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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

March 6th, 2006 | Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Arena; Birmingham, Alabama

The show begins with a quick summary of the matches of Saturday Night’s Main Event, where we saw John Cena and Kurt Angle go to a No Contest thanks to the interference from Edge. Matt Hardy was able to defeat MNM, then declare with the return of his brother Jeff, that The Hardy Boyz were coming for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Trish Stratus beat an apologetic Mickie James down, leaving her in a bloody heap, much to the shock of the fans. Charlie Haas picked up the win for himself and Shelton Benjamin, earning them a shot at the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, much to Shelton’s disgust. Bobby Lashley was able to defeat Finlay in a Belfast Brawl, seeing off not just the Irishman, but also interference from John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, who Finlay levelled with his shillelagh after the bout. Edge was able to become the champion of champions, pinning Batista in the Clash of the Champions match thanks to some interference. Booker T retained his United States Title over Chris Benoit in controversial fashion thanks to Orlando Jordan, before RVD called out The Undertaker, and the two had a confrontation which led to a match being announced for the two at WrestleMania. Finally, before the package calms for a moment, we see Rey Mysterio able to defeat Psicosis in Rey’s return to the cruiserweight division.

The package now grinds almost to a halt, as we see Triple H being kicked out of the arena at the start of the night, then the highlights of Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels in a Street Fight. The early parts are dominated by Shawn Michaels, only for The Spirit Squad to intervene and assist Shane McMahon into almost winning the match. Michaels, however, makes a huge comeback, disposing of The Spirit Squad and looking set to finish the match when Triple H appears. The crowd goes nuts as Triple H presents Shawn with his trusty sledgehammer to hit Shane with, but Shawn tells Triple H he can do it … only to cut Triple H off with Sweet Chin Music! Shawn goes absolutely crazy, shouting at Shane to leave the ring, before hitting the referee with Sweet Chin Music too! Dramatic music kicks in, as Shawn steps it up a level, taking the sledgehammer from Triple H’s hand so he can beat Triple H into oblivion, before finishing him off with the killer blow to the head. The crowd stands in shock as the video package ends, showing Shawn Michaels standing over Triple H, giving him the signature D-Generation X crotch chop.

We fade away from the video package into the arena to instantly hear …


The crowd goes absolutely nuts, as – for the first time in a long time outside of Canada – Shawn Michaels receives some boos in a thunderous mixed reaction. Not looking his happy cheerful self tonight, Shawn looks rather solemn, almost dejected on his walk down the ramp, not even bothering to set off his pyro at the top of the stage.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, ‘THE HEARTBREAK KID’, SHAAAWWWWN MIIIICHAELS!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW, live here from Birmingham, Alabama! I’m Joey Styles; joined here as always by my broadcast colleagues, and gentlemen, will you listen to the reaction to this man Shawn Michaels.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a reaction for Shawn. I mean, I understand why he’s getting it. People are confused about what Shawn did on Saturday night … I’m confused about what Shawn did on Saturday night, but for the first time in a long time, we’re hearing boos for Shawn Michaels.

Jonathan Coachman: And y’know, personally, I can’t wait to hear what Shawn has to say. His attack on Triple H was so shocking, so out of the blue, and to get a reaction from to start the show, well, I think that’s what everyone wanted.

Joey Styles: What can Shawn possibly say, though? How can he justify what he did? Was it a brain snap? Did he not know what he was doing? I mean, what we saw on Saturday night was just so out of character for him, and something I thought I’d never see. I’ve seen some disgusting things, but that attack from Shawn Michaels to his supposed best friend, Triple H, was one of, if not THE most disturbing act I’ve ever seen.

Shawn makes his way down the ramp slowly, then climbs up in the ring, where again, he doesn’t bother to pose, instead heading right across to grab a microphone. Michaels, however, doesn’t get to speak immediately, as he has to wait for the crowd to quieten down, which they slowly do.

Shawn Michaels: For the past two days, there’s just been one thing that people have been talking about. There’s been one moment that has stuck in people’s minds. One image … one … one man who has captured everyone’s attention. In the headlines again, the focus of everyone in the professional wrestling world.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: And there’s been one question. One question that has been on everyone’s lips. One question that since Saturday Night’s Main Event, I’ve heard over and over and over again.

Michaels again pauses slightly, allowing the crowd to buzz for a moment.

Shawn Michaels: “Why Shawn? Why? Why did you attack your best friend? Why did you let Shane McMahon run free?”

Michaels again pauses.

Shawn Michaels: Since Saturday night, that’s all I’ve been hearing. Time and time again, people have been coming up to me and asking that question. And as of now … I’m yet to give an explanation.

Michaels looks out to the crowd briefly.

Shawn Michaels: That’s what brings me to here and now.

The crowd gives a stifled pop, thinking they’re about to get an explanation.

Shawn Michaels: Do you people want to hear an explanation?


Shawn Michaels: Do you people want to hear why I did what I did to Triple H?


Shawn Michaels: Well that’s just too damn bad … because you people don’t DESERVE an explanation!

Big time heat from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: The only person who deserves to know why I did what I did to Triple H … is ME!

More boos from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: You people can boo all you like, because I don’t give a damn anymore! I don’t care!

This only draws more heat from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: And do ya wanna know why? Because you people are the reason that Triple H isn’t here tonight. You people are the reason that Triple H is in a hospital bed. You people are the reason that I left Triple H in a beaten and broken heap!

Even more heat from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: You people might not like what I say, you might boo, but when it comes down to it, you’re the reason for what happened two nights ago.

More heat.

Shawn Michaels: Eight years ago, I broke my back for you people, trying to entertain you. I was told that my career was over. That my livelihood was done. I was told that I may never even get to play with my children because my injury was that crippling. Do any of you people have any idea what that feels like? Of course you don’t. You have no idea what that feels like. I thought my life … was over.

The crowd remains somewhat silent.

Shawn Michaels: I tried to stay brave. I tried to put on a happy face. But I couldn’t do it … I just couldn’t … do it.

Michaels pauses.

Shawn Michaels: I lost my smile … and I knew the only way I could possibly get it back … the only way I could possibly be happy again, was to get back to doing the one thing that made me happy … wrestling.

A pause from Shawn.

Shawn Michaels: I went through years … FOUR years of HEARTACHE to get back into this business. I went through more pain than you people could imagine, all just to make it back, all to get my smile back. And at first, it worked. At first, I had my smile back.

Slight pause from Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: When I came back, and I won the World Heavyweight Championship again, it was one of the happiest moments of my life. But one man took that away from me. One man couldn’t let me have my moment in the sun. One man took my World Heavyweight Title, and that man was Triple H!

Big cheer from the crowd for Triple H.

Shawn Michaels: Oh, you people like him, do ya? Huh? Ya like him? Well ya didn’t then!

Heat from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: But all of a sudden now, it’s Triple H this, Triple H that. All of a sudden you people love Triple H!

Mixed reaction, as Michaels pauses.

Shawn Michaels: You used to like me. When I came back, I was everybody’s favourite superstar. For the first time in my career, people were cheering for me, and I accepted it. After all, I had promised to be a better person. I had accepted God into my life. So I accepted you people too.

Small pause from Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: I thought I was happy. I thought you people fulfilled me. When I came back and I got cheered, I thought you people were the reason that I got my smile back. But then it was gone.

Michaels looks down solemnly, before looking back up again, a fire in his eyes.

Shawn Michaels: For three years – THREE YEARS – I wrestled with myself, telling myself that I was happy, that my smile was still there. That you people were cheering me, that I had accepted you into my heart! Three years! Hell, I even preached to Mr. McMahon that he should grow up. I said I had. I had accepted you people into my heart, I had accepted God into my heart, and I had grown up since that fateful night in Montreal, and so should Mr. McMahon. And at the time, I believed in what I said. But now … now I realise that I was wrong, and Mr. McMahon was the one who was right.

Big heat for agreeing with the boss.

Shawn Michaels: I hadn’t grown up, and I shouldn’t grow up. I should do what makes ME happy! I shouldn’t care about you people, because you people are fickle. You don’t know what you like! Ya didn’t like Triple H, but ya do now. So I did what I did, because I realised that you people didn’t give a damn about me, and I shouldn’t give a damn about you either. You’re not the reason I kept my smile. You’re the reason I lied to myself for three years. Well I’m not lying to myself any more.

Heat from the crowd, who are really getting on the case of the seething Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: The only thing that ever made me happy was being world … champion.

Heat from the crowd as Michaels pauses.

Shawn Michaels: I lost my smile in 1998 because I lost my title. I lost my title in 2002 because I lost my title. And I haven’t had my smile back since because I never regained my title. Well y’know what I realised? It’s a helluva a lot easier gettin’ the world title when you’re not fightin’ with the boss, and THAT is why I let Shane McMahon run free.

More heat for the remorseless Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: As far as Triple H goes, the reason that he’s in a hospital right now, is because he’s an obstacle on my way to gettin’ my smile back. And I won’t be done with him ‘til I eliminate him as an obstacle … for good.

The cold, callous Michaels is out to show tonight, and the crowd hates it, booing some more.

Shawn Michaels: You people can boo. You can boo all you want. You can ask “Oh, but what about God, Shawn? Didn’t he fulfil you?” because the answer to that is still yes, but that’s only because I am God, and I won’t be able to fulfil myself until I reclaim the title that is rightfully mine.

More boos.

Shawn Michaels: It’s just a matter of time. The only reason I haven’t been world champion in three years is because the dead weight of you people was holding me down. Like I said last night, it’s me against the world, and the first person I’m going to judge is Triple H, and I’ve got a feeling that when I’m done with him, I’m going to condemn him to eternal damnation.

The crowd continues to boo as Michaels goes to once again speak into the microphone, when …


The crowd gives a HUGE pop, as the man, who two nights ago locked in a match with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 22, Rob Van Dam walks out from backstage, a smile on his face. In the ring, Shawn Michaels looks far from happy to be interrupted, but ‘Mr. Monday Night’ couldn’t give a damn, cheerfully striding down the ramp and slapping hands with the fans at ringside. Once he reaches the foot of the ramp, RVD gives Michaels a brief look, before climbing up into the ring and collecting a microphone. Rather than immediately talking, RVD has to wait as the fans chant “RVD! RVD! RVD! RVD!”, leaving Van Dam to just smile away for a moment, before he addresses Shawn.

Rob Van Dam: Hey Shawn, RVD here, and lemme just say, dude, I used to be a huuuuge fan of yours.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: That’s right. So I just thought I’d come out here and say that I get where you’re comin’ from.

Shawn looks to object to that, quickly raising his mic.

Shawn Michaels: I don’t think ya do.

RVD, just as quick to fire back.

Rob Van Dam: No, trust me dude, I do. I understand what you’re sayin’. Now, I don’t understand how much attention you paid to what else happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event, what with you being in Shawn’s world and all …

Pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: But y’know dude, I too talked about what it’s like to have not held a world title. I mean, I know you’ve held one before, but we’re just about on the same page here. You haven’t held the title in a long time, and I’ve never held it. So I kinda get where you’re comin’ from.

RVD pauses for a slight moment, the crowd remaining silent as he does so.

Rob Van Dam: But I gotta say, in a way, I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, man.

Pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: I mean, blaming these people in the crowd for you not being world champ? That’s weak man. That’s real weak.

Pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: And okay, first things first. You were never everybody’s favourite superstar, dude, because all these people know that their favourite superstar has always been, and always will be, me, R – V – D!

RVD points at himself as he speaks, the crowd chanting his name along with him.

Rob Van Dam: Secondly … if you’re gonna blame anyone for you not being world champion right now, then blame yourself.

Big cheer.

Rob Van Dam: It’s not these people’s fault that you can’t get the job done when it matters … it’s yours.

Another big pop.

Rob Van Dam: I’ve been through the same thing as you. For ages, I’d try to think of excuses about why I could never win a world title, but I came to accept the fact that the only person who can win me a world title is me, and it’s about time you do it too.

The crowd continues to cheer RVD’s words.

Rob Van Dam: And if you’re not gonna do that, then at least show some respect when you go about trying to get the title. I mean, me? I respectfully challenged The Undertaker to a match, and I explained to him why I did what I did, and he accepted it. You on the other hand … you ambushed your best friend from behind and assaulted him when he wasn’t expecting it, all because you don’t have the guts to do it to his face.

The crowd gasps at the insult to Michaels.

Rob Van Dam: Like I said before, I used to be a fan of yours. I used to respect you, but now … how can I respect someone who respects no one else? How can I respect … a coward?

The crowd again cheers as RVD waits, with a fuming Michaels ready to retort.

Shawn Michaels: First of all, don’t you EVER compare yourself to me. I’ve won a world title before. You … you haven’t.

Heat for Michaels, who is spitting fire at the calm RVD.

Shawn Michaels: But you are right on one count. You should blame yourself for never winning a world title, because you’re not good enough to win a world title!

Heat from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: You’re not even good enough to shine my boots, so the next time ya think about comin’ out here and makin’ a statement, how about you find someone on your own level to do it to? Like some other nobody from a bingo hall.

Big time boos from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: Nobody, huh? Not good enough? Y’know that must hurt for you.

Shawn asks what RVD’s talking about off mic.

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, it must hurt for you to know that if we ever climbed in the ring, I’d make you look like the little bitch that you are!

HUGE pop from the crowd, who are loving RVD. Shawn, meanwhile, has nothing to say in response.

