STILL I haven’t been given a genuine, one on one shot at the WWE Title.

Heat for Edge, as he continues to moan. Edge looks at the fans, and loses his cool with them, shouting at the fans.

Edge: IT’S NOT FAIR!!!

Edge looks around the arena, repeating the phrase over and over - off mic - whilst Batista shakes his head. Edge then turns his attention to Batista.

Edge: Do you honestly- HONESTLY, think … that I’m gonna just stand idly by, and allow you to take MY title shot?? MY TITLE SHOT???

Edge shakes his head furiously.

Edge: There’s a line, and I’m at the front … Dave?? … you’re at the back of it.

Heat. Batista smirks for a second, as he brings the mic to his mouth.

Batista: I’m at the back of the line?? Well, that’s too bad …

The smirk fades, and Dave gets serious again.

Batista: … because I’m forcing my way to the front!!

Pop for Batista.

Batista: And if you - or anybody else - wants to stop me … I’m standing right here!!

Big pop, as Batista has finished talking, and throws the mic down, challenging Edge to take him on. The fans get behind Dave, with Edge thinking it over … but before he can come to a decision …


The familiar music of Arn Anderson interrupts proceedings, with the GM quickly walking to the stage, and immediately calls for the music to be cut, wasting little time.

Arn Anderson: Lets straighten this thing out here. Edge?? Son, you don’t decide whose at the front or the back of any line when it comes to getting a shot at the WWE Title. Y’see, that’s my job.

Small pop.

Arn Anderson: And maybe I’m jus’ gettin’ a little old in the tooth … maybe I’m gettin’ a little touch of Dementia … but it feels like I hear the same things outta ya Edge … week in, week out.

Another pop.

Arn Anderson: Ya got screwed … you were cheated … you were wronged, overlooked, passed up, conned, duped …

Anderson stops himself, and exhales in boredom. He shakes his head, then rubs his eyes, before starting again.

Arn Anderson: Not once - NOT ONCE have you taken responsibility for your own short comings. Never ha-

Edge: Hey, just a second-

Arn Anderon: I’m talking now, kid. Put a sock in it.

Edge snarls, not liking being talked to like that by anyone. Arn puts his hand to the top of his head, as he speaks again.

Arn Anderson: I’ve kinda had it t’here. Edge, t’night, I’m givin ya one more shot. You win?? You’ve got Orton next week for the title.

Mixed response, with Edge nodding.

Arn Anderson: However … you lose?? It’s the back o’ the line for you.

Pop, with Edge’s expression dropping. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar doesn’t like that caveat, with Anderson raising his hand, wanting to calm the audience.

Arn Anderson: And jus’ before I forget, I guess you’ll need to know who your opponent is gonna be…

The fans excitement rises again, with many knowing where this is going, with Edge looking at Batista, expecting what’s coming.

Arn Anderson: So let’s make it official. Tonight, in the main event, with the winner facing Randy Orton next week for the WWE Title, it’ll be Edge … one on one … with … BATISTA!!!

Big pop from the fans, getting the #1 Contenders match tonight. Anderson leaves the stage, as Edge and Batista remain in the ring, with Batista walking around Edge, trying to intimidate the Canadian. Edge looks to stand tall, refusing to wimp out to The Animal, with Dave stopping as he comes face to face with Edge again, and smiles at the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, before brushing past, and exiting the ring.

Joey Styles: Gentlemen, we have ourselves an incredible main event. A Number One Contenders Match between Edge and Batista??

Tazz: Gonna be a Rocketbuster Joe!! High stakes main event tonight.

Michael Cole: And the winner wont have to wait long to get his shot either - next week, Randy Orton will defend the WWE Championship against either Edge or Batista!!!

Joey Styles: And how about the added stipulation, that if Edge loses, he falls to the back of the line. A loss for Edge tonight could totally derail his career ambition for the foreseeable future.

Michael Cole: A must win situation for Edge tonight, absolutely. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll be right back on Smackdown.

Commercial Break

We return with Americas Most Wanted on their way to the ring, where Booker T and Elijah Burke are waiting.

Michael Cole: This past Sunday at Judgment Day, Americas Most Wanted successfully retained the WWE Tag Team Championships, but tonight, they have been challenged once again by Booker T and Elijah Burke. Tonight, the titles are NOT on the line, but a victory for the mix of youth and experience could well earn them a rematch at the champions.

Joey Styles: A rookie mistake cost Elijah Burke and Booker T at Judgment Day, but up until that point, the titles looked to be in serious jeopardy. And on any given night, those two men could beat AMW, but if they want another shot at the gold, they HAVE to win tonight.

Americas Most Wanted vs. Elijah Burke & Booker T
In a Judgment Day rematch, Harris tries to get the jump on Burke early, but Elijah is too quick for the Wildcat, and gets off to an impressive start, with neither Harris or Storm having an answer for the youthful Burke, who is out to make an impression tonight, after his mistake cost the team at Judgment Day. Booker then continues the good start for the aspiring challengers, keeping Harris and Storm under control, with the champions eventually taking a walk, looking to regroup, having been unable to get at their opponents at all.

And, after the team meeting, AMW pick it up a gear, and manage to get at Burke, once again preying on his inexperience, with a distraction from Harris on the apron allowing Storm to attack. The champions hammer down Eli, with Book growing concerned on the apron, as his protégé struggles. Just as Burke then looks to make a fight back, Harris - not the legal man - attacks him from behind, knocking him down with a clothesline to the neck. This forces Booker into action, with the former five time WCW Champion having seen enough, and charges into Harris, beating him into the corner, before dumping him out of the ring, and follows out himself. Meanwhile, in the ring, Storm sizes up Burke, then moves in for a DDT to finish him off, but ELIJAH SPINS OUT … AND SHOCKS STORM … ELIJAH EXPERIENCE CONNECTS!!! Burke makes a cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Elijah Burke & Booker T @ 05:37

It’s a massive confidence boosting win for Elijah Burke!!! The champions are beaten - albeit in a non title match - with Booker and Burke making their case for another shot at the gold, at some point down the road. Burke looks relieved to have made amends for his slip at Judgment Day, and is joined in the ring by a beaming Booker T, with the veteran giving his protégé a big hug, raising Burkes hand in victory.

Michael Cole: Big win for Elijah Burke and Booker T!! They’ve picked up right where they left off before Judgment Day - getting the upper hand on AMW once again!!!

Joey Styles: And given how impressive they were in the previous few weeks before Judgment Day, it wouldn’t surprise me Michael, if this victory earned Booker T and Elijah Burke an immediate rematch with the champions!!

Michael Cole: Arn Anderson is gonna have a big decision to make now. An impressive win for the team of youth and experience tonight.

Backstage, we then see three of the four New Wave members; Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane, with Cade and Dinsmore offering Doane some last minute encouragement ahead of his match with Hardcore Holly in the King of the Ring tournament.

Michael Cole: And there you see three quarters of the New Wave. Randy Orton we hear, has travelled to Tampa alone tonight. But coming up next, it’s an opportunity for Ken Doane to impress the WWE Champion, as he takes on Hardcore Holly in the opening round of the King of the Ring tournament. Join us when we come back!!!

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


We return at ringside with Michael Cole, Joey Styles and Tazz, as Hardcore Holly waits in the ring, whilst Ken Doane makes his entrance…

Michael Cole: Well, the King of the Ring tournament has begun in earnest. So far, Umaga, Burchill, CM Punk and William Regal from Raw have advanced to the ‘Sweet Sixteen’, while over here on Friday nights, Charlie Haas and Finlay have won their first round matches.

Joey Styles: And in just a moment, Ken Doane or Hardcore Holly will join them, whilst Nick Dinsmore and the new United States Champion Paul London will collide later this evening for a place in the second round too. It’s really beginning to heat up now, gentlemen.

Tazz: Absolutely. But my pick to win the whole thing; MVP, has yet to kick off his campaign. Watch out for that guy. Tazz’s pick, you heard it here first.

Michael Cole: Well, if we were to go on pure momentum, Paul London has got to be one of the hot favourites. A semi-finalist last year, Paul London knows what it takes to go far in the King of the Ring tournament.

