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Re: WWE: A New Dawn


JR: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Monday Night Raw!

Before JR can add any more “Longhorn” plays and JBL struts out doing the two step. The crowd cheers for the General Manager as he walks down the aisle smiling. As he steps into the middle of the ring with a microphone the crowd cheers with anticipation for what he has to say.

Matt Striker: It looks like our illustrious General Manager has something important to say!

JBL: Good evening, how are we feeling tonight?

The crowd cheers in a sign that they are feeling fine!

JBL: Good to hear, let me tell you that you are in for a hell’uva show tonight! Tonight the Animal Dave Batista will be taking on the World’s Largest Athlete the Big Show! Not only that, but the main event will be…

Before JBL can finish this thought the opening strains of “Broken Dreams”, Drew McIntyre’s theme fill the arena. Along with the song the crowd begins booing loudly as Drew McIntyre takes his time walking out before eventfully striding out microphone in hand and a smug look in his face. He stands at the top of the arena surveying the crowd before beginning to talk. But as he goes to talk the boos overwhelm him so he takes his time in waiting to talk.

Drew McIntyre: You better stop right there JBL. The next words out of your mouth better be “Drew McIntyre will be getting a title shot against John Cena”. If not you’re going to be in a whole world of trouble. You see Vince McMahon wants me to be a World Champion and if you stand in my way he won’t be very happy.

JBL: Now I’m all about making people happy, whether it’s Vince McMahon or the WWE Universe.

The “WWE Universe” pops at the cheap reference.

JBL: So I’ll tell you what Drew, tonight I will give you a match with John Cena but it won’t be for the WWE Championship.

Drew McIntyre: You know what? That doesn’t even matter you see after I annihilate John Cena tonight I will go on to win the title at some point this year that is a guarantee. John Cena is nothing but a stepping stone.

The crowd boos at their hero being belittled in such a way.

Drew McIntyre: Tonight will prove to every single one of you that Drew McIntyre is a Main Eventer, no-one is safe from me. Nothing or no-one will stand in my way be it Triple H, John Cena or The Undertaker.

JBL: I’m glad you mentioned The Undertaker Drew, you see after that little stunt you pulled last week The Undertaker came to me and demanded a match with you. And y’know what? I made that match Drew. So this Sunday at Unified you’ll be going one-on-one with The Undertaker!

The crowd cheers as it seem like Drew McIntyre will be getting his just desserts not only by having to face John Cena tonight but The Undertaker at Unified! Drew’s face drains of all colour as he realizes what faces him at Unified.

Matt Striker: Well it looks like Drew’s got the biggest week of his life, not only will he be taking on John Cena tonight but at our brand new PPV Unified he will be facing the Phenom the Undertaker!

JR: Unified is sure to be a slobberknocker that’s for sure. But tonight’s Raw as well is gonna be a good one. Be sure to re-join us after this commercial break for what’s sure to be a great match the Motor City Machine Guns and Evan Bourne will be challenging The Hart Dynasty and Dolph Ziggler!


“I Am Perfection” Dolph Ziggler walks out arm and arm with Vickie Guerrero. Some parts of the audience begin to boo but it does seem mostly aimed at the heat magnet Vickie. Dolph however takes it in as if the heat is aimed at him.

JR: I like this young man, mean streak a mile wide and a highly athletic background from Kent State University.

Matt Striker: Indeed, one of the young bright stars here in the WWE.

“New Foundation” plays and some portions of the crowd boo. Natalya, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd stride out with their Tag Team Championships draped around them. They confidently walk to the ring ignoring some fans pleas for hi-fives.

Matt Striker: Well these two young gentlemen could also have a huge future in the WWE. And how can you forget the gorgeous daughter of the Anvil Jim Neidhart, Natalya!

“Motorcity” plays and The Motor City Machine Guns step out to a great reaction. After getting about halfway down the ramp the Guns point back to the ramp and Evan Bourne comes running out and get’s a great cheer.