Rob Van Dam: What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? Or are you just embarrassed ‘cause you know that I just smoked your ass?

Another pop from the crowd, prompting Shawn to respond through gritted teeth.

Shawn Michaels: I’m going to kick your teeth … down … your … throat.

The crowd begins to buzz.

Rob Van Dam: Oh yeah? Do it! I dare you.

The crowd continues to cheer as the two men look to square off, only to hear …


The crowd instantly gives a mixed reaction, as RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff makes his way out onto the stage, and instantly looks to make his stamp.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen, gentlemen, calm down.

The crowd boos Eric.

Eric Bischoff: First of all, Shawn, you’re right. Triple H won’t be in the arena tonight.

The crowd boos this announcement for obvious reasons.

Eric Bischoff: But as far as your personal request from Saturday night goes, at WrestleMania, you will get Triple H, and it will be in a No Holds Barred match!

Big pop from the crowd as Shawn looks on from inside the ring, not showing any emotion.

Eric Bischoff: Now, for tonight and the two of you, I feel it is my duty to prepare you, Rob, for WrestleMania, to the best of my ability. Which is why tonight, for the very first time, in our main event, it’ll be Rob Van Dam going one on one with … ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels!

Massive pop!

Eric Bischoff: I want to see the best main event the two of you can give me. Oh, and hey, Rob … break a leg.


The crowd buzzes as Bischoff takes one last look at the ring, then leaves the stage, allowing us to head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be at ringside with our commentary team.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, and what a cracking start to the show we had. Not only will we see the in-ring debut of The Spirit Squad here tonight, an Intercontinental Title match, and possibly hear from Mickie James after the brutal beat down she suffered from at the hands of Trish Stratus at Saturday Night’s Main Event, despite her doctor telling her to stay away, but as we just found out, for the very first time it will be ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam going one on one with ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels in our main event!

Jerry Lawler: Shawn Michaels’ words were absolutely chilling, blaming the fans for what he did to Triple H. You have to wonder if he’ll try to do the same to RVD, and what Eric Bischoff meant when he told RVD to break a leg.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s a saying, ‘King’. Mr. Bischoff was just being a nice guy. I told you all along he’s a nice guy.

Joey Styles: Well I’m not too sure about that, ‘Coach’, but what I do know is that he will be taking an interest in later tonight when we hear from the WWE Champion, Edge. Fresh off causing the number one contender match between Kurt Angle and John Cena to go to a no contest AND becoming the champion of champions by winning the Clash of the Champions match two nights ago, Edge has said that tonight he will be hosting a very special edition of The Cutting Edge, with a special surprise guest.

Jonathan Coachman: And I can’t wait to see who that guest will be. My boy Edge ALWAYS delivers. Maybe it’ll be the guy who he’s going to face at WrestleMania, and not some pretender like Kurt Angle or John Cena.

Jerry Lawler: I’d like to see you call Cena or Angle pretenders to their faces, ‘Coach’.

Jonathan Coachman: Ah, but then who would be left to grace the good people watching RAW with their supreme commentary, ‘King’? I know I’m gifted, but I can’t be everywhere. I’m used to it though, babyboy. ‘The Coach’ has always been in high demand.

The commentators fall silent, perhaps just ignoring ‘Coach’.



The crowd gives some pretty nice heat, as out from the back steps the apple tossing, ass kicking Caribbean, Carlito. With his good buddy Chris Masters not far behind, Carlito strides down the ramp, telling the fans how call he is while he throws his apple up and down.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from the Caribbean, weighing 225 lbs, CAAAARRRRLITO!

Joey Styles: It was last week that Carlito qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and on the pre-show on Saturday night, Carlito kept the momentum rolling when he, along with RAW’s other qualifier, Gregory Helms, defeated the SmackDown! pair of Mr. Kennedy and Paul London. Tonight Carlito will look to keep that momentum rolling.

Jonathan Coachman: And expect him to do just that. Carlito is having a breakout year this year, along with his boy Chris Masters, and I wouldn’t be surprised if at the end of WrestleMania, we’d be callin’ him ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’.

Jerry Lawler: Carlito is talented, there’s no doubting that, but at times, I feel like his attitude lets him down. If he can keep it in check though, there’s no reason I can see that could stop Carlito from being a chance of taking home the briefcase come WrestleMania.

Carlito walks down the rest of the ramp and climbs up into the ring, taunting the fans after doing so by holding his arms out and asking them who the cool one is.



That’s right – Viscera is on television again. The big man wanders out, Val Venis by his side, and he begins on his way of pimping down the ramp, strutting his stuff and letting the ladies know that he’s horny. Or hungry.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing 487 lbs, VIIIIISCERA!

Joey Styles: Well this certainly won’t be an easy task for Carlito. Last Saturday night, Viscera and Val Venis, knowing collectively as V-Squared, came up short in their quest for a shot at the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, and as such, Viscera should be hungry for redemption.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s not the only thing Viscera’s hungry for, Joe. He looks like he could eat Carlito whole!

Jerry Lawler: Well I spoke to Viscera and Val earlier today, and they told me that while they were disappointed, tonight they would look at trying to restart things for themselves, and a win over Carlito, a guy headed for WrestleMania, could do big things for them.

Viscera jives his way on down the ramp, then climbs into the ring and takes his time in disrobing, before someone catches his eye in the audience … BUT CARLITO HAS SEEN ENOUGH AS HE HAMMERS VISCERA FROM BEHIND WITH A CLUBBING BLOW TO START THE MATCH!

Match One ~ Singles Match:
Carlito w/Chris Masters vs. Viscera w/Val Venis

Knowing he’s got a tough task for the night, Carlito looks to go right to work on Viscera, catching the big man off guard as he hammers away on him for the first several moments of the match. Viscera, however, gains some separation every now and then, shoving Carlito away, only for Carlito to come charging back into the corner and strike with left hand blows, until eventually, Viscera is able to score with a big clothesline! The crowd cheers as Viscera looks to run off to the ropes, but Chris Masters hooks his leg, stopping him from running and distracting him, allowing Carlito to again ambush Big Vis and force him into the corner to be hammered away on.

This ugly offense continues for the next few minutes, earning Carlito a few close two counts while he keeps Viscera at bay. The upstart Caribbean, however, gets cocky, and he shows it by losing focus on the match and beginning to taunt the fans, all while Viscera starts crawling up to his feet. Carlito then turns to Viscera, moving right into a huge open hand chop to the chest! The pain shoots through Carlito for a moment before he shakes it off, but Viscera is right there to strike again! Viscera now has control of the match, sending Carlito staggering all of the way back to the ropes with right hands, then capitalising with an Irish whip and a clothesline on the rebound! Viscera knocks Carlito down a few more times with some clotheslines, before whipping him into the corner … THEN CHARGING IN AND TRYING TO SQUASH HIM … BUT CARLITO NARROWLY AVOIDS IT AND RUNS OFF THE ROPES … COMING RIGHT BACK INTO A MASSIVE SAMOAN DROP FROM VISCERA!

The crowd gives a lukewarm pop as Viscera gets back to his feet … THEN BEGINS TO GYRATE OVER THE BODY OF CARLITO! Showing his moves, Viscera looks strangely aroused … AND HE GOES TO JUMP ON CARLITO … BUT CARLITO ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Viscera is clearly in considerable pain, having left his feet only to crash and burn … AND CARLITO CAPITALISES WITH THE BACKCRACKER! Carlito makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner: Carlito via pinfall @ 4:56


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, CAAAARLITO!

The crowd boos as Carlito regains his footing and gets his hand raised, with Chris Masters quickly joining him in the ring to celebrate.

Joey Styles: Well Carlito keeps his moment rolling, and come WrestleMania, he may be one of the men to beat now.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ve been sayin’ it all along. The only man ahead of Carlito in favouritism for that match has gotta be Gregory Helms, and that’s nothin’ to be ashamed of if you’re Carlito.

Jerry Lawler: Well Helms has had a big year thus far too, but it is hard to go past Carlito right now. He has been impressive, though you can’t forget, we’ve still got four superstars to qualify.

Joey Styles: That we do, ‘King’, but right now we’re headed off to our backstage partner, Maria, who is standing by with five men who, tonight, will be making their in-ring debut.

We cut away backstage to see the ditzy Maria standing by in the interview area.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time …

Maria is suddenly cut off as The Spirit Squad bounces into view, making a hell of a lot of noise, shouting at the top of their lungs (“OHHH YEAH BABY”) and blowing air horns.

Maria: Erm, Spirit Squad … tonight you make your in-ring debut … any thoughts?

Maria points the microphone at the five bouncing buffoons, with Kenny Doane being the first to step up.

Kenny Doane: Thoughts? THOUGHTS? I think tonight that The Spirit Squad are going to show the world what we’re all about!


Kenny Doane: Y’see, we’re the MEANEST …


Kenny Doane: We’re the TOUGHEST …


Kenny Doane: We’re the BADDEST …


Kenny Doane: And we’re the most masculine tag team to ever come to Monday Night RAW!

Mikey Mondo bounces over the shoulder of Kenny, leaning into the microphone.

Mikey Mondo: YOU KNOW IT, BAY-BAY!

Johnny Jeter now bounces into view.

Johnny Jeter: Y’know, it’s about damn time that Monday Night RAW got graced with some real tag team talent! Forget about Kane and the Big Show, forget about the so-called ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’, and forget about The Redneck Wrecking Crew, because what you’re lookin’ at right here is a five man ARMY of destruction!

Mikey Mondo: YEAH!

Kenny Doane now gets back in front of the rest of the Squad members, who continue to bounce around like absolute knobs, Mitch Mitchell still going to town on the air horn.

Kenny Doane: That’s exactly right, Johnny, and y’know, to show everyone what we’re talkin’ about, I think we should do a little cheer, right here, RIGHT NOW! Whaddya say boys?

All: YEAH!

Kenny Doane: Okay! Formation!

The four other members of The Spirit Squad suddenly settle down and stand beside Kenny, looking dead serious.

Kenny Doane: Ready? One, two, three, four!

All: We’re the biggest, we’re the baddest
We’re the toughest you can see
And when we meet you in the ring
We’ll pin you for the three.
Future champs, there’s no doubt
We’re the best thing on this show
There’s no way to deny it
Oh no, no, no, no.
Tonight you’ll see, we’ll show you all
When we make our debut
We’re fast, we’re strong, we’re athletic
And we’re good looking too
Because we aaaarrrreeeee

The five men now bounce up and down excitedly, pleased with their work, before jumping on out of set, leaving a confused looking Maria to stand alone for a moment, until Mitch comes back and blasts the air horn right in her ear! With Maria damn near deaf now, it seems like an appropriate time to go to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We cut off backstage, where we see an excited Carlito, fresh off competition, walking down a corridor with his buddy Chris Masters.

Carlito: Did ju see dat Chris? Did ju see what Carlito did?

Chris Masters: I was out there with you, man.

Carlito: Did ju see how Carlito MANHANDLED dat big oaf?

Chris Masters: Bro, I saw it. You were good.

Carlito look at Masters with his eyes bulging, almost looking offended.

Carlito: Good? Carlito wasn’t good. Carlito was … Carlito was GREAT!

’Lito pauses.

Carlito: As a matter of fact, Carlito was so great, dat Carlito thinks he’s ready for Money in da Bank right now! Think about it … Carlito … ‘Mr. Money in da Bank’. It has a nice ring to it.

Carlito all of a sudden looks starry eyed, very pleased with his vision.

Chris Masters: Y’know that sounds great, ‘Lito, and if you talked to Mr. Bischoff after last week’s show what we talked about, then I’ve gotta feeling you’re gonna have a big chance to win.

Carlito looks to be caught off guard, snapping out of his own little world.

Carlito: Talk with Mr. Bischoff? What are ju talkin’ ‘bout, ‘Piece?

Masters looks a little frustrated.

Chris Masters: Y’know, about gettin’ me a qualifying match for Money in the Bank. Like you said you would last week.

Carlito’s eyes bulge, perhaps being a telltale sign that he had forgotten.

Carlito: Oh … right … dat. Yeah … yeah, Carlito did that. But ‘Piece … ju may want to go talk to Mr. Bischoff about dat now … I think he has a bad memory or something.

Masters scans Carlito’s panic stricken face a little, before responding.

Chris Masters: Alright, that’s cool. I’ll catch up with you later tonight.

Masters now takes off, leaving Carlito standing there in his tracks, looking on.

We now cut away elsewhere in the arena … to see Mickie James arriving, sporting a bandage on her head! The crowd gives a nice pop as Mickie walks in, though as she turns a corner she looks a little jumpy, giving us a little window into her state of mind.

We don’t linger on that image for long though, as we now cut back to the announce desk.

Joey Styles: Mickie James is in the arena tonight, gentlemen, but after seeing what Trish Stratus did to her two nights ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event, do you think that’s the best of moves?

Jerry Lawler: Did you see the bandage on Mickie’s forehead? Her pretty little face is ruined! I don’t think she should be anywhere near the arena until she recuperates. I don’t want to know what Trish Stratus may do to her tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: If Mickie was smart, she woulda stayed away, but as we’ve seen before, Mickie doesn’t seem to exactly be the quickest member of the RAW roster. She’s got guts though, showin’ back up here tonight. I’ll give her that.

