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Re: WWE: A New Dawn

MVP and JTG defeated Dudebusters when JTG hits Paydirt on Caylen Croft, taking him out the match, and MVP capitalises on a shocked Trent Baretta when he rolled him up for a three count.


J.R.: Good evening and welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Matt Striker: My name is Matt Striker, I’m here with J.R., following up on possibly the biggest week in Raw history.

J.R.: Yes Matt, some incredible beginning forged last week, let’s see where they’re going to go this week, I for one, can’t wait.

Matt Striker: Neither can I, J.R.

J.R.: Eurgh, fantastic, if it isn’t Chris Jericho.

Sure enough, the “Best In The World At What He Does” makes his way to the ring, making sure to show off his World Heavyweight Championship belt in the process, wearing it with pride around his waist. He clutches a microphone to his side as he climbs through the ropes and steps into the ring, waiting for the boos he received to die down.

Chris Jericho: Well, I’m sure you all saw what happened last week.

The thousands in the arena could almost feel the smugness eminating from Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho: But for the few that didn’t, I have a tape of it. Roll it!

And sure enough, a repeat of Chris Jericho beating down John Cena last week played over the screen.

Chris Jericho: Hah! You see that you parasites? That was me, the true champion of the WWE, proving just why I’m the best in the world, and why I deserve to be the number one man on this show! Now, I’m sure you’re all wondering just what I have in store for John this week. After all, I already showed I’m better than him, I can beat him in competition, and whenever I want I can take his championship? So what’s next for me huh? Bring out my own line of bright orange t-shirts and trucker hats? Start making up gimmicky catchphrases?

At this point a smart-ass fan from the crowd shouts “I’m The King Of The World!” and Jericho shoots him a vicious glare.

Chris Jericho: No you see, I’m better than that, and I’m better than him. I have something much more interesting planned for this week’s Raw…

Jericho looked horrified at the top of the ramp, and his look slowly turned to one of rage as John Cena appeared at the top of the ramp, unlike the crowd, most of whom looked pleased to see their hero make an appearance. He stayed at the top of the ramp and held his microphone to his lips.

John Cena: Well Chris, if you want to do something interesting why don’t you stop talking and let someone who these people actually want to see talk for a change?

Chris Jericho: These people do want to see me John, I’m the World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd booed, disagreeing with Jericho.

John Cena: No Chris, they don’t. They don’t want to see you running your mouth. In fact, I’d like to bet a lot of these people don’t even want to see me running my mouth! No, this is a wrestling show and what people want to see is wrestling, so that’s what we’re going to give them! I went to see JBL, our beloved general manager earlier on today and organized a little deal with him. Tonight we’re both going to have ‘Pick Your Poison’ matches. I’ll pick your opponent, and you can pick mine. How does that sound?

Jericho initially looked shocked, but he slowly smirked, seemingly having a brainwave.

Chris Jericho: You know what John, that sounds great. I can’t wait for you to face who I’ve got in store for you. I’m sure they’ll want to fight you sooner rather than later.

Jericho then laughed as John shrugged his shoulders.

John Cena: Well I hope for your sake they can do a good job of taking me out, because if not, I have no trouble doing this.

John then suddenly dropped the microphone, running towards the ring. He slid under the ring just as Jericho ran away, escaping under the bottom rope and fleeing through the crowd. John then smiled, sliding back out the ring and picking up the World Heavyweight Championship. Then, with Jericho watching from the stands, Cena mimicked Jericho’s action last week and held both top titles aloft as the crowd cheered and Cena’s music played once more.


The Hart Dynasty make their way out to a moderate reception

JR: Well here comes the current tag team champs, The Hart Dynasty.

Matt Striker: After no-showing the Motor City Machine Guns last week, let’s see what they have to say.

After getting down to the ring and lifting up Natalya David Hart Smith asks for a microphone. He then looks around the arena then asks for a microphone.

D.H Smith: Last week our new General Manager JBL announced the debut of a new tag team, the Motor City Machine Guns.

The crowd pops at the mention of the Guns.

D.H Smith: yeah those guys. Well let me tell you that we take the challenge of these guys very seriously, so seriously in fact that we would like to set them up a match just to see what they’re made of so let’s get the Guns out here!

“Motorcity” hits and the Guns step out. They receive a fairly loud pop and strut down to the ring, as they enter the ring they extended their hands to the Hart Dynasty but pull them away and do their signature taunt at them.

D.H Smith: ha ha very funny guys, now we brought you out here so we could set you guys up with a match, just to see what we’re up against at Unified. Is that okay with you guys?