JR: Three of the very best hi-fliers in the business toady right here in this very ring tonight which guarantees excitement, adrenaline and high risk.

Matt Striker: That’s right Jim and with the Guns having a tag team title match against the Hart Dynasty what better way to build momentum than with a victory over their opponents tonight?

JR: Exactly Matt.

The match begins with Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd in the ring, both men exchange holds for a few moments with Tyson Kidd displaying his Dungeon training an getting the upper hand. Tyson let’s Evan free and Evan comes back at him but Tyson easily manages to get him in a headlock before dragging him over to his corner and tagging in David Hart Smith. DH lands big clubbing forearms on Evan knocking him clean off his feet, on the apron Dolph Ziggler can be heard screaming to be let in so the big man tags him in and Dolph goes straight to work on Evan laying in kick after kick. Dolph goes for a cover but Evan get’s out before one. Dolph pulls Evan to his feet but Evan somehow manages to hit an enziguri! With both men lying in the middle of the ring crawling towards their corners the crowd becomes louder and louder. Dolph manages to tag in DH Smith who gets to Evan before he can get to either Machine Gun.

After a couple minutes of DH dominating Evan get’s whipped into a corner, DH runs into the turnbuckle with a big running splash on his mind but Evan manages to get out of the way! As DH falls backwards into the middle of the ring Evan crawls inch by inch towards the Guns, finally after what seems like an enternity he tags in Alex Shelly and both members come flying in and Alex locks in his inverted STF whilst Sabin runs off the ropes and hits a beautiful low dropkick. Shelly pins him but Ziggler breaks up the 3-count and DH manages to tag in Tyson before rolling to the outside.

Shelly tags in Sabin who stands on the top rope and hits Tyson with a springboard dropkick whilst Alex slams him down face first in a reverse STO. At this point Evan Bourne Is stood next to the turnbuckle begging for a tag, it looks like he wants in to hit his Shooting Star Press! Alex lets him have it his way and tags him in, the crowd can sense it coming as Evan climbs up to the top rope and executes a beatuifil Sooting Star Press but at the last second Tyson manages to roll out of the way to tag in Dolph Ziggler! At the same time DH Smith runs over to The Guns’ corner and catches them with a huge clothsline! As both men tumble to the floor DH follows them laying big shots to them. At the same time as all this Dolph hits Evan with the Zig-Zag! 1-2-3 it’s over.

[center]Winners: The Hart Dynasty & Dolph Ziggler (12:16)

JR: A brilliant match from all six of these highly gifted young athletes tonight and with momentum on the Hart Dynasty’s side can the Machine Guns win the titles at Unified?

Matt Striker: Good question JR and the only way to find out is to tune into WWE Unified live this Sunday only on PPV! Stay with us as up next it’s action from the smart, sexy and powerful WWE Divas with Melina & Beth Phoenix teaming up to take on Michelle McCool and Maryse!


The opening screeches of ‘Paparazzi’ play and the crowd gave Melina her usual big pop, which increased when Beth Phoenix appeared along with her at the top of the red carpet. The two of them walked down to the ring together, waving and smiling at fans along the way.

J.R.: Well folks, get set for tag team action here, featuring Melina and Beth Phoenix.

Matt Striker: Yes, two of the most beautiful divas take on two of the most devilish. The Glamazon has not appeared on Raw since her defeat in the number one contender‘s match to Melina. Tonight, the two of them team up to take on Women‘s Champion Michelle McCool and the sneaky, manipulative Maryse.

Beth Phoenix takes a few steps back at the top of the ramp and Melina performs her typical splits entrance. She then points at Beth, who slides into the ring and performs her glamazon pose on the top turnbuckle.

J.R.: Wow, will you look at that. But yes, Beth Phoenix is often a big player in the divas division but she seems to have taken a back seat at the moment, so I‘m sure she‘s looking to impress here tonight.