Joey Styles: Well, seeing as we’re all sticking our necks on the line here, I guess-

Michael Cole: But whilst Paul London is riding a wave of momentum, you could argue that someone like Ken Doane; young, hungry and ultra talented, with a point to prove too, could surprise everyone and lift the crown. How big could that be for someone as young as Ken Doane??

Joey Styles: (Slightly disgruntled) Quite.

Hardcore Holly vs. Ken Doane
Despite Holly being ultra aggressive with the youngster in the early going, including half a dozen STIFF open handed chops in the corner, Doane weathers the storm, and takes control of the match, showing the potential that has seen him touted as a potential main event player at some point down the road. Holly briefly fights back late in the contest, but Doane’s youth, hunger and desire is too much for the veteran, and after Holly survives the Doane-Nation, ‘The Future’ finishes off his tough as nails opponent with the Sky High Leg Drop, and advances to the Sweet Sixteen of the 2007 King of the Ring tournament, with the elementary 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Ken Doane @ 04:42

Doane advances, and sets up a possible date with his fellow New Wave member, Nick Dinsmore, should he defeat the U.S Champion this evening. Cole, Styles and Tazz make reference to that possibility on commentary too, as Doane exit’s the ring, looking extremely pleased with his work tonight.

Michael Cole: A huge win for Ken Doane tonight!! The twenty two year old advances to the second round of the King of the Ring tournament, and will find out his opponent later this evening, when the new United States Champion, Paul London, takes on Doanes fellow New Wave member, Nick Dinsmore.

Joey Styles: And not only that, but tonight’s main event will determine a new number one contender. Batista and Edge will go one on one, with the winner getting a shot at Randy Orton, next week, right here on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: But coming up next, Josh Mathews will speak with the Smackdown General Manager, Arn Anderson, concerning the condition of Rob Van Dam, who this past Sunday, was cruelly dispatched once again by Randy Orton, in the most callous of circumstances.

Tazz: It’s not something I wanna see again, Cole. I know we gotta show it, but before we do, it might be a good idea to warn the viewers it’s pretty sickening to watch…

- RVD begins the match looking like the Van Dam of old, crisp and sharp, getting the better of Randy Orton.

- Quickly, there are warning signs, with RVD slowing down, looking less than the 100% he appeared moments earlier.

- Then, Orton reverses an attempted whip on the outside, and RVD runs head first into the ring post.

- The fans hush, with RVD slumping to the floor; not moving.

- Orton then drags Van Dam back inside, with soundbites from Cole and Tazz, who ponder whether Nick Patrick should pull the former champion from the match before suffering permanent damage.

- Then, despite being able to defeat RVD there and then if he wanted, Orton decides to purposely injure Van Dam, placing him on the ropes … delivering the sickening elevated DDT.

- Orton eliminates Van Dam with ease … and shows NO remorse.

- Footage of Van Dam being loaded onto a stretcher, and driven out of the arena in an ambulance.

Commercial Break

We return, with Josh Mathews standing by with Smackdown GM, Arn Anderson, who has his head bowed.

Josh Mathews: Arn Anderson, this past Sunday, we witnessed Rob Van Dam - clearly far from one hundred per cent - was brutally eliminated from the Fatal Four Way WWE Championship match at the hands of Randy Orton. The last we saw of RVD was the former WWE Champion being driven from the arena in an ambulance. Arn, I believe you have an update on his condition??

Anderson, head still down, exhales. He raises his head, and nods.

Arn Anderson: Yeah … and I’m afraid it aint good news, kid. Rob Van Dam suffered further head trauma at Judgment Day. Everyone knew it was a risk, we all knew Van Dam might not be a hundred per cent going in … and now it’s obvious he was far from a hundred per cent. Perhaps though, the kids injuries mightn’t have been so bad, had he not had his skull dropped onto the canvas from the second rope. Anyone that watched Judgment Day on Pay Per View would’ve saw Van Dam already out of it before Orton delivered that DDT. Orton though, wanted to send a message. I guess he felt he had to take it a little step further, and punish Rob for having the audacity to come back and do what he loves.

Anderson looks down again, before looking up, and to the left, collecting his thoughts, before speaking to Josh again.

Arn Anderson: But as callous as Ortons actions were, at the end of the day, he cant be held accountable. Sure, Orton done the damage, but the blame for what happened to Van Dam on Sunday rests solely with me. It was my decision to allow his request for him to compete, it was my decision to ignore doctors advice … I’m to blame.

Anderson rubs his head, showing the strain.

Arn Anderson: Josh, I’ve allowed my hatred for Randy Orton to consume me, and force my actions. I was caught up in dishing out revenge to Orton, that against my better judgment, I rushed Rob Van Dam back to action and I stacked the deck against Orton at Judgment Day by putting together a fatal four way elimination match … Josh, I abused my power.

Mathews looks rather uncomfortable at the revelations, whilst Double A shakes his head at his own actions.

Arn Anderson: Josh, I was handed one of the most important jobs in this company. I was handed the reigns to Friday Night Smackdown, with the sole purpose of bringing order, after Paul Heyman abused his power for his own motives. But now, I’m no better than that slimy grease ball. If anything, I’m worse. At least Heyman flaunted his actions, he didn’t try to play it straight. I did. I tried to convince myself that what I was doing was the right thing.

Arn smirks, but still shakes his head, before looking at the interviewer.

Arn Anderson: Well … karma’s a bitch, aint it son?? Because I got exactly what I deserved. By hook or crook, Orton survived the fatal four way; heck, the little sonnuva bitch eliminated all three guys. And worst of all, Rob Van Dam is out of action again … possibly for good. And that’s on my head. That’s something I’ve gotta live with.

The GM pauses, looking to the heavens, before speaking again.

Arn Anderson: And as a result of what happened to RVD, I’ve had ta come to a decision. And it wasn’t easy, but for his own good - for my own good - I’ve had ta medically suspend Rob Van Dam indefinitely.

Heat from the fans.

Arn Anderson: After what happened at Judgment Day, I had no choice. I cant allow that ta happen ta Rob, or anybody on the Smackdown roster. As much as it pains me to say it; Rob Van Dam wont be in a WWE ring until he is given a full bill o’ health.

More heat.

Josh Mathews: Well Arn, I appreciate your honesty, and I’m sure I speak for the Smackdown audience too when I say that, but may I just as-

The GM stops Josh.

Arn Anderson: No more questions tonight, Josh, huh?

Looking worn down, the almost frail-like GM motions to Josh to end the interview, before walking off, ending the interview.

Back to ringside…

Joey Styles: A sad, sad night for professional wrestling.

Michael Cole: Indeed, Rob Van Dam, one of the leading sports entertainers in recent years, could well be facing a prolonged lay off, and quite possibly, sadly, a permanent one.

Tazz: Such a … y’know, I cant find the words for it. We’ve all got to know RVD over the years, whether it was in ECW or here in the WWE, and we all know that Van Dam loves nothing more than to come out here, and do his thing. Wrestling has been his life, he loves to put on a show. I just hope we haven’t seen him for the last time.

Michael Cole: And right at the peak of his career too. Rob Van Dam just two months ago, was the WWE Champion. It’s incredibly sad to think that he may never get the chance to hold the title again.

Joey Styles: An entire generation of fans have grown up with RVD, he was given the moniker ‘Mister Pay Per View’ in ECW, simply because every single match he ever wrestled was worth paying to see. He was called ‘The whole damn show’, although it was something a little more than ‘damn’ in the past. And it wasn’t a fancy tag to bestow upon him. He really was. If Van Dam is to be forced into retirement … well … it’ll be a sad day for any wrestling fan.

Michael Cole: And while it’s incredibly sad to think that we’ll never call another match with Rob Van Dam, another point that needs to be discussed here is the revelation from Arn Anderson that he purposely tried to stack the deck against Randy Orton at Judgment Day. The General Manager whose duty it is to be impartial, has admitted that he has been anything but in recent weeks.

Tazz: I’ve gotta be honest, as big of a deal that is. As wrong as Arn has been to do that, I’m finding it pretty hard to think about anything other than RVD at this point.

Joey Styles: Much like Tazz, Michael, the bigger picture right now is a mans career has been potentially ended. I’m sure there will be repercussions for Arn Anderson down the road, because what he’s done was wrong, but honestly?? I think that’s for discussion at another time.


