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Full Throttle Results

The show opens with the regualr pyro going off and the crowd going wild. Stephanie McMahons music hits and she comes out to a good pop. She grabs a mic and gets in the ring.

Steph- Well as I promised tonight 8 men in an over the top rope battle royal, with the winner getting the final spot in the Royal Rumble in 3 weeks time. The competitors will be....

Hardcore Holly
D-Lo Brown
Rob Van Dam
AJ Styles

Steph- Yes there is 1 spot left, and he will be a mystery pick, chosen by me completley at random, so let the show begin.

JR: Well folks welcome to a packed Kellogg Arena here in Battle Creek, Michigan and we will find out our final man in the Royal Rumble tonight along with seeing Shelton Benjamin vs Ken Shamrock for the TV title, and big 6 man tag when HHH and the New Age Outlaws take on Bret Hart, Edge and Neidhart. Welcome King.

King: Thanks JR, well yes tonight the Kellogg Arena are in for a treat so lets get this thing started.

JR: First up is the 6 man tag.

Match 1: 6 Man Tag
Participants: HHH, Road Dogg & Billy Gunn (DX) vs Bret Hart, Edge & Jim Neidhart (CC)

The DX music hit as Run DMC and Rage Against The Machine played HHH and the Outlaws down the ramp. The crowd rose as one for DX. Road Dogg had an American flag symbol on his shirt, pointing to it and playing to the crowd.
Then the Hitmans music hit and a huge chorus of boos ran through the Kellog Arena. Hart came out with a Canadian flag and Neidhart with an upside down American flag. Things started off with HHH against Edge. HHH kept getting the better of Edge, Edge finally tagged out and in stepped Bret Hart. USA USA! chants circling around the Kellogg Arena. Bret Hart made a hesture to HHH to kiss his ass. HHH tackled Hart down and pummeled away with right hands. HHH tagged in the Road Dogg. Road Dogg kicked Hart in his exposed gut then did his Shake, Rattle and Jive combo. Road Dogg then came off the ropes with his doggy knee drop. Cover for 2. Road Dogg whips Hart to the ropes and drops him over the shoulder. Tag made to Billy Gunn. Billy overpowers Hart but eventually Hart takes out Billys leg and works on it. Tag made to big Neidhart who does the same. Neidhart drops Billy with a shoulder breaker then latches a leg lock on. Billy is in pain but he wont tap. Neidhart releases the hold then drops some elbows and a leg drop on Billy's leg. Tag to Edge. Edge bad mouths Billy and slaps him on the face. Edge slams Billy then sets him up for the spear but Billy dodged and Edge hit the bottom turnbuckle. Crowd claps Billy to his feet but Hart comes in and chops the leg. Crowd boos as the ref gets Hart out of the ring. HHH pulls Billy over and claps his hands to make a tagging sound. HHH comes in and cleans house and the ref thinks he tagged in. HHH plants Edge with a spinebuster, clotheslines Hart then sidesteps the Anvil and throws him out of the ring. Road Dogg goes after Neidhart. HHH powerslams Hart then tags Billy back in. Billy plants Hart with a FameAsser. Edge spears HHH, then Edge comes from no-where and locks on the Edgecator on Billy. Billy has no choice but to tap out to the painful leg lock.

Match Time: 12m 53s
WINNERS: Bret Hart, Edge & Jim Neidhart (CC)

JR: Dammit, those mean Canadians pulled one over us, but you cant blame Billy for tapping out, the Edgecator is a harsh submission, very painful.

King: Of course Ross, its not like you could withstand it!

JR: I never said I could!

King: Whatever Ross

JR: Give it a rest King, well folks after the break we sit down and chat with Razor Ramon, plus Shelton Benjamin vs Ken Shamrock, dont go anywhere!

Commercial Break

JR: Well folks on Wednesday afternoon, Roger Walker travelled down to Miami to catch up with Razor Ramon in his house to see how he's doing after Sundays revolutionary ROR matchup.


Roger- Thank you Razor for taking the time to sit through this interview.

Razor- No problem.

Roger- Well as everyone can clearly see, you are not 100%, how badly damaged is your left arm? I mean you were thrown through a glass window.

Razor- Well that very night, right after the matchup, I left for the local hospital and they put me out and operated to remove the glass from my arm, they said I'm lucky its not infected. It was however bleeding very easily after the operation and they said I cannot return for another 1 and 1/2 weeks, but when I do, I will be going after Tatanka!

Roger- Well have you managed to catch up with Chavo, Rhyno or Diesel for that matter after your match?

Razor- Yes I told Diesel to go down and help out the American team on Tuesday, but I have heard of no word from Chavo or Rhyno.

Roger- OK and when you return, will you have your eyes on any gold?

Razor- Well I fancy having a go at the International title, but we will all see.

Roger- Thank you very much for your time Razor.

Razor- No problem Roger.

JR: Well there you go, Razor will be back in near 2 weeks time, I cant wait to see him back.

King: Did you see how taped up that left arm was JR? That must have been one nasty cut or 10!

JR: Indeed, but now its time for our TV title matchup.