Things remain silent for a moment, before …



The crowd gives some pretty good heat for the male cheerleading squad, despite tonight being only their first ever match as The Spirit Squad, led by Kenny Doane, bounces out onto the stage. With air horns galore, the Squad is going crazy, obviously excited for their debut match.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a five on two handicap match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Kenny, Johnny, Mitch, Nicky and Mikey … THE SPIRIT SQUAD! And their opponents, in the ring, Ace Steel and Colt Cabana!

Joey Styles: Well this will certainly be … interesting.

Jonathan Coachman: You’re damn right it’ll be interesting.

Jerry Lawler: ‘Coach’, you were actually the one who signed these five men to RAW, so what can you tell us about them?

Jonathan Coachman: Well, lemme start off by sayin’ that those are five of the most athletic men you’ll ever see, and everything they said before the break is exactly right. They’re the meanest, the toughest and the baddest team to hit Monday Night RAW, and I wouldn’t be surprised if one day soon we would see The Spirit Squad as our World Tag Team Champions.

The Squad charge their way down the ramp, bouncing up and down like lunatics, before springing off a specially placed trampoline up into the ring, showing off their already impressive athleticism. Steel & Cabana look to have no idea what to do on the other side of the ring, as they look on at quite possibly the biggest freak show you’ll ever find.

Match Two ~ Five On Two Handicap Match
The Spirit Squad vs. Ace Steel & Colt Cabana

This match just acts as a vehicle to show The Spirit Squad’s abilities, which, despite their goofy appearance, is plentiful. With Steel & Cabana not known to the general audience, they’re acting as the local jobbers tonight, and The Spirit Squad goes to town on them, hitting all of their big moves and showing us what they’re all about. The match comes to a conclusion when all five members of the team are in the ring with a downed Ace Steel (Colt Cabana having been knocked out by an impressive Johnny-Go-Round kick from Johnny Jeter), circling him like a pack of hungry wolves, before each man goes to a corner of Steel’s body … AND THEY LIFT HIM IN THE AIR AND THROW HIM UP AS HIGH AS THEY CAN … LEAVING STEEL TO FREEFALL TO THE MAT WITH A CRASH, USING A MOVE WHICH ‘COACH’ TELLS US IS THE HIGH SPIRITS!

The five man cheering crew aren’t finished yet though, as they all look to the twenty year old Kenny Doane, who now heads to the corner and lifts himself to the top rope, not worrying about climbing up the ropes … BEFORE LAUNCHING HIMSELF WITH A SPECTACULAR JUMP … ONLY TO CRASH DOWN ACROSS THE THROAT OF ACE STEEL WITH A GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! Kenny makes the cover … and gets the three.

Winners: The Spirit Squad via pinfall @ 2:38


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, THE SPIRIT SQUAD!

The crowd boos as Kenny gets back to his feet, joining his Spirit Squad buddies in celebrating the victory in the extravagant fashion we have already come to expect from the Squad.

Joey Styles: Say what you will about their appearance, about their attitude and about, well, them, but after seeing that, it’s hard to dispute the athleticism and the ability that The Spirit Squad possesses. It may have been five on two, but each and every member of The Spirit Squad showed something there, and they may just be the force to be reckoned with here on RAW that you’ve built them up to be, ‘Coach’.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s exactly what I’ve been sayin’, Joe. You look into that ring, and you’re lookin’ into the future, ‘cause those five men, Kenny Doane, Nicky Nemeth, Johnny Jeter, Mitch Mitchell and Mikey Mondo ALL have a big, BIG future here on Monday nights.

Jerry Lawler: Seeing those guys as the future makes me glad that I wrestled in the past, though I will admit, despite their appearance, The Spirit Squad were impressive.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s the SPIRIT, ‘King’!

We see the five men celebrating triumphantly in the ring for a moment longer, still bouncing up and down like a bunch of morons, before we cut away off elsewhere.

And we’re backstage in the office of the RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff, who is shown seated behind his desk, looking at a large television screen, which he nods approvingly at, The Spirit Squad still being shown on it, now bouncing from the ring. Looking rather relaxed, Bischoff appears happy with the signings ‘Coach’ has made … but his attention is suddenly taken as two men stand right behind him, causing him to turn his chair … to see Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin.

The crowd gives a decent pop for the two men who stand with their arms crossed, giving Bischoff the stink eye.

Eric Bischoff: Charlie … Shelton … what a surprise to see you here.

Bischoff smirks, but Benjamin doesn’t look to be in the mood for jokes.

Shelton Benjamin: We’re not here for your jokes, Bischoff. We’re here to talk to business.

Bischoff looks at the duo with an expression of mock surprise.

Eric Bischoff: Business, you say? Well I’m never one to turn down a discussion like that. What exactly did you have in mind, Shelton?

Benjamin continues to look dead serious, doing the talking as Charlie Haas stands by his side.

Shelton Benjamin: We’re here to offer you a chance to have a better match at WrestleMania.

Bischoff continues to look somewhat mockingly intrigued.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and I how would I do that?

Again, dead serious from Benjamin.

Shelton Benjamin: Simple. You let us withdraw from the match for the World Tag Team Titles, and instead, you enter us in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Y’see, me an’ Charlie, we don’t want to team together. We don’t want a shot at the World Tag Team Titles. What we want is to work alone, and I know that I … we would be much better off alone.

Bischoff looks Benjamin in the eye.

Eric Bischoff: Do you both feel this way?

Benjamin looks dead right back at Bischoff and nods emphatically.

Shelton Benjamin: Yes.

Bischoff turns to Haas.

Eric Bischoff: How about you, Charlie? Do you think the two of you would be better off alone?

Haas says nothing, with Benjamin instead interjecting.

Shelton Benjamin: Yes, he does.

Bischoff turns back to Benjamin and scorns.

Eric Bischoff: Well I happen to disagree, but if you say this is a good business move, I’ll give you a chance. Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero are scheduled for an Intercontinental Title match tonight, but, I’ve heard from both of them that they’re also interested in competing in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania, so here’s what I’m gonna do. First of all, the Intercontinental Title match will be postponed ‘til next week on RAW.

A small mixed reaction in the background from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Instead, tonight, Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero will team up, and their opponents will be … Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin!

Pop from the crowd.

Shelton Benjamin: WHAT?

Benjamin looks absolutely livid.

Eric Bischoff: Hear me out. It’ll be a tag team match, but if you two win, it’ll be the last time you have to team together, because the winners will move on to compete in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. If you two win, I’ll find new challengers for Kane and Big Show at WrestleMania.

Benjamin nods.

Eric Bischoff: But if you lose, you’re gonna have to learn to get on the same page by WrestleMania, because your match? It’ll still be on. Fair enough?

Benjamin nods away to himself, while Haas remains still.

Shelton Benjamin: You got yourself a deal, Bischoff.

Bischoff smiles as Haas & Benjamin now turn to leave, leaving Bischoff to look on.

Eric Bischoff: Glad to do business with you.

Bischoff continues to look on, when Chris Masters suddenly bursts into his office.

Chris Masters: Mr. Bischoff!

Bischoff looks up at Masters.

Chris Masters: I was wondering if you remembered what Carlito talked to you about last week.

Bischoff looks surprised.

Eric Bischoff: What?

Masters sighs to himself.

Chris Masters: Y’know … about me gettin’ a qualifyin’ match for Money in the Bank?

Bischoff looks blankly at Masters, remaining silent.

Chris Masters: Carlito said you might’ve forgotten.

Bischoff again says nothing for a moment, before then speaking.

Eric Bischoff: First of all, Chris, I suggest you go talk to Carlito.

The expression on Masters’ face tells you exactly what he’s thinking. “About what?”

Eric Bischoff: Secondly, I’m sorry, but I’ve got no spots left. I just gave the last qualifying spots away to Haas and Benjamin. There’s nothing I can do for ya, Chris.

Masters looks somewhat disappointed, but he nods, before leaving Bischoff alone in his office. Bischoff checks that he’s alone, looking at the doorway, before pulling his cell phone from his pocket, and quickly dialling.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, hey, it’s me … right … can you get Shawn Michaels in here? I’d like to have a little chant with him … okay, thanks.

Bischoff hangs up the phone and lays it down on his desk, before just sitting silently and smiling away following his short phone discussion. With evil intentions in his eyes, Easy E leaves us, for we cut to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to cut away to a vignette.


As a bell sounds off in the background, we find ourself in the new setting of a close-up on a blackboard. The camera slowly zooms out so that we can see the whole blackboard, where in big, bold writing, the words “Matt Striker” can be seen. Before long, the man himself, Matt Striker is seen standing next to the blackboard, looking awfully smart in a combination of some brown pants, a blue shirt and a chequered vest that he wears over the top. With a smug explanation on his face, Striker holds a piece of chalk in one hand, leaving the other resting down by his side.

Matt Striker: Hello class, it is I, Matt Striker, here to teach you the lesson of a lifetime. Now, tonight’s lesson will be on something that has been relevant of late. Something that you youngsters may refer to as a “hot topic”, and that is the topic of “betrayal”.

Striker turns to the blackboard and writes the word “betrayal” on the blackboard under his own name.

Matt Striker: Now, this word has been brought forth of late by the actions of Mr. Shawn Michaels at Saturday Night’s Main Event. However, before we can discuss that, we must first think, what does the word “betrayal” mean? Our good friend the dictionary describes betrayal as “to be unfaithful in guarding or fulfilling to”.

Striker pauses smugly for a moment.

Matt Striker: Now, the question I bring to you, my class, is this. At Saturday Night’s Main Event, was Mr. Michaels unfaithful in guarding or fulfilling to? Did he betray anyone? Of course, the answer is “no”. Shawn Michaels did not betray anyone. In fact, what Shawn Michaels did was a noble deed, allowing the son of our fair leader Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon to roam free, unscarred by the pain and suffering that a sledgehammer could have brought. And who was the man who had planned on ambushing Shane with the sledgehammer? None other than Triple H.

Striker nods knowingly.

Matt Striker: Mr. Helmsley had planned on ambushing Shane McMahon, on causing serious head trauma to him at the hands of the sledgehammer. And Shawn Michaels stopped him. Unlike Mr. Helmsley, Mr. Michaels knows better than to bite the hand that feeds him. He knows better than to attack those who make his career possible. He knows better than to betray his boss. And for that, Mr. Michaels is a better man than Mr. Helmsley could ever be.

Striker pauses slightly.

Matt Striker: Mr. Michaels did not betray anyone, just like I would never betray you, my class. That’s why soon, I will make my return to your screens, to bring class back to session.

Striker again nods knowingly, eyes closed and smug expression completing the look.

Matt Striker: Students, I am Matt Striker, and I am ‘Your Teacher’.

The camera shows Striker smirk away, before zooming in to a close-up on his name, ending the vignette.


We return to ringside to hear the music of Rene Dupree faintly playing in the background, with the man himself standing in the ring with a microphone.

Rene Dupree: Cut my music!

The music cuts away to nothing, leaving the crowd to boo the Frenchman. Dupree says nothing for a moment, remaining silent, before the boos from the crowd begin to get on his nerves.

Rene Dupree: You people … you sicken me!

More heat from the crowd.

Rene Dupree: You disgusting … fat … slimy Americans! I feel like I’m going to be sick!

The crowd continues to boo as Dupree’s face softens, his expression easing up.

Rene Dupree: But alas, it’s not your fault. That’s right. It’s not your fault that you’re disgusting. It’s not you’re fault that your pigs. After all, you have been refrained from seeing me, Rene Dupree!

Some decent heat.

Rene Dupree: But have no fear, for I have returned to Monday Night RAW, and I refuse to be cast aside this time! I will make an impact on Monday Night RAW! I will teach you people to be refined like me, a true Frenchman!

More lukewarm heat as Dupree pauses.

Rene Dupree: I challenge you, any American in the back, come out and prove me wrong! Prove you can beat me! Prove me to be a liar! Prove your country … against mine.

Dupree hands the microphone away, then waits for a moment, before …


The crowd gives a big cheer as Eugene wanders out onto the stage, looking out wide eyed to the audience, dressed messily as usual in stark contrast to the man who just laid down the challenge.

Joey Styles: Well, here’s Eugene, and I don’t think this was quite what Rene Dupree had in mind when he opened the challenge to the RAW locker-room.

Jonathan Coachman: What the hell is Eugene doin’? He doesn’t belong anywhere NEAR Rene Dupree, let alone in the same ring! At least Rene should be able to beat some sense into him.

Jerry Lawler: Wait, you like Rene Dupree, ‘Coach’? You do realise he just insulted you, right?

Jonathan Coachman: No ‘King’, he insulted you. Rene’s my boy; he ain’t about to insult ‘The Coach’.

Eugene slowly makes his way down the ramp, stopping to slap hands with every fan possible, before climbing into the ring to meet a frustrated Rene Dupree as the referee calls for the bell.

Match Three ~ Singles Match:
Rene Dupree vs. Eugene

Having made a serious challenge, Rene Dupree is irate that his challenge was accepted by Eugene of all people, and he shows it by getting in his face, scaring the handicapped one, shouting “What do you think you are doing?”, before SLAPPING Eugene insultingly! Eugene looks like he’s about to get fired up following the slap, bending over … but Rene Dupree charges and boots him square in the side of the head! From here it is all Rene Dupree, with the strapping Frenchman dominating the action, eventually hitting the Dupree Driver to pick up the victory.