Suddenly, the arena comes alive, as the NEW United States Champion, Paul London steps onto the stage, smiling broadly, proudly showing off his newly won gold, wrapped around his waist.

Michael Cole: Well guys, I don’t want to sound heartless, but this show has got to go on. I’m sure RVD would agree with me on that. Right now, we’re looking at the man that ended Brent Albrights incredible seven month run as the U.S Champion.

Tazz: I guess you’re right, Cole. I mean, after what Paul London accomplished on Sunday, he deserves all the praise he’s got. It was no mean feat to end the run Brent Albright had with that belt.

Joey Styles: A true war on Sunday night, between London and Albright. It was simply two men going to war, for the sole purpose of winning a highly coveted championship, and on Sunday night, the better man won. Having sat down for a one to one interview with London two weeks ago, I know how much that championship will mean to the Golden Boy. But how much did that victory take out of London, gentlemen??

Tazz: That’s a heck of a point, Joe, because Nick Dinsmore aint no slouch. If London is suffering any kinda hangover from that draining, damn near thirty minute classic at Judgment Day, Dinsmore is gonna take advantage.

London waits in the ring, with a mic in hand, wanting to say something before the match begins.

Paul London: Y’know, real quick, I just wanna get something off my chest before this match.

With a smile, London sets himself.

Paul London: I’ve just had the most incredible week of my life, guys. I always believed that I could be the United States Champion. I always knew I had what it took to win the title … but even now, I still feel like I’m living in a dream.

The Golden Boy takes a look at the belt, still proudly smiling.

Paul London: On Sunday at Judgment Day, Brent Albright and I went to war. We went back and forth, traded shots, dug down deep - more than once - sacrificed our own bodies … all for this.

London raises the title, with the fans giving him a nice pop.

Paul London: At one point, I was trapped in the Crowbar for what seemed like an eternity. The ligaments in my arms were snapping, the bones were cracking, and the joints were separating … but not once did submitting cross my mind.


Paul London: Not once did I think of giving it in. It was never a case of ‘living to fight another day’. As far as I was concerned, there was no tomorrow, Sunday truly was my Judgment Day. I would’ve honestly rather have left my arm in this ring on Sunday, than tap out to Brent Albright. Submitting wasn’t an option. After all the trials, and all the tribulations I went through to get to that point … it was now or never … do or die. And I did. I’m standing here now, the NEW United States Champion!!!

Another pop.

Paul London: But right now … as unpopular as it might be, I want to give Brent Albright credit.

Heat. London raises his hand to calm the fans, before speaking.

Paul London: Hey, he’s not my favourite guy either. But to Albrights credit, he held this title for seven months. And he never shirked one challenge. Big or small, fast or slow, Brent Albright took on all comers. Even though I don’t agree with some of his methods, it cant be argued that time and time again, he overcame the odds. To do that for seven months is pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

Small bit of appreciation for Albright.

Paul London: Brent Albright held this championship with pride and honour, and believe me, Imma do the exact same. I’ve worked my butt off to win the U.S Title, and I plan on enjoying every single second.


Paul London: So, like Brent Albright, I wont duck ANY challenger. I might not hold this baby for seven months like he did … heck, it might not even be seven weeks. But no matter how long I can hold onto the title, whether it’s seven days, weeks, or months, I’ll defend it with honour. Whatever size, whatever shape, whatever style, I’ll face whoever is put in front of me.

Respectful pop for London, with the fans starting a ‘LONDON’ chant in some sections.

Paul London: And as lame as it might sound, I want to thank each and every single one of you that have stuck by me over these last few years whilst I’ve scratched and clawed my way up the ladder. And right now, I wanna tell you all - I’M JUST GETTING STARTED!!!

Big pop.

Paul London: The United States Championship is huge … but I’ve got one more goal. And by winning this title, I’ve now got the belief that I CAN reach up one more rung … and I CAN become the W-W-E CHAMPION!!!

London nods, showing his true belief.

Paul London: And it would give me the greatest of pleasure to take the WWE title from Randy Orton.

Heat for the mention of Orton.

Paul London: Randy … Rob Van Dam has been like a bigger brother to me this past year. He’s helped me along, given me guidance, advice, and been there any time I needed someone to talk to. Heck, RVD has been one of my inspirations to chase my dreams.

Getting serious, London takes a moment to compose himself.

Paul London: What you did to Rob at WrestleMania was out of line. It was too much. But what you did to him at Judgment Day?? It was sick. Two months ago when you arrived here on Smackdown, I told ya you’d have a locker room gunnin for ya … and that hasn’t changed … only now?? Now Randy, now that Rob might never return?? There’s a locker room out of revenge … you’ve got a locker room that’s lookin for blood.

The camera goes in for an extreme close up.

Paul London: And I want to be the one that gets it.

The camera stays on London for a few moments, as he intensely looks on, before …


Londons upcoming opponent - and Randy Ortons New Wave brethren - Nick Dinsmore makes his entrance, as we cut to a commercial, ahead of this KOTR first round match up.

Commercial Break

Paul London vs. Nick Dinsmore
Wisely, Dinsmore quickly utilises his power advantage, and out muscles the U.S champion in the early going. After being hurled into the corner again, London takes a moment to rethink his game plan, as Dinsmore taunts him. London then looks to engage with ‘The Prodigy’ once more, but as Dinsmore shoots in for the collar and elbow; London slips free, and catches him with an arm drag instead. London quickens the pace, landing with an array of dropkicks and dropsaults, that have Dinsmore on the hop, all ends up.

Dinsmore tries to compose himself, and get back into the dominant position, but again, the U.S Champion is too quick, and has Dinsmore chasing shadows, surprising him with a succession of cradles and roll ups, which really frustrate the New Wave member, who eventually rolls out of the ring, kicking over the steel steps in fury, unable to get a hold of the Golden Boy. London, riding a wave of momentum, rolls the dice, and takes a risk, WITH A TOPE THROUGH THE ROPES - BUT DINSMORE DIVES OUT OF THE WAY!!! London crashes and burns, and INSTANTLY Dinsmore is on him!!

Dinsmore hammers London down on the outside, focusing on the head, with blow after blow to the U.S Champ, who could well be concussed after the tope gone wrong moments ago. Dinsmore continues to rough up London on the outside, rolling in and out of the ring to break the count, before ramming London - back first - into the ring post, with Londons head bouncing off the post. Dinsmore continues to onslaught, throwing the Golden Boy onto his shoulders, and LAWNDARTS London into the post, causing further problems to the head!!

Eventually, The Prodigy brings it back inside, and continues the beating, with London on spaghetti legs, but digging deep, and surviving numerous pin attempts from his determined opponent. As the match wears on, Dinsmore becomes more frustrated at being unable to put the U.S Champ away, and as the frustration grows, Dinsmore allows London to stage a fight back!!

London begins to rock Dinsmore, and trades shots with The Prodigy, but Dinsmore stops London momentarily with a knee to the gut … BEFORE LONDON REPLIES WITH A SUDDEN ENZIGURI!!! London drops into the cover, 1...2...NO!!! The kick out flattens the fans, with London wincing, having felt he could’ve stolen the win with the surprise kick. London slowly reaches his feet, and from his standing position - GOES FOR THE SHOOTING STAR - BUT DINSMORE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!! London crashes off the canvas, with Dinsmore instantly in, with a roll through … 1...2...NO!!!

Dinsmore smacks the canvas in disbelief, but quickly gets up, charging London into the corner, going to work again with shots to the head, before looking for an Irish whip across the ring to the opposite corner - but LONDON PUSHES HIMSELF UP IN THE CORNER, hoping for Dinsmore to follow under … but he doesn’t, and as London drops back down, Dinsmore is behind him … AND DELIVERS A SICK, SUDDEN GERMAN SUPLEX!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...NO!!! London refuses to lay down, as the frustration continues to build for Dinsmore.

The Prodigy drags The Golden Boy up to his feet now … AND LONDON EXPLODES!! The U.S Champ finds another gear, and launches a succession of blistering, wild, rights and lefts at all kinds of angles, with Dinsmore trying to cover up to block them, as London now runs off the ropes … AND STRAIGHT INTO A SLEEPER!!! London is caught, and with his head troubles throughout the match, the sleeper hold COULD prove to be fatal to his KOTR aspirations.

