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Re: WWE: A New Dawn


J.R.: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WWE Superstars!

Matt Striker: My name is Matt Striker, his name is J.R., it’s Thursday night, and the stars are out!

J.R.: Indeed they are Matt. Tonight’s main event, the fallout from the breakup of our ex-tag team champions. The Miz is taking on The Big Show.

Matt Striker: I can’t wait for that. There’s going to be divas action aswell later on.

J.R.: I’m looking forward to that too, but we start this evening off with a fatal 4-way featuring some of Raw’s rising talent.

John Morrison’s slow-motion entrance plays as he poses to the moderately good response from the sold-out arena. He then makes his way down the ramp, making sure to hand his trademark sunglasses to an overjoyed young fan and high five a couple more as he reaches the end of the ramp and slides under the bottom rope.

J.R.: If this man’s entrance isn’t entertaining enough, you should watch him wrestle.

Matt Striker: Yes, the Monday Night Delight makes a special appearance here on Thursday, hoping to ascend the mountain that is the WWE.

The crowd boo at the arrival of Ted Dibiase, as he saunters out towards the ramp, ignoring the fans and looking up at his own titantron, grinning at the sight of himself holding the Million Dollar Belt. He then looks down at the real belt wrapped around his waist.

J.R.: Eurgh, well this man is truly like his father. Ted DiBiase Jr. has an arrogant streak and the money to match.

Matt Striker: Yes, but Dibiase also has a mean streak to him, and the drive to gain a major championship and do what his father never could.

Dibiase rolls into the ring and stares down Morrison, moving into the corner diagonal from him.

A large pop, especially considering Kofi’s status in the company, rings through the arena as the West African runs into view, a wide smile on his face. His pyros explode as he claps his hands together and makes his way to the ring, high-fiving fans as he does so.

J.R.: This man will definitely provide some entertain Matt.

Matt Striker: Yes he will J.R., high-flying, fanatic, but also intense, some call Kofi Kingston the whole package, and I gotta say, I just might be with them on that.

J.R.:Yes, he could well be a future WWE Champion.

Kofi climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd, before dropping to the ring canvas and standing by his turnbuckle.

The final participant in the fatal 4-way receives the biggest response as Christian gets a great cheer when he enters the arena, smiling and looking for ‘Peeps’ signs in the crowd, even pointing to a few in the upper seats of the big arena.

J.R.: and here he is one of the three contenders for the Television Championship at Unified, Christian.

Matt Striker: Yes, Captain Charisma, as I’ve said before, he’s the Pontiff of the Peepulation and I’m sure he’s looking to give his following another win to add to his momentum going into the title match at Unified!

Christian smiles and climbs into the ring, shaking hands briefly with Kofi Kingston as he makes his way to the final empty ring corner.

John Morrison vs. Ted Dibiase vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Christian

This Fatal 4-Way match is relatively open, with all superstars having an opportunity to win. They know that this is being hyped as new stars trying to make a name for themselves, so they perform slightly more dangerous spots than usual in an attempt to impress. Christian has a lot of control in the early stages of the match, showing why he is a competitor for the Television Championship. At the four minute mark in the match, Christian even hit’s a surprise Killswitch on Ted Dibiase after he threw Kofi over the top rope, but Morrison saves the pinfall and keeps the match alive.

After this, Kofi pulls Christian out the ring and the two of them begin to brawl on the outside, with Dibiase still down on the ground. After a few punches, Christian slams Kofi’s head off the rail. However, he turns round in time to see Morrison running off the ropes and performing a suicide dive directly into Christian. Morrison then picks up Kofi and the two of them start to brawl as Christian crawls into the ring and locks up with Dibiase, now recovered from the Killswitch.