“Not Enough For Me” plays but Michelle McCool enters to good heat for a diva, but lessened due to her embarrassment last week at the hands of Lita. She remains defiant though, and enters with the French Beauty, Maryse, increasing her heat slightly due to the hate towards Maryse from female fans. The two of them don’t seem in unison, with Maryse ignoring McCool and walking past her towards the ring whilst McCool stops to taunt the fans regularly.

Matt Striker: Last week saw the surprising return of Lita to the WWE, and she made sure to show both Melina and Michelle McCool that she wasn’t on anybody’s side.

As Maryse and McCool were getting into the ring, a recap of Melina announcing Lita and her hitting Twist Of Fates on both the champion and the competitor is shown.

J.R. Lita I’m afraid won’t be competing tonight, but I’m sure we’ll see some great action from these four divas.

McCool starts off the match with Beth, both operating a relatively simple diva style, with McCool often applying her body scissors hold and using repeated knee drops to afflict maximum damage on her opponent. She attempts to capitalise on this strength but Beth fights back, repeatedly striking McCool’s face. She then picks up Michelle and performs a backbreaker on her before making the hot tag to Melina, causing the crowd to cheer.

Melina knocks McCool to the ground and hypes the crowd up, hitting a number of fast-paced technical moves, keen to prove herself worthy of her number one contenders spot. She is undone however when she attempts to hit a double knee to the back of McCool when she was hung in the ropes, but McCool manages to roll away leaving Melina hung up on the middle rope. Maryse then kicks Melina hard in the face while the referee is distracted, much to the anger of the crowd. McCool then tags in the French beauty.

Maryse then works some hellish offence, choking Melina’s neck in the ropes with her leg, before performing a hair pull slam. She applies a fierce camel clutch which takes Melina a good length of time to break, and is only ended when Maryse slams Melina’s face off the mat. Repeated stomps and punches keep Melina grounded. When she stages a brief fight back, she manages to catch Melina with a fierce kick to the gut when Melina attempted to shoulder charge Maryse. However, Maryse then attempts to clothesline Melina, but this time the a-list diva ducks under it and catches Maryse with a rollup, and manages to score the win!

Winners: Melina and Beth Phoenix (05:15)

Melina celebrates her win as the referee holds her hand up. Maryse rolls out the ring but Michelle eyes her Unified opponent with contempt and attempts to attack her from behind. However, Beth sees this and takes down McCool, slamming her head off the mat. She then picks up McCool and throws her out of the ring.

Matt Striker: Wow! The humiliation of Michelle McCool continues! She cannot be happy about that!

J.R.: Well, that was just a preview of the kind of animosity that you are going to see explode this Sunday at WWE Unified!

Matt Striker: Indeed it is my esteemed colleague. This weekend we have the always exciting Motor City Machine Guns facing off against the calculating and vicious Hart Dynasty for the WWE Tag Team Championships!

J.R.: As well as that, as we just saw, Melina will take on Michelle McCool for the Women’s Championship, and for that match the special guest referee will be none other than Lita!

Matt Striker: Then, CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society take on Rey Mysterio. If Rey wins, the Society disbands, but if Punk wins then Rey must take the pledge, and join Straight Edge under Punk.

J.R.: And also, for the brand new Television Championship, Sheamus, takes on Matt Hardy and Captain Charisma himself, the one and only Christian!

Matt Striker: Then, in one of the biggest matchups we’ve seen in a good long time, the legend, the phenom, The Undertaker himself, takes on one of the fastest rising, most brutal superstars to enter the WWE in this millennia, the one and only Drew Mcintyre.

J.R.: and finally, in our main event of the evening, for the Unified WWE Championship, The World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho takes on the WWE Champion John Cena. Only one champion will remain. Coming up next though, an episode of The Peep Show, with some special guests!

A promo for Unified is then shown, featuring majoritively build-up to Jericho vs. Cena and McIntyre vs. Undertaker.

Matt Striker: Welcome back to Monday night Raw and welcome to the Peep show.

J.R: We now join Captain Charisma in the ring as he is about to announce his guest.

