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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

You took so long I forgot all about Saturday Night’s Main Event until I saw your Raw had been posted the other day. Also congrats on the mod spot and topping the mega standings, both well deserved. It was good to see you handling them too and doing a good job, so well done.

Anyway. . .
Saturday Night’s Main Event Feedback.

Starting the show off with Cena/Angle was a great decision to get everyone in to the show with arguably the most important match of the night. You can get away with it on Saturday Night’s Main Event, and given there are plenty more big matches to come, it doesn’t make any difference. I thought the ending was booked well in terms of both the match and the storyline. Cena’s fighting spirit stood out along with Angle’s intensity, which made it a terrific contest and a spectacle. The run in from Edge was a bit of a surprise but it was clever as it’s going to backfire on him in a big way and it’ll get him a huge amount of heat. The triple threat at WrestleMania which most of us thought would happen is going to be a great encounter, and the way you booked this match, it’s going to get a hot kick-start on Raw, which I will be reviewing too by the way after this.

As soon as I posted my predictions for the handicap match, it dawned on me that Jeff Hardy would return and help Matt instead of Shannon Moore. The ending was always obvious, not that it was a problem as Matt had to get one over on MNM and he certainly did that. What I would say is that I didn’t think the mask was all that necessary, although the more I think about it I can kind of see why you kept Jeff’s identity a secret for a little while longer to tease it as being someone else, like Moore for instance. I remember you doing the exact same thing with Matt after No Way Out when he didn’t need the mask at all. Announcing the title match for Mania there and then while they’ve got the momentum going and the crowd were hot was the best idea to really make the most of it.

The tease for Jordan/Booker tension was well detailed and definitely gave the indication that Jordan is going to lose it and screw Booker over. I hope that’s going to be the case, but I don’t know how that will affect WrestleMania.

Benjamin & Haas’s promo with Bischoff kept up their storyline well although I was a little disappointed that you practically said they’re just going to through the motions. They might as well not just be there and doesn’t get the juices flowing as to what’s going to happen. With Bischoff already being in a mood, I’m sure he could’ve fired them up or suggested something else.

Mickie’s promo with Trish was very good for several reasons, mainly the deepness of the feelings from Mickie. It gave some background to her character and reasoning for her being the way she is, as well as clearing up the loose ends like Rebecca. It all flowed smoothly and I loved Trish’s character I really did. It was very realistic and sounded just like her which made the turn realistic too. This was better than I imagined and sets up the real beginning of their feud brilliantly with the brutality of Trish’s attack, which you wouldn’t expect with the divas. That’s what makes it even better as it stands out as a big deal. Bring on WrestleMania.

It came as no surprise that Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin won the fatal fourway, well Haas did. I liked that Shelton had no real say in it and there’s some more to come between them as they go in to WrestleMania. It’s going to be interesting to see how you turn Benjamin around. It’s an original situation and I like that there’s no real indication of what’s going to happen next despite we know they’re going to be united come WrestleMania. It’s just how they become united as a team again.

The tease from JBL & Co as well as Finlay certainly added some more hype for the Belfast Brawl. The possibility of JBL getting involved is obvious, and showing us that he’s already there and that it’s on his mind teased us even more. I thought it was good that you had Finlay make his feelings known to him, and it definitely fits his character that he wants to finish Lashley himself. Hopefully there is a clean finish to wrap up the feud as well as setting Lashley up well on the road to Mania and his inevitable match with JBL.

I’ve got to say that I wasn’t very keen on the finish to the Belfast Brawl as JBL ended up coming out of it looking like a bit of a joke, coming off worse than Finlay when he didn’t even need to get involved. If JBL was to get involved, he shouldn’t have been made to come out of it in the way that he did. Looking away from that, Lashley getting the win was important for him and the right decision. Setting up a Finlay face turn doesn’t bother me that much either, but it does that may have come up at the expense of JBL.

I’m in two minds about the ending of Batista’s match with Edge as I do agree that Edge going over in a manner that doesn’t make Batista look weak works well for the both of them. What bothers me a bit is that Orton screwed him so blatantly and enjoyed it, even though he didn’t touch him. He’s been so discreet about things that I was expecting a bigger shock than this when he eventually struck, kind of on the lines of the Saints beating the Cats last week! Jokes aside, I thought it was a bit of a let down to have Orton screw Batista in the manner that he did when it could’ve had much more impact.

It was good to see some hype for the Shane/Shawn streetfight later on, and I wonder if Vince has a reason for being so confident. It was a decent promo doing the job it was designed for with Vince in his great cocky character, but you’d have thought that Vince was the one facing Shawn tonight instead of Shane.

I wondered why you booked the Benoit/Booker match for this show instead of WrestleMania, but I’m so glad you did. It was so well executed that it’s going to be epic when they finally get it on at WrestleMania. I have to say that Jordan’s attack was a bit of a surprise and came slightly out of nowhere and I hope we get an explanation for that on Smackdown, but brilliantly booked for the perspective of them meeting for the title on the biggest stage where it deserves to be with everything that’s gone on.

