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Learning to break kayfabe
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Chris Jericho Debut in TNA

Week 1 - Dixie carter comes out to the ring with a worried look on her face, she says TNA is reaching its boiling point right now, its never been as bad as it is now. She says everytime they tried to sign a "savior" for TNA they have failed...She says she needs someone that can put their foot down and stop the destruction that the World Champion AJ Styles(heel) and his partner Abyss(heel) have caused. She says she's firing Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Vince russo right there on the spot and the savior for TNA is coming! Then just as she's walking away Abyss comes and kidnaps her, he runs off with her and the show ends!

Week 2- AJ Styles is out in the ring and he says they kidnapped dixie because she simply doesn't know what the hell she's doing. TNA doesn't need to bring in a "savior" when he and abyss are already here! TNA is fine with them running it. He says dixie isn't gonna dare and bring someone new into TNA as long as they got her kidnapped. He walks off. Dixe is shown on the titantron tied up on a chair crying.

week 3- Jeff Hardy comes out to the ring and he says he thinks its sickening what AJ and abyss are doing. He got together a faction of people and in the next few weeks they're going to go up against AJ and if they win then AJ and Abyss must let dixie go, and that starts tonight. AJ Styles interrupts, he says but if he wins then he and abyss will get FULL power and dixie will be their little maid, jeff hardy agrees.

week 4 - AJ Styles w/abyss vs RVD - AJ Styles wins but after the match the lights flicker a little and AJ seems confused but just ignores it.

week 5 - AJ Styles w/abyss vs Kurt Angle - AJ Styles wins but yet again the lights flicker and AJ seems a little more upset and walks off...but as he's walking he looks up at the titantron and it starts to blur and then "14 days..." pops up on the screen

week 6 - AJ Styles w/abyss vs Motor City Machine Guns - AJ wins and all the same things happen this time but instead of "14 days..." the titantron says "7 days..." and then the lights go out. AJ Styles stays in the ring and he says he knows its just jeff hardy messing with him, and he should watch his back because this sunday at the PPV he just MIGHT not make it...

week 7(PPV) - Jeff hardy is seen talking on the phone and just as he's hanging up abyss appears out of nowhere and attack him, he brutally beats him down and leaves him lying there. AJ is out for his match with a smile on his face and sarcastically acts like he doesn't know what happened to hardy. the ref has no choice but to start counting to 10, he gets to 9 but jeff hardy walks out limping! He stops the ref but just as he's about to walk down the ramp he points back, a video is playing on the titantron and it says save_us.Y2J, the crowd is roaring and AJ is in disbelief, then CHRIS JERICHO comes out and appears to be filling in for jeff hardy! Chris jericho beats AJ Styles and wins the World Championship, Dixie Carter comes out and says "ladies and gentlemen welcome our SAVIOR to TNA!" chris jericho then raises the belt high and poses.
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