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Re: WWE 2010: The Return of Excellence

WWE NXT-June 15th, 2010-Wilkes-Barre, PA-Wachovia Center at Casey Plaza-Recap Form

We open up with the opening video and pyro as Michael Cole and Josh Matthews open the show as we’re five days away from the WWE Fatal 4 Way PPV. After opening comments, we are taken to Matt Striker, the host, as he introduces the rookies and their pros. From there it is announced that in three weeks the first NXT Season 2 Poll will be announced, and the rookie with the lowest ranking will be ELIMINATED! However tonight the main event on NXT will be WWE Pro “Dashing” Cody Rhodes taking on rookie Kaval! Striker lets the rookies know that these next two weeks are very important, as their futures in this company depend on it. We then cut to commercials.

Upon returning from commercials we see our first match of the evening, which puts WWE rookie Titus O Neal and his pro Zack Ryder against the team of Lucky Cannon and his WWE pro, Mark Henry. The match which goes no longer than five minutes showcases the strength of O’Neal, and the surprisingly remarkable agility of Lucky Cannon. The finish of the match comes as Titus goes for an Argentine Powerbomb. However Lucky counters with a rollup pin cover for the win. After the match Striker asks for O’Neal’s comments in which the rookie admits that he got a little too ahead of himself, and failed to get the win. His pro, Zack Ryder says that a long as he’s in his corner, the WWE universe is going to hear a lot more from O’Neal, “Wooh-Hoo!” Following that we go to Cole and Matthews who mention that later in the show, they will show in entirety the conclusion of last night’s shocking attack on Monday Night Raw, from the eight graduates from Season 1 of NXT. However as a way to get the fans caught up with the rookies, a video package of MVP’s pro, Percy Waston, is shown. The vp which is basically the same that was shown IRL, highlights Waston’s life before getting into the business and ending with his catchphrase of “Oh Yeah!” A graphic video of the main event of Rhodes/Kaval is shown as we go to commercials.

We return from the break and our second match is announced as WWE pro, John Morrison takes on WWE rookie, Alex Riley. During the match Cole and Matthews put over Morrison/Miz’s match from last night on Raw, and what happened following the victory for Morrison. The two also hype up the US title match between Miz and Morrison’s tag partner, R-Truth, this Sunday at WWE Fatal 4 Way. As far as the match goes Morrison stays in control for most of the match, with Miz barking orders at his rookie, Riley. It seems that it begins to work, as Riley begins to gain control and work over the torso and ribs of the former Intercontinental Champion. Despite not being in the match we see him get involved after Morrison hits The Moonlight Drive, as he gets on the ropes. Morrison pulls Miz into the ring, but Riley comes back and attacks the right leg of Morrison. Miz watches as he slides out of the ring, as Riley picks up Morrison and hits the TKO. Riley gets the win and afterwards the two begin to attack Morrison. However Eli Cottonwood, Morrison’s rookie, enters the ring and the Miz and Riley leave the ring. Cottonwood checks on Morrison, as Miz and Riley reenter and attack Cottonwood, focusing on the right knee of the rookie. Miz then picks up Morrison, and as a message to R-Truth, hits the Skull Crushing Finale to Morrison, to a heat of boos. The pro and rookie stand tall as both Morrison and Cottonwood are down. Cole and Matthews speak on what happened just now as we see another graphic of last night’s attack that will be shown later tonight. However when we come back it will be rookie Joe Henning taking on rookie Husky Harris. We then go to commercials.

The show is back as our third match takes place. The match which features both rookies is actually the best match of the show thus far, as before the match Husky tries to intidimate host Matt Striker. Joe Henning, dressed in a singlet with one strap, like his father, the late Mr. Perfect Curt Henning, uses his quickness to stop the brute strength of the self proclaimed “Army tank with a Ferrari engine.” However Husky counters and hits an Ura-nage. However Henning gets the shoulder up at the count of two. The finish of the competitive match sees Henning connecting with the Henning-Plex. Henning gets the 1-2-3 at the 6:02 mark. Following the match we see his pro Kofi Kingston congratulate him for the win. Cole and Matthews put over following the commercial break the entire conclusion of last night’s WWE Monday Night Raw. We go to commercials.

Cole and Matthews welcome us back to the show and mention that what is about to be seen is from last night and shows the complete chaos, that is affecting Monday Night Raw, and quite possibly the entire WWE.


Edge looks to hit the spear but Orton ducks and then goes for the backbreaker. However Edge counters and hits the Edgeuction. Edge then makes the cover but only gets a two count. Edge picks up Orton and sends him to the ropes. Edge then goes for the spear and misses again. Out of nowhere he turns around and is floored by the RKO by Orton! Orton looks to make the cover, when all of a sudden….the ring is surrounded as Skip Sheffield clotheslines Sheamus! Darren Young and David Otunga then begin to break down the announce table, as Cole and Matthews were able to get out of the way at the last possible moment. However some of the other ring crew members weren’t so lucky. The others enter the ring and begin to surround Orton. Orton swings at Barrett, but it is a complete mugging. Tarver hits a huge clothesline, followed by a huge spinning heel kick. The others pick up Edge and put him in the corner, as Daniel Bryan connects with a huge running kick to the face of Edge. Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater take apart the ring, while Otunga and Young attack some of the cameramen. Fink is clotheslined by Sheffield, as the area is quickly turning into the conclusion of last week’s show. Sheamus tries to get in the ring, but is hit in the back with a chair by Gabriel. In the ring now Barrett picks up Orton and hits him with the Wasteland. The ropes are now down and the ring is looking like last week, as Sheffield clotheslines Edge like crazy. Danielson then locks in a crossface like submission hold to Edge, while Young picks up Sheamus, and Barrett has Otunga hit a flapjack slam. Gabriel goes to the top rope and then connects with the 450 to Orton! Edge is slowly picked up to his knees as Danielson connects with a kick to the face of Edge. Sheamus is picked up by Tarver and is hit with a huge spinebuster right on the canvas. And after connecting with a 450 to Orton, Gabriel does the same to Sheamus. Following the actions in which the crowd is completely livid, the eight men begin to leave the ring, exiting the same way as they did last week. This time no officials come to help the three men, as we conclude the show with a wide-out camera shot of the ring being destroyed. The three number 1 contenders for the WWE championship are completely out, as all we hear is the reaction of the crowd as Raw comes to a conclusion!
Following that Cole and Matthews run down the PPV card, before saying that it was confirmed on Raw that John Cena WILL BE AT THE PPV AND WILL BE DEFENDING THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP! Following the announcement we see the graphic for the ME as “Dashing” Cody Rhodes will be facing rookie Kaval.

The Main Event which goes about eight minutes sees the crowd completely behind Kaval, as the match is a back and forth style from the opening bell. Despite being the pro, Rhodes seems to have quite a challenge in front of him, as he finds himself up against the ropes, quite a bit throughout the match. The finish of the match sees Kaval go for the stomp off the ropes, but Rhodes moves out of the way. Kaval lands on his feet and goes for the Kaval Combo, and gets 2/3 through it, when Rhodes counters the last part and hits Crossroads out of nowhere! Rhodes makes the cover and gets the three count as Rhodes’s momentum continues as the PPV draws near. Cole and Matthews put over Rhodes’ win while Cole continues to mock Kaval’s career in the indies. The show concludes as the commentators and Striker put over the first elimination that will take place in three weeks.

*End of Show*

**Smackdown will be up in full later this week or early next week**

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