The camera focuses on Christian who is wearing casual clothes on the set of the Peep show set up in the ring.

Christian: Welcome peeps of all ages to the peep show with me Captain Charisma, Christian. Today I will be discussing WWE Unified and the new Television Championship and who better to guest host the Peep show than my opponent at WWE unified, Matt Hardy!

‘Live For The Moment’ plays and Matt Hardy enters to a good response wearing jeans and a t-shirt. He gave fans high fives on his approach to the ring, entered shacked hands with Christian and they both sat down.

Christian: Matt, welcome to the peep show.

Matt Hardy: Thank you, it’s always great to you talk to you Christian.

Christian: You’re welcome Matt, it’s an honour to have my opponent for the television championship on the show, talking about the television championship what is your thoughts about the new title?

Matt Hardy: I think it’s a great idea to introduce a new championship and it’s a great opportunity for us both to be the first champion.

Christian: That it is Matt, what about the Intercontinental Championship? How do you feel about it’s departure?

Matt Hardy: I am disappointed at it’s sudden departure but things are changing in this company and I feel this Television championship is part of that change and is a good thing.

Christian: I couldn’t agree more...

‘Written In My Face’ interrupts the action in the ring and there is massive heat for Sheamus as he enters wearing his Celtic warrior t-shirt. He strolls down to the ring with a smug look on his face. This changes however when he reaches the ring, he stares at Matt and Christian with a look of angry. He asks and receives a microphone from a WWE ringside employee.

Sheamus: What are you two blabbering on about?

Christian: Well...

Sheamus: Shut up you, why is this rather large waste of space the guest host of you’re show. I’m going to be the first television at WWE unified, I should be getting screen time not you two has beens. How long have you guys been is this company? Five, ten, fifth teen years? And how many world championships have you amounted to in this time?

Matt Hardy: If you...

Sheamus: Keep your mouth shut “Lardy!” I am the only man here worthy of the Television championship, you two aren’t good enough to lace my boots.

Christian: Well, as you are in the championship match why don’t you join us?

Sheamus’ look returns to being smug as he enters the ring and sits down next to Hardy. Who is enraged by Sheamus’ comments but is restraining himself.

Christian: So Sheamus how to you feel about the new Championship?

Sheamus: Well to begin with I’m glad to see the back of the Intercontinental Championship, I mean who would want that title, to lower themselves that bad. I mean past champions include the Honky Tonk Man, Goldust, The Mountie, Santino Marrella, Jeff Hardy and yourself Christian. Who would want want to join that list? Well not this fella.

Sheamus smiles as he is obviously pleased with himself, Matt and Christian both stand up infuriated by Sheamus’ comments. Sheamus gets to his feet.

Sheamus: Calm down there, don’t get out of breath Matt. It’s ok nobody is to receive that “Championship” again, we have the new Television championship which I shall bring honour and a bit of prestige to as the first Champion.

Matt charges towards Sheamus but misses with a clothesline, Sheamus however hits a Brogue kick on Christian sending him to the floor. As he turns round Hardy locks in for a Twist of Fate and connects. Hardy is left standing with Sheamus and Christian left on the mat. Hardy’s music is played.

Matt Striker: Woah! High drama here over the television championship!

J.R.: Matt Hardy has all the momentum going into the match this Sunday, hitting the Twist Of Fate on Sheamus, an ex-WWE Champion, someone who people previously thought was the favourite!

Matt Hardy makes the V1 sign to the crowd, who return it eagerly as the camera fades to black.


‘I Walk Alone’ plays and the crowd suddenly begin to boo as the ex-WWE Champion Batista emerges at the top of the ramp. He smirks and snarls at the fans as he walks down to the ring, showing no respect for his audience whatsoever.

J.R.: Well this man is a bully, no doubt about it.

Matt Striker: I think I have to agree with you here. Some say Batista hasn’t been the same since losing the WWE Championship to John Cena at Wrestlemania. He’s been more desperate, more petty than we’ve ever seen before from The Animal.

