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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

PWG All Nude Revue

Tony Stradlin vs. Frankie Kazarian
Kind of a slow start but the match got really good once Stradlin hit a really nice looking GTS. Everything else was very well executed as well. I can't say I'm a huge fan of either guy but I was impressed that they put on such a good match in 8 or 9 minutes.

Ricky Reyes vs. Roderick Strong
Really hard hitting, whether it be Strong chops or the kicks that Reyes seemed to land all over Strong. Nothing that that's never been done before but it's always a lot of fun to watch guys just beat each other up.

