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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

RAW Feedback

Itís been far too long since I dropped by here with a review. About damn time I start keeping up properly instead of skimming and jobbing.

Very nice way ro kick off RAW for those of us who have been jobbing. I have to say, I love the way RAW closed last week, as it really sets up an interesting little saga for Michaels and Triple H. The rest of the show looked pretty damn good too, as highlighted here. The way the commentators hyped up the actions that closed last weekís show was a really nice way to show just how big it was.

Nice to see you really following up last weekís assault of Cena at the hands of Masters in the gauntlet match with a straight up match between the two, which should allow Masters to look good. Just a small thing, but I like the way you had Coach pull a little strings and get Masters involved in the Rumble as a result of what happened last week, as mentioned by Lawler. Just a good little way to show what Coach is all about. Just a small thing, but a bit of sloppy writing in the opening paragraph, as when Masters drops down, technically he would be horizontal, not vertical, while Iím not sure what Cena was doing using the killswitch to counter a headlock, so Iím assuming you meant something else there. From there the match was fine, with Cenaís aggression being good to see, while Masters also got to look fine by hanging with him. The aggression from Cena in locking in the STFU, rather than just getting the pin after the FU, then keeping the move locked in a bit after the bell was a nice way to show his anger at Masters, kicking the show off in an exciting way.

Nice little strategy talk between Edge and Orton, showing how clever the two are with their heel bit of planning a cheap way to win. The staredown between Edge and Orton was a nice little touch, showing some issues between them, while Orton taking to Kenny perhaps a little faster than Edge is an interesting little point. Iím not sure if that will mean anything in the long run, but in the short term Iím looking forward to seeing how Rated-RKO gets involved with Jeff tonight.

Only 72 days, eh? Sounds good.

Interesting little conversation on the phone from Vince, making us wonder just who it is that heíll be seeing at the Royal Rumble, giving the card another little thing to look forward to. Again, more intrigue for later tonight with the promo, of course making us wonder just what McMahon means. Iím excited to see what it is myself.

Nice way to start Punk off on RAW, giving him a good win, especially over a guy like Hardcore Holly, who despite being a jobber, always had a little bit of credibility due to his tough guy persona. Punk in the Rumble should be interesting, because as a young star, Iím wondering how long heíll last.

I loved this Triple H promo, as while it didnít really reveal a whole lot, at the same time it gave us a huge insight into Triple Hís mind. I love the way heís pinning the blame on Michaels, bringing up his past and saying he knows how it feels now. The way he kind of dodged Grishamís question was good too, before closing with a great little statement of his own. Very, very nice promo.

Nice little run down of the RAW side of the Rumble card, which is looking damn solid.

While I understand Jeff Hardy is one of your most over guys, Iím really disappointed to seeing Cade jobbing out as quickly as he did. The Redneck Wrecking Crew were probably one of the better things going in the tag division at this time, and to see them used pretty much as jobbers is a shame. Iíd rather see you use actual jobbers than guys who could have a positive role in the tag division in a role like this, and The Crew certainly have the ability to have a positive influence in the division. A bit surprised to see no Rated-RKO appearance, but I guess thatíll come.

Iíd be a little disappointed if Knox wasnít utilized, though I donít mind you dropping his thing with Kelly. Nice way to introduce Kelly to the roster, and the way Mickie stood up to Victoria was pretty good, only for Victoria to really pick this feud up, despite it seemingly being over with a very nice sneak attack.

Very nice response from Shawn that seemed very real and very emotional, showing what Shawn is thinking, despite it just being a one line response. Good little promo.

Having Nitro facing Van Dam tonight after doing some of Coachís heavy work on Cena last week is a good way for him to follow up, much like Masters earlier. I was glad to see a real good effort from Nitro here, putting on a very good match with Van Dam, making good use of both menís fast paced styles. A very nice midcard match.

Looking forward to the Rumble.

Nice way to show a real aggressive streak in Haas and Benjamin, getting them some real heel heat for being so aggressive to a woman. The way they went about it mockingly was very well done. Jeff Hardy playing the hero was, well, a little random, but I guess heís just that type of guy, eh? A good way to transition into the Rated-RKO attack on Hardy, and the ferocity of Dykstra, wanting to really make the point with the one man con-chair-to and tell Rated-RKO that he wanted more was a nice way to show him really turning into guys like them, developing from the goofy cheerleader that he was not so long ago. Good angle, which will make things interesting with the Royal Rumble and Hardyís title defence being so close.

Nice way to really drum home the angle after the break with the footage of Hardy being loaded up into the ambulance and the interaction between the commentators. A special three hour Night of Champions edition of RAW? Sounds good to me.

The action early in this battle royal between the feuding teams was a really good way to start it off, getting four eliminations out of the way, yet doing it in a way that aided the way the feud has been going, even with Carlito eliminating himself, which I actually liked. The team elimination of Umaga was a clever way to get him out, only making him look like more of a beast by taking all of the finishers, while the way Triple H tried to eliminate Lashley and Michaels, only to fail in eliminating his old buddy was another great way to show the tensions between them. Rated-RKO ruining the big confrontation was well done, while Edgeís elimination of Orton was a nice way to show the sliminess of his character. Michaels eliminating Triple H, meanwhile, was brilliant. The way Michaels remorse allowed Edge to pick up the win was really well done too, and a great way to finish the match. Very good battle royal here, which not only had a lot on the line, but also furthered a lot of your feuds and characters. Good stuff.

A contract signing for Van Dam and Cena to close the show? I donít mind that, but Iím not entirely sure the matches earlier were necessary, although it does work in with how Coach and McMahon are punishing them, I guess. Iím guessing the commentary hyping the show that weíve already seen was an accident? The way RVD was completely disrespect by Coach before he introduced the competitors was very interesting, keeping the whole anti-ECW thing that he and Mr. McMahon have going along nicely. The way he also heeled it up by insulting Cena and Van Dam in the introductions was pretty nice too, before introducing Mr. McMahon as a God. McMahon running through his stipulations was good, with all of the ECW crap being kept away, showing his hate for the company, while the no rematch clause due to McMahon hating both men is another really clever stipulation to show that while this match is going ahead, Mr. McMahon doesnít like it at all. Cenaís little address to Coach was fine, as was the way he addressed Van Dam, making his big statement. The way Van Dam fired back was great, bringing up the real ECW, and using the passion it brought to associate himself strongly with it, which I liked. The way McMahon tried to dissociate himself with Van Dam, again dissing ECW was good, while the line about telling people what theyíll like was absolutely great. The way McMahon talked about Cena was very interesting too, keeping open the possibility that Cena may turn into the corporate champion with the way McMahon talked up Cena as being oh so similar to him in a very nice way. The way Cena stood up to McMahon was good, although the way Coach stood up to Cena seemed a little too ballsy for Coach, imo. The way Coach talked up Mr. McMahon was good too, and bringing up his win the previous week to set Cena off was a good way to go. McMahon snapping on Cena, showing his real feisty side was well done, before a great closing to the show, with both champion and challenger assaulting McMahon. Very interesting way to close the show, maybe not concentrating on Van Dam/Cena as much as possible, but still setting up future stuff for both men, keeping them involved with Mr. McMahon.

Overall, I found this to be yet another very enjoyable show, iMac. Your feuds have once again continued to develop well, and the way in which you write and portray your characters is getting better by the week, making for some very good reading. The closing angle was a top way to finish the show too, really topping off the feeling that this was a very big show. I was certainly impressed with this, and while Iíve been very inconsistent with feedback of late, you should know that this is one of my favourite things going right now. Good stuff, my man.

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