Despite wearing his ring gear, Batista surprisingly grabs a microphone when he steps into the ring. He walks into the center of the ring and eyes the crowd with disdain as his music faded out.

Batista: Last week, I delivered a message to Lucky Cannon. It seems like that little punk doesn’t get the idea yet. He doesn’t belong in the WWE. He doesn’t belong in the same league as me. I know he has a match tonight against The Miz. Well, I’ve got a little offer for him. If he beats The Miz tonight, he can be on a WWE pay-per-view. Against me. And after that, wether he belongs or not, I’m sure he’ll be too scared to step into a WWE ring ever again. But as for me, I have a match tonight too. Lucky Cannon has been in this company for what, three weeks? Well my opponent has been here for over 10 years. So Lucky, if you think you can beat me junior, look what I do to this guy.

Batista then puts down the microphone and rolls his shoulders, warming up for his match and waiting for his opponent.

‘Crank It Up’ roars through the arena. The crowd figured if anyone could beat Batista, it’d be The Big Show. Thus, they gave Show a big reception as he came out, smiling and fist pumping. He hyped himself up then made his way to the ring, high-fiving some younger fans as he went.

Matt Striker: I think Batista is going to have to eat his words pretty soon. He knew he was having a match with The Big Show, but I still don’t think you can truly comprehend what a challenge that is until you step into the ring with the big man, and I guess Batista is about to regret his actions when that happens.

J.R.: Yep, there’s not much that can stop The Big Show. I know last week on Superstars he punched a steel chair into the face of The Miz, causing a disqualification. This week, I’m sure he wants a clean pinfall to get back some of that momentum.

Big Show climbs over the top rope and steps into the ring, squaring off with Batista. The referee looks at both of them then rings the bell.

This is a match between two powerhouses. It starts off fairly equal, with the two of them locking up and being forced into the corners to be broken up multiple times. Big Show is caught off guard however when he manages to knock Batista off his feet and poses for the crowd, only to be Speared to the ground by an enraged animal. Batista then works on the weakest point of The Big Show, his ankles. Repeatedly slamming them off the turnbuckle from the outside and stomping them repeatedly.

However, Big Show has a lot of courage and toughens up, stumbling to his feet. He then works his usual big man style, trying to gain a comeback on Batista. He swats away attempted shoulder blocks, throws Batista into the corner, and even grips his throat, attempting a choke slam, before Batista sneakily rakes Big Show’s eyes and rolls out the ring. Shocked, he paces slowly outside as the show goes to commercial.

When the show returns Batista has Big Show in a headlock, repeatedly beating down Big Show’s attempts to gain the upper hand. Eventually, he knocks Big Show down with a big knee to the face. He then performs his thumbs down gesture, to the ire of the crowd. When Show slowly gets to his feet, he is met by a second brutal spear from Batista, covering The World’s Largest Athlete for the three-count.

Winner: Batista (05:02)

Batista rolls out the ring and holds up his arms in celebration as the show cuts away.

A promotion package is held for Unified, showing a very brief recap of Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk, Drew Mcintyre vs. Undertaker and John Cena vs. Chris Jericho.

The cameras cut backstage to JBL’s office, JBL and Edge are sat in the office watching the end of Batista and Big show’s match up. They are both seen smirking and laughing at the match.

Edge: Are these guys serious? Do they still think they have a place in this company?

JBL: Yeah, an overweight giant and an animal with more abs than brain cells.
Edge: Why were these guys WWE champions? What a waste of a reign that I should have been given.

JBL: Don’t worry with a talented GM like myself guys like this will never receive any gold, unlike you who is destined for the top.

Edge: About that, When I’m I....

Josh Mathews enters JBL’s office, looking nervously at the two superstars in the room with his microphone close to his chest.

Josh Matthews: JBL, Edge, If you wouldn’t mind I would like to ask....

