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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

Recap of SNME was written well, with the terrific extra emphasis being put on the Michaels heel turn. This video proves that it overshadows the Stratus turn though, which still kind of irks me, but Iíll get over it with the epic stuff that I expect to follow.

Opening the show with Shawn Michaels? Of course you are, itís smart to follow on with your biggest angle straight off the PPV, and I wouldnít have been happy had you done otherwise. Shawn started off rather nicely, basically giving a nice intro to what was going to come in this promo. I found it a little weird that Shawn claimed that the fans didnít deserve an explanation, yet then he used the heat he received from the audience to go into one anyway. It seemed like a way to get cheap heat, yet then heís just contradicted himself rather weirdly. The explanation itself was gold; I love the idea of him bringing back the story of when he first returned, and how the crowd seem to have forgotten all the stuff that Triple H did. From here, to the end of the promo, explaining letting the McMahonís go, and what he has planned for Triple H, it was all brilliant, with Michaels getting a little sadistic at the end. Iím not sure if everybody would like it, but I loved the ďI am godĒ line too, as this really was an awesome start to the promo. As Wolfy said, the best heels are the ones who believe they have legit reasons to be the way they are, and youíve given Michaels a terrific reason. Rob Van Dam? Definitely didnít expect this. You seem to have a knack for writing Van Dam, which is something not a lot of people have, and I enjoyed the way he came about in this promo. Iím a little shocked heís remaining a face but I can understand it, as I doubt heíd be a very successful heel. I didnít like the RVD has been everybodyís favourite wrestler part though, simply because Shawn was around before anybody even knew who Van Dam was. A little thing I know, but itís how I see it. The hostility to end these two was pretty cool too, before being interrupted by Eric Bischoff. I thought the announcement of a Triple H/Shawn Michaels match could have been done a lot better, as it was just announced, and then brushed to the side like an afterthought compared to our main event tonight. I thought that was a mistake on your part, but weíve got a damn good main event for tonightís Raw.

Carlito > Viscera enough said. I didnít like the commentary after the match though. Youíre supposed to be making ĎLito look like a million bucks ahead of the MITB match, but instead youíve had the commentatorís put over Gregory Helms. ďLitoís got to be one of the favouritesĒ would have sufficed, rather than heís got to be a favourite behind Helms. Even though you donít like the guy, you should have put him over more than you did.

Once again, as Wolfy said, youíre going to have to do something different with The Spirit Squad to have me interested, because whilst I like some of the guys individually, I hate their gimmick together. With that being said, you wrote them pretty well, so Iíll try and withhold judgment until after you get them in a program, but for now, Iím not really sure whether I care much for The Spirit Squad.

this segment is why Masters should just be Carlitoís lackey, heís a dumb son of a bitch. This really plants the seeds for a break up a long, long way down the track, with Carlito clearly having not spoken to Bischoff about getting Masters a qualifying match. Well written, anyway, you gave them good chemistry.

Mickie James in the building? I thought sheíd show up.

Another squash match, putting over The Spirit Squadís talents. Nothing else to say.

Bischoff and WGTT have been having some interesting meetings over the past few weeks, and this was another one. The difference in opinions between Shelton and Charlie is more obvious than ever. The idea of the tag team match for later in the night is clever work by Bischoff, keeping his guys happy, in another well written segment, although I have an issue with the booking of it, which Iíll get to after the match later.

Bischoffís bit with Masters was good too, probably making Masters more suspicious.

Striker was pretty in character too, although I donít see the point of having him on the shows at this stage.

Yuck at Rene Dupree mic time. The only decent racist character is Teddy Long, tbh. As for Eugene accepting, even more yuck. Three squash matches in a row is something I really donít like, no matter how good your promos are. Stronger matches next week, please.

Dupree > Eugene. Toilet break stuff, imo.

Once again, as Wolfy said, it is good that you are not ignoring the talents the Redneck Wrecking Crew because Iíve a feeling once ĎMania passes that they are going to be crucial to your tag division. Murdoch as his usual obnoxious self was okay, as was Cade. I wasnít sure whether or not I liked him implying that Haas and Benjamin are not a real team, because whilst it makes sense, they are supposedly the best, and they lost to a team that donít even want to be together. It hurts their credibility a little, imo. I thought you couldíve thought of a better insult then dummies to describe Kane and Big Show as well, it just didnít seem to suit Cade. The only guy who can get away with calling people dummies is Estrada.