Michaels’ interview was great as it was the Shawn Michaels with the fire in his belly and sold his match with Shane later on. I hope to god that Triple H does turn up as I sense Shawn could be in deep trouble against the McMahons tonight.

The promo between RVD & The Undertaker was a big pull for this show and I think we all knew where it was headed with the match being made for WrestleMania. I thought RVD’s character was the better here, perfect in fact, and it was good to hear more from him than we ever did in the real world. I thought The Undertaker seemed off and a little too mortal. I also thought the thunder strike was pointless as it had no effect whatsoever despite that being the point I assume to show RVD isn’t scared. The fact there was no reaction made it seem pointless, and I don’t think that we’d see Taker try and do that at this stage anyway.

I felt a little let down that it was Psicosis that ended up accepting Rey Mysterio’s challenge as I thought we’d get a fairly big surprise or something. With that said, Rey had to win really unless it was someone like Jamie Noble who would align himself with Kid Kash. Rey looked good in winning and made his point, and I liked that Kash was defiant in his response to Rey. He’s got a point about Rey back in the cruiserweight division and him representing it, even though it’s all a cover from Kash. Solid job done here to move this forward ever so slightly and keep us guessing as to how this will progress in setting up their title match at WrestleMania.

I like that you made the Shawn/Shane streetfight the main event to give it more attention, and when I came to the finish line, I can see why. I can honestly say that I never saw that coming and I have no clue as to why Michaels sucker punched Triple H. I thought when Triple H came down to fight off the Spirit Squad, we would be getting the tag match between DX & the McMahons. It looked like it was going to pan out that way from the booking standpoint. It seemed a bit of a cop out with Shane being allowed to leave and a great match ending like that, but that’s pretty much all irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I’m so shocked I can’t wait to find out why Shawn turned on Triple H. Thankfully because I forgot you posted this, you’ve done Raw and I don’t have to wait long.

All in all it was a great show with so much going on. Aside from JBL being buried when there was no real need to be and some slight gripes with Orton’s involvement in Batista’s match and Taker’s lame attempt to frighten RVD, everything was booked well. There were only two clean finishes leaving several no contests and dirty finishes, but most of them were justified and I’ve never been one to be fussy over screwy endings to matches anyway, so it didn’t bother me like it may have bothered others. I loved the Booker/Benoit segment, although I’m waiting for Jordan’s reasoning for his part in it. WrestleMania looks amazing right now on paper and I know you’re going to deliver.

Raw Feedback

I was so looking forward to Shawn’s explanation yet all I felt was confused. First he said the fans didn’t deserve an explanation, then he gave them one, and one that was very difficult to understand. How it’s Triple H’s fault he lost his smile and he’s not the world champion baffles me. It was strange to see RVD, a guy who would surely get more heat from turning on Taker than Michaels getting cheered for getting in his face about it. Their back and forth comments were good and some personal ones really hit home. I also felt that when the match between Triple H & Michaels for Mania was going to be made, it would’ve had a lot more impact than this. I mean it’s huge, Michaels versus Triple H on the biggest possible stage and Eric Bischoff announces it before Raw’s main event. I feel it should’ve come from Triple H on his return as it didn’t come off like the big deal that it should. The main event though is going to be a real cracker and one people would love to see.

Viscera may be a jobber but he’s a big man and a decent scalp for Carlito, and especially at a time when he could do with some momentum. A win for him helps him get that for sure heading in to the Money in the Bank.

Oh yeah, the Spirit Squad are here baby! AIR HORN!!!!! Great promo from them with a nice chant too. It was so good I suspect that maybe you’ve done a bit of cheerleading in your time! It was slick and obviously a high tempo promo, doing a lot to hype up their debut which I can’t wait for.

Carlito . That was a great bit of comedy right there. His arrogance and selfishness was spot on, and the line about him going to see Bischoff on Masters’ behalf was brilliantly done. It was well written and timed perfectly. Go Carlito, getting some serious hype to make him look like a legit threat for the Money in the Bank contract.

It came as no surprise to see the Spirit Squad emerge victorious in their debut, but at the expense of the Second City Saints? You horrible man! They’re not on the roster are they? I don’t think they are, and if so I’m not bothered one bit. All that matters is the five piece get the win and looked impressive doing it with a big green loud celebration. Kenny picking up the win for them was the right decision too to make him stand out as the top man in the group.

