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Re: General Gaming Discussion

Originally Posted by Hiplopô View Post
but microsoft goes overboard.

Charging you to be able to go online to buy more things
charging you to play online
Charging you to use wifi
Charging you for a fan
Charging you 70$ for a f'n minigame (kinect)
1. Marketplace is accessible for free.
2. Agree, but MS has superior matchmaking servers when compared to other platforms.
3. Wifi is on board on the 360 slim but yeh, the wireless adapters are pretty silly.
4. A fan? I'm assuming you mean the external coolers? If so, to my knowledge all coolers are from 3rd party companies.
5. No one cares about Kinect. Sony are not much better with their Move controller pricing also (I think its like $50 for the wand and $30 for the Nunchuck).

All in all, I see paying for XBL an acceptable cost. Its no diffrent to the millions of people paying for WOW every month and thats just one game.

You're paying for a service that like it or not is superior to the competition. Why do you think so many PS3 owners are prepared to pay for PSN? Because money generates more content. I'm sure MS are partly cashing in on Kinect and other AAA titles, but I am also confident that they have something more to add.

I dont think MS would be like "Hey you guys like XBL right? Well we are gonna charge more for it just because we can". They aint that dumb.
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