Dibiase gains the upper hand over Christian with a series of clubbing blows as well as a falling Fist Drop, followed by posing, much to the crowds anger. Meanwhile on the outside Kofi Kingston and John Morrison exchange brutal slams off the steel steps and the barrier, but Morrison manages to reverse an irish whip and fling Kofi into the Steel Steps with a crash and roll into the ring. Dibiase immediately goes to work on Morrison, stomping repeatedly on his chest. However, Morrison rolls out the way eventually and chop blocks Dibiase, knocking him to the ground. Christian then rolls to the outside just as Kofi gets to his feet.

Then, Morrison goes for Starship Pain, but Dibiase springs to his feet and wraps a cobra clutch on Morrison whilst The Monday Night Delight is sitting on the top turnbuckle. Meanwhile, on the outside, Kofi Kingston pushes Christian away, and hits him with the Trouble In Paradise! But while this happens, Dibiase hits Dream Street, sending Morrison all the way from the top rope to the mat! He then covers Morrison, while Kofi tries to crawl into the ring, and gets a three count!

Winner: Ted Dibiase (10:09)

Dibiase celebrates in the ring at his surprise victory as the crowd boos.

J.R.: Wow, well I guess I can’t say Dibiase didn’t deserve it, that was a hellacious match.

Matt Striker: Yes it was, and the son of the Million Dollar Man was deservedly victorious!

J.R.: Oh, but look at this Matt, the match might not be over just yet!

Dibiase was still celebrating, so he didn’t notice Kofi Kingston sliding into the ring. The crowd did though, and they suddenly began to cheer. Initially Dibiase thought the cheers were for him, but when he realised he was wrong, he slowly turned round. Kofi ran forward, and hit Dibiase with another Trouble In Paradise! The crowd cheers as Kofi’s music is played and he hops out the ring, high-fiving fans and running down the ramp, as Christian and Dibiase both struggle to their feet, staring daggers at Kingston. The screen then fades to black.

William Regal then appears on screen with a smirk on his face, in a plush, deep red room. He is sitting on a throne and staring directly into the camera. His theme plays quietly in the background.

William Regal: Good evening, and welcome to Fame and Shame, with the 2008 King Of The Ring William Regal. As our esteemed commissioner JBL does not seek to put me on Monday Night Raw, I approached him with a little offer. To present a weekly show on WWE Superstars, enlightening the WWE universe on just who is flying high, and who is wasting their time, and mine, on Monday Night Raw. So, why don’t we get started shall we.

A picture of Chris Jericho shows on screen for a few seconds, as Regal provides a voiceover.

William Regal: Our World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho seemed to have a perfect week, not only verbally taunting John Cena at the beginning of the show, but also defeating Randy Orton in the heated main event of this week’s Raw. Indeed despite all the baby oil Randy uses, Jericho was not prepared to let the victory…slip through his fingers.

The picture disappears and Regal raises his eyebrow, laughing to himself.

This picture once again remains onscreen, with Regal providing a voiceover.

William Regal: Whereas, it has been a bad week for everybody’s favourite farm boy, Festus.

The picture disappears and Regal seemingly receives a word from off-screen. He smiles and looks back at the camera.

William Regal: I’m sorry, that’s actually Luke Gallows, formerly known as Festus, of the Straight Edge Society.

The picture then reappears.

William Regal: Then again, he may want to consider going back to his humble roots. Being besmirched by someone as pitiful as Rey Mysterio, I can only imagine the embarassment. If that wasn’t all, he also has no hair, and wears suspenders.

The camera then goes back to Regal, and he shakes his head and tuts.

William Regal: and finally, Vickie Guerrero. Her support provided yet another win in the record books for one Dolph…something recently. But either way, it seems ever since Vickie has been with this man, he has achieved victory after victory.

The camera then goes back to Regal, looking to the ground with contempt.
William Regal: Some people really do have everything…

He notices the camera is back on him and smiles.

William Regal: Erm, well that’s all I have time for this week. Join me next week on Fame and Shame, with William Regal.

Regal’s theme then plays at full volume briefly as the screen fades to commercial.