Winner: Rene Dupree via pinfall @ 2:00


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Rene Dupree!

The victorious Frenchman gets back to his feet and has his hand immediately raised by the referee. Happy with his victory, the Frenchman smirks away to himself and holds his arms out to the fans, almost asking as if they had expected anything else.

Joey Styles: Rene Dupree with an impressive victory there gentlemen, not even allowing Eugene to get a start.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s how Rene operates, babyboy. He ain’t messin’ around when he climbs in that squared circle, and Eugene just found that out here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Dupree wasn’t messing around alright. He absolutely destroyed Eugene!

Joey Styles: He’s one with a bright future for sure, ‘King’, but right now let’s cut backstage where our broadcast colleague Maria is standing by.

We leave Dupree in the ring and cut away to the interview area, where we see the lovely Maria already standing by.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, The Redneck Wrecking Crew!

The crowd gives some okay heat as The Redneck Wrecking Crew step into view, Cade with a look of quiet confidence, while the repulsive Murdoch breathes in and out heavily.

Maria: Guys, after your loss at Saturday Night’s Main Event, what’s next for The Redneck Wrecking Crew?

Murdoch looks absolutely outraged, scrunching his face up.

Trevor Murdoch: Our loss? OUR LOSS? Are you blind, woman? Didn’t ya see what happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event? We didn’t lose! Okay? Ya got that clear, missy?

Murdoch is getting right in Maria’s face, causing her to cower in fear until the calmer Cade pulls his partner back.

Lance Cade: What my partner here is tryin’ to say is that we didn’t lose, ‘cause we were never pinned. Danny Basham was the one that was pinned, so as far as we’re concerned, we never lost, meanin’ that we should be the number one contenders for the World Tag Team Titles. I mean, let’s take a look at the other teams. The team that won at Saturday Night’s Main Event – Haas an’ Benjamin? Those two don’t even wanna team together. They’re not a real tag team.

Heat from the crowd as Cade pauses slightly for the reaction.

Lance Cade: Then we got Venis an’ Viscera – a team that already saw one of its members lose tonight. Ya think these guys deserve a shot before us? You gotta be out of your mind.

Cade again pauses slightly, but no reaction comes this time.

Lance Cade: Then ya got The Basham Brothers, the team who lost at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Do they deserve a shot at the titles? Hell no. The way we see it is that ya got yourself one team that doesn’t wanna be together, a whole bunch o’ losers, and us, meanin’ that we should be the ones goin’ to WrestleMania 22 to challenge those two big dummies.

A small bit of heat from the crowd.

Lance Cade: We are the most qualified team for the job. Not only are we former World Tag Team Champions ourselves, but over the past few weeks, we have beaten down Triple H more times than I care to remember.

Cade smirks at that thought, clearly proud of it.

Lance Cade: So Mr. Bischoff, if Haas an’ Benjamin win their match tonight, and you’re out lookin’ for new contenders for the those titles … then look no further. An’ even if Haas an’ Benjamin win, it doesn’t matter, ‘cause whoever’s got the belts after WrestleMaia … we’re comin’ for ‘em, and we’re gonna take back our World Tag Team Titles.

Cade smirks and looks into the camera, before grabbing Murdoch around the neck.

Lance Cade: Carn Trev, let’s get outta here.

The crowd boos as The Redneck Wrecking Crew leave the scene, leaving Maria to look on at them, still a bit freaked out from the way Murdoch laid into her.

Leaving Maria, we now cut away elsewhere, to see a jumpy looking Mickie James walking down a corridor, eyes jumping around.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Mickie James, and after the break we’ll be hearing from her about what happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event between her and Trish Stratus. That’s next on Monday Night RAW!

We fade away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercials to be back in the office of RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff, who is seated behind his desk still. Bischoff looks to be getting some busy work done, scrawling away on paper, when he looks up … and sees Shawn Michaels standing over him, getting a huge mixed response from the crowd! Bischoff looks slightly surprised, but he quickly begins to smile.

Shawn Michaels: You wanted to see me?

Bischoff gets up and grabs Shawn’s hand, shaking it wildly.

Eric Bischoff: Yes Shawn, yes I did. Please, have a seat.

Shawn does just that, taking a seat on the opposite side of the table to Bischoff, who also falls back into his seat.

Eric Bischoff: Now Shawn, I’m sure hat you’ve heard that after Saturday Night’s Main Event, the McMahons have decided it was in their best interests to leave RAW, putting their past problems with you behind them.

Shawn nods slowly as Bischoff pauses.

Eric Bischoff: Right, well, because the McMahons have left, that’s left me as the sole authority figure here on Monday Night RAW, so to start with I want to bring you a peace offering.

Shawn says nothing, leaving Bischoff to continue.

Eric Bischoff: I know you’ve had problems with Mr. McMahon in the past, but we don’t have to have the same problems here, right? I mean, I’m a fair man. If you scratch my back, I may even scratch yours … starting tonight.

The offering from Bischoff seems to have piqued Shawn’s interest.

Eric Bischoff: Now, as I’m sure you know, of late I’ve had my problems with your opponent tonight … RVD.

Pop from the crowd in the background.

Eric Bischoff: It seems for some reason that RVD thinks it’s funny to embarrass me. I mean, first of all he appeared at a SmackDown! Pay-Per-View, attacking The Undertaker and landing me in trouble with the board of directors. Then he got me in even more trouble with them by going behind my back and getting their approval to appear at Saturday Night’s Main Event. And now … now RVD wants to provide me with the ultimate embarrassment by representing my brand, by representing RAW, and losing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania.

Bischoff pauses, a sly look on his face.

Eric Bischoff: But y’see, the way I see it … that match doesn’t even need to happen … and that’s where you come into things … by taking RVD out in tonight’s main event.

Bischoff still has Shawn’s interest, so he decides to ram his pitch home.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve seen what you can do. I saw what you did to Triple H at Saturday Night’s Main Event … and I liked it. Now I’m not saying you need to get yourself DQed. I know you want to shut Van Dam up after what he said to you earlier, but what I am saying is that I want to see you take RVD … out.

Bischoff waits as Michaels leans forward to speak.

Shawn Michaels: That’s all fine, but what I’m wondering is … what’s in it … for me?

Bischoff smirks.

Eric Bischoff: Name your price.

The conversation looks set to continue, with Michaels suddenly interested …

… but that’s where it ends for us, as we cut back off to ringside.

Joey Styles: Shawn Michaels has sold his soul to the devil. The new attitude of Shawn Michaels is there for all to see, and he appears like he’s willing to take RVD out, so long as it benefits him in some way. This is disgusting!

Jonathan Coachman: You mean this is great, Joe. It’s about time someone took that delinquent Van Dam out. We can’t have him embarrassing us at WrestleMania, and that’s exactly what he’ll do if he gets there.

The commentators remain silent for a moment, before …


The crowd gives a decent pop as out onto the stage walks Mickie James. Just like at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Mickie is far from her bubbly self, walking down the ramp with a slight limp instead of the usual bounce, her normally beautiful face obscured with a bandage on her forehead.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, MICKIE JAMES!

Joey Styles: As you can see, folks, Mickie James does not look her normal self, and that’s because two nights ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event, Mickie James’ world came crashing down around her when her hero, her idol Trish Stratus brutally assaulted her, blaming Mickie for all of the accidents that have occurred.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been in wrestling a long time, and for a long time I’ve been a fan of women’s wrestling, of our divas, and I have to say, what I saw at Saturday Night’s Main Event was something you just don’t see from the divas. I never thought I’d see it come from Trish Stratus of all people either.

Miss James makes her way up into the ring and grabs a microphone, looking nervously out to the crowd as she does so. Far from comfortable, Mickie remains still for a moment, before taking a deep breath and beginning.

Mickie James: I … I came out to the ring tonight to clear something up. Saturday night … Saturday night I came out and I … things didn’t go like they should have.

Mickie pauses, biting her lip nervously.

Mickie James: For my whole life, things haven’t gone as they should have … but I’m out here tonight … I’m here to fix that. My life … it hasn’t been easy. I was brought up by my single mum. My dad … my dad walked out on her before I was born. I never knew him, but my mum … my mum was brave. She didn’t just give me a home … she also gave her father, my grandfather a home. My mum had to work TWO jobs, night AND day, just so she could provide for us.

Mickie again pauses anxiously, looking down at the mat.

Mickie James: I … I didn’t see my mum much. She was always at work … at work so she could provide for me. So she could make sure that I had a life that she couldn’t have. She worked twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, just so … just so she could put me through school. So she could feed me. So she could provide for me. It’s what makes my mum a hero.

Mickie again pauses, taking a deep breath.

Mickie James: But I didn’t see her much. As much as I loved my mum … as much as I looked up to my mum … I didn’t see her much. We weren’t like a normal family. We were different … I was different.

Another slight pause from Mickie.

Mickie James: My mum was strong … but I was weak. I didn’t have any friends. No one wanted to talk to me. They didn’t want to even say hello to me, because I was that one … that one person who didn’t hang out with the others on the weekend, because I couldn’t.

Mickie sighs and looks at the mat.

Mickie James: I couldn’t. I had no one to talk to … no friends … and not my mum. I didn’t know how to be strong like my mum. I didn’t know how I could be like her … how I could be my own person. And then, one night when I was watching RAW with my grandpa … I found her. I found my role model. I found the person who I could secretly talk to without even knowing her … who I could confide my secrets in … who I could share all of my problems with … I found Trish Stratus.

Mixed reaction for Trish.

Mickie James: Trish was this strong … individual diva. She was beautiful and powerful at the same time. She even … she even stood up to the boss of the WWE, Mr. McMahon.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Mickie James: I couldn’t even stand up to the people who made fun of me, but Trish … Trish could stand up to her boss. She could stand up to the one person who controlled her job, who controlled her life. And I thought to myself … I thought, “I want to be like her”.

Small pause from Miss James.

Mickie James: She was like my mum … she was strong … she worked hard … and she was graceful. But the difference was that Trish … Trish was around more than my mum. Every week, I would see Trish on RAW, but there were some weeks where I wouldn’t see my mum at all. There were months at a time where I wouldn’t see my mum, because she was working. But Trish … I could see Trish, and I knew, I just knew I wanted to be like her.

Again, Mickie takes a moment, calming herself.

Mickie James: So I packed my bags … and I left.

Mickie pauses, clearly not too happy with what she’s talking about, looking down at the mat again instead of out to the crowd.

Mickie James: My mum worked and she worked and she worked. All for me. To give me a life. And I left.

Again, Mickie is looking down at the mat.

Mickie James: I’ve always been ashamed of that … of walking out on my mum … on my grandpa … just like my dad did before I was born. But my mum … she encouraged it. She told me she just wanted me to be happy, and she knew that I wasn’t happy at home. I never really saw her, but she knew. My mum’s just that type of person … she’s smart like that.

Mickie grimaces, feeling the pain of the reopened scars, the feelings that she’s held back for all of these years being brought back up.

Mickie James: So I left. I took the money … ALL the money my mum had saved up for me to give me a life … and I left to pursue my dream of becoming a professional wrestler, just like Trish Stratus.

Mickie smiles a wry, dejected smile, all while STILL looking down towards the mat.

Mickie James: I didn’t speak to my mum again for years … I still haven’t since … not properly. But I left to follow my dream.

Mickie shakes her head as she tries to control her emotions.

Mickie James: It wasn’t easy. I had never been out on my own. I didn’t know how I talk to people. I didn’t know where I could train, where I could eat. I didn’t know where I could live … I was out on my own. But slowly … slowly, things started coming together. I found somewhere to learn to wrestle. I got myself a car which I could stay AND sleep in, and I kept myself alive. All so I could learn to wrestle.

Again, that wry smile from Mickie.

Mickie James: At first, I was horrible. I just couldn’t get how to wrestle, how anyone could wrestle, but through watching videos of Trish whenever I could, through asking people who had talked to Trish in the business about stories, I started to get it. I got better. And that’s when the WWE came to me, and offered me a contract in October last year.

Mickie seems to almost be laughing as she looks down.

Mickie James: I couldn’t believe it. The WWE, the biggest and best wrestling company in the world … the company that Trish Stratus worked for … they wanted to sign me.

Respectful little pop from the audience.

Mickie James: Since then, I’ve got to talk with Trish. I’ve got to spend time with Trish. I’ve got to team with Trish. I’ve done more that I could ever dream of, and at WrestleMania, I get to wrestle my hero. This had all just been such a dream, but Saturday Night’s Main Event … Saturday Night’s Main Event was a nightmare, but I’m not taking it personally. What happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event was a misunderstanding. It was an accident, because Trish …

Mickie pauses, again bitting her lip like earlier in the promo.

Mickie James: Trish, I know you’re listening, and I just want to let you know I still idolise you. I know I’m awkward. I never had friends before, Trish, and I’ve made some mistakes, but I wanna make them up to you. I really do. So if you come out here, please, I wanna show you how sorry I am by giving you a surprise of my own that will hopefully help you feel as happy as I’ve felt for these past few months. Please come out here, Trish … … … please?

Mickie James waits for a moment to no avail, before …


The crowd gives a very mixed reaction, as out from the back marches the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Her body looks as good as ever, but Trish’s face is scrunched up, perhaps showing some frustration as she swiftly makes her way down to the ring, then climbs up and grabs a microphone, pacing as she talks.