London struggles, trying to fight free … but soon drops to a knee … and then to the canvas, with the hold locked in tight. The referee checks the arm of the U.S Champ, once, twice … and both times the arm drops. Third time … LONDON KEEPS IT IN THE AIR!!! With the fans getting behind him, London feeds off the adrenaline, and battles back - to a knee - to his feet - and then elbow after elbow, desperately trying to break free … AND EVENTUALLY DOES!!!

The two men now trade blows in the middle of the ring, but despite Londons big fight back to break the sleeper, Dinsmore wins the fist fight, and eventually runs through his opponent with a vicious clothesline!!! Still though, it’s good enough ONLY for a two count, with Dinsmore shaking his head, asking out loud “What do I have to do??” He picks London up again, and fires him off the ropes once more … BUT LONDON FLIES BACK WITH A CROSS BODY!!! He doesn’t go for the cover, but instead stumbles back to his feet, and into the corner … digging deep … AND CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE!!!

BUT HE TOOK TOO LONG!!! Dinsmore is up, and launches himself into the corner, stopping London, and climbs up with him, looking to deliver a superplex … BUT LONDON BLOCKS!!! AND A SECOND TIME!!! The U.S Champion then fights back, out of the front face lock position … AND EVENTUALLY SHOVES HIS OPPONENT OFF!!! London hasn’t a second to spare, and instantly readies himself … AND DELIVERS THE 450 SPLASH!!!!! He sells his ribs, and head injuries too for a moment, before getting the lateral press … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 13:44

Once again, Paul London is able to see off a highly talented opponent, and progresses to the sweet sixteen stage of the King of the Ring tournament.

Joey Styles: Is there anybody in the entire WWE on a hotter streak right now, than this man, Paul London?? At this point, The Golden Boy is on the run of his life!! He’s won the U.S Title, and tonight, he’s overcome a very game Nick Dinsmore.

Tazz: It’s great to see this kid doin so well, Joe. Paul London has given his all over the last couple of years, and finally, it’s all really coming together for him.

Michael Cole: For so long, he was a nearly man. Final four in the Royal Rumble, inches from the Money in the Bank briefcase, it just seemed like Paul London was destined to be in that bracket, but now, with the United States Championship around his waist, he has a new found confidence. And now, seemingly, the sky is the limit for this kid!!

Joey Styles: And Paul London isn’t going to settle with what he’s got either. He’s shown tonight that he’s got the desire to become the King of the Ring, and he’s made it clear that he wants a crack at the WWE Championship too!!

Tazz: Watch this space, guys. This kid means business.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial with the caption ‘During the commercials’, and see Nick Dinsmore walking behind the curtain to the gorilla position, and is met by Ken Doane and Garrison Cade. Cade puts a hand on Nicks shoulder.

Garrison Cade: Tough break, Nick. But don’t let it get ya down, that thing coulda went either way out there. That’s how close it was.

Doane then pats Dinsmore on the back.

Ken Doane: There’ll be more opportunities man, don’t be too downhearted.

Dinsmore nods, but does look disappointed by the loss. The trio begin to walk on, when the stop, seeing RANDY ORTON.

The WWE Champion stands in front of them, title belt over his shoulder, staring straight at Nick Dinsmore, before turning his focus to Ken Doane, extending his hand.

Randy Orton: Congratulations.

Feeling slightly awkward, Doane shakes Ortons hand.

Ken Doane: Uhm, thanks, Randy.

Ortons expression doesn’t change, as he ends the handshake.

Randy Orton: It’s just nice to see someone step up to the mark.

Orton brushes past, not acknowledging Cade or Dinsmore - both already eliminated from the King of the Ring tournament - and the WWE Champion is heard to speaking to a random worker “Cue up my music”, as he walks toward the curtain.

The trio of Doane, Cade and Dinsmore just watch on, with Cade shaking his head, looking fed up, whilst Dinsmore looks furious, and Doane simply looks awkward, knowing the other two have been disrespected by Orton, whilst he has been complimented.

Back live in the arena …


Randy Orton steps onto the stage, getting vociferous heat from the fans.


Michael Cole: On Sunday night at Judgment Day, that man, Randy Orton pulled off an incredible feat. On one night, Orton defeated RVD, Edge and Brock Lesnar. Three pin fall victories over the three top contenders, Randy Orton eliminated ALL his competition.

Joey Styles: As impressive as it sounds though, let’s discuss it a little further. First off, Van Dam was far from healthy. He then formed an alliance with Edge, only to backstab him, and then, peculiarly, he defeated Lesnar with a sledgehammer. An oddly placed sledgehammer at that, which many people, including myself, believe was planted by Triple H.

Michael Cole: Well I know Tazz shares that belief, but would Triple H, given his history with Orton, even want to help the WWE Champion, regardless of his feelings for Lesnar??

Tazz: I think he would Cole. The Game and Orton have had their differences, but at the same time, I think Triple H would be proud to see how far Orton has come. With Lesnar, it’s flat out hatred.

Michael Cole: It’s all hearsay though. We don’t even know IF that sledgehammer was planted by The Game, or whether it was simply a coincidence that it was Ortons weapon of choice.

Joey Styles: I just find it a little too convenient to be a coincidence.

The music dies down, with Orton in the ring, holding the mic, then pulling it down to listen to the boos of the fans, who heckle the WWE Champion. Orton patiently waits for the fans to simmer down, before speaking.

Randy Orton: Sometimes in life, you get what you deserve.


Randy Orton: Rob Van Dam?? For having the sheer audacity to come back, he got exactly what he deserved. RVD should NEVER have come back.

Heat again.

Randy Orton: Brock Lesnar?? After getting a shot at the WWE Championship for doing ab-so-lutely nothing … he got what he deserved.

More boos from the fans, but Orton continues.

Randy Orton: And now I hear that little Paul London is chasing my tail.

Pop for the mention of London.

Randy Orton: Word of warning, Paul. Stay were you are. On Sunday, I’ll admit, you got what you deserved. You fought tooth and nail for the United States Champion, and you earned it … but you dare try and pick a fight with me??

Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: Then the only thing you’ll be doing to honour Rob Van Dam, is join him on the scrap heap.

Massive heat.

Randy Orton: Like I said, sometimes in life … you get what you deserve. Paul London, you deserve to be United States Champion. And if you decide to take up an issue with me, you’ll be getting what you deserve … a KICK to the skull!!!

Ungodly heat, as Orton narrows his eyes, sternly sending his message.

Randy Orton: But while RVD, Lesnar and London got what they deserved … it seems not everyone gets what they deserve. Look at Edge-

Heat for the mention of Edge.

Randy Orton: And look at Batista-


Randy Orton: What exactly have they done to earn the chance to face me next week?? Edge?? He was eliminated by me at Judgment Day. He lost at WrestleMania. He’s had more than enough chances to become WWE Champion, and he’s blown it EVERY … SINGLE … TIME!!!

Orton looks a little irritated by Edge getting another chance to get a title shot.

Randy Orton: And Batista?? Come on, Dave Batista?? Is that the best we have to offer on Smackdown?? The most use Big Dave has ever been, was whenever he carried my bags in Evolution.

Heat from the fans.

Randy Orton: Batista has done NOTHING to warrant a title shot. Neither has Edge … neither of them deserve the chance to challenge for this.

Orton motions to the belt.

Randy Orton: I don’t deserve that. I don’t deserve to be disrespected by being expected to defend the WWE title against either one of them. But as for this past Sunday … did I get what I deserved??

Orton smirks, and peeks down at the title over his shoulder.

Randy Orton: After going through hell at Judgment Day … I got what I deserved. I retained my WWE Championship.

Again, the fans show their hatred for Orton, but the champion shrugs it off.

Randy Orton: And tonight, it seems my accusations against Arn Anderson have been vindicated.

Orton smirks, feeling ever so good about himself.

Randy Orton: From the moment I came to Smackdown, Arn Anderson has been stacking the deck against me. Our General Manager has allowed his dislike of me to cloud his judgment. Arn Anderson has made it his personal goal to get this off my shoulder … by any means necessary.

Heat again.

Randy Orton: After months of my accusations against our supposedly impartial General Manager falling on deaf ears … I think you people owe me an apology.

More heckles from the fans, as Orton shakes his head, showing the slightest hint of a smile.

Randy Orton: But I wont hold my breath.