JBL: Woah, don’t you have no manners son? You don’t just walk into the Gm’s office, especially not my
office. Why don’t you step outside and rethink your actions.

Josh Mathews walked outside the office, knocked on the door and entered again.

JBL: We’re busy, get out of my office!

Josh Matthews: well I, emm.

Edge: On your bike squire.

Josh Mathews looked embarrassed and walked out of the room.

Edge: Hahaha what a loser.

JBL: Yeah, the people this company hires these days.


As Raw returns from the commercial break Lucky Cannon is stood in the middle of the ring. When Justin Roberts announces his name there’s a lukewarm reception for Lucky. He does the generic fist pump and smile then turns round to face the entrance ramp. “I Came to Play.” Out steps the Awesome One himself The Miz, as he struts down the aisle the crowd boo modestly. Miz, lapping it up, continues to the ring coming face to face with Lucky.

JR: Two more of the young talents in the WWE with a bright, bright future in this industry.

Matt Striker: Without a doubt, The Miz is one of the hottest talents around today and Lucky Cannon is destined for greatness without a doubt.

JR: He’s had his run-in’s with Batista these past few weeks. Let’s see if that helps or hinders him tonight against the former U.S Champion.

Matt Striker: But of course, that’s not all! This match is doubly important, as if Lucky Cannon does manage to defeat The Miz, he gets to face his nemesis Batista at Unified next Sunday!

Both men circle around each other as the bell sounds. The Miz connects with a few right hands before shooting Lucky off the ropes looking for a big clothsline, Lucky ducks it and comes off the other ropes and catches Miz with a flying clothesline as he stumbles to his feet Lucky is waiting behind him and executes a beautiful back suplex and goes for a cover. 1 and a kickout from Miz. Lucky then climbs to the top rope and lets out a scream before going for a diving cross body. Miz manages to duck out of the way. As Lucky gets back to his feet Miz catches him with a schoolboy! 1-2 but Lucky just manages to kick out!

Miz then catches Lucky with Russian leg sweep and goes into a cover, 1 and a kickout. Miz getting a little frustrated starts laying in kicks to a grounded Lucky, He then picks him up and delivers big punches to Lucky’s mid-section before whipping him into the corner and following up with his leaping corner clothesline. Lucky stumbles into the center of the ring and Miz hits a huge bulldog and goes for a cover. 1-2- nearfall! Miz starts yelling at the referee that it was 3.

After picking up Lucky Miz then whips Lucky into another corner this time chest first. As Lucky comes back to the center Miz tries to lock in the Skull Crushing Finale but Lucky delivers a few elbows to Miz’s head before hitting a lovely DDT. With both men on the canvas some members of the crowd urge Lucky on to make the cover finally he get’s an arm across The Miz 1-2 nearfall! Lucky now building from the crowd picks up The Miz and places him in a fireman's carry then executes a perfect TKO! 1-2-3

Winner: Lucky Cannon (6:23)

JR: Lucky Cannon picks up an impressive win over The Miz tonight hitting him with that impressive TKO.

Matt Striker: It seems that Lucky has been able to put that nasty business with Batista behind him and move on. Coming up now, a very special interview with next Sunday‘s special referee!

The camera fades in to show the chirpy Maria Kanellis backstage holding a microphone and staring into the camera.

Maria Kanellis: I’d like to say it’s great to be back here in the WWE doing what I love, and now, I’d like to welcome my guest at this time, another woman returning here to Raw, Lita!

Lita walks in to view and casually smiles at Maria as the crowd give a large pop for the returning diva.

Lita: Great to be back Maria.

Maria Kanellis: I’m sure it is. So Lita, what made you decide to come back here and be the special guest referee for the match between Michelle McCool and Melina at WWE Unified?

Lita: Well Maria, I was working with my band, The Luchagors, our new album is coming out pretty soon by the way, and we were flicking through the channels on our down time, and we started watching some of Friday Night Smackdown. Well, I was horrified at what’s happened to the women’s championship that people like myself and Trish Stratus wore so proudly! Michelle McCool and Layla, who thankfully is gone now, were just acting like such [I]bitches[I]…

Maria looks shocked at the language, but the crowd pop at the insult.