Trish Stratus: Y’know it’s funny. I thought I’d nipped this little problem in the bud two nights ago, but in case ya didn’t get the message, Mickie, I meant everything I said, and everything I did at two nights ago.

Mickie James: Trish, you don’t understand. This is just a …

Trish Stratus: No Mickie, you don’t understand. These people don’t understand. But I do. I understand perfectly fine. I see right through you, Mickie.

Trish pauses, Mickie asking her what she’s talking about off microphone.

Trish Stratus: Oh yeah, I see what’s going on. I understand, Mickie. I understand that you are nothing but a fraud.

Heat from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: Your little sob story? It’s nothing but a load of crap.

More heat from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: You got one thing right, though. You’re just like all of the other divas in the locker-room. Just like all of them, you wish you were me. I gotta give you some credit, Mickie, most of the divas, they don’t even get this close to me. But you, Mickie, you’ve done yourself well. You have managed to lie yourself all the way to a Women’s Title match with me at WrestleMania. So congratulations.

Heat from the crowd, as a shocked looking Mickie tries to hold back her emotions.

Trish Stratus: Oh what? You think I’m making this personal? Mickie, you’re the one who made this personal. You’re the one who took out all of my friends, and as far as I’m concerned, I’m just giving you what you deserve.

More heat from the crowd, as Mickie looks at the mat, not even wanting to look anywhere near Trish.

Trish Stratus: You wanna talk about how this is a dream of yours, Mickie? You think this is a dream? Mickie, I’m going to make your life a nightmare until you realise that a fraud like you doesn’t deserve to be in the same ring of me.

Stratus smirks for a moment, before realising that Mickie isn’t even looking at her, prompting her to try to get Mickie’s attention.

Trish Stratus: Hey, Mickie! I’m talking to you! Look at me when I’m talking to you! Show me the RESPECT I deserve!

Trish grabs Mickie by the hair and pulls her head up, making sure she’s looking her right in the eyes. Mickie doesn’t even put up a struggle, the tears streaming from her face as she meekly waves her hands around.

Trish Stratus: You’re pathetic.

BAM! And with that, for the second straight show, Trish Stratus nails Mickie James in the forehead with the microphone! The crowd boos as Mickie sags to the mat, Trish smirking away, before dropping to her knees and beginning to rip at the bandage on Mickie’s forehead, wanting to split her open again … when suddenly the crowd starts to cheer … as Ashley Massaro comes charging down the ramp!

Shocked at her old friend’s appearance, Trish stays still for a moment, before sliding from the ring as Ashley slides in. Ashley surprisingly glances at Mickie, a look of worry on her face, before turning back to Trish, who shouts “What are you doing?” at her.

Joey Styles: Thank God for Ashley Massaro! Trish Stratus was about to spill Mickie James’ blood for the second time in three nights until Ashley made her timely return here tonight!

Jonathan Coachman: But what’s Ashley doin’ here? I thought Mickie James ran her out of the WWE, and now she’s helpin’ her?

Jerry Lawler: Well maybe that was the surprise Mickie was talking about.

Joey Styles: Whatever Mickie was talking about, she’s in some serious trouble in the ring, and she needs some help right away.

The officials start to rush from the back, sliding into the ring to attempt to help a disorientated Mickie. We, meanwhile, head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break at ringside with our three man commentary crew.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where we still have a huge show for you to come including The Cutting Edge, RVD vs. ‘HBK’ for the very first time and a tag team Money in the Bank qualifier, but before the before we get to that we’re going to show you some footage of what occurred during the break, following Trish Stratus breaking Mickie James once again both physically, and mentally.

We see Mickie James being assisted backstage, being carried by many of the backstage workers, Ashley Massaro close by, appearing concerned.

Jerry Lawler: We know why Mickie is so fragile. Mickie herself told Trish, and for Trish to come out here and say what she did and do what she did … I just didn’t think I’d ever see that from Trish Stratus.

Jonathan Coachman: Maybe Trish wouldn’t do it if Mickie didn’t give her the ammo. If you ask me, this is Mickie’s fault.

Joey Styles: How can you say that, ‘Coach’? Here’s a girl in Mickie James who dreamt of being like Trish Stratus, of meeting her, and when she finally does she’s treated like complete crap by Trish, who has gone out of her way to break Mickie both physically and mentally. She could have just accepted Mickie’s apology on Saturday and moved on, but for some reason, that wasn’t enough for Trish. She had to break Mickie.

Jonathan Coachman: Well none of that really matters anyway, Joe, because I agree with Trish. Mickie James is a fraud, and she’s just doin’ what she can to get a title shot. It’s just too bad for Mickie that this’ll turn out a nightmare, not the dream she was expecting.

Joey Styles sighs in frustration, giving up as we cut away backstage to see Rob Van Dam warming up! The crowd gives a big pop as we look on at RVD doing his stretches, limbering up by doing the splits on some elevated benches. RVD looks cool, calm and relaxed as he finishes up and climbs down, when he’s suddenly confronted by Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: RVD, I was just wondering if I could grab a word with you before your match tonight.

Rob Van Dam: Sure dude. Go ahead.

RVD continues to limber up, shaking his arms and legs as Grisham speaks.

Todd Grisham: Well Rob, earlier tonight we know that Eric Bischoff made the main event for tonight, that being you going one on one with Shawn Michaels. Since then we’ve seen Mr. Bischoff put a bounty of sorts on your head, telling Shawn Michaels that he wants you taken out. After seeing this, do you regret confronting Shawn earlier in the night?

RVD stops stretching out, taking a moment to look a bit more serious, though he stills seems quite jovial as he strokes his chin.

Rob Van Dam: Do I regret what I said to Shawn Michaels? That’s a loaded question, dude.

RVD affords himself a smile.

Rob Van Dam: Look, I know earlier tonight I may have dug myself into a hole when I decided to confront Shawn Michaels. I mean, a lotta people say that hey, what Shawn said was none of my business, and honestly, it wasn’t. It really wasn’t. He wasn’t talkin’ about me so it didn’t concern me. But then I thought about it, and I decided it did concern me. I decided to make it my business.

Pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: The way I see it is that if Shawn Michaels wants to take the coward’s way out, and instead of blamin’ himself, blamin’ everyone else around him for his failure to win a world title for the past three years, then I’m gonna say somethin’. I’m kind of an expert in the field anyway. I mean, I’m still being called ‘the greatest wrestler to never win a world title’. At least for now I am.

RVD smiles at the camera cheekily on the last line.

Rob Van Dam: As for Shawn doin’ a deal with Eric Bischoff? To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t really surprise me, because just like Shawn Michaels, Eric Bischoff is a coward too. Always has been and always will be. So if he wants to arrange for superstars to try to take me out before WrestleMania? Man, I’m fine with that. I accept the challenge, because the one thing I’m not is a coward.

Pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: Shawn can do what he wants tonight. He wants to get aggressive? I can get aggressive too. He wants to show some attitude? ‘The Whole F’n Show’ knows a little somethin’ about attitude too. And if he wants to get extreme? Well then you’re lookin’ at the right guy.

Another cheer from the crowd for a little smirk from Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam: The fact of the matter is this. Shawn Michaels can go out there, and he can do what he wants tonight. I’m not gonna sweat it. I’m just gonna go out there and do what I do best, and that’s kickin’ some ass. And after I’m done kickin’ his ass and whoever else Bischoff wants to throw at me, I’m gonna do the same thing to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, because whether Eric Bischoff likes it or not, I will be going to WrestleMania to go one on one with ‘The Deadman’.

Big cheer from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: And then when I’m done with ‘Taker, I’ll be smilin’ for years to come. Let’s see if you can say the same thing once I’m done with you tonight, Shawn.

Van Dam stares at the camera emphatically, before we leave his warm-up area and cut to ringside.



The crowd comes alive with some very good heat as the shooting star, ‘Your Hero’ Gregory Helms steps out onto the stage. Wearing the casual get up of a designer shirt to go with some jeans and, of course, the beanie, Helms walks down the ramp, nodding his head with the beat and holding his fist aloft. Rather than heading for the ring, Gregory Helms walks around ringside, then takes up a spot at the announce desk, finding himself a home next to ‘Coach’. ‘King’ looks a bit uncomfortable, having had problems in the past with Helms, but he and Joey Styles offer Helms their hands to shake anyway, only for Helms to reject them and only shake hands with Coachman.

Joey Styles: Well, it looks like we’re being joined by a guest at this time. Gregory, welcome to the desk , and …

Jonathan Coachman: Hang on, Joe. Give this man an introduction he deserves. How ‘bout this? Ladies and gentlemen, we’re now being joined by the man who has a deposit on the Money in the Bank briefcase, Gregory Helms. How ya feelin’, Gregory?

Gregory Helms: See, that’s the type of introduction I deserve. Y’know, you should do the introductions for everyone, ‘Coach’. Better than Jillian, or whatever her name is.

Joey Styles: That’s Lilian Gar …

Gregory Helms: Did I say you could speak? No, I don’t think so. Don’t you ever cut me off again, Joey Styles. And what about you, ‘King’? You seem a little quiet. Still scared I’m gonna kick your ass again? Good, I’d be scared too if I were you.

Coachman laughs away to himself as we now see Jillian Lilian standing by in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match Money in the Bank qualifier, and it is scheduled for one fall!


The crowd gives a decent pop as Shelton Benjamin stomps out onto the stage, looking dead serious tonight. The former All-American Benjamin has a big task ahead of him, and he knows it, slapping himself in the face a few times as he steps down to the ring.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, from Orangeburg, North Carolina, weighing 248 lbs, SHEELLLTON BEEENNNNJAAAMIN!

Joey Styles: It’s been a tumultuous few months for Shelton Benjamin, who, in the middle of a slump, has had his former partner Charlie Haas return, further stalling Shelton’s singles career. Tonight he has the chance to finally get what he wants and go for some singles glory, because ironically, if he and Charlie Haas win this tag team match, he’ll be qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and NOT be competing for the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania.

Gregory Helms: And if he’s gonna want to go out on his own, he’s gonna have to hope his partner’s the one to pick up the win for him. Seriously, how long’s it been since Shelton Benjamin actually pinned someone? Tell ya what, Shelly. Listen to your friend, team back up with him and let him win matches for you, ‘cause it’s the only way you’re gonna win ‘em.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s exactly what I’ve been saying!

Joey Styles: ‘Coach’, you’ve been saying Shelton Benjamin is too good for Charlie Haas.

Jonathan Coachman: What? When did I say that? Listen, Joe, I know you’re not the brightest kid on the block, but at least try to keep up with ‘The Coach’, babyboy.

‘King’ remains silent, still sulking as Benjamin climbs up into the ring, ready for action.


The crowd gives another decent pop for Charlie Haas who comes bouncing out from the back. Full of energy, Haas bounds down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as he does so.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Dallas, Texas, weighing 249 lbs, CHARLIE HAAAAASSSS!

Joey Styles: Charlie Haas has been on quite a roll since returning here to Monday Night RAW, winning every match he’s been involved with, including getting the fall every time he’s teamed when Shelton Benjamin. Tonight, however, if he does get the fall, it’ll mean he and Shelton will be done as a team. Does this mean Charlie won’t be intent on winning, or will he go for the victory?

Jonathan Coachman: If you’re gonna say one thing about Charlie Haas, it’s that he always wants to win, Joe. He’d be crazy NOT to wanna win tonight with a shot at Money in the Bank on the line. Not that it matters if he wins tonight anyway with my man here sittin’ beside me goin’ to WrestleMania.

Gregory Helms: That’s right, ‘Coach’, and y’know, I’m gonna give Charlie Haas some credit. The guy’s been good since he came back, but that’s ‘cause he hasn’t faced me yet. Y’know, I’m undefeated since takin’ off the mask, too?

Joey Styles: How could we forget?

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, Joe, how about a bit of respect? It’s not often you get to sit alongside greatness, beside me of course.

Haas climbs up in the ring, merely nodding at his partner as he walks past, before raising his arms up for the crowd.



The crowd gives a good pop for the third generation superstar, Chavo Guerrero, who steps out onto the stage and motions for all of the fans to get to their feet. Nodding approvingly, Chavo makes his way down the ramp, high fiving the fans as he goes.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, first, from El Paso, Texas, weighing 215 lbs, CHAAAAAVO GUERRERROOO!

Joey Styles: As mentioned before, we entered tonight thinking this man Chavo Guerrero would be facing his close friend Ric Flair for Flair’s Intercontinental Title, however, we’ve since learnt that rather than facing each other they’ll be teaming together tonight instead. Gregory, it can’t be easy for these two to get on the same page after thinking about how to defeat one another, can it?

Gregory Helms: Of course it’ll be easy for ‘em. Flair never intended on facing someone who would want to hurt him, which is why he wanted to defend his title against Guerrero tonight. I wouldn’t be surprised if Flair had told Guerrero just to lie down and take the three count so he could ignore the Intercontinental Title for another thirty days.

Guerrero finishes his walk to the ring, which climbs up into, nodding respectfully at his opponents, before posing for the fans, reserving a special glare for Helms at ringside.



The crowd gives a great pop for the familiar cry, before out from the back steps the legend himself, the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair. With a smile on his face and the title hidden under one of his expensive robes, Flair styles and profiles his way down the ramp, firing up the fans with a woo or two on the way.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing 242 lbs, he is the INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, ‘THE NAAATURE BOY’, RIIIC FLAAAIIIRRRR!