Orton smirks, before getting the serious face back on.

Randy Orton: But what I will say is this … after tonight’s confession, Arn Andersons position as General Manager is now surely … untenable. Last year, Ric Flair was removed as General Manager of Raw for not being impartial, six months ago, Paul Heyman was ousted for abusing his power, and just last month, Eric Bischoff was brought back under the condition he remained impartial … I mean, what kind of impression would Jesse Ventura be making as the new Commissioner if he allowed Arn Anderson to continue in power??

Knowing he’s doing a good job of stirring the pot, Orton devilishly looks to the fans.

Randy Orton: Because of Arn Anderson, TWO careers are already over. Chris Jericho and Rob Van Dam are NEVER coming back, and it’s on his head. Jesse Ventura … how many more careers are you going to allow to be ruined … before you give Arn Anderson his marching orders??

Orton smiles, with the fans against him, but Orton knows exactly what he’s doing, trying to push Anderson out of power, and knowing he’s got a great case to do so.


Ortons expression suddenly changes, and the fans come alive, with the music of Brock Lesnar filling the St. Petes Time Forum. Ortons eyebrows narrow, and a look of concern is etched on the champions face, as he moves to the ropes, expecting the appearance of Brock Lesnar … and the fans BOOM as LESNAR SLIPS IN FROM THE BACK OF THE RING!!!

Lesnar waits, as Orton continues to look up the ramp, expecting Lesnar to come walking out … but eventually looks around … and into the path of Lesnar … WHO SCOOPS HIM UP … F5!!!

The fans go BERSERK as Lesnar drills the WWE Champion!!! The Iron Man rolls back out of the ring, making a beeline for the timekeepers table, grabbing a steel chair, and takes it back into the ring, opening it up, and sitting it over the throat of Orton, sitting down on it, trapping the champion!!! Lesnar, now with the microphone Orton was using, looks down at Orton, slapping him to bring him around, before speaking.

Brock Lesnar: Orton, don’t for a second be thinking I needed to attack you from behind … but I just knew if I came charging down that ramp, you’d hightail it outta here before I could even get close.

Orton tries to struggle free, choking from the chair squeezing down on his throat, but Lesnar shows no compassion.

Brock Lesnar: I got one question Orton, and I want the truth … did he set it up??

Orton chokes, grimacing, struggling to breath.

Brock Lesnar: DID HE DO IT!!!???

Lesnar puts the mic to Ortons mouth, wanting an answer, as Orton manages to get a few words out.

Randy Orton: Whh- *COUGH* Wh- what??

The champion continues to choke.


Orton kicks his legs, really struggling to breathe now.

Brock Lesnar: YES OR NO???? DID HE SET IT UP????

Orton, unable to speak, seems to nod, as if to say yes. Lesnar notices, and stands up, lifting the chair, and chucking it away, before kneeling down, with Orton turning over, gasping for air.

Brock Lesnar: I want to hear it. Did Triple H set it up?? Did he plant the sledgehammer?? Did he tell you to use it??

Orton, on his knees, still struggling to breathe, nods again.

Brock Lesnar: SAY IT!!!!

Sighing, Orton looks away, before coughing again. He then turns to the mic, and up at Lesnar.

Randy Orton: YES!!!

Orton, looking castrated after being humiliated by Lesnar, looks away after admitting, whilst Lesnar looks ready to explode.

Lesnar lifts the mic to his mouth, looking toward the hard camera.

Brock Lesnar: Obviously, you didn’t get enough at WrestleMania. HUNTER!! COME OUTTA THE HOLE YOU’RE HIDIN IN, AND FACE MY LIKE A MAN!!!!

Pop from the fans.

Brock Lesnar: YOU WANNA END THIS??? SO DO I!!!!

The fans pop again, with some trying to start a ‘LESNAR’ chant.


Lesnar throws the mic down, and takes a look down at Orton, who is still trying to catch his breath, as Brock exit’s the ring.


Michael Cole: Brock Lesnar has thrown down the gauntlet!!! Triple H WAS behind the sledgehammer at Judgment Day, and now, Brock Lesnar wants revenge in the worst possible way.

Joey Styles: The Cerebral Assassin may well regret the day he hatched the plan to screw Brock Lesnar out of the WWE title.

Tazz: Guys, Brock Lesnar is on the warpath … God help the next guy to get in his way.

Michael Cole: Well Randy Orton cant count himself lucky, but later tonight, he’ll find out who will be his next challenger. Can Edge get himself another crack at the WWE Title?? Or will Batista earn the shot to face his former Evolution team mate?? We’ll find out, later tonight.

We see Lesnar storm out, past the curtain, whilst in the ring, Orton tries to collect himself, as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Backstage, we return and see the United States Champion, Paul London, walking through the backstage area, being congratulated by random workers. London continues to walk, smiling at well wishers etc, before hearing a voice.

Voice: Paul London, as I live and breathe.

London looks around … and it’s BRIAN KENDRICK. The Cruiserweight Champion grins at London, and approaches him.

Brian Kendrick: It’s good to see that you’ve managed to carve out a career for yourself. I was worried you might’ve faded into the background, y’know?? Kinda in my shadow.

Kendrick motions to the CW title on his shoulder. London looks a little awkward, and shrugs, taking the comment as a ‘congratulations’ - a pretty poor one at that.

Paul London: Uh, thanks??


Brian Kendrick: Hey- you don’t have to thank me, bud. As much as an inspiration I know I’ve been to you, don’t be feelin like you’ve gotta dedicate your win to me.

Awkward silence, with Kendrick seemingly expecting London to say he will dedicate his win to him.

Brian Kendrick: In a way, I’m kinda glad you decided to take yourself away from the Cruiserweight division, Paul. At least this way, you can still have some level of success.

Gobsmacked, London is speechless, as Kendrick puts a hand up to correct himself, laughing.

Brian Kendrick: I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant, well, at the minute, I’m on fire. I’m pretty much untouchable at the minute, and I wouldn’t want you to be jealous of my success, y’know?? I mean, my other home boy, Chavito?? My success has driven us apart, due to his jealousy.

London nods, not bothering to argue with the ego-driven Kendrick.

Brian Kendrick: But hey, I’m not ready to turn my back on the guy just yet. He’s got a match later, and I’m gonna show him my support. And yo, if you ever need some advice, or help, I’m a phone call away, bro.

The U.S Champ scratches his head.

Paul London: Well … yeah … I kinda tried that last month when I needed a tag team partner, remember??

Brian Kendrick: Yeah, and I was there for ya, right??

Paul London: Uh, not really. Ya blew me off.

The CW Champ laughs, waving a hand at London.

Brian Kendrick: Oh Paul, you an’ your goofy jokes. That’s what I love about you bro.

Kendrick ruffles Londons hair, like London was a little kid.

Brian Kendrick: Anyway, I cant stop and chat like this, (London mouths; ‘You stopped to talk to me’) the Cruiserweight Champ is a busy guy. But I can handle it. Hey, maybe you should watch out. Double gold would look good on me.

London slowly nods, taken aback by the brazen attitude of Kendrick. It’s another awkward silence between the pair, before Kendrick bursts out laughing.

Brian Kendrick: Ahhh, your face dude!!! Nah, don’t you worry Paul, I’ll let ya have your glory. Keep in touch, bud.

Kendrick then walks on, strutting down the hallway, whilst Paul London simply shakes his head, wondering just what has become of his former friend.

And backstage, we see Kristal Marshall standing by, flanked by Brent Albright and Charlie Haas.

Kristal Marshall: Gentlemen, in just a few moments time, you will team together to face Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy. But Brent, after seven months as the United States Champion, how has the loss you suffered to Paul London this past Sunday at Judgment Day affected you mentally??

Albright, deadly serious, takes a few moments to respond.

Brent Albright: They say “All good things must come to an end”. I don’t like that saying though. Why must all good things come to an end?? Hmm?? It took me a few days to realise Kristal, but I’ve worked it out. Y’see as good as it was to be the U.S Champion for seven months, at the end of the day, being United States Champion is not the be all, end all for Brent Albright. No, no, no. Losing the U.S title has helped me realise that I can go even further.

Albright raises his hands.