Lita: and they were so bratty too! It just came to the point when I couldn’t stand it. So I gave Vince a call and asked if he wanted me back and apparently Melina caught wind, before I could think twice I was getting on a plane and having my referee shirt fitted.

Maria: But Lita, how do you explain your actions last week? You did the Twist Of Fate on both Michelle McCool and Melina!

Lita: Well, you heard what I said Maria, I’m not here to be Melina’s best friend, I’m here to bring some respect back to the women’s division. Yeah, I’m the Special Referee for this match at Unified, but after that, once I’m back into my training, I plan on taking the stepping back into the ring…

The crowd cheers immensely at this, happy to know Lita’s appearance will not be for one pay-per-view only.

Lita: and taking the Women’s Championship, no matter who has it. So I had to show them both who was boss last Monday, and I plan to do the same at Unified.

Lita then turns around and leaves, leaving Maria to smile at the camera as it fades out.


“Broken Dreams” plays as the crowd boo Drew. A lot of the children shout hateful comments about Mcintyre due to his insulting nature towards their hero, The Undertaker. As the song hits it’s stride, Drew himself emerges and his heat increases when the crowd sees how proud of himself he is. He makes sure his stride is slow and oozing confidence.

Matt Striker: Here he is, the sinister Scotsman, Drew Mcintyre taking his rightful place in the main event.

J.R.: Yes, and how did it become “his rightful place” Matt, because I think it is solely down to support from higher ups here in the WWE.

Matt Striker: Well in that case they definitely picked the right man. Drew has all that it takes to be the top guy in the WWE, here he has a chance to prove it against the current number one, John Cena.

Drew rolls into the ring and stares down young fans in the front row wearing John Cena t-shirts and headbands. He stares at them with rage in his eyes for a few seconds before smirking and moving away as his music fades out, settling into his corner. ‘The Time Is Now’ then plays, it’s intro alone sparking massive celebration and cheers amongst fans young and old alike in the audience. Thousands of Cena fans rise to their feet and the younger ones rush to the barrier as the WWE champion emerges to a massive reaction, almost entirely positive tonight. Cena salutes the crowd, then runs down to the ring, sliding inside.

J.R.: Here he is! The man himself, the WWE Champion, John Cena!

Matt Striker: John will be defending his Championship against Chris Jericho at WWE Unified in two weeks time. Tonight, the Cenation takes on Drew Mcintyre, is Cena ready for the challenges ahead of him? Let’s find out…

The match opens with Drew desperately keen to impress, as well as gain the upper hand over the champ. He immediately traps Cena in the corner and begins to strike him and stomp him repeatedly, only ceasing when the referee breaks the two up at the four count. This sets the tone for the opening minutes of the match, with Cena repeatedly attempting to gain offense only to be snubbed out by a vicious Drew Mcintyre. Drew then drags Cena out the ring and slams his head repeatedly on the guard rail and then throw Cena into the steel steps. He then climbs back into the ring, with Cena only managing to crawl back in at a nine count from the referee, which merely prompts more stomping from the sinister Scotsman.

It is from here though that Cena begins to make his offensive comeback, reversing a clothesline and hitting a Bulldog on Drew from behind after bouncing off the ropes. Cena hypes the crowd up for his inevitable comeback before hitting a series of popular maneuvers. As Mcintyre struggles to his feet, Cena uses a shoulder block, followed by another. He then goes for a Protoplex, but to the crowds surprise, Drew stops the maneuver by keeping himself grounded. He then repeatedly elbows Cena in the face until he is free, then turns around and levels the champion with a brutal clothesline. He then taunts the crowd by smirking and holding one hand up in the air as they boo him. He attempts a pin on Cena, but only gets a one and a half count.