Gregory Helms: Do NOT say a word Joey Styles. Allow me to talk about Ric Flair. Allow me to talk about the man who has yet again weaselled his way out of defendin’ the Intercontinental Title. You may think you like Flair, Joey Styles, but deep down, deep, deep down, you know, you just KNOW that you are ACHING for ‘Your Hero’, Gregory Helms to take that Intercontinental Title, and treat it like the title that it is. You KNOW it’s true.

Jonathan Coachman: I sure know I wanna see that!

Flair now joins the other three men in the ring and begins to disrobe, staring down Helms as he does so, clearly some bad blood simmering between the two following the beat down Flair suffered at the hands of Helms the previous week, which Helms gloats about as the match gets underway.

Match Four ~ Money in the Bank Qualifer; Tag Team Match
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Chavo Guerrero & Ric Flair

The superstars sorts themselves out, with Ric Flair eager to start the match, eyeing off Helms as he does so. On the other side of the ring, Shelton Benjamin seems to think he should be the one to start the crucial match, telling Haas “I got this”, much to the frustration of Charlie, who merely rolls his eyes, then climbs out to the apron. The early going sees Benjamin and Flair mixing it up a bit with some chain wrestling, Flair using his experience and Shelton using his amateur wrestling prowess to actually provide some entertaining jostling. In the end it is Shelton Benjamin who finds himself on top, having captured the Intercontinental Champion in a grounded side headlock. Flair knows that he doesn’t want to be caught down for long, wisely fighting back up to his feet, before pushing Shelton off to the ropes, only for the former All-American to come back and run through Flair with a shoulder tackle!

The confidence runs through Shelton, taking a step up to the level of cockiness as he stands with a smirk over the downed Flair, turning to tell Charlie Haas “That’s how you do it”. Benjamin then looks to take off to the ropes, coming back with momentum and attempting to bounce over a dropped down Flair … but the veteran uses his smarts to grab Shelton by the leg and trip him up, sending Shelton down into a faceplant into the mat! An embarrassed Benjamin flops to his feet, right into the clutches of Flair, who follows up by schooling Benjamin in basic wrestling for the next few minutes, controlling him with the simplest of moves in a side headlock. The frustration begins to bubble for Benjamin, who is clearly embarrassed that he’s being showed up, to the point where instead of attempting to outwrestle Flair, he pulls at his hair until Flair relinquishes the headlock.

Both men now stand up in a face-off, Benjamin fuming, having been taught a lesson, while Flair looks less than happy to have had his peroxide blonde locks tugged on. Chavo, sensing Flair’s anger, calls for a tag, and ‘The Nature Boy’ complies, tagging Chavo into the match. Charlie Haas calls out for the same thing from Shelton, but he is ignored by Shelton, who insists he can do this himself. At first, he actually has some success against Chavo too, kneeing him in the midsection when the two look set to lock up, before controlling him for the next few moments with some strikes. Shelton then looks to whip Chavo off to the ropes, but that proves a mistake, as on the rebound Chavo is able to showcase his athleticism, flooring Shelton with a headscissors takedown.

This angers Shelton, prompting him to quickly regain his footing and charge at Chavo, running right into an arm drag. Chavo repeats the dose of arm drags a further two times, before scoring with a dropkick that sends Shelton tumbling from the ring. His energy now running high, Chavo waits as Shelton regains his footing … THEN LAUNCHES HIMSELF THROUGH THE AIR AND COMES CRASHING DOWN ONTO SHELTON WITH A PLANCHA! The crowd cheers Chavo as he gets up to his feet, leaving us to head to a commercial break.

Back from the break, and it’s Shelton Benjamin who is in control, kicking away at Ric Flair in the corner, which Joey Styles tells us is a result of Shelton making a comeback late in the commercial break. Shelton looks to follow up from there, sending Ric off into the opposite corner, before charging in at Naitch, only to eat boot. Shelton staggers from the corner … then gets taken down with a chop block! This begins the portion of the match that is controlled by Flair & Guerrero, who frequently tag in and out, working over the leg of Benjamin. As expected, through this period, Benjamin refuses to quit, even surviving a (wonderful and under utilised, tbh) spinning toe hold from Guerrero to somehow drag himself to the ropes. With Shelton clearly in trouble, Chavo decides it’s time to go for the kill, kicking him in the midsection then hooking him up to hit a suplex, which he nails … BEFORE ROLLING THE HIPS! The crowd cheers as Chavo pulls Shelton up … SECOND SUPLEX! He gets Shelton up again, looking to complete that hattrick … BUT SHELTON LANDS ON HIS FEET BEHIND CHAVO … AND AS HE COLLAPSES DOWN, HITS A NECKBREAKER!

The crowd cheers as a desperate Shelton realises he has nowhere else to go, heading to his corner, while Chavo crawls towards Flair … and both men make the tags! Both partners charge into the ring, and it’s the fresher Charlie Haas who is able to take control, immediately knocking Flair down with a clothesline. Flair gets up, walking right into another clothesline, before Haas pushes him back into the ropes, then sends him off with an Irish whip, before scoring with a standing dropkick upon return! Flair gets to his feet, holding his jaw in pain, when all of a sudden Charlie Haas comes from behind him, then scores on him with a back suplex! Charlie makes the cover … but Chavo breaks it up with a stomp to the back at two.

Looking to wrestle control back to his team, Chavo picks Charlie up, pushes him into the ropes and tries to send him off with an Irish whip, but Charlie reverses, sending Chavo in … before throwing him overhead with a stunning belly to belly suplex! The crowd erupts as Chavo goes rolling from the ring and Haas turns his attention back to Naitch, who he grabs from behind … GERMAN SUPLEX TIME … NO! FLAIR GOES BEHIND! Flair manages to escape, then kick Haas in the back of the knee, before backing off to the ropes and coming back with a chop block, sending Charlie falling awkwardly to the mat! The crowd cheers as Flair gets back up and cries out to the crowd … BEFORE GRABBING THE LEG OF HAAS … FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK … NO, CHARLIE PUSHES RIC OFF WITH HIS FREE LEG INTO THE CORNER! Haas is quick to try to take advantage, charging into the corner at Flair, but Ric sidesteps his attack, leaving Charlie to hit the turnbuckle chest first.

Charlie staggers back into the centre of the ring in pain, and the Intercontinental Champions sees an opportunity, quickly heading up top … but, like always, he’s caught, as Charlie Haas s ends him down to the mat with a simple throw … BEFORE SUDDENLY POUNCING WITH THE HAAS OF PAIN! The crowd gasps as Haas and Flair struggle … BUT HAAS GETS IT! HE’S GOT THE HAAS OF PAIN! Ric Flair cries in pain, caught in the centre of the ring with nowhere to go, his face turning tomato red as he tries to think of a way to get out of the hold, but there appears to be none, causing the crowd to buzz as he raises his hand … BUT HE’S SUDDENLY GRABBED BY A HAND AND PULLED FROM THE RING … BY KANE!

With Big Show alongside him, Kane pulls Flair from the ring … THEN CREAMS HIM WITH AN UPPERCUT! This is all in the referee’s view, prompting a confused ref to call for the bell.

Winners (qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match): Chavo Guerrero & Ric Flair via disqualification @ 12:34

Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners via disqualification, the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair, and Chavo Guerrero!

The crowd boos the result as the World Tag Team Champions back up the ramp, laughing away, leaving Charlie Haas, and now Shelton Benjamin to stand in the ring, looking confused. On the outside of the ring, Flair & Guerrero are regathering, but they too appear mystified by the result.

Joey Styles: What … what was that? Why did Kane and the Big Show just cost Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin spots in Money in the Bank?

Jonathan Coachman: I’m not sure. Could they want Haas and Benjamin at WrestleMania?

Gregory Helms: Look, the real issue here isn’t why dumb and dumber cost Haas and Benjamin their match. It’s why Ric Flair has AGAIN been allowed to win a match like this. He’s a champion, and he should be wrestling like one. It’s time someone did somethin’ about it, and I’m thinkin’ it’s my time.

With the scenes of confusion still remaining at ringside, we’re left to cut away …

… Back to the parking lot, where we now see a man taking his bags from the back of a four wheel drive. The crowd buzzes, before the man is revealed to be … the WWE Champion, Edge. With a cocky grin on his face and his shiny, shiny belt on his shoulder, Edge walks towards the arena, followed closely by his girlfriend Lita.

Joey Styles: Well ladies and gentlemen, moving from one mystery to another, later tonight we’ll see The Cutting Edge, hosted by the WWE Champion, Edge, and he’s promised us a surprise guest. Who will that guest be, and what will they have to say? Find out later tonight on The Cutting Edge.

After that plug from Joey, we’re out to another break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see a video promo.





We now cut back to ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, we are not far away from our main event, but as we just saw, we’re not far away from WrestleMania 22, and folks, what a card it’s setting itself up to be.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey, starting with, as we just saw, the World Tag Team Titles being on the line, when Kane and Big Show defend their titles against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin!

Jonathan Coachman: Haas and Benjamin don’t wanna team together, so you would think that this one is easy. They have looked like a heck of a team though since comin’ back, so this one’s too close to call for mine.

Joey Styles: ‘Coach’, your opinion of Haas and Benjamin teaming together seems to have taken a sudden turn. Regardless, also at WrestleMania it’ll be the Women’s Title on the line, as Mickie James faces who we can only assume is now her former hero, the ruthless, and seemingly emotionless, Trish Stratus.

Jonathan Coachman: Replace emotionless with smart, Joe, and you’ve got Trish. She knows that what Mickie’s up to is all one big scam, and she’s gonna send it all crashin’ down for Mickie at WrestleMania.

Jerry Lawler: It would be a heck of an effort for Mickie to even make it to WrestleMania, the way Trish is going. I only hope Mickie can see what Trish has been doing to her before it’s too late.

Joey Styles: A briefcase will be hanging twenty feet in the air, with the first man to be able to climb a ladder and take it down capturing himself a contract to face the world champion within the next 365 days. Six men have qualified, with two more to come from SmackDown!, and thus far it looks like an open field.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t care who wins it, but I want to see that contract back on RAW. With Ric Flair, Chavo Guerrero, Carlito and Gregory Helms all qualified, I wouldn’t be betting against our RAW guys either!

Jonathan Coachman: As I said before, Gregory Helms has a deposit on this Money in the Bank, boys. His only threat will be Carlito, but I think our hero will be just a little too strong for ‘Lito.

Joey Styles: You think ladders and you think The Hardy Boyz. At WrestleMania, they will reunite for the very first time, when after Jeff’s comeback at Saturday Night’s Main Event, he’ll team up with Matt to take on MNM for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Jonathan Coachman: And how unfair is this? Matt Hardy said he’d find himself a new partner, so he finds one who wasn’t even in the company anymore until how long ago? Luckily, my boys on SmackDown!, MNM, are as good as they come, and Melina tells me that they’ll retain their gold come WrestleMania.

Jerry Lawler: It’s hard to go past MNM for mine too, here. I mean, Matt and Jeff haven’t teamed together in so long, it’ll be hard for them to get back on the same page!

Joey Styles: As we learnt earlier tonight, it’ll be Shawn Michaels taking on his former friend, and the man he betrayed, Triple H. It’s personal at WrestleMania for these two, and to make it even more dangerous, it’s also No Holds Barred!

Jonathan Coachman: Didn’t Matt Striker teach you anything, Joe? Shawn Michaels didn’t betray anyone. As a matter of fact, I’m likin’ this new Shawn Michaels, and I’m hoping he puts Triple H away for good come WrestleMania.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know which way this one will go, but I do know there will be bloodshed. Neither of these two friends will want to give an inch with their history.

Joey Styles: ‘Mr Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam tries to earn himself a new reputation when he takes on the man who is undefeated at WrestleMania, The Undertaker, in an interbrand spectacular.

Jonathan Coachman: Hopefully Shawn Michaels makes sure RVD doesn’t make it to WrestleMania, ‘cause this could be embarrassing for RAW.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, as much as I’d like to see RVD pull it off here, I just can’t see it happening. The Undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania for a reason.

Joey Styles: And finally, from SmackDown!, the World Heavyweight Title is on the line when former Evolution team-mates meet. The Royal Rumble winner, Randy Orton goes one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

Jonathan Coachman: Orton’s got this one in the bag, Joe, trust me. It’s his destiny.

Jerry Lawler: As much as I hate to agree with ‘Coach’ this much, again, I just can’t see this going any other way. Orton seems to be in Batista’s head, and unless Batista does something fast, he’s in trouble.

Joey Styles: Well, that’s all at WrestleMania, but the night before WrestleMania we will see another six legends inducted into the Hall of Fame. Thus far in the class of 2006, we have Jim Ross, and the late, great, Eddie Guerrero. We invite you to now find out who will be joining them in the WWE Hall of Fame.




We come back to ringside to hear …


And the crowd goes WILD with a mixed reaction, mainly comprising boos, as Shawn Michaels swaggers out onto the stage. Despite his recent attitude change, Shawn still has the spring in his step, clearly happy with himself after getting the weight of the world off his shoulders.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, here comes Shawn Michaels, and after the break he’ll be in action in our main event. RVD/‘HBK’ for the first time ever in our main event – that’s next!