The crowd boo as Natalya appears. Since The Hart Dynasty’s disrespect towards new signings The Motor City Machine Guns, it seemed the ‘Bret Hart’ effect had vanished and the crowd turned on Natalya, as well as the rest of the dynasty. But, the arrogant Anvilette didn’t seem to care, strutting to the ring and eyeing the fans with contempt.

[b]Matt Striker: and now we have the divas! Not that Natalya is your typical women’s wrestler.

Natalya rolled into the ring and cut her signature pose, causing the boos to increase.

These boos turned to cheers, especially from the younger members of the fans, as Tiffany emerged to a surprisingly hot response. Tiffany registered this and jumped in the air, throwing her hands up and blowing kisses to the crowd. She skipped down the ramp and high-fived fans as she went.

J.R.: Well this girl is a firecracker isn’t she?

Matt Striker: Yep, Tiffany, ex-ECW general manager, now fully-fledged WWE diva, she has a lot to prove and she couldn’t find a better woman to prove herself against.

Tiffany rolled into the ring, and before she could even stand up, Natalya began stomping on Tiffany’s spine and the referee rung the bell.

Natalya vs. Tiffany

The opening of the match was a signal for how it was going to go. It devolved into a brawl quickly, with Natalya repeatedly stomping Tiffany. She then dragged Tiffany to the corner and took a few steps back, hitting a running Facewash. She then slid out the ring. Walking around to the other side of the turnbuckle, she grabbed hold of Tiffany’s leg. Instantly Tiffany sensed something was wrong and attempted to claw away from the corner, but Natalya was too strong and pulled her back. She then whipped Tiffany’s left leg off the steel pole, causing immense damage.

Tiffany was not 100% at any point after this opening assault. She limped whenever she managed to get to her feet. Each time Natalya knocked Tiffany down to the ground the boos increased, as Natalya seemed to relish her impending victory. However, at three minutes into the match Tiffany stages a fight back, kicking Natalya in the stomach and sending her to the ground with a clothesline. She limped up to the top rope as Natalya got to her feet. The crowd cheered as Tiffany hit a Diving Crossbody. She then covers Natalya but only gets a two count.

Nattie is infuriated by this attempt to turn the match around. Tiffany hits Natalya with a forearm and goes for another clothesline, but Natalya ducks, then performs a snap suplex. The match then swings back in Natalya’s favour. She picks Tiffany up and performs a sitout power bomb. Even though the crowd knows she could pin her opponent here, Natalya then stands up and locks in a sharpshooter on Tiffany, who taps out almost instantly.

Winner: Natalya (04:54)

Natalya gloats and reluctantly releases the Sharpshooter, posing as the crowd boo her. She laughs in Tiffany’s face then rolls under the bottom rope, leaving the ring and walking down the ramp. Tiffany then rolls out the ring and is slowly helped to her feet by a referee. The crowd burst into applause and cheers as Tiffany limps down the ramp and out the arena.

A ‘Raw Recall’ is then shown, highlighting this Monday’s raw. It prominently features Cena announcing the Pick Your Poison matches, Lita returning to Raw, Sheamus qualifying for the Television Championship, JBL stopping the Edge/Cena match, and ending with highlights of the Jericho vs. Orton match.

The crowd erupted in appreciation of one of the veterans of the WWE, The Big Show. Show emerged, smiling and fist pumping to the crowd, hyping himself up for the match ahead. He then walked down the ramp, high-fiving a few younger fans as he went.

J.R.: Looks like the World’s Largest Athlete is all fired up for the match tonight.

[color=blue]Matt Striker: Well why wouldn’t he be, he’s facing his former tag team partner, a man who he recently had a big falling out with, by way of a knockout punch, The Miz.

Big Show steps over the top rope and walks to the camera side of the ring, roaring and throwing a fist into the air, to the support of the crowd.