Glad to see Mickie again before she comes out, even though itís just a little thing, this Stratus turn needs a bit of hype, because Michaelsí turn has overshadowed it by a country mile.

I wasnít sure what to expect with Bischoff wanting to see Michaels, but this segment really delivered in spades. With Bischoff having his problems with Van Dam lately, offering piece and what not was smart, and after the brutality at SNME, it fits perfectly. Michaels wanting something in it for him, such as a title shot somewhere down the line, is pretty cool too, as youíve made the main event tonight even more interesting, as we have to wait and see what HBK will do. Good work.

I was looking forward to seeing this Mickie James promo, to see just how things evolved, and whilst the writing was very good throughout, besides going into maybe a little more detail about the stuff that happened in her life, her rough childhood and that, it was very similar to the promo she cut at SNME. I understand youíre trying to make us feel sympathy for Mickie, but her repeating herself is just going to bore me. With that being said, once she begun talking about becoming a wrestler and stuff, I felt it got better. Stratus was good on the mic as well, although probably not as good as SNME due to not having much to say, but I felt you did well anyway. The attack beginning was good, showing a slightly sadistic side to Trish. I didnít like Ashley making the save, despite her being the surprise, it just didnít feel right, especially considering everything that has taken place between Mickie and Ashley. Despite a few little things, this was still a pretty good promo, mate.

Van Damís interview was pretty good, nothing else to really say. He basically summarised the shit he said earlier, but now speaking about the so called bounty on his head too. I really canít wait to read this main event.

Helms on commentary was alright, showing off his arrogance nicely. at The Coach though, good stuff.

Finally, a good match, to say it was much needed was an understatement. Once again, you played Benji and Hassí problems well through your match writing, having Benjamin want to start, and refuse to tag in Haas. Considering it was faces against faces, or at least thatís the way I see it, you happened to still make the isolation part of the match credible, and not at all awkward. The ending with Kane and Show interfering was rather weird though, although Iím guessing we will get an explanation next week. Iím sure itís because they want to face a team that canít get along at ĎMania. As for Flair and Guerrero, itíll be interesting to see how they go next week, as Flair/Helms will probably develop a bit more as well. Terrific booking here, getting numerous things that needed to be done, well, done.

Edge promoís are always fun, no matter what you call them. I canít wait for it.

ĎMania is legit a month away. I love you. The commentary to run it down was all written rather nicely too.

Verne Gagne? Meh, I donít really care about him, but I guess he was inducted in real life, so he probably deserves it.

Main event time? I was expecting the Edge promo first, but thatís no big deal. I really liked the start of this match, with the contrast in attitudes, and the way Michaels rolled out of the ring after Van Damís attempted kick. It just adds to the tension of things to hold out on the action for a little while. The match itself was pretty good, with the having great chemistry, and basically putting on a good show. The ending was rather fun, although I canít help but feel as if The Undertaker teases, and Triple H appearing was a little too much. With that being said, both were needed, and what we got was a huge victory for Van Dam, and Triple H is as intense as ever. By the way, no marks for Joey Styles stealing JRís bit with the whole ďRVD, RVD, RVDĒ.

Edgeís bit of the promo was spot on from start to finish. The way he started, putting himself over, and bragging about beating Batista, to claiming he is the only guy worthy of the title, to saying he was his own guest on The Cutting Edge, it was all good stuff, I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Once Angle and Cena came out I was a little surprised they didnít attack, although it was pretty obvious after Bischoff made his announcement. All of a sudden, we have an awesome main event for ĎMania, and as Wolfy said, this really helped the build for this feud. Also, the stare down between Angle and Cena was brilliant after they took care of Edge. Beautifully orchestrated final segment.

Overall, besides little picky shit, this show was brilliant. Coming off SNME, youíve really seemed to hit form, becoming one of the best here on WF. With ĎMania shaping up to be an awesome event, I canít see this thread losing momentum any time soon. You... are... awesome...

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