Off we go.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Shawn Michaels smirking away in the ring, ignoring the abuse form the fans, who he seems to have worked up during the break.


The pop is DEAFENING, as for the second time tonight, Rob Van Dam confidently makes his way out from backstage, smiling away.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 235 lbs, ROB – VAN – DAM!

Joey Styles: RVD has found himself in the middle of all the action for the past 72 hours. First he made the challenge to The Undertaker at Saturday Night’s Main Event for a match at WrestleMania, and then earlier tonight he confronted Shawn Michaels, calling him a coward, resulting in this match here tonight in our main event.

Jonathan Coachman: And what a mistake that was for Van Dam. He isn’t even gonna make it to WrestleMania now that Shawn Michaels is after him.

Jerry Lawler: You heard RVD earlier though. He says he can take anything Shawn throws at him, and I’d tend to agree. RVD may just match up with Shawn perfectly.

Van Dam makes his way down the ramp, then rolls into the ring, making sure he raises his arms to all of the fans in the arena by spinning around, before getting his game face on and preparing for a fight against Shawn Michaels.

Match Five ~ Singles Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Rob Van Dam

The crowd cheers as the two men stand on opposing sides of the ring, RVD shaking loose his legs to ensure he’s warmed up, while Shawn Michaels stands still, taking up a serious demeanour to peer across the ring at Van Dam with. The opponents slowly come forth, the bad blood from earlier still clearly brewing as Shawn Michaels does the majority of the talking, while RVD seems to tell Shawn Michaels to do something, rather than just talk. Shawn at first decides that continuing to trash talk is the right move, but RVD decides he’s had enough of that … shoving Shawn Michaels back! The crowd gasps, looking on at the enraged Shawn Michaels, who steps up … AND SLAPS RVD ACROSS THE FACE! The crowd gasps again, waiting for RVD’s move, who, after tending to his cheek … swings a boot at Shawn Michaels … and Michaels falls flat on his ass, then scurries from the ring, eyes wide.

RVD, though, doesn’t appear to be in a forgiving mood, taking off after Shawn by rolling out of the ring after him, then chasing him around ringside. The cowardly Michaels bolts around the ring, before finally rolling into the ring, looking to find solace in there. RVD is hot on his trail though, sliding in after him, prompting Michaels to dive dramatically down onto his foe and begin to hammer away on him with right hand shots. The crowd boos as Michaels continues his assault on RVD, causing him to roll across to the corner, where Shawn lights up his chest with a huge chop. With the match under his control, Shawn decides he can afford time to brag, taunting the crowd, but RVD puts a swift stop to that as he throws Shawn back into the corner, then lambasts him with kicks to the midsection. The crowd cheers as RVD keeps the physical assault going for a little while longer, before sending ‘HBK’ to the opposite corner with as much force as possible, causing Shawn to fold up the corner in theatrical fashion, then fall back to his feet, turning right back into an RVD clothesline that gains a two count.

RVD tries to keep things rolling, but Michaels sees an opportunity to hold things up by going to the ropes, causing the referee to step in between the two men. Michaels continues to do this for the next few moments, frustrating RVD by taking all of the pace out of the match, before picking his spot and suddenly surprising RVD with a right hand that sends Van Dam down to the mat. Shawn looks to continue the assault, battering RVD around the ring with strikes for a few moments, before he goes for an Irish whip, with RVD hanging onto the ropes instead of bouncing back. With a look of irritation upon his face, Shawn charges in at Van Dam … when Van Dam suddenly back body drops him over the top rope out to the floor!

The crowd cheers as RVD takes a moment to recover, before noticing where Michaels is, then waiting for him to get up, which he sluggishly does … PROMPTING RVD TO CHARGE, THEN GOING FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE … WIPING MICHAELS OUT WITH A HUGE SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! The crowd continues to cheer wildly as RVD gets back to his feet, raising his arms as we cut away to a commercial break.

Back from the break, and the action is still at ringside, with RVD ramming ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ back into the ring apron. Shawn comes away holding his back in pain, and Van Dam looks to take advantage of that, hooking him up for a suplex, scoring with some right hands to the ribs, before lifting and dropping Michaels across the crowd barrier rib first! A curious smile on his face, Van Dam heads up to the apron, up in front of the crowd where he does his classic “R – V – D!” taunt … BEFORE LAUNCHING OFF … AND SCORING WITH A TWISTING LEG DROP RIGHT TO THE BACK OF SHAWN MICHAELS’ HEAD!

Michaela falls to the mat with a thud, leaving Van Dam to limp around a bit, his knee appearing a little tender following the move. This allows his foe to look for space, rolling towards the edge of the ring without RVD noticing at first, though ‘Mr. Monday Night’ eventually catches sight of Michaels. With the help of the ringpost, Shawn pulls himself up, with RVD now stalking him … and looking for a huge roundhouse kick … but Michaels ducks it … AND RVD’S KNEE SMASHES INTO THE RINGPOST!

RVD hops around in pain, not wanting to put pressure on the knee, but as soon as he does, Shawn Michaels comes form nowhere and swoops, taking RVD’s injured knee out from under him with a chop block! Perhaps with Eric Bischoff’s words still ringing in his ears, Shawn begins to target that knee area, doing his best to re-injure the knee that kept RVD out for a whole year of action. The desperation on RVD’s face is clear as he tries to fight back from the assault, and following Shawn bending his knee around the middle rope in the corner, he almost takes the chance, hammering his opponent with a flurry of right hands. Shawn staggers back with RVD right after him, looking for a kick to the midsection, but Shawn catches it, so RVD goes looking for the enzuiguri … only for Shawn to duck, leaving RVD’s knee to slam into the mat!

Not wanting to risk another RVD comeback, Shawn goes in for the kill, slamming RVD’s knee into the mat a few times … BEFORE LOCKING IN THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! The crowd boos Shawn’s use of Ric Flair’s move, but Michaels doesn’t care, instead focussing on causing as much pain as possible to shoot through Van Dam’s legs. Van Dam yelps, the feeling of his legs being stretched in a way they never should have been causing him all sorts of issues, especially with Michaels’ assault on his previously injured knee having preceded this. RVD is a trooper though, and he refuses to tap, at least at first, pulling himself closer and closer to the ropes. Sensing he’s getting away, Michaels amps the pressure up more, leaning back as far as possible, causing RVD to raise his hand in the air …


The crowd cheers as RVD forces separation from Shawn, though ‘HBK’ takes his time in moving away, making sure RVD has suffered as much as possible before letting go. With the match firmly in his favour, Shawn swings his hair back in the middle of the ring, then once again advances on Van Dam … right into a kick to the midsection! A downed Van Dam has fight in him, leaning back against the ropes and kicking Shawn in the midsection again and again! The crowd cheers as Shawn moves in once more, with RVD looking to kick him one final time … but Shawn catches his boot! ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ smiles somewhat sadistically, pulling RVD back up to his feet and shaking his head … WHEN RVD LOOKS FOR AN ENZUIGURI … BUT SHAWN DUCKS … RVD LANDS ON HIS FEET THIS TIME … AND SCORES WITH A MULE KICK TO THE JAW OF SHAWN ON THE WAY BACK!

The crowd pops as Shawn goes down like a tonne of bricks, joined on the mat by an injured Van Dam, who clutches at his knee. Bit by bit, both men slowly recover and try to regain their footing, meeting one another with an exchange of right hands. The crowd gets into it, cheering the shots from Van Dam and booing the shots from Michaels, with RVD ultimately winning out, forcing Shawn back against the ropes, where he then looks for an Irish whip, but Shawn reverses … and RVD explodes through Michaels with a clothesline on the rebound! The crowd cheers as Shawn gets up, then falls victim to a second clothesline. The momentum on his side, RVD is this time able to succeed in sending Shawn off with an Irish whip, before using Michaels’ momentum against him and scoring with a back body drop on the rebound!

The crowd is electric as Shawn climbs back to his feet, moving right into a roundhouse kick, but he ducks, only to be taken down by a legsweep from RVD on the way back! With Shawn down, RVD looks around, then runs off to the ropes … BEFORE COMING BACK AND NAILING THE ROLLING THUNDER! RVD makes the cover … TWO!

RVD looks shocked at first, but the resolute Van Dam soon accepts it, and decides to quickly go about following up, bull rushing Michaels back into the corner, where he then sends the air rushing out of him with shoulder thrusts. Despite his knee being attacked earlier in the match, RVD tries to stick with his normal offence as he cartwheels back, looking shaky on his knee … AND ALLOWING SHAWN TO JUST STRAIGHT OUT KICK HIM IN IT!

The crowd boos as RVD goes down to a knee, with Shawn looking down at him cockily, before taking off to the ropes and scoring with a big flying forearm to his rising foe on the rebound! The heat only picks up from there, as Shawn then kips back up, an arrogant smile on his face as he does so, before he reels RVD in with an inverted atomic drop, weakening him up for the scoop slam. With the crowd giving some crazy heat, Shawn looks to head up top, peering down at Van Dam with a look of contempt on his face, before launching … AND DRIVING HIS ELBOW DOWN INTO THE HEART OF RVD WITH THE FLYING ELBOW DROP!

Michaels springs back to his feet, full of energy as he heads across to the corner … AND BEGINS TO STOMP HIS FOOT DOWN ONTO THE MAT! The crowd don’t respond how they normally do, instead booing as Michaels gets faster and faster, waiting on his foe, who slowly but surely regains his footing … AND TURNS RIGHT INTO SWEET CHIN MUSIC … NO, VAN DAM DUCKS, THEN USES HIS LEGS TO ROLL MICHAELS UP … TWO!

Both men spring back up to their feet, with RVD striking immediately with a kick to the midsection … BEFORE DRILLING SHAWN WITH A DDT! The crowd goes crazy as RVD slams Shawn’s face into the mat, then begins to crawl towards the corner! The crowd continues to cheer as RVD regains his footing, looking at the turnbuckle, set to jump up, but his leg appears to be bothering him too much, prompting RVD to head up top the conventional way, allowing Shawn enough time to start getting up. RVD, though, has a back-up plan, motioning for Shawn to get up … before launching with a thrust kick … but Shawn sidesteps it … AND GRABS RVD BY THE LEGS, TRIPPING HIM UP AND LOCKING IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!

The crowd goes wild with heat as RVD pulls his hair back, screaming out in pain, while Shawn commands him to tap, shouting at the top of his lungs that he’s the better man. If anything, this seems to motivate RVD, and the crowd favourite springs to life, suddenly pulling himself towards the ropes, showing the heart of a champion as he pulls himself closer and closer to the ropes …


Michaels is slow to relinquish the hold, but when he does, he is incredulous, not believing that RVD didn’t tap out. He abuses the referee, before turning his attention to RVD and lifting him up, shouting at him AND SLAPPING HIM TIME AND TIME AGAIN, before backing away … AND LOOKING TO LEVEL HIM WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC … BUT RVD DUCKS … THEN DRILLS MICHAELS WITH A SUPERKICK OF HIS OWN!

The crowd erupts as Michaels goes down, with RVD remaining up, albeit on jelly legs, before realising where he is … and heading to the corner! Slowly but surely, RVD pulls himself up to the top, with Shawn still down … AND RVD READIES HIMSELF …


The lights in the arena go out! The crowd erupts into a huge reaction, as we remain in darkness for a moment …


The lights come back on, with RVD still on top in the corner … but Shawn Michaels has rolled from the ring! Michaels looks to be done, walking up the ramp and waving the match off …


No way! The crowd goes absolutely off their rocker … AS OUT FROM THE BACK STEPS TRIPLE H! ‘The Game’ is absolutely fuming, staring at Shawn Michaels, who looks to have seen a ghost, suddenly running back towards the ring and sliding in … RIGHT INTO A SPINNING HEEL KICK FROM RVD! The crowd continues to cheer as RVD looks down at Shawn … THEN HEADS FOR THE CORNER! RVD goes to the corner, climbing up to the top rope, looking out to the crowd as he does so … BEFORE LAUNCHING … FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH … CONNECTS! RVD holds his midsection in pain, the impact doing damage to him too, before covering … and getting the three!

Winner: Rob Van Dam via pinfall @ 18:22


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, ROB – VAAANNNNN – DAAAMMMMM!

The crowd continues to rock as RVD rolls from the cover, getting his hand raised by the referee in victory, a look of elation on his face.

Joey Styles: RVD! RVD! RVD has pinned Shawn Michaels in the middle of the ring and proven he belongs at the top with guys like Shawn Michaels. He has proven that he is a threat to The Undertaker!

Jonathan Coachman: He CHEATED! He wouldn’t have won if it wasn’t for Triple H!

Jerry Lawler: I’d still be worried about Triple H now if I were Shawn Michaels.

RVD catches sight of Triple H, who was still standing atop the ramp, and decides it’s his time to leave, rolling from the ring … as Triple H now storms down the ramp, with Shawn Michaels still down in the ring!

Jonathan Coachman: Oh no! Oh no, no, no, no, no! Get up, Shawn!

‘The Game’ reaches the foot of the ramp, then looks to head under the ring, rummaging through the various weapons … BEFORE FINDING THE SLEDGEHAMMER!

Jonathan Coachman: Get out of there, Shawn. Get out of there!

Triple H looks deep into the sledgehammer, readying himself, before climbing up the steel steps and heading into the ring … BUT MICHAELS CATCHES SIGHT OF HIM AND IMMEDIATELY ROLLS AWAY!