Brent Albright: This aint a knock on Paul London either. That kid fought the fight of his life at Judgment Day, and on the night, he got the better of me. On another night, in a different town … it could’ve been oh so different. But I’m not one to dwell on the past. Me?? Like Charlie here, I prefer to look to the future

Haas nods.

Brent Albright: Sure, being the United States Champion meant everything to me. And one day, chances are, given my talent and ability, I’ll be the U.S Champion once again. But for now, I- WE’VE got a new goal. To become the 2007 King of the Ring.

Heat in the background.

Brent Albright: Y’see, for one of us, becoming King of the Ring opens the doors to all kinds of possibilities. Look at what it did for Steve Austin, Triple H and Kurt Angle … Kristal … it can and it WILL do the same for either Charlie or myself.

Haas smiles, as Brent passes the mic over.

Charlie Haas: You see Kristal, Brent and I have an understanding. We’re the very best in the business. Whether it’s together as a team, or out on our own, we are, as we’ve stated before … The Master Craftsmen.

Haas and Albright smile to each other, and nod in agreement.

Charlie Haas: And the King of the Ring tournament is designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Which in all likelihood Kristal, means that due to the draw, Brent and myself will be meeting in the semi-finals. And, where other friendships would fall by the wayside … ours will simply be put on hold. Brent and I share a common bond, and that bond … is competition. It’ll be an honour for both myself and Brent to compete against one another, the two finest wrestlers - not only on Smackdown - but in the entire WWE.

Albright smiles, agreeing with the sentiment.

Charlie Haas: In just a few moments Kristal, Brent Albright here, is gonna put his U.S title loss behind him, and I‘m gonna remind the audience of just how good I am, when he and I dismantle Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy. Tonight, you’ll see a showcase in excellence. A showcase of wrestling. A showcase … of the Master Craftsmen.

The duo nod at one another, before walking off the set, with Kristal watching on as they leave.

Commercial Break

Match 4:
Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy vs. Brent Albright & Charlie Haas
Despite the outcome being seemingly predictable, Chavo and Crazy are more than a match for the self proclaimed ‘Master Craftsmen’, causing problems with their high flying antics. Chavo even incorporates a little of the ‘Lying, Cheating and Stealing’ of old to try and get one over on Albright and Haas. The heel tandem though are simply too much, and despite the best efforts of Chavo and Crazy, it seems to be simply a matter of time, as Super Crazy is singled out, with Albright and Haas showing no signs of slipping up to allow a hot tag.

And, with Chavo looking to make a desperate tag and take the pressure off his partner … we see the entrance of the WWE Cruiserweight Champion; Brian Kendrick. The fans give his appearance a lot of heat - confirming what they now think of him - as he struts down the aisle, with Guerrero distracted by his presence. Kendrick makes his way to the apron, slamming the mat, trying to urge Super Crazy on, and looking to Chavo, telling him to help his partner.

Guerrero takes umbrage with Kendrick, and shouts at the champion to go away, asking him why he’s even here, with Kendrick replying ‘I’m here to help my friend’, pointing to the struggling Super Crazy, before adding ‘Because you’re not doing a great job of it’. That sets Chavo off, and Guerrero hops off the apron, giving chase to Kendrick, who scarpers back up the aisle, with Chavo warning him off. Meanwhile though, in the ring … BRENT ALBRIGHT APPLIES THE CROWBAR … and with no one to help him break the hold … SUPER CRAZY QUICKLY TAPS!!
Winners: Brent Albright & Charlie Haas @ 06:13

Rebound victory for Brent Albright, as he attempts to pick up steam after his loss at Judgment Day, and he is joined by Charlie Haas who slaps Brents chest, giving him encouragement as they have their arms raised in victory. On the aisle, Chavo has his hands on his head, realising his own issues with Kendrick just cost his partner the match.

Backstage, we see the dishevelled WWE Champion walking through the back, as if looking for someone. Orton then grabs a random worker by the shirt, pinning him up against the wall.

Randy Orton: Where are they?? The rest of the New Wave?? Have you seen them??

The poor guy looks shit scared, quickly shaking his head. Orton slams the wall, letting the worker go, and continues to walk, and sees Josh Mathews, grabbing him from behind and turns him around, grabbing him by the shirt.

Randy Orton: What about you?? You seen Ken, or Nick, or Cade?? Huh??

Josh, taken aback, blurts out his answer quickly.

Josh Mathews: Randy, they left about fifteen minutes ago. They got packed up, and drove off in Dinsmores rental car.

Ortons eyes narrow, working out that they could’ve saved him from being attacked by Brock Lesnar. He lets go of Mathews, before leaning his hands against the wall, and speaks to himself.

Randy Orton: Cowards.

Back into the arena…


To a good ovation, Carlito enters the arena, but he doesn’t look overly jovial…

Michael Cole: While Judgment Day was a night of glory for Paul London, vindication for Randy Orton, and triumph for Hulk Hogan, it was simply a night of frustration for that man, Carlito.

Tazz: Yeah, after waiting so long to get his hands on MVP, Carlito allowed his emotions to get the better of him.

Michael Cole: And whilst he was declared the winner, it was a hollow, disqualification win for the man from the Caribbean.

Tazz: Maybe for his own good too, Cole. Carlito went into Miami looking to get revenge, he wanted to put MVP on the shelf for good on Sunday, make no mistake about it.

Joey Styles: But gentlemen, can we really blame Carlito?? After all, he was facing a guy that not only tried to put him on the shelf, but he severely damaged the knee of Carlitos little brother, Primo. Primo Colon will not be back in a wrestling ring for as much as twelve months. And let me tell ya, I sat down with MVP for a one to one interview after he assaulted Carlito, and the guy showed no remorse - ZERO. That, if anything, would have Carlito desperate for revenge.

Michael Cole: I remember that interview, Joey. Makes me wonder why Jesse Ventura would decide to crowd this announce position, when you had done such a great job with those sit down interviews.

Joey Styles: What’s that supposed to mean??

Michael Cole: You’d done a great job with those candid interviews. That’s what it’s supposed to mean.

Tazz: Hey guys, looks like Carlito has something to say.

Carlito stands in the ring, mic in hand, with the music dying down.

Carlito: M.V.P?? On Sunday, you proved to da entire world how much of a chicken you are. After all your talk, about how you’d put me back on da shelf … da fact you hadda get yourself disqualified to save yourself?? Das pretty pathetic. It’s not even funny man.

Carlito shakes his head.

Carlito: So how about you come to dis ring, Montel?? Why don’ you come down here, and let’s finish dis.

BIG pop, with the fans liking that idea.

Carlito: An’ I jus don’t mean another match … I mean a fight. We’ll fight, wit’ no disqualifications, no count outs … jus’ a fight … to da finish.

Another pop, with Carlito looking DEADLY serious.

Carlito: Because after all das happened?? After what you tried to do to me … an’ what you did to my little brother?? Beating you?? Beating you in a match just isn’t enough now.

The St. Pete Times forum hushes, as Carlito gets highly serious.

Carlito: You say you want to get rid o’ me?? Montel, I mean it. I want you to suffer like my little brother has. I want YOU to go through da type of pain he’s gone through.

Carlito glares into the camera.

Carlito: Dis place aint big enough for da both of us. So let’s finish dis … NOW!!!

Carlito chucks the mic away, and turns his attention to the stage, and after a few minutes of waiting…


Dressed in his ring gear, MVP confidently strides onto the stage. Perhaps a little too confidently for someone that’s about to come face to face with a guy that wants to end his career.

Porter stands halfway down the aisle, and waits for his music to stop, before speaking.

M.V.P: It’s time for you to move on my man. Carlito-

Heat from the fans, as Porter tries to back out of the fight, but Carlito isn’t having it.

Carlito: Naw, naw. You aint backin outta dis. You made dis problem, now I’m gonna finish it.

Pop from the fans. MVP though, cant help but smile.

M.V.P: You might want that, Carlito, but here’s the facts. Number one, you got your match at Judgment Day. You beat me at Judgment Day, albeit from a disqualification.

Carlito looks ready to explode, as MVP tries to weasel out of the challenge.

M.V.P: I’m ready to move on with my life, Carlito. You should be doin the same. As far as I’m concerned, our issue is over.

More heat for the chicken shit approach of MVP.

Carlito: Not where I’m standing.

MVP smiles again, further boiling Carlitos blood.