Instantly boos ring through the arena as The Miz emerged. He did not strike his usual pose, instead with a look of anger and determination in his eyes, he walks to the ring, shouting at fans disrespecting him on the way to the ring.

Matt Striker: Well, it’s definitely been a bad couple of weeks for The Miz. He lost his Unified Tag Team Titles, partly thanks to The Big Show, and due to the unification of the two WWE brands, he lost his United States belt!

J.R.: Yes, The Miz does not hold championship gold for the first time in a good few months, and that seems to have sparked an angry streak in The Miz, I’m sure he’s looking to take out some rage on The Big Show.

The Miz rolled into the ring and waited patiently for the bell to ring, staring directly at The Big Show, who is still smiling.

Big Show vs. The Miz

Unlike most people who go against Big Show, The Miz is not intimidated by Show’s presence, and the majority of the early stages in this match consists of The Miz launching attack after attack on Show. Gritting his teeth, he tries absolutely everything to knock The World’s Largest Athlete down. After two minutes of failed attempts, he finally manages to duck under a big clothesline, bounce off the ropes, then chop block Show down to one knee. He then runs and kicks Show hard in the skull, knocking him to the ground.

He then takes advantage of this situation and goes on the attack, stomping him. At one point Miz leans Show’s neck over the bottom rope and chokes him with his boot, only letting him go on the count of four. The crowd’s boos intensified, seemingly shocked by Miz’s current dominance over Big Show. Miz then waited for Show to slowly stumble up, then he grabbed his head and slammed it into the turnbuckle. Show rested in the corner, and Miz took a few steps back. He then hit his trademark sitting corner clothesline, causing Show to slowly walk forward. Miz quickly unhooked himself from the corner and ran behind Big Show. It then looked like Miz was trying to finish the match early, attempting to hook up the Skull Crushing Finale! However, it was then he, and the audience, realised his problem. He could not hook his arms for his finishing manoeuvre. Show slowly recovered, then whipped Miz over his shoulder to the mat, as the audience cheered this change in pace.

After this, Miz desperately attempted to recover his early advantage, but Show hit a well-placed big boot directly to Miz’s jaw, knocking him to the ground. He covered Miz, but only gets a two count. Miz continues his attempt to dominate, but due to the lack of moves he can execute on the Big Show, Miz resorted to repeated chops and punches, trying to weaken Show enough to hit one of his other big moves.

The biggest opening for Show to finally gain an advantage over The Miz came at the eight minute mark. Miz ascended the top rope as Show was standing up and attempted a Diving Crossbody. However, Show caught Miz in mid-air. He then picked Miz up, and launched him like a lawn dart into the corner. Show then placed a finger on his lips and then brutally chopped Miz. Then, unlike usual, he grew aggressive with his chops, hoping to gain some revenge on The Miz and repeatedly chopping his chest until he sank to the floor.

After this, Miz regained control, clubbing Show repeatedly in the spine. However, he just couldn’t hit his Skull Crushing Finale, no matter how weakened Show was. Eventually, Show was struggling to breathe. Miz once again kicked Show’s legs out from under him, bringing him to his knees. Then, Miz snapped, sliding out the ring and forcing Justin Roberts out of his chair. Then, he picked up a steel chair and took it into the ring. The referee warned Miz but he didn’t care, brandishing it, waiting for Show to get to his feet. But, Show sensed Miz was behind him, turned round, and hit a Knockout Punch on the chair, which sprang back and hit Miz in the face!

The referee then rings the bell for disqualification of Big Show, therefore winning the match for The Miz!

Winner by disqualification: The Miz (12:00)

Show looked horrified as the crowd were torn. They wanted to cheer because Miz was out cold, but technically he had just won the match. Show punched the ring post in anger, roaring. He then looked down at The Miz. He grabbed his opponent and former tag team partner by the throat, picking him up and executing a Chokeslam. Show’s music played as the crowd cheered and Show looked down at The Miz with contempt. The screen faded to black with Show standing over Miz’s limp body.

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