The crowd boos as Shawn Michaels heads back up the ramp, stumbling away as fast as he possibly can, leaving a pissed looking Triple H to look on. Having made it to the top of the ramp, Michaels smirks down at the ring, confident he’s escaped the wrath of Triple H … WHEN TRIPLE H SUDDENLY SMASHES THE SLEDGEHAMMER DOWN INTO THE MAT! The crowd erupts as Trips slams it down time and time again, showing his rage until the sledgehammer is left bent completely out of shape!

With the sledgehammer still in hand, Triple H looks up at the top of the ramp and glares at Michaels, whose sudden look of confidence has changed to one of fear, knowing that his fate may just be that, and it may be near.

Joey Styles: Message sent from Triple H to Shawn Michaels. When ‘The Game’ gets his hands on Michaels, there is going to be hell to pay.

Triple H continues to stare up the ramp intently, with a little caption appearing on the bottom of the screen, telling us The Cutting Edge is next, allowing us to head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see the set of The Cutting Edge set up …



The crowd degenerates into a MASSIVE reaction, boos flooding the arena, as out from the back, through the smoke steps the WWE Champion, Edge, with his sultry girlfriend Lita on his arm. Dressed in a ‘Rated R’ shirt and beanie, along with some designer jeans, Edge stops at the top of the ramp with Lita and pulls her in close, glaring out at the arena with her before giving her a disgustingly passionate kiss.

Joey Styles: This man Edge has always been about controversy, and two nights ago it was no different, when not only did he become the champion of champions, but he also interfered in the number one contender match between John Cena and Kurt Angle, meaning, for now at least, no man will be going on to challenge him for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: There ain’t no doubt about it. The return of Saturday Night’s Main Event was ‘Rated R’, and in case ya wondering, we are now well and truly livin’ in the ‘Rated R’ era.

Edge stomps his way on down his ‘Rated R’ carpet, then makes his way into the ring, standing in amongst the set of The Cutting Edge with a microphone in hand, his lovely Lita by his side. As the music cuts down, Edge raises the mic slowly, looking out to the crowd innocently.

Edge: I hate to say I told you so, buuuuuttttt …

The heat from the crowd is great as Edge smirks away in the ring.

Edge: Y’know what, who am I kidding? I love to say I told you so, and I did. I told you so. I told ALL of you so.

Some more nice heat from the crowd, who obviously do not approve being mocked by Edge.

Edge: Ever since Saturday Night’s Main Event was announced, ever since the Clash of the Champions match was announced, you people … you people were telling me about this … this force. This incredible force that had reigned supreme as World Heavyweight Champion for twelve months. TWELVE … MONTHS you told me.

Slight pause from Edge, who is looking rather frantic.

Edge: You people … you people told me that I would be walking in to the lion’s den. That I would have to deal with … that I would have to fight ‘The Animal’. You people told me I would be stepping into the ring with an animal. With a man, who ever since WrestleMania 21, has not been touched. That no one, no one has even come close to being his equal.

Edge begins to chuckle away.

Edge: You people … you told me, that I would be stepping into the ring with the best wrestler in the world. You told me that I would be facing … Batista.

Big pop from the crowd for the mention of Batista.

Edge: But do you … do y’know what you people should have been doing? Do ya know what you should have been saying? You should have been talking to Batista. You should have been warning him.

Heat from the crowd.

Edge: You people should have warned Batista that he would be stepping into the ring with the most controversial man in the entire WWE. That he would be stepping into the ring with the highest rating WWE Champion of the past – five – years.

Heat from the crowd as Edge pauses.

Edge: That … that he would be stepping into the ring with the smartest wrestler in the world. That he was stepping into the ring with the greatest WWE Champion of all-time, the true, undisputed Champion of Champions, ‘The Rated R Superstar’.

Some more big heat from the crowd.

Edge: Batista was stepping in the ring … with ME!

The crowd continues to show their disapproval of Edge.

Edge: But you people, you didn’t do that, did you? No … no you didn’t. You didn’t warn Batista about me. You didn’t let him know just what he was facing. No, because in your mind, the result of the match was already decided. In your minds, Batista had already won.

A few faint boos can be heard, with the crowd not really responding to Edge’s questions.

Edge: Oh, don’t apologise now. It’s too late for that. I already know what you people are like. I know what you’ve always been like. You have never respected me like you should. I told you people … I told you, that the only reason Batista had held that title over on SmackDown! for a year was because he was on SmackDown!. Because if he had stayed here, if he had the GUTS to stay here, and face me like a man, instead of running off to Friday Night SmackDown!, I would have been the World Heavyweight Champion long ago.

Heat from the crowd.

Edge: But he didn’t do that. Batista took the easy way out, but hey, big guy, it turns out ya couldn’t run forever, could ya? You had to face up to me eventually, and I proved two nights ago, that had you not been a chicken, had I not cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on Cena to get this

Edge motions to the WWE Title.

Edge: I could have just as easily cashed in on you and ended your so-called “reign of terror” before it had even begun.

Big heat from the crowd.

Edge: But it doesn’t matter now. It doesn’t, because at Saturday Night’s Main Event, I proved that I’m a better champion than you could ever be. At Saturday Night’s Main Event, I proved that I am the Champion … of Champions.

Edge tilts his head up and closes his eyes, soaking in the boos from the crowd. Waiting for as long as possible, Edge allows the reaction to continue on until it finally starts to die down, at which point he continues.

Edge: But y’know, it’s funny. Me winning at Saturday Night’s Main Event. That’s not enough for you people, is it? It’s not enough to admit that I am the greatest wrestler in the WWE. Oh no, it’s not enough for you people to acknowledge me, to admit that you know that I am the best at what I do. It has been two nights, TWO – NIGHTS since Saturday Night’s Main Event, and what do you think I’ve heard? Do you … do you think I’ve heard people congratulate me? Do you think I’ve heard people say to me, “Hey, well done on Saturday night”? Do you THINK I’ve had people even TAKE NOTICE of what I’ve done?

A seething Edge breathes in and out, taking a moment.

Edge: Lita, have you heard anything?

Lita raises her mic, looking quite confident.

Lita: No, babe.

Edge: That’s what I thought. You people, have any of you, ANY OF YOU, have you heard anything about me?

Edge waits as the crowd boos.

Edge: No … no. You people, you haven’t acknowledged me. You haven’t congratulated me. You haven’t even taken notice of me. You haven’t even MENTIONED me since I became the Champion of Champions, and do ya know why? Huh? Do you know why? It’s because of two men who can’t help but steal my attention, but get in my way.

Edge pauses, running his hand through his hair.

Edge: Kurt … Angle … and John … Cena.

Big pop from the crowd.

Edge: I HATE Kurt Angle and John Cena!

Heat from the crowd for the comment from the champ.

Edge: Oh, you people can boo all you want. I don’t care. I don’t, because that’s what I expect. I expect you to cheer them. I expect you to cheer your heroes. They are your heroes after all, aren’t they? You people do look up to them, don’t you? Oh, I bet you do, and do you know why? Do you know why you people look up to people like John Cena and Kurt Angle? Because the two of them, they’re just like you. They’re mediocre. They are not worthy of my time!

Big heat from the crowd.

Edge: Ever since I won on Saturday night, it hasn’t been about me. It’s been about how John Cena and Kurt Angle are gonna kick my ass.

Pop from the crowd.

Edge: Ever since I defeated Cena at the Royal Rumble, and Angle failed to win the Rumble and get himself a title match, it’s been about how John Cena and Kurt Angle are gonna kick my ass.

Another pop from the crowd.

Edge: Ever since I cashed in my Money in the Bank briefcase, and won this title, it has been about how John Cena and Kurt Angle are gonna kick – my – ass.

The crowd pops once again.

Edge: Well y’know what? I’m sick of it. I am sick of John Cena. I am sick of Kurt Angle. This isn’t about them. No, this isn’t about your heroes. This is about ME!

Heat from the crowd now.

Edge: For far too long, I have been SCREWED out of what is RIGHTFULLY mine, by people like you. By people like Eric Bischoff. I have waited too damn long to be in this position, to be the WWE Champion, and I am NOT about to get shunted by you people out of the limelight now that I’m finally here. I should have been here THREE YEARS AGO! Three – years. I broke my neck for you people three years ago, putting me out for a year, ending my dreams of being champion for a year, and this is how you repay me? By pretending that I don’t exist? No! I am NOT going to let this happen. Not anymore. This is MY show.

More heat from the crowd as Edge pauses ever so slightly.

Edge: I have EARNED this and more, and I’m not about to let you people take it away from me. I am DONE being SCREWED. I am DONE, taking a back seat. I am DONE, being ignored. I am the highest rating champion in the past five years, and I will NOT be ignored. You people can try to ignore me all you like, but I will do what I’ve always done, I will RISE ABOVE you and prove that I am better, that I am done with people like John Cena and Kurt Angle, because John Cena and Kurt Angle don’t exist to me anymore! The only people who exist to me are the people who deserve to, and that sure as hell doesn’t include the two of them.

Big heat from the crowd.

Edge: Now I’m sure you’re wondering, what does this mean for The Cutting Edge? Who will be my very special guest here tonight? Who could be my special guest? Who deserves it? Y’know, I was thinking the same thing, racking my brain for answers, wondering who deserved to join me here tonight, and then it occurred to me.

Edge pauses slightly.

Edge: There is just one man who deserves to join me here. One man who deserves to face me at WrestleMania. One man who has earned my respect.

Edge points out to the top of the stage.

Edge: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my very special guest on The Cutting Edge …

Edge continues to point to the stage, before slowly raising his arm.

Edge: … … … ME!

Edge now points down to himself, drawing some huge heat from the crowd.

Edge: I am the only man who deserves to be here on my show, and y’know what? I’m the only person who deserves to face me at WrestleMania, so this show? It’s OVER!

More big heat from the crowd.

Edge: That’s right, go home! I know I’m about to, because I am DONE being in this hole of a town.

The crowd boos as Edge drops his microphone with a thud, motioning for Lita to join him as he begins to walk from the ring …


The crowd goes ABSOLUTELY BALLISTIC as Kurt Angle marches out onto the stage. With a look of complete and utter intensity, Angle walks down the ramp, then circles around the ring, leaving a cautious looking Edge to stand in the ring, watching Angle’s every movement. Oddly enough though, Angle doesn’t look as pissed as he did last Saturday night, and he doesn’t attack Edge. Instead he stands on one side of the ring and stares a hole right through Edge, not saying a word. Confused, Edge looks at Angle, asking him what in the hell he’s doing, before deciding it doesn’t matter and again heading to the ropes …


Another MASSIVE pop rings through the arena, as John Cena now emphatically walks out onto the stage. The former champion wastes no time in marching down the ramp to take up his stand at ringside on the opposite side of the ring to Angle, leaving Edge looking like a very worried man in the middle …


Another BIG reaction, this time for the RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff, who walks out onto the stage, microphone in hand.

Eric Bischoff: Cut my music! Cut my music!

The men in the back do as they’re told, with Bischoff staring down at the surrounded Edge.

Eric Bischoff: Edge, I trust you know Mr. Angle and Mr. Cena?

Edge shouts out to Bischoff, asking him what in the hell he’s doing.

Eric Bischoff: Good, because that means we can forget about the pleasantries. At Saturday Night’s Main Event, you, Edge, decided to take one of my matches into your own hands, and decide that there would be no number one contender to the WWE Title. And now, just before, you declared that there was no one worthy to challenge you at WrestleMania. I’m out here to say that I have other ideas.

Pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: For too long, you’ve been trying to make this your show, deciding what goes on when and where. Well guess what, champ? This is my show, and I decide what goes down here. So how about this for a decision? At WrestleMania 22, you WILL defend your WWE Title!

Big pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: And you will defend it against the two men you have been trying to avoid the most. At WrestleMania 22, it’ll be Edge vs. John Cena vs. Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match!

Massive pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: And maybe then we’ll know who’s worthy. But until then,, I think you’ve got yourself two pissed off challengers to worry about right now.

Edge asks what in the hell Bischoff is talking about … WHEN SUDDENLY BOTH KURT ANGLE AND JOHN CENA SLIDE INTO THE RING!

The crowd explodes with a huge pop, looking on at the surrounded Edge, whose eyes dart from side to side … BEFORE CHARGING AT KURT ANGLE … RIGHT INTO AN ANGLE SLAM! The crowd goes absolutely wild … AS JOHN CENA LIFTS A FLAILING EDGE UP … AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE F-U!

The crowd continues to EXPLODE as Edge rolls from the ring, Lita having already scurried to ringside, leaving Angle and Cena standing in the ring.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! Kurt Angle and John Cena just laid Edge out, moments after we learnt that at WrestleMania 22, it’ll be a TRIPLE THREAT MATCH!

Jonathan Coachman: No, Mr. Bischoff! Think about what you’ve done!

The crowd continues to cheer as the two look down at Edge, before knocking arms … AND SUDDENLY TURNING, GOING FACE TO FACE, CHEST TO CHEST WITH AN EXTREME LEVEL OF INTENSITY BETWEEN THEM!

With Cena and Angle now staring each other down in the ring, fire flowing from their noses, we fade away, off to black.



April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge

Interbrand Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker

No Holds Barred:
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

World Tag Team Championships:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane & Big Show

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Ric Flair vs. ??? vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. ???

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