M.V.P: That’s too bad, my man. Because Carlito, now, my focus is firmly on becoming the King of the Ring.


M.V.P: And maybe, your attention should be going on the King of the Ring too … because I’m sure your first round opponent will be doing the same…


Right on cue, Chris Masters - Carlitos opponent in the opening round of the KOTR tournament - walks out onto the stage. It now becomes apparent as to why MVP was looking so calm when answering Carlitos challenge.

The Masterpiece walks down the aisle, and stands by MVP, flexing his muscles, as Carlito begins to realise he’s in a spot of trouble.

Carlito: Kay. I see dis. An’ I simply don’ care. You wanna bring da big guy wit you?? Be my guest.

Masters and Porter laugh, before both slowly make their way to the apron, climbing on … AND CARLITO LAUNCHES!!! Carlito nails Masters with a forearm, knocking him off the apron initially, whilst MVP comes in, clubbing Carlito from behind … BUT CARLITO CHARGES FORWARD AND DRIVES MVP INTO THE CORNER!!!!!
Carlito lets fly with rights and lefts, hammering Porter in the corner, with MVP covering up, trying to protect himself. But as the beating continues … MASTERS GRIPS CARLITO FROM BEHIND … AND APPLIES THE MASTERLOCK!!!!!

Masters swings Carlito around like a rag doll, as the Puerto Rican tries his utmost to escape - but given that only ONE person has ever done it (Batista) - his odds of doing so are pretty low … and Porter looks on, watching happily as Carlito fades … but suddenly … THE FANS COME ALIVE!!!


Hardy hammers MVP on the canvas, forcing Masters to break the Masterlock, and goes after Jeff, BUT JEFF TAGS MASTERS TOO beating him to the punch … but MVP LOW BLOWS HARDY!!!

Masters then looks to apply the Masterlock on Jeff … BUT CARLITO SAVES HARDY!!! Carlito and Hardy then work together, beating Masters, as MVP slips out of the ring, saving himself. Masters soon joins him though, with the faces chucking The Masterpiece out of the ring!!!

With the fans chanting both faces names, Carlito thanks Jeff for the save, whilst on commentary, Michael Cole wonder out loud if Jeff Hardy has some sort of addiction to poking his nose in other peoples business.
As MVP and Masters regroup on the aisle, we see none other than ARN ANDERSON STEP ONTO THE STAGE!!!

Arn Anderson: Hold it right there!! I’m makin a match, right now. But after everything that’s happened this last week, I cant take the risk of putting MVP in the same ring with you Carlito. So instead, Jeff Hardy … it’ll be you, one on one with M.V.P!!! Get a referee out here!!!

MVP looks set to blow a fuse, not wanting a match tonight at all, but it seems like he has no choice … with Jeff looking ready for it, as we cut to a commercial…

Commercial Break

M.V.P w/Chris Masters vs. Jeff Hardy w/Carlito
The match is joined in progress from the commercial, with MVP beating down Jeff in the corner, and continues the beating, with Jeff soon fighting back, showing the well known grit and heart he’s always had. Just as the tide has shifted into Jeffs favour, Hardy runs off the ropes … AND MASTERS TRIPS HIM!!! That allows MVP to once again take over, with Carlito looking to get his hands on Masters, but his KOTR opponent keeps his distance.

MVP continues to dominate, but is unable to put Jeff away. Porter eventually looks to set up the Drive By kick … BUT HARDY AVOIDS IT!!! AND THE FIGHTBACK BEGINS!!! Jeff springs into life, and brings the fans to their feet too, with MVP now on the backfoot, having to hang on, as Hardy piles on the pressure. MVP blocks an attempt of the Twist of Fate, and then tries to set up the Play of the Day … BUT JEFF COUNTERS OUT … AND DELIVERS THE TWIST OF FATE!!!

Hardy climbs the ropes, with the Swanton Bomb set to follow, but just as he sets himself up … MASTERS JUMPS ONTO THE APRON!!! Jeff is distracted, with the referee quickly trying to remove The Masterpiece … BUT CARLITO PULLS HIM OFF THE APRON!!! Carlito then hammers down Masters, with Masters trying to scramble free, and away from the fiery Puerto Rican … whilst in the ring, MVP jumped to the ropes, buckling Jeff, who falls onto the canvas. Porter quickly follows up, and nails the PLAY OF THE DAY!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: M.V.P @ 06:52

Porter wins the match … AND IMMEDIATELY SCARPERS FROM THE RING … as Carlito scrambles inside, looking for a piece of his foe … but JUST misses him, with MVP stumbling over the barrier, and through the crowd, not wanting any of Carlito tonight.

Michael Cole: Well, MVP has avoided Carlito tonight, but if both men advance in the King of the Ring tournament, they’ll meet in the next round.

Tazz: Yeah, but a match aint what’s on Carlitos mind, Cole. He wants to decimate Porter. That’s the problem.

Joey Styles: You’ve got to wonder, gentlemen, just how does this issue come to a head, between Carlito and MVP??

Tazz: Well, whatever way it ends, I don’t see it ending well.

Michael Cole: The ongoing issue between MVP and Carlito may not end happily, but one issue that came to a head this Sunday that did, was between JBL, and Hulk Hogan. For Hogan, it was that one more match that the fans begged for, and my word, did they get it…


- Clips from Hogans entrance, and the response of the fans for the legendary Hall of Famer.

- Then clips of the early going where JBL pie faced Hogan, and disrespected the legend.

- Hogan quickly rallies, but JBL avoids a quick leg drop.

- JBL then bloodies Hogan, and attacks a (planted) Hogan fan.

- Then, the big comeback; the no sell, the punches, but Hogan misses the boot … and takes a Clothesline from Hell … but survives.

- Hogan then avoids a second Clothesline from Hell, and drops JBL with a big boot, and follows up with the IMMORTAL LEG DROP … 1...2...3!!!

- Clips of Hogans celebrations afterward, as he rides off into the sunset, with an epic final victory.

Joey Styles: An incredible show, gentlemen. Unfortunately, I could only watch from home, but I can only imagine how spectacular it must’ve been to be there.

Tazz: It was a night I’ll never forget, Joe. The last match of The Hulksters career, and what a match it was.

Michael Cole: Indeed, Hulk Hogan may be hanging his boots up for the last time, but there is no doubt that Hulkamania will live on forever, and it showed at Judgment Day. And while he may be conspicuous by his absence this evening, JBL WILL be here next week. And just what could the self made millionaire have to say, after being beaten at Judgment Day five nights ago.

Tazz: That one oughta be explosive, Cole.

Michael Cole: It always is with JBL, Tazz.

Joey Styles: And we have also just received word that next week, it’s rematch time. WWE Tag Team titles will be on the line; Booker T and Elijah Burke have earned the rematch, and they get AMW once again, next week on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: But coming up next, it’s our hotly anticipated main event. It’s Batista and Edge, Number One Contender spot up for grabs. Join us when we come back!!!

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, with Michael Cole seemingly thinking they still arent on the air…

Michael Cole: Hey Joey, we’re gonna have to work something out here, I’m not comfortable with this three man team. You keep talking over me, or speaking before I can-


Cole suddenly twigs we’re back, as Batistas music plays through the arena.

Michael Cole: We are back on Friday Night Smackdown, and it is time for our main event!!!

Joey Style: Either this man Batista, or the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, Edge, is gonna book a shot at Randy Orton, next week in Salt Lake City. Two championships on the line next week on S-

Michael Cole: And the King of the Ring tournament continues too, as MVP and Chavo Guerrero meet, whilst Carlito and Chris Masters are gonna collide too.

Tazz: Another big night next week, guys.

Batista lets off his pyro, but almost to the second he finishes up … EDGE ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND!!!

The commentary team are in uproar, as Edge jumps the gun, and hammers Batista down the aisle, with The Animal stumbling down to the ring. Edge slams his opponents head off the apron, and clubs the back senselessly, before rolling the big man into the ring, kick starting the main event…

Edge vs. Batista
The Rated ‘R’ Superstar is all over Batista, hammering away at The Animal, pounding at his back, then stomping him, once Batista is on the canvas. Edge chokes him with his boot, before being hauled away by the referee, with the official warning Edge he CAN be disqualified. Edge pushes past, and drags the dazed Batista to his feet in the corner, continuing to beat him up, and chokes him using the ropes, before being dragged away by the referee once more.