Chris Sabin: I get it, you’re scared of us. I say instead of some bogus tag team match that you’ve organized but I say we have a little handicap match tonight. My partner Alex Shelley and I against Natalya.

Alex Shelley: Believe us, if it gets too rough, we’ll lie down for you.

The crowd laughs and the Hart Dynasty begin to fume.

Tyson Kidd: Now listen. I don’t know where you guys came from but that kind of juvenile humor doesn’t fly over here. You got that buddy?

Alex Shelley: Hey man, we’re just messing, don’t get your little hair thing in a twist. You said something about a tag match?

Natalya: That’s right we’ve got two opponents lined up for you, and these two guys are a little more on your level.

Chris Sabin: I’d like to be on your level.

Alex Shelly: Snap.

Natalya stamps her foot and holds back Tyson and Smith.

Natalya: ENOUGH! Bring them out, now!

JR: Well who is it? Who have the Hart Dynasty laid on for the Motor City Machine Guns tonight?

The crowd pops for this oddball tag team and the camera cuts to the ring where the Hart Dynasty look proud of themselves. The Guns however just laugh it off.

Matt Striker: Well I don’t know if this is exactly what the Guns were expecting.

The Hart Dynasty begin to walk away smirking and the bell rings.

Santino Marella & Goldust vs. The Motor City Machine Guns

The bell rings and the match begins with Santino and Alex in the ring. Alex tentatively paces around the ring before moving to lock up but just as he goes in for the lock Santino stops him. He pushes his forearm up, he twists his wrist in, he turns it back out, he goes for the Cobra! But Alex Shelley is quick enough to dodge the devastating blow, rolls behind him and catches Santino with a schoolboy! 1-2-3!

Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns (00:14)

JR: Well, that didn’t give us a whole lotta insight to as what these two highly athletic young men can bring to the table. I really don’t see why the Hart Dynasty did this.

Matt Striker: Don’t you get it Jim? The Hart Dynasty obviously doesn’t view the Guns as a threat to their tag titles. Setting up this match is just their way of proving their dominance over the Guns.

JR: Well I know these two young teams are gonna put on a slobberknocker of a match at the brand new PPV Unified and I for one cannot wait for May 23rd at the Joe Louis Arena in the Motor City!

Matt Striker: Speaking of Unified, up next we will have Rey Mysterio in the ring with an answer to CM Punk’s challenge! Will he accept, find out next on Monday Night Raw!


Matt Striker: Well look what we have here, if it isn’t Michelle McCool, the women’s champion!

J.R.: Last week on Raw, Melina won the right to face McCool for the women’s championship at WWE Unified. I think McCool must be coming out here to, assess the situation as it were.

Michelle McCool struts to the ring, not dressed in her ring gear but in jeans, boots and a tanktop. She walks up the steps and goes into the ring, taking a microphone handed to her by someone at ringside.

Michelle McCool: Well, I’m sure you all watched Monday Night Raw last week and I’m sure you all sorely missed me. But I can’t help it, sometimes I just have better things to do. But, as I’m sure you’re all glad to hear I am back tonight, and it looks like I have a new number one contender to my women’s championship.

The crowd cheered modestly for the reference to Melina.

Michelle McCool: But even with my best friend Layla gone, I don’t think I have anything to worry about. After all, I’ve beaten Melina many times before, wether I’ve had anyone to help me or not. I did it at The Bash last year, I did it at Night Of Champions, and I can do it again at Unified, you mark my words. But hey, I know Melina is backstage tonight, I saw her putting on her six inches of makeup and practicing her fake crying in the locker room earlier. So if you want to come out here Melina and tell me why I’m wrong then feel free.

The crowd fully expected Melina to make an appearance, but she didn’t. Michelle’s determined look turned to a smirk at the lack of an appearance from her number one contender.

Michelle McCool: Just what I thought. You see that’s the problem with Melina, she does her little splits and everyone says she’s gorgeous, but when it comes down to the real stuff, she just can’t…

McCool looked shocked and angered as Melina appeared at the top of the ramp, also dressed in street clothes. She walked with a purpose towards the ring, microphone in hand.

Matt Striker: Looks like Melina has something to say after all!

J.R.: I don’t think McCool was actually expecting Melina to come out at all, but here she is!

Melina slid into the ring, forgoing her typical entrance due to it not being a match environment, and her having other things on her mind, like shutting McCool up.