Match 2: Singles Match for the WIWA TV Title
Participants: Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Ken Shamrock

Benjamin was dominating Shamrock with his great athleticism. Shelton eventually hit the T-Bone suplex and pinned Shamrock, but just before the ref counted the 3, Charlie Hass ran into the ring and started beating up Shelton. The ref rang the bell. Charlie put Shelton in the Haas of Pain, as Shelton tapped out the ref tried to restrain Haas. Haas finally let go. He got a mic.

Haas- How do you like that Shelton huh? How do you like it!?! You know when we were a tag team, all I heard was this kid Sheltons gonna be an amazing young athlete, one of the future stars, but no-one gave a shit about Charlie Haas, at least not until now! You see Shelton you have some gold around your waist at the moment, but not for much longer. I am going to show the whole world that your just a joke, and that Charlie Haas is the best pure athlete around here!

Haas slams the mic down the walks off. The crowd boos Haas out as he smiles at the medics attending to Shelton.

Match Time: 6m 25s
WINNER: Shelton Benjamin via DQ

JR: That is sick, Haas had no right to do what he just did, Shelton was just wrestling his matches like a normal competitor, Haas is just plain jealous that he will never be as good as Shelton Benjamin.

King: Thats absurd JR, Haas has always been the better of the 2, just because he's not winning the crowd over dosent give you the right to put him down like that.

JR: Put him down? King that man is just jealous, full stop.

Commercial Break

Camera pans backstage and we see Skull and Crush talking with the Hardyz

Skull- You know, we are 2 of the best teams here, yet Heyman isnt booking any shots for either of us!

Matt- Yeah thats right, we are 2 of the best around here at the moment, yet the Outlaws havent defended those titles yet! Its a mockery to tag team wrestling.

Crush- Lets go to Heymans office now and convince him to give us a title shot.

Jeff- Yeah!

Everybody- YEAH!!

They all start walking off to Heymans office. They go to open the door but it is locked. Crush kicks the door down. They all barge in.

Heyman- What the bloody hell are you doing!?! Havent you ever heard of knocking?

Crush- Listen to us Heyman, we are 2 of the best teams around here at the moment, and we want out tag title shots!

Heyman- O you do do you?

Skull- Hell yes and you better give us a chance, the Outlaws havent defended their titles yet! It's pathetic!

Jeff- C'mon Paul be fare man, we dont wanna sit around for nothing.

Heyman- OK fine, on Explosion, you 2 teams along with the Dudleyz and 2 of the NBT's will face off in a 4 corners tag team match, first team to score a pinfall is going to face the NAO at the Royal Rumble for the titles, now how does that sound!

Crush- Fine with me!

Matt- Great!

The DOA and the Hardyz leave.

JR: Well thats a blockbuster main event on High Voltage!

King: O yeah and the NBT's will go through to the Rumble, my picks!

JR: Well lets hope not, but coming up now is our 8 man over the top rope battle royal!

Mach 3: 8 Man Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the Final Royal Rumble spot
Participants: Hardcore Holly vs Psicosis vs D-Lo Brown vs Rob Van Dam vs AJ Styles vs Raven vs Christian vs RHYNO!

At this time we still didnt know who the 8th man was. A brawl errupted before we knew. Everyone except Raven paired off. Raven rolled outside and stood out there as the other 6 went at it. Then RHYNO's music hits and the crowd went wild! Rhyno came charging down the ramp going right for Raven. Raven panicked and ran back in the ring and then eliminated himself by jumping out over the top rope!
Rhyno played to the crowd and they loved it, but Psicosis hit him from behind and almost sent Rhyno over the top rope. Psicosis thought he had though, and as he taunted Rhyno came from behind and eliminated Psicosis!
Rhyno then went after Christian. RVD got up high after Hardcore Holly dropped D-Lo with a Alabamaslam. RVD nailed the 5 star on D-Lo then Holly picked him up and threw him out.
Rhyno sent Christian to the ropes and GORED! him straight back to Canada. Rhyno tossed a out cold Christian over the rope.
There are now 4 men left, Hardcore Holly, Rhyno, RVD and AJ Styles. Styles goes for RVD and chops away in the corner. Rhyno and Hardcore try to get each other out. Styles comes from behind and hoists the legs of Holly and Rhyno over the ropes. Rhyno held on but Hardcore went out.
Styles plays to the crowd but is caught by RVD with a stretch superkick and Styles stumbles out to the floor.
Rhyno and RVD are left.
Crowd starts chanting ECW ECW! followed by chants of RVD and RHYNO. Both men lock up center of the ring. Rhyno outmuscles RVD and takes him to the ropes. Rhyno whips RVD and then drives him down with a spinebuster. RVD is out cold. Rhyno lifts up RVD's deadwight body and throws him out.

Match Time: 15m 34s
WINNER: Rhyno (Gets final spot in Royal Rumble)

JR: O my god the returning Rhyno just got the final spot, what a return for the Manbeast!

King: That was great but my pick Captain Charisma was out too early for me! To bad though, Rhyno gets the spot.

JR: We'll see you on Tuesday for High Voltage!

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