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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Originally Posted by McQueen View Post
Anyone seen the Cornette youshoot?

Sounds like something i'd enjoy.
Its much more entertaining then the 1st was... Definitely worth a watch.

Also took advantage of 25% off at ROH and picked up
Shimmer Vol 32
ROH on HDNet Vol 3
Hate: Chapter II

It annoys me though that I'll get this probably before my last order of Blue Grass Brawl & Shimmer Vol 31..

IWA-MS - King of The Death Matches 2010 - Night 1

1. Jonathan Gresham vs Drake Younger vs Jimmy Jacobs
Gresham has Lethals face and LTPs body... Odd mix. Also Surprised Jacobs would still work IWA-MS. Oh fuck off. Jacobs says some shit i can barely hear. Then Ian has to come out and say shit. FUCK OFF IAN YOU STUPID FAT PIECE OF SHIT.

2. Thumbtack Gloves & Kickpads On A Pole
Devon Moore vs Mason Cutter

3. Homerun Derby Death Match
Bull Pain vs Kyle Threat

4. Homewrecker Match
Mitch Page vs Simon Sezz
Holy fuck Mitch Page is fucking fat... It seems if your super fat and useless your a death match wrestler.

5. Fans Bring The Weapons
Balls Mahoney vs Michael Faith
Ian returns with another useless promo afterwards trying to put over Michael Faith i presume.

6. Four Corners Of Pain
Neil Diamond Cutter vs Devin Cutter
I presume the Cutters are like a cheap ripoff of the Dudleys.

7. Loose Light Tubes
Whacks vs Chuey Martinez

8. Bar Room Brawl
Nick Gage vs Necro Butcher
Finish looked brutal. Suplex through glass but the glass didnt break..

9. No Rope Barbed Wire & Light Tubes
JC Bailey vs Ian Rotten
Was ok but then again it is an Ian Rotten match.

Very little chance of me actually sitting through the 2nd Night without a break. Commentary was ok with Jacobs but otherwise just so very shite.

IWA-MS - King of the Death Matches 2010 - Night 2

- Nick Gage does a promo beforehand and says hes here for 2 things, Win the Tournament and make money. I doubt he'll do either of those.

1. Markus Crane vs Simon Sezz

2. Johnathan Gresham vs Tyler Black
Oh yay Ians back after the match....

3. Light Tube Log Cabins & Light Tube Ropes
Neil Diamond Cutter vs WHACKS
Commentary was awful....

4. Barbed Wire Strap & Light Tubes Match
JC Bailey vs Nick Gage
Suprisingly ok but disappointing finish.

5. Chair vs Bat Match
Balls Mahoney vs Bull Pain
Just when you think the commentary can't get any more painful, it does.

6. Fans Bring The Weapons Match
Devon Moore vs Mitch Page

7. Barbed Wire Dog Collar Match
Devon Moore vs Neil Diamond Cutter
NDC sucks massive penis which doesn't surprise me as Ian comes out afterwards and tries to put him over...

8. Texas Deathmatch
JC Bailey vs Balls Mahoney
Massively disappointing.

9. The Hooligans & Matt Cage vs Necro Butcher, Michael Faith & Chuey Martinez
To make this match even worse the Dixieland Destroyer comes out....

10. No Rope Barbed Wire, Electrified Light Tubes & Fans Bring The Weapons
JC Bailey vs Devon Moore
More disappointment... Really tame finish but quite pleasing that Moore didnt win. Wow Ian even picks up the microphone again. This man is retarded....
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