Melina: Sorry Michelle, I don’t want to spoil your little celebration at how great you are, but I do actually have something to say that might make our match at Unified a little different from usual.

McCool looked quizzically at Melina, stepping towards her.

Michelle McCool: And what’s that?

Melina: Well, now usually in the ring you have some kind of help with these matches. Like you had Alicia Fox, then Layla, even Vickie Guerrero! You just can’t seem to do anything by yourself. So you’d think I’d want this match at Unified to just be one-on-one, me versus you wouldn’t you? Well, you’re wrong. I went to see JBL earlier on tonight and he added a little stipulation to our match next month.

Michelle McCool: Yeah yeah, hurry up and turn on the waterworks so we can leave.

Melina: Oh, I think you’re going to want to hear this…at Unified, our match is going to have a special guest referee.

Michelle looked deeply concerned as Melina’s smile grew.

Melina: And I’m going to announce who she is right now. Or rather, I’ll let her do that herself. So, special referee, come on out…

The crowd erupted in rapturous applause and cheers, clearly they had missed Lita. They grew when she emerged through the doors out into the arena, wearing her typical punk style. She walked down to the ramp as Michelle backed away towards the edge of the ring.

J.R.: It’s Lita! She’s back! I didn’t think I’d ever see Lita in a WWE arena again!

Lita climbed through the ropes and stepped in the ring. After she’d gotten over the shock, Michelle toughened up and stepped towards Lita as her music faded out. The two squared off against one another, trying to get the better of each other. Then suddenly, to an enormous reception, Lita kicks Michelle in the gut and hits a Twist Of Fate. She smiles and gets up, as Melina walks towards her. However, Lita then looks at Melina and kicks her in the gut too, delivering another Twist Of Fate, this time to the number one contender!

Matt Striker: Oh wow! I guess Lita is just as controversial as ever!

Lita then climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the crowd as her music plays, before climbing out and walking back down the ramp.


Rey walks out looking serious but still finds time to high 5 his fans as they applaud and cheer him on. As he enters the ring the crowd begins to chant 619. After a few seconds of looking around he begins to talk.

Rey Mysterio: As you all well know CM Punk and myself have had a lot of problems over these pat few months. It all started when he called me out in front of mi familia for a match at Wrestlemania where if I lost I would be forced to join his Straight Edge Society.

The crowd boos at the mention of the dastardly SES.

Rey Mysterio: I accepted and I defeated him but that wasn’t enough. Five days later he challenged me to another match this time at Extreme Rules. The stipulation was that if he lost I would get to shave off his pureza, his purity, his hair. I accepted again but this time I lost. But now there will be one more match, one final match to end this once and for all!

As Rey gets more passionate the crowd begins to really get behind hi, cheering him louder and louder after each sentence.

Rey Mysterio: If I win the Straight Edge Society will be no more!

Huge pop

Rey Mysterio: But if I lose then I must join them. I must join the people I have fought so hard against. I must join the Straight Edge Society. So I face a cross-roads, with one path my warrior heart is beating strong at the idea of finally of disbanding the SES but the other path my mind is telling me that I can’t do it. That CM Punk’s treacherous mind has yet another plan in order to beat me. With that said I fee-

CM Punk then makes his way out to the ring with the SES in tow. The crowd boos hard and Punk Sucks chant breaks out.

Matt Striker: It’s the Pastor of Purity, the Straight-Edge Superstar CM Punk!

JR: And he’s not alone Matt.

Matt Striker: Indeed he isn’t. Joining him on his crusade is The Sin Free Solider Luke Gallows and the Anti Diva Serena.

JR: No sign of that masked man however.

Serena then hands Punk a microphone who steps into the middle of the ring and drops to his knees.

CM Punk: Let me be the first to introduce you to the first night of the rest of Rey Mysterio’s life.

Boos rain down on CM Punk.

CM Punk: You see tonight Rey will accept the match for Unified he will go into brazen and confident and he will lose. He will then be forced into joining my Straight Edge Society. He will be beaten to within an inch of his life and he will be reprogrammed into a crusader for straight edge.

The crowd begins to boo wildy.

CM Punk: But all this could be avoided.

Punk then stands up and walks towards Rey who is standing in the corner.

CM Punk: Rey, if you join the SES willingly tonight I will drop the match at Unified. You will get away pain free and enter the greatest part of your life. Remember last September Rey? You were the Intercontinental Champion but you failed a drugs test and you were forced to drop your belt. That wouldn’t happen to you in the SES. March 2007, you were accused of being part of some kind of steroid ring and it left a black mark on your reputation. That wouldn’t happen to you in the SES. Don’t you see Rey the SES only wants what’s best for you.