Drew pulls Cena to his feet and shouts directly in his face “I am the chosen one! I’m gonna take your place!” However, before he can capitalise on his position, Cena punches Drew in the stomach. He then takes the offensive position in the match once more, hitting various signature maneuvers, including his top-rope leg drop, which goes down well with the fans. From this move he attempts a pin, but to the crowds surprise he only gets a two-count. He then goes for the first STF of the match but Drew spots it coming and struggles away before it’s locked in, sliding out the ring and slumping on the floor, gasping for breath. Cena follows him outside the ring and the two begin to brawl once more.

Drew gets the upper hand and throws John into the barricade, surprising a group of fans as the champion goes crashing into the barrier in front of them. Drew poses once more, but Cena again capitalises, kicking away Drew’s shin and slamming him into the barricade instead. He then looks at Mcintyre with rage in his eyes and takes him over to the commentary table. He slams Drew’s head off it, sending him to the floor. He then removes the top of the tables and throws the television monitors to one side. He picks Drew up but Drew fights back, repeatedly punching Cena and slamming John’s head off the table. He then rolls in the ring and climbs back out again to restart the count-out.

Drew then rolls John onto the announce table and stands on it, staring down at him. John slowly gets to his feet on the table, just in time for Drew to kick him in the gut, and hit a massive Futureshock DDT to Cena through the table! The crowd goes wild as Drew looks at the referee, attempting to drag Cena into the ring. He fails and has to roll in and out the ring again to break the count. Cena then struggles into the ring at the second nine count. Drew rolls John over, gets one, gets two, and Cena gets his bottom foot onto the ropes just In time, breaking the pin!

Drew pulls John to his feet then attempts to hook in a second Futureshock DDT, but Cena fights his way out, summons up the last of his strength, and unleashes a desperation Attitude Adjustment on Mcintyre! The both of them fall to the ground and John manages to slowly drape his hand over Mcintyre. One! Two! Three!

Winner: John Cena (14:15)

John Cena’s music plays but he lies motionless in the ring, as the crowd cheer, but with a slight air of caution towards their fallen hero.

Matt Striker: Wow! I can’t believe it! What an incredible display from both these athletes.[/color]

J.R.: You’re damn right Matt, our announce table is ruined, both Mcintyre and Cena have been destroyed and brutalised, but if you weren’t entertained by that match ladies and gentlemen, I fully suggest that you go and see a doctor!

Matt Striker: John Cena somehow managed to come out victorious in this match, but at what cost to his health?

Just then, the crowds cheers suddenly turn to boos. Chris Jericho, so far unseen tonight, is running to the ring in jeans and a t-shirt! He slides into the ring and begins repeatedly stomping John Cena! He then flips Cena over, and locks in the Walls Of Jericho!

J.R.: What!? Oh my god, I don’t believe this! How classless is Jericho? How merciless is the World Heavyweight Champion! He knows Cena can’t fight back and he’s using this opportunity like only someone as sick as Jericho can.

Jericho cruelly wrenches on the spine of Cena as Mcintyre slowly starts to stir, beginning to pull himself up, but still not registering what is happening. Meanwhile, Cena mumbles with a pained expression on his face as Jericho continues to pull back, almost snapping the WWE Champion in half.


A bell tolls and the crowd roars as the lights go out in the arena. They stay that way for a second, before they come on again, and the Deadman himself, The Undertaker, is standing in the ring, staring at Jericho who still has the Walls loosely locked in. Jericho stands up and relinquishes the hold. He runs at Undertaker, but is caught by the throat! Chokeslam to Jericho! The crowd roars it’s support of The Phenom!

Undertaker then fixes his glare on Mcintyre, who is only now standing, stumbling on his feet. Mcintyre moves towards The Undertaker, only to be hoisted up on the Deadman’s shoulders! Tombstone Piledriver to Drew Mcintyre! The crowd are on their feet and cheering on Undertaker! He then kneels on the ground, over the fallen bodies of Jericho, Mcintyre and Cena, and performs his signature pose as the show goes off the air.


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