Edge argues with the referee again, before turning his attention back to Big Dave, and as he approaches - BATISTA COMES ALIVE!!! The Animal grabs Edge, and turns the tables, throwing Edge into the corner, AND UNLEASHES HIS PENT UP FURY ON EDGE!!! The Animal unloads on Edge, with right hands and left hands to the head and body, followed by knees to the mid section, with the referee now having to step in and stop Batista, forcing a break.

The Animal walks around the ring, roaring to the fans, before looking to charge in on his opponent … BUT EDGE HOPS OUT OF THE RING!!! Batista stops short, and looks furious, as Edge decides to take a walk, avoiding the prowling Animal. Edge walks around the ring, before climbing back onto the apron, ordering that the referee makes sure Batista keeps his distance. Cautiously, Edge climbs back in, but ducks between the ropes, as The Animal approaches again, forcing Batista to keep his distance again, much to the chagrin of Batista, and the fans.

Edge argues with the referee, taking his eyes off The Animal, and is costs him, as Dave plants him with a boot, sending Edge tumbling out of the ring!! Batista then climbs out, and hops off the apron with an axe handle, knocking Edge back down, before following up with a suplex on the paper thin mats!!! Continuing the punishment, the big man rams Edge into the apron, before rolling him back inside the ring. Big Dave then looks to follow inside himself, but as he climbs onto the apron … Edge scores with a basement dropkick, taking the legs from Batista, and THE ANIMAL SLIPS OFF THE APRON!!

The tables turn now, with Edge rolling out, and rams Batistas head off the steel steps, then whips him - back first - into the steps, causing The Animal to grimace in pain holding his back. Edge then climbs back inside, imploring the official to make the count, and it reaches six, before Batista begins to try and climb back in, with Edge pulling at his hair, wanting to win by ANY means. The Animal attempts to get in, but as he is halfway through the ropes … EDGE SCORES WITH A RUNNING BOOT TO THE SKULL!!! The Animal tumbles into the ring, and the cover is made quickly, 1...2...NO!!!

Edge takes over, wearing down The Animal, scoring a succession of near falls, but still, he cant finish the match, with Batista proving his toughness. Unable to put his opponent away, the cracks begin to show with Edge; arguing with the official, pulling at his hair, pounding the mat in frustration. The signs are there, and Edge is losing his cool. He drags Batista up, and sends him into the corner, before racing in after him … BUT BATISTA PUTS UP AN ELBOW!!! Edge is stopped in his tracks, and wheels away, as Batista comes back, stalking down Edge, ramming his head off the turnbuckle, then whips him across the ring - WITH SO MUCH VELOCITY THAT EDGE HIT’S THE CANVAS UPON IMPACT!!!

Edge lies on the canvas, as Batista gets fired up, ready for a comeback. The Animal scrapes Edge off the canvas, and sends him off the ropes, scooping him on the return, and drops him with a sidewalk slam!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!! Edge survives, and the match continues. But it’s Batista in the ascendancy, and he watches as Edge tries to crawl out of the ring, before climbing out himself, stopping Edge at the apron, and delivers an elbow on his laid down opponent.

Batista climbs back in, and stalks Edge into the corner, driving his shoulder into the gut of the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, over and over, before dragging Edge out of the corner, throwing him onto his shoulder like a rag doll, setting up for a running power slam … BUT EDGE SLIPS OFF THE BACK … AND NAILS THE BUZZ KILLER!!! Edge hooks the legs, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Edge cant believe it!!! His eyes pop open wide, as he shakes his head, pulling at his hair again, before slamming the mat as he gets to his feet.

Edge then climbs the buckles, and sets himself, waiting for Batista to get up … AND LAUNCHES HIMSELF AT THE ANIMAL WITH A CROSS BODY … BUT IS CAUGHT … AND POWERSLAMMED!!! Second time lucky for Batista, who makes the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Batista pounds the mat, showing his own frustrations, as Edge refuses to stay down. The Animal climbs to his feet, and pushes himself up in the corner, taking an unusual risk … perching up top, as Edge gets to his feet … AND BATISTA FLIES WITH A SHOULDER BLOCK OFF THE TOP!!! The fans come alive, thanks to the big high flying risk of the big man, who makes another cover, 1...2...NO!!! Still though, it’s not enough to put Edge away, and earn a shot at the title next week!!

The Animal reaches his feet once again, and watches as Edge pulls himself up on the ropes. Batista then charges in, BUT EDGE SUDDENLY COUNTERS - WITH A FLAPJACK, HANGING BATISTA UP ON THE ROPES!!! The Animal staggers away … holding his throat, gasping for air … AS EDGE RACES IN FOR THE SPEAR … BUT BATISTA SIDE STEPS IT!!! Edge comes off the opposite ropes and back toward Batista … RIGHT INTO THE SPINEBUSTER!!!

Batista is quickly back up, and looking fired up … SHAKES THE ROPES!!! The fans know what is coming next, as The Animal gives a thumbs up … THEN DOWN!!! He homes in on Edge, dragging the lifeless Rated ‘R’ Superstar to his feet, throwing him into position FOR THE BATISTA BOMB!!! The Animal gets him up … BUT EDGE COUNTERS AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND WITH A DDT!!!

Both men are down!!! Both stay down, as the official begins a count, getting to five, then six … before Edge drapes an arm over Batista!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Edge instantly rolls off, covering his face with his hands, before pounding the mat in anger again. Edge turns over, and gets himself back to his feet, before taking position in the corner, crouching down … SIGNALLING FOR THE SPEAR!!! Edge now gets the teeth gritted, watching Batista, willing him to his feet … AND LAUNCHES AT HIM FOR A SPEAR … BUT MISSES AGAIN … AND THIS TIME SPEARS THE REFEREE!!!!!

Edge’s eyes bug out again, seeing what’s happened, and looks ready to blow a gasket again, before turning … ducks under a clothesline from Batista … THEN DRILLS BATISTA WITH A LOW BLOW!!! The Animal doubles over, selling the shot to the balls, as Edge takes advantage of the grounded official. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar then sets himself … AND THIS TIME DOES SCORE WITH THE SPEAR ON BATISTA!!!!! Edge though, knows he hasn’t got the match won, with the referee down, and as soon as he hit’s the spear, he rolls out of the ring.

Outside, Edge pushes past the timekeeper and ring announcer, grabbing a steel chair, chucking it into the ring, before grabbing a second, and carrying it inside the ring with him. Edge then places the chair under the head of The Animal, with the commentary team predicting - ominously - what could be coming next from Edge … the one man CONCHAIRTO!! Edge then picks up the other chair … and raises it high … looking to the camera, smiling devilishly … AND SLAMS IT DOWN … BUT BATISTA MOVES!!! CHAIR MEETS CHAIR!!!

Edge staggers away, letting one hand go from the chair, as The Animal gets to his feet … AND RIPS THE CHAIR FROM EDGES GRASP!!! Edge’s expression turns, as he backs into the corner, showing total fear of The Animal, cowering in the corner, begging for mercy, as Batista laughs … THEN TURNS SERIOUS!!! The Animal shakes his head at Edge, THEN WEARS HIM OUT WITH THE CHAIR!!! Edge gets nailed across the back, time and time again, before Big Dave targets the ribs, jabbing the chair into the mid section, before wearing it out on the legs and then the back again!!! Edge is out, after the blistering attack, as Batista chucks the chair out of the ring, before kicking the other out with it, and grabs the dazed official, throwing him to the middle of the ring, then hooks the leg of Edge, and the count is made … 1.…..2.…..3!!!!!!
Winner: Batista @ 14:39

Michael Cole: BATISTA WINS!!! The Animal will get his shot at the WWE Champion NEXT WEEK ON SMACKDOWN!!!

Tazz: Evolution relived next week, Cole!! Batista and Orton, tearing it up, I cant wait!!

Joey Styles: And Edge can have no complaints - he introduced the chair, he tried to cut all the corners, but still, Batista won, and The Animal has his date with destiny, next week on Smackdown!!

Batista continues to celebrate, as the beaten Edge rolls out of the ring, holding his ribs, doubling over, staggering up the aisle, shaking his head - now at the BACK of the line when it comes to a shot at the WWE Championship!!!


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