Rey Mysterio: No Punk! The only person the SES benefits is you! You love the power you have over these people! The SES could be a tool for good, there is nothing wrong with the message only the messenger!

The crowd now becomes unglued at the passion in Rey’s voice! The whole arena is chanting for him now!

CM Punk: Now you wait a damn second there!

Punk then goes for a big clothsline but rey ducks it! He then dropkicks Punk outside the ring!

Matt Striker: Woah-ho-ho! Looks like this discussion is breaking down!

After seeing her messiah get knocked outside the ring Serena rushes to his side, at the same time Gallows lands a big forearm across the back of Rey then begins to set him up for the Gallows Pole but Rey manages to reverse it into a hurricanrana! Suddenly Luke is caught up in the middle rope!

JR: It looks like Luke is all hung up on the ropes Rey seems to be dialing it up!

The crowd begins to pop huge as Rey runs off the ropes and BANG 619! The crowd is going nuts as Rey picks up the microphone.

Rey Mysterio: Hey Punk! You and me at Unified? I ACCEPT!

As Rey then hurries out the ring, the camera pans over to Punk and Serena who look shocked. They slowly make their way out the ring and an advertisement for WWE Unified airs.

[color=red]J.R.: Well, that was an intense confrontation between Rey Mysterio and the Straight Edge Society. Next up though, high-flying action from our cruiserweights.

Matt Striker: Yes, Our division was bolstered by the addition of new, independent superstars Kaval and Christopher Daniels last week. Could more be coming soon? Who knows, but for now, here’s a chance to see them in action.

J.R.: Yes, and who better for them to face than Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder, who interrupted their exhibition matchup last week because they wanted that time to themselves! Well, it looks like we’re gonna see who deserves that time more right now.

Cody Rhodes & Zack Ryder vs. Kaval & Christopher Daniels

Kaval and Daniels seem eager to exact revenge on the two who beat them up last week. Kaval starts off the matchup with Rhodes and despite Rhodes gaining the advantage with many headlock takeovers, eventually Kaval fights back with a few deep arm drags. The two seem even until Rhodes pushes Kaval into the ropes and, when Rhodes charges at Kaval, he ducks and sends Cody over the top rope! Kaval then performs an outside dive when Ryder comes to help Rhodes, knocking both of them to the ground. Kaval slowly climbs back into the ring and tags in Daniels as Rhodes crawls back in to the ring.

Daniels, angry with Rhodes, immediately runs over and stomps him, dominating proceedings for a while. However Rhodes manages to trip Daniels at the five minute mark and runs over, desperately tagging in Zack Ryder. Zack, showing renewed arrogance and anger, instantly hitting Daniels with a Swinging Neckbreaker upon entering the match. He then poses for the crowd, doing his traditional Long Island gesture to some boos from the more avid WWE fans in the audience. Daniels stumbles to his feet and Ryder whips him off the ropes, clotheslining him to the ground once more. He then takes a few steps back and prepares to hit the Rough Ryder. When Daniels gets to his feet however, he ducks under the lariat and runs over, tagging in Kaval in the process. Ryder attempts to capitalize and hit Kaval, but Kaval kicks him in the gut, sending him to all fours. He then climbs to the top rope and hits The Warriors Way! But Rhodes has the referee distracted by attempting to enter the match! Kaval pins Ryder but the referee doesn’t count! Finally, his attention is drawn to the action and counts, but Ryder gets his hand on the ropes at two! The match continues.

Once Ryder recovers from The Warriors Way he gains control of the match, repeatedly striking Kaval in the back and head. He eventually wears Kaval down and hits a jumping dropkick, sending the warrior to the mat hard. Kaval slowly gets up, near Rhodes’ corner. Ryder distracts the referee again, whilst Rhodes grabs Kaval’s head and hits it off the ring post! Ryder then hurries over and rolls up Kaval! He gets the three count!

Winners: Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder (08:32)

Matt Striker: and it looks like Dashing Cody Rhodes and Zack Ryder have came out on top again!

J.R.: Not that they deserve it, those brats!


When the commercials end, Lucky Cannon is standing in the ring, looking confident and rolling his knuckles.

J.R: You join us with the new WWE superstar Lucky Cannon in the ring.

Striker: Yes, this is the third and final qualifying match for the Television championship. It was decided through a statement JBL made on wwe.com last week that the title match needed another competitor, and we’re going to find out who it is right now!