It was clever to combine Masters’ and Haas & Benjamin’s promo to avoid wasting one later on. I also thought it was a nice idea to put Haas & Benjamin in action against Chavo & Flair. It creates a lot of intrigue as to how that match will go down with a lot of possibilities. I have to say that the prospect of seeing Chavo & Flair in the Money in the Bank doesn’t appeal to me, and with Carlito & Helms already in, there’s a lack of real big names. It appears that there could be some problems between Carlito & Masters, and if a face turn from Masters is coming, it’s been built up both well and steadily so far. I noticed a few typos for the Saturday Night’s Main Event show and one with Michaels earlier on, but this one would really stood out:

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, hey, it’s me … right … can you get Shawn Michaels in here? I’d like to have a little chant with him … okay, thanks.
I guess Shawn won’t be chanting “DX”. We all make typos but that was a biggy to miss when proof reading.

Matt Striker’s promo was brilliant. His character and choice of topic were great, and talking about Michaels’ betrayal or apparent lack of it as he pointed out made it relevant and would give people who don’t have much interest in him a lot more simply because he was talking about a hot topic.

Rene Dupree’s return was booked well, giving him some promo time and heat before the match to make it more than just a typical squash. Doing it against Eugene too was going to help him due to how over Eugene was, so that was also a sensible choice. All in all a good night for Dupree, booked well.

The interview with Cade & Murdoch was a lot better than I thought it was going to be, and by having them involved and talking about the possibility of taking over the title match at WrestleMania, it makes us believe that could happen, even though this whole angle with Haas & Benjamin would fall by the wayside if it did. It also raises questions as to whether Cade & Murdoch will take it upon themselves to get involved in the match later too. All in all it was a cleverly thought out and well written promo.

Eric Bischoff: Now Shawn, I’m sure hat you’ve heard that after Saturday Night’s Main Event
With that little typo aside, this was a very intriguing promo with Michaels & Bischoff. It’s different to see a GM desperate to have one of his stars taken out, and by offering Michaels the chance to name his price, anything could happen. This sure has added a lot of excitement and hype for the main event.

Wow, this show is very promo heavy to say the least and we’ve still got more to come I guess. You like to push the two hour barrier don’t you? I felt that Mickie’s speech was pretty much what she said at Saturday Night’s Main Event and it felt like it dragged a little because we’ve heard it all so recently when we don’t need to. All that mattered was her response to Trish’s turn and I like how you’ve done it. Her character was great although Mickie probably should’ve toughened up after being attacked two nights earlier and seen it coming. It does help Trish’s turn that she’s taking it to Mickie in this manner, but Ashley Massaro’s presence has made this a bit more interesting, and I’m sure I’ve never said anything like that before as far as she’s concerned.

Rob Van Dam’s interview was fantastic, and your characterisation of him is just amazing. From what I’ve read over this forum over the last few years, this is the best I’ve seen RVD used, being very frank and getting some real promo time that he deserves, and it’s used well, really well. He looks like the real deal and that’s all down to you. Keep booking him at this standard and he really can make the jump up to the main event. Whether that comes at the expense of The Undertaker’s unbeaten streak, I doubt it. However, it’s not something I’m against as it’s a tool that could elevate anyone, and RVD is arguably one guy who could make the step up.

I was very curious to find out how you were going to book the tag match with the Money in the Bank places at stake, and the ending came as a surprise. Bringing Show & Kane in to the mix wasn’t obvious at all, but seeing that they’re the champions and are involved no matter what, I like that they actually got themselves involved in this. It leaves a lot of unanswered questions, and that’s obviously good for us readers. What I also liked about this was Gregory Helms’ commentary, seemingly teasing a future feud between him & Flair for the Intercontinental title. That would be great for Helms!

Damn! I knew WrestleMania was going to be awesome just thinking of the matches off the top of my head after Saturday Night’s Main Event, but when you ran through it with the announcers, it just looks like one absolute monster of a card.

I really thought that RVD & Michaels would’ve ended the show, and with the hype they’ve had and the lack of it The Cutting Edge has had, I would’ve had this match end it with Triple H’s role in it. The match itself was just brilliant with you putting in a lot of effort to make it so, and the ending was cleverly done. It worked pretty well for all concerned, and with Michaels backing away up the ramp, it just reinforced my belief that this was the time to announce their WrestleMania match. The crowd was hot and both men were too. It’s a great win for RVD though!

The Cutting Edge went down really well with Edge written to perfection. The arrogance was off the scale, and please have him call himself the champion of champions from now until the time he loses it. It’s a great title for him being the heat magnet that he is, and by getting the crowd as hot as he did, it made Cena & Angle’s entrances all the better too. All the problems Edge has had with Bischoff made the announcement from the GM come off better too as you can tell Bischoff was enjoying what he was saying. The triple threat was coming, we all knew that, but seeing Edge get what he’s had coming for so long was the right way to go for this occasion.

The entertainment in this show was insane. It was a real fun read with so much going on, and a lot of it big stuff too. I’m really gutted how you announced the Michaels/Triple H match and that was before you created the opportunity you did with Triple H’s role in the RVD/Michaels match. Trish’s turn is working really well, RVD looks like the dogs bollocks and the Haas & Benjamin situation continues to intrigue. I just can’t for WrestleMania now!
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