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It is just minor mistakes you moron mispellings on accident, it's not that I actually don't know how to spell and like you have never mispelled before. And to the Mean or whatever the fuck your username is, I don't give a flying shit if you people care or not. I am trying to prove a pont, online gangs for fun or not is just plain out stupid, most of the shit you people claim is real having a member of the village people coming up and humping the crap out of you is a better chance of happening. (you people could only dream) But the things that may very well happen, or actually did happen you people just say "your gay, your a moron, your an idiot, I don't care, shut up."

And to JZA, why am I not suprised that you would say your a badass and you weren't little, I knew someone was going to say that. I think you are some zit faced mystic card playing (whatever they were) miss cleo calling, son of a bitch.

How about you people get a life, oh and you people will now try to make yourselfs feel so special by saying this. "Why don't you get a life, or how about you learn to type, or this tthe most famous quote on these boards - your a moron."

Well does someone who plays football,wrestles(not backyard but I did do it for alittle this summer but thought after awhile it was to dangerous.), soccer, baseball, goes to movies 3
times a month with friends, goes to the mall about 5 times in two months sound like someone that has no life to you?

Im just done with this forum you people are to stupid.

Fear is for cowards,
Pitty is for the weak,
Armegeddon is coming,
only the strong will survive.
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