Sheamus enters to mild heat, beats his chest and continues to the ring staring at Cannon.

Sheamus vs. Lucky Cannon

The bell rings and the match is underway, both wrestlers go for each other and grapple for a while until Sheamus overpowers Cannon and pushes him to the ground. Sheamus gloats to the crowd claiming he will be the new champion. Cannon gets to his feet and strikes Sheamus in the back, knocking him to the ground.
Suddenly, Batista enters the arena wearing a Shirt, jeans and sunglasses, receiving major heat for his interruption. He looks angry and does his signature thumbs down at Cannon, who is staring at Batista from the ring. The crowd tries to warn Cannon as Sheamus gets to his feet, Cannon turns round to be bicycle kicked in the face. Sheamus pins and gets the pin for the three count.

Winner and contender for the Television Championship: Sheamus (03:10)

Matt Striker: There we have it, Sheamus is the winner and advances to the Television championship match at WWE unified.

J.R: He didn’t do it without help though. Batista cost Cannon that match.

Matt Striker: Well that is Cannon’s own fault for chasing Batista last week with a chair, he got what was coming to him.

J.R: Well I am not sure about that, but I am sure we will have a fantastic match for our new Television championship at WWE unifed.

Matt Striker: That’s right J.R, Matt Hardy, Christian and Sheamus it’s a classic in the making.

A ‘Don’t Try This At Home’ commercial is then aired, followed by a brief recap of what happened last week on Raw, featuring JBL’s reveal as general manager, Christian and Matt Hardy winning their qualification matches, MCMG making their debut, and Jericho beating down Cena prominently.

When Raw returns, Justin Roberts is standing in the ring.

Justin Roberts: The following is the first ‘Pick Your Poison’ match of this evening, in which Chris Jericho has picked the opponent for John Cena.

John Cena appears at the top of the ramp to his usual ovation, mixed with the occasional boo, shrugged off by John. He smiles and runs to the ring, avidly waiting his opponent.

Matt Striker: Who has Jericho chosen? It could be anyone on the WWE roster!

There is a brief silence…

The crowd boos as Edge slowly walks out, looking as confident as ever. He smiles, relishing the opportunity to wrestle again.
J.R.: It’s Edge! The Rated R Superstar! Chris Jericho has picked Edge!

[color=blue]Matt Striker: John Cena has met Edge many times before, but now Edge has been hired by Jericho specifically to brutalise Cena, and I have a feeling that he’ll do just that.

Edge then slides into the ring and the bell rings to start the match.

Edge vs. John Cena

Edge takes advantage of Cena’s surprise at his opponent for the early section of the match. He performs a few rest holds, headlock takeovers, and snapmares to make sure he is in charge of the flow of the match. Cena attempts to power up, feeding off the strength of the massive crowd support that is behind him, but this did not work as Edge was used to Cena’s tactics. At one point, the two come to a deadlock and Cena attempts his flying shoulder blocks, but Edge ducks under the second one and Cena goes crashing to the ground. This is very much the theme of this match, as Edge stops Cena from taking control as he knows his previous form from their multiple matchups in the past.

At around the five minute mark though, momentum swings. Edge attempts a diving crossbody off the turnbuckle and Cena ducks, showing some knowledge himself and Edge lands on his stomach. Edge slowly gets to his feet as Cena suddenly has his eyes focused on Edge, the crowd cheering him on, hoping he can turn the match around. Cena kicks Edge hard in the gut and hits a Fisherman’s Suplex, and from then on things swing in Cena’s favour. He begins to get on a roll with multiple forearms to Edge’s head. Edge escapes from the ring briefly by rolling under the bottom rope but Cena does not want to lose his momentum, so he follows Edge out of the ring. The two of them briefly brawl on the outside, Edge slams Cena’s head on the guardrail and attempts an escape, but Cena catches him and flings him into the steel steps, posing for the adulation of the crowd in attendance. Whilst Cena’s back is turned though, Edge hits an Edge-O-Matic on the outside and rolls back inside the ring at the six count of the referee. Cena crawls in at nine.

Edge attempts to capitalize, crouching in the corner, preparing for a Spear. He goes for it, but Cena ducks out the way, and Edge slams into the ring post! He slowly stumbles to his feet and is hit by a Diving Leg Drop from the top rope! Cena then quickly turns around, rolls to the base of Edge’s back, and locks in an STF! Edge is screaming out in pain, clawing his way towards the bottom rope as Cena is too shouting, shouting at Edge to tap out. The crowd are chanting and roaring for Edge to tap out but instead his eyes bulge in desperation…

JBL: Stop this match! Stop it right now!

