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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Feedback

I've been very slow with things (even with my own BTB), so forgive me for the lateness.

Big recap video package to start. Seemed very appropriate. Those storylines should be the main focus for the show, so I'm anxious to see how it goes down.

Cena/Masters is a good call especially because of last week's events. I don't know about opening the show with it, but it's alright. I don't like the reason for Masters being in the Rumble, but it really does show Coach's pull. Some real intensity from Cena who seems determined to get back at Masters for last week. Using the STFU as an exclamation mark is a nice touch. Don't know about the clean win, as it kinda brings Masters back down to earth in terms of a push, but with him in the Rumble, and Cena needing to move on to more important matters, it makes sense. Not a bad way to start the show bud.

Decent promo between Edge and Orton. The tension is definitely there. Stare down is a nice touch, and having Kenny come in with his own problems is cool. Hardy should get his tonight, but Edge/Orton should start to get a little more heated tonight as well. Interesting little mix you have here for sure. I think HHH/HBK and Edge/Orton are your money feuds for WM. We'll just wait and see. 72 days be the booker time to be exact.

Intriguing McMahon promo here. Kinda felt like he was talking to a higher up or someone with more power than him, which felt a little weird, but the envelope of changes and the mysteriousness to whoever this is for the Rumble should be good. You got me hooked, that's for sure.

Punk only made his Raw debut now? Well, he was a shoe in as winner. Couldn't see him losing in his Raw debut. I don't think he'll be the RR winner, but he should be a factor. Final four tops though.

Along with Grisham, I'm a little confused about Triple H's final words. The answer should be his so for him to revert it over to Shawn Michaels is definitely interesting. Nice history rewind with the Evolution stuff too btw. He's still "tweening" a bit so I can't call him the heel in this, but with how he's blaming HBK could make him the heel. Still, this is getting good so good job with the promo here.

Good job on putting over the Rumble with the commentary. Hardy should get the win here, but with Rated RKO's talk earlier, you never know. I know Cade and Murdoch are basically your jobbers, but I'm glad you let Lance Cade take this one on his own. With him passing recently, I feel he should be used to his absolute potential or to somewhat his best, so I'm glad once again, that he got his own match. Hardy wins surprisingly quick (you messed up on the coding near the end of the match). He checked for the attack, but no attack? Makes the Rated RKO thing more suspicious.

I'm imagining divas altogether in a lockerroom, and it's a pretty sight =P. This promo, however, shows the vicious side of divas. Nice intro for Kelly (hopefully Knox doesn't stick around cause that whole angle was terrible), the whole Mickie/Victoria feud is heating up (which is good cause they're probably the best on the show), and Candice in only a towel if f'n awesome. Overall, good segment despite me not liking divas stuff.

Wow @ the controversial 'nothing' from HBK. I don't know what to think after this, but I know it's gonna blow up soon, and I can't wait. The buildup for this is awesome.

With a big week for the WWE title last week, I expected a layoff in this show, but it seems like a big layoff. Yes, Cena got a good match with Masters, but I expected something for RVD too. RVD just gets a match with Nitro though? Meh. Good win for RVD I guess.

Rumble's up after SD. Should be good.

'poor Charlie' sounded a little weird here especially since they're talking to a female. Good concept for the promo btw. Hardy with the save is overly random. The Rated RKO attack finally comes. Not what I expected, but I'm glad Kenny kind of came out of his shell to cause some damage to Hardy. It should definitely factor at the Rumble, and give Kenny the win. That'd be awesome just to let you know. Orton and Edge being the background voices are quite awesome. Overall, I didn't see the transition coming, but you killed two birds with one stone in this promo. Good stuff. Nice little touch showing the stretcher scene. If Jeff doesn't even make it to the Rumble, I wouldn't care, as long as Kenny gets his title.

Why is it that only Raw gets to compete for the 30th entry spot? Not cool man. Should have had a inter-brand battle royal. The idea is good though. A little surprised at the first sequence of eliminations, but not so surprised at the same time. The whole tag situation is eliminated, and shows no real dominance in their tag team work, but nonetheless, good start. The combined alliance to take out Umaga makes sense. Lashley gone right after is something I didn't expect, as it leaves the four who don't really need the 30th entry spot, and the four who already have a lot of commotion around them. HBK saving himself, and Edge ultimately eliminating Orton are nice touches to add to the match. And of course, another betrayal with HBK eliminating HHH. Edge winning is pretty awesome. I don't see him being a huge factor or winner for the Rumble though. A lot of angles moves along in this battle royal, which is great. The tag scene, as well as HBK/HHH & Orton/Edge are getting interesting.

Contract signing. Not enough people do it in BTB to my knowledge, so kudos for the attempt. Coach bringing up RVD's WWE Championship win earlier is a nice history rewind. Good job. Coach being the host and 'narrating' everything is kind of annoying tbh. The stipulations are pretty good with the ECW stip and rematch stip being the most interesting. Cena's transition from trashing Coach to talking up the match against RVD felt weird. Not as smooth as I was hoping. Not liking the 'handed on a plate' play against Cena. It's not really what's happening, but it makes sense for RVD to go that route. I'm glad McMahon touched on it after though. Nice Cena speech afterwards with him trying not to be compared to McMahon. Loved that. Both Cena and RVD attacking McMahon is definitely a nice way to end the show. Sucks that Coach bolted. Could have had him take the fall. I actually liked the way this segment went, but I feel the build for the WWE Championship Match between Cena and RVD hasn't gotten as much hype and build as it should have over the past few weeks. Their hate was mainly towards Coach and McMahon which although is awesome, takes away from their feud for sure. Nonetheless, a great segment.

Like always, I can't praise you enough. You always put out a great effort. Some of the flows of the promos felt off, especially when it came to transitions, but content and booking were great. The progression of your angles seem more focused towards WM and after the Rumble, which although good, didn't really help the case for the Rumble. Don't get me wrong, there was a lot of hype for the Rumble, but not as much as I was hoping for. You did touch base on everything you needed to touch base with though so good job with that. Looking forward to SD, and the Rumble for sure! Good luck!

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