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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

First of all, thanks for all of the reviews thus far. I greatly appreciate it, and I know that some of the guys I regularly read will see this, so I just want to say sorry that I’ve been a little lax with reviews lately. I’m starting to get back into things now.

Now, with that said, I really want to get this thread moving again, so I’m hoping that this reasonably quick follow up on Saturday Night’s Main Event is an indication of things to come on my part with a RAW preview here. With RAW done, and bits of pieces of WrestleMania coming together, I’m reasonably happy with how the thread is coming. Before we can get to all of that good stuff, though, there is the matter of the prediction contest …

~ Prediction Contest Results ~
Kames: 10/27
PatMan: 7/27
Rhysus2006: 2/27
HarlemHeat: 8/27
calum132: 6/27
Melvisboy: 12/27
iMac: 12/27
Nige: 11/27
Crazian: 7/27
Perfect Poster: 13/27
GardsJr7529: 9/27
Legend: 8/27
Shocker: 7/27
Wolf Beast: 10/27
Stojy: 11/27
douba-douba-e1013: 13/27
TKOW: 6/27
FlyinStyles: 9/27
rvd97045: 9/27

It’s nowhere near as clear cut as I was expecting, but as you can see, in equal first place were Perfect Poster and douba-douba-e1013, Melvisboy and iMac in second, Stoj and Nige in third, Kames and Wolfy sharing fourth, and rvd97045, FlyinStyles and Gards tying for fifth. Way to make it clear-cut guys. ~____~


March 6th, 2006 | Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Arena; Birmingham, Alabama

This week Monday Night RAW rolls on into Birmingham, Alabama, and fresh off Saturday Night’s Main Event, we now have no more detours. It is onward at full throttle to WrestleMania 22, and what better way to start than with a jampacked Monday Night RAW?

The biggest shock of Saturday Night’s Main Event was without a doubt the actions of Shawn Michaels to close the show. Shawn looked to be headed towards a win over Shane McMahon in the heated Street Fight between the two, having disposed of Shane’s cronies, The Spirit Squad. Shawn was poised, ready to strike with Sweet Chin Music when Triple H’s music hit, and, despite being banned from the arena, Triple H found a way to storm in and present Shawn Michaels with Hunter’s trademark sledgehammer, telling him to hit Shane with it instead, making use of the Street Fight stipulations. Shawn said no to Triple H, instead telling Triple H that he should do it, only to then blindside Triple H and hit HIM with Sweet Chin Music! What followed was completely and utterly sickening as Shawn Michaels allowed Shane McMahon to run free, only to attack an innocent referee, as well as Triple H with one of the most vicious beatdowns ever witnessed in the WWE at the hands of Triple H’s own sledgehammer. The rumour mill has suggested that Triple H won’t be in the arena for RAW due to the injuries he suffered at the hands of Shawn Michaels at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Shawn, however, will be at the show, and it is thought that he will explain his actions at some point throughout it. What could Shawn possibly have to say to explain what happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event?

Another person who found themselves on the receiving end of a shock beatdown and subsequent orders to stay away from the arena for RAW from their doctor was Mickie James. Having had a somewhat complicated history with Trish Stratus, Mickie came out at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and declared that she wanted to apologise to Trish for everything she’s done to her, whether intentional or not, and just move on and be friends with Trish. Mickie told Trish tales of her childhood, stating how she grew up with just her mother and her grandfather, and how Trish reminded her of her own mother, someone who was strong and powerful, someone who Mickie aspired to be. Mickie went on to tell Trish it was an honour that she was in the ring with her, and that she was sorry for everything in their past, but accidents happen. She then said her next dream would be to face Trish at WrestleMania, prompting Trish to suddenly snap. The Women’s Champion confronted Mickie, saying that’s what she wanted all along, and the only reason that so many accidents happened was because Mickie was one herself. Trish then lambasted Mickie with more insults, turning her into a sobbing mess, before beating her down and leaving her a bloody mess. It is not known whether or not Mickie will be on RAW, but we can confirm she has been told to stay away. Trish Stratus, meanwhile, hasn’t been heard from since Saturday Night’s Main Event. With no information on whether either of the two women will be at RAW, it is not known what to expect from them, but as we saw at Saturday Night’s Main Event, perhaps we should expect the unexpected.

One man whose night must have gone better than expected at Saturday Night’s Main Event was the WWE Champion, Edge. Not only did Edge defeat SmackDown!’s World Heavyweight Champion, Batista in the Clash of the Champions match, but he also interfered in the number one contender match between John Cena and Kurt Angle to decide who would face him for the WWE Title at WrestleMania, causing a no contest. Edge is of course elated about the events of Saturday Night’s Main Event, and on RAW he has promised he will celebrate like a true champion, hosting a very special edition of The Cutting Edge with a very special guest. Who will be the guest, and what will Edge have in store for us? Will either of John Cena or Kurt Angle make an appearance following Saturday Night’s Main Event?

Also at Saturday Night’s Main Event, we saw new number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles crowned, as in somewhat controversial fashion, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin won a fatal four way tag team match to earn the right to go on to face Kane & Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 22. Like we’ve seen for the past few months, Shelton Benjamin was again reluctant to team with Haas, and didn’t even want to be involved in the match, let alone win it. Haas though, got involved at the crucial time as he made Danny Basham submit to the Haas of Pain, earning his team a title match. With the former World’s Greatest Tag Team supposedly wanting to be done, yet still having a title match at WrestleMania, what can we expect to see from them on RAW? Will Benjamin be able to get out of the title match, or will they be forced to team at WrestleMania 22?

Finally at Saturday Night’s Main Event, we got to see Rob Van Dam at long last explain his actions at No Way Out to The Undertaker, and challenge him for a match at WrestleMania 22. After doing a little test of his own, The Undertaker declared RVD worthy of the match and accepted the challenge, setting RVD a mighty task in four weeks’ time. RVD will be in the arena, and he will be on RAW this week. How will he go about preparing for The Undertaker? Will he have something to say?

Also on RAW, we’ll see the Intercontinental Title on the line, as Ric Flair defends the gold against his close friend Chavo Guerrero, the in-ring debut of The Spirit Squad, along with appearances from Carlito, Chris Masters, the World Tag Team Champions Kane & Big Show, Gregory Helms and many more. To see all of this and more, tune into The USA Network, 9/8C this Monday night for all of the action.

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