JBL emerges at the top of the entrance ramp and the crowd boo at the match being halted.

JBL: Referee, I demand you break this match up!

The referee reluctantly pulls at Cena’s arm, and after five seconds Cena breaks the hold and Edge rolls out the ring and onto the floor as the referee calls for the bell to ring.

JBL: I cannot allow Edge to suffer an injury tonight, do you hear me? For that reason, I officially rule this match as a no contest!

J.R.: Now what the hell is that about!?

Matt Striker: Well it looks like JBL doesn’t want Edge getting injured, I guess he has some big plans for him in the future.

Edge staggers down the ramp and meets with JBL, patting him on the back and leaving the stage. The crowd boo as Cena shouts in the ring, and JBL disappears backstage.


Matt Hardy enters the arena to his usual mystifyingly large pop, hyping himself up from their reaction, he high fives a few fans as he walks to the ring and slides inside.

J.R.: Well Matt, it seems next we have a triple threat featuring one of the three qualifiers for our Television Championship match at Unified, Matt Hardy!

Matt Striker: Yes and it seems this crowd couldn’t be more excited to see the man who will not die, version 1!

Dolph Ziggler emerges with Vickie Guerrero in toe, receiving mild heat from the fans, mostly directed towards Vickie. Nonetheless, Ziggler relishes the hate and saunters to the ring, with Vickie making sure to check out Dolph at any opportunity.

J.R.: Eurgh, doesn’t this couple just sicken you a little bit?

Matt Striker: Not at all J.R., I love Vickie and Dolph is an accomplished athlete, they’re the new Speidi!

J.R.: What the hell are you talking about?

Evan Bourne enters, receiving a healthy response from the crowd. He runs down to the ring making sure to high five as many people as possible as he does so.

J.R.: Now this man is something else, something very exciting here in the WWE.

Matt Striker: Indeed, Evan Bourne is often cruelly overlooked, now he has a chance to prove himself against two accomplished superstars, but will he be able to step up to the plate? Let’s find out.

Evan Bourne vs. Matt Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler [i](accompanied by Vickie Guerrero)

The match is relatively short. Matt Hardy receives most of the offence throughout the match, but Ziggler seems keen to attack Bourne aswell. The crowd seem to be majoritively behind Bourne. Ziggler dominates the opening section of the match, at one point knocking both Hardy and Bourne out the ring, allowing time to pose for the crowd. He even invites Vickie Guerrero into the ring, and the two of them strike a variety of poses, much to the anger of the crowd who want to see wrestling. However, Ziggler doesn’t see Matt Hardy standing behind the couple and, as the audience cheer what is about to happen, Matt gears up for a Twist Of Fate on Vickie Guerrero!

Unfortunately though, Ziggler spins around and spots Matt, attacking him with an array of punches as Vickie quickly flees the ring and shouts at Matt. By this time though, Evan has got to his feet and the competition levels, with Matt Hardy and Evan Bourne briefly teaming up to attack Dolph and put him in his place. Eventually, the two turn on one another as Matt tries an unsuccessful roll-up on Evan, and after that the match goes back to traditional triple threat style.

Late on in the match, Dolph Ziggler has Evan Bourne in the sleeper hold, shaking him around but not hooking his legs. Matt Hardy however, slowly gets to his feet and stumbles towards Dolph. In a panic, Dolph pushes Evan away, right into Vickie Guerrero who is standing on the apron. Dolph hears Vickie scream, spins round and shouts at Evan Bourne, punching him in the face and knocking him too out the ring. Matt Hardy then grabs Dolph, spins him around and hits a Twist Of Fate! He covers Dolph for the three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy (05:01)

After the match Matt quickly slides down the ring and exits to the back. Dolph tends to Vickie Guerrero and helps her up. He then approaches Evan Bourne with malice in his eyes. He rolls Evan into the ring and stands over him, Vickie getting into the ring with his boyfriend.

J.R.: Uh-oh, I sense a storm brewing…

Dolph screams at Evan, along with Vickie, for pushing the Guerrero off the apron and hurting her. Dolph then begins to kick Evan repeatedly. He stands back and waits for Evan to stand up, then hits him with the Zig-Zag.

J.R.: Ouch! That’s not right, he did nothing wrong!

Matt Striker: What do you mean? He assaulted the lovely Ms. Guerrero! This is payback, plain and simple.

Dolph begins to turn and walk out the ring, but Vickie taps him on the shoulder and turns him round, screaming instructions at Dolph. Slowly, Ziggler nods. He maneuvers himself behind Evan and wraps him in a sleeper hold. He begins to choke him out whilst Vickie stands in front of Evan, cackling devilishly. Eventually Evan slips into unconsciousness and finally Dolph lets go.

J.R.: Well that’s just sick, look at Vickie, she loves that, and Evan didn’t even do anything wrong!


The familiar gong sounds and suddenly the arena fills with darkness. The crowd begins cheering like crazy as the gong hits again and The Undertaker’s entrance theme plays, smoke starts to fill the ramp and out steps the Deadman!

JR: Here comes The Undertaker!

Matt Striker: The Phenom of the WWE, never defeated at Wrestlemania, a true legend in this business and he’s here tonight, on Monday Night Raw!

JR: Not only that Matt but this is his first appearance in the WWE since he ended the career of the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels at at Wrestlemania in that 5 star classic.

Matt Striker: It certainly will be interesting to hear what he has to say.

As The Undertaker makes his way to the ring with the all so familiar entrance he grabs a microphone.

Undertaker: At Wrestlemania I ended the career of Shawn Michaels after he cost me my holy grail, the World Heavyweight Championship. Now that Shawn is no longer around to cost me the title I have returned with one thing in mind. The WWE Unified Championship.

The crowd pops at the idea of the Undertaker once again holding major gold.

Undertaker: Let it be known that after Unified I will be the number one contender and I will win the World Title. It doesn’t matter who wins at Unified. They’re just keeping it warm for me.

The Undertaker begins to leave the ring and gets to the ropes but just before he leaves the ring, he is interrupted.

The Undertaker stares into the camera with a look of disbelief and then out steps Drew Mcintyre. The crowd boos as Drew walks to the ring in an expensive looking suit and a smug look on his face.

JR: I have no idea what Drew McIntyre is doing out here but one thing’s for sure; he must be confident.

Matt Striker: Well the Sinister Scotsman who Mr. McMahon has dubbed a future world champion might just be coming for advice.
JR: Well he better be careful. The Undertaker has got his eyes firmly set on the title and anyone in his way better watch out.

Drew McIntyre: Undertaker I’m here to tell you that it’s time to step aside let someone else get a shot at the title namely me. How many World Title shots have you had? Seriously? So come on what do you say?

The crowd boos at McIntyre sheer brashness to come out and telling The Undertaker that he needs to move over.

Undertaker: So I nee to move over huh kid? You think you can just come out here and just ask for title shots? Title shots are earned, what have you done to deserve one?

Drew McIntyre: I’m a future world champion…

Undertaker: You keep saying this but you’ve done nothing to back it up. You’re all talk, so no I will not step aside and I will not be talked to like that so you better back up outta my ring.

Drew McIntyre: Well I was talking to Mr. McMahon and he told me that he guarantees that I’ll be World Champion by the end of the year. You need to step aside old timer or I will make you step aside “Deadman”.

Drew then stares at Undertaker for a few seconds, before turning round and leaving the ring.

J.R.: Well I don’t know who the hell Drew McIntyre thinks he is, but the Deadman will not be happy that he was interrupted upon his return to the WWE.

Matt Striker: Yeah, you’ve got to be wondering what is going through the mind of the Sinister Scotsman.

WWE then air a commercial for the ‘Slam Of The Week’, which was Chris Jericho laying out John Cena with a Codebreaker last week.

The cameras rejoin the action with the arena once again empty save for Justin Roberts.

JR: Well it’s time for tonights Main Event. Chris Jericho, the World Heavyweight Champion will take on an opponent of John Cena’s choosing.

Matt Striker:[/b] After Chris Jericho choosing the Rated-R Superstar Edge you can be sure that whoever John picks will be one heck of a challenge for the 7 time World Champion.

Justin Roberts: The following is the second ‘Pick Your Poison’ match of this evening, in which John Cena has picked the opponent for Chris Jericho.

Out steps Chris Jericho with his title round his waist and a serious look on his face. The crowd starts booing Chris and chanting “Cena, Cena” but Chris doesn’t even respond. After a receiving a microphone and looking around for little bit Chris finally begins to talk.

Chris Jericho: It’s times like these that the WWE Universe needs Chris Jericho. You see not only am I the current World Heavyweight Champion, not only am I the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion and not only am I a mainstream star by my own accord. I am also the Best in the World at what I do and what I do best is win Championships. I have won over 22 championships in the WWE and whether you choose to admit or not, you need Chris Jericho.

The crowd boos wildly.

Chris Jericho: You see without Chris Jericho the WWE would be full of shameless pandering drones like John Cena. So tonight Cena will pick some jackass from the back and he’ll come out thinking he can beat me but he won’t. I have beaten every single person in this company. I have beaten The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

The crowd cheers for the mention of these legends.

Chris Jericho: So bring out whoever it is that John Cena picked. It really doesn’t matter.

There is another brief silence.

JR: The Viper Randy Orton!

Matt Striker: The last time these two men met one on one was in December 2007 for the WWE Championship and we all remember what a classic that was!

JR: Indeed it was, Randy Orton will take on Chris Jericho when we return.

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho

The bell rings and both men stare at each other, Chris Jericho lands the first blow and from there on in takes the upper hand. After hitting a perfect vertical suplex Chris then places Randy in a headlock all the while shouting ASK HIM! After around a minute of this Randy finally manages to get back to a vertical base. From there he manages to push Chris off the ropes but gets immediately knocked back down when Jericho hits him with a shoulder block. He immediately wraps Orton in a painful looking body scissors. The crowd boos at Jericho’s lack of exciting moves. Randy manages to land a couple of big elbows and Chris is forced to relinquish the hold. After getting up to his feet Randy manages to land a big European Uppercut and shoots Jericho into the turnbuckle. Randy then mounts the turnbuckle and lands a big right hand and another and soon the crowd begins to count along with the punches 3-4-5-6-7-8-9 he then climbs down and Jericho begins to flop towards the ring and Orton catches him with a huge scoop powerslam.

Randy then begins to pound on the mat, the crowd can sense what’s coming. Jericho starts to stand up with his back turned to Orton as he turns around Randy goes for the RKO but Jericho manages to push him away! As Orton lies in the middle of the ring Chris spots him and goes for the Lionsault! He hits it perfectly and goes for the cover, 1-2 Kickout! Orton slides towards the corner on his back, Chris spots him and goes over to pick him up but Randy manages to grab Chris’ trunks and he lands face first on the turnbuckle, dazed and confused Jericho stumbles backwards but Randy catches him with a roll-up! 1-2 Jericho just manages to kick out!

Randy doesn’t let up however, quickly laying in multiple stomps then catching him with a chinlock, after a minute or so Randy backs up into the corner, the crowd senses a punt coming! Jericho is on all fours, Randy goes for the punt but Jericho manages to get out of the way he then gets behind Jericho and hits a perfect release Germen Suplex!

The crowd cheers wildly as they all appreciate good wrestling.

JR: don’t go anywhere, this Main Event will continue after this short break!

As Raw comes back from the commercial break Y2J is in complete control. Randy is lying on the ground whilst Jericho antagonizes the crowd by shouting at them. He recives massive heat before heading back over to work over Randy.

Chris then motions to the crowd a tapping motion and goes to lock in the Walls of Jericho! He’s got it synched in, this has to be the end of Randy! After 30 seconds of searing pain Randy manages to flip Jericho over. The crowd lets out an audible sigh of relif at Randy just managing to break the Walls. Jericho stands up h is obviously furious that Randy managed to escape the walls.

Fuming, Chris moves over Randy but gets locked up in an armbar, Orton then wraps Jericho’s arm in between his legs and locks in the crossface! In Jericho’s anger he made a critical error. The crowd is going wild as Jericho inches towards the ropes and just manages to get to the ropes and Orton is forced to break the hold. With both men clearly spent and lying on the ground the referee begins a 10 count. Orton is the first to get up at about 8, he then picks up Jericho who hits a picture perfect Codebreaker. 1-2-3. Jericho picks up the victory after a real back and forth match.

Winner Chris Jericho (15:36)

JR: What a match here tonight! Jericho picks up the victory as he builds momentum for his showdown with Cena at Unified. Wait what’s Chris doing?

Jericho then locks in the Walls of Jericho and starts wrenching back! The crowd boos as 3 refrees run down to the ring to break it up. As Chris just ignores them the crowd boos heavily. Finally after nearly one minute of the hold being locked in Chris then breaks it and heads over to pick up his title and a microphone.

Chris Jericho: At Unified I will be the first ever Unified WWE Champion and there is nothing John Cena can do about it!

Matt Striker: Is this true? Can Chris Jericho defeat John Cena at Unified will he be able to avoid the Walls of Jericho?

The screen fades to black with Chris Jericho holds his World Heavyweight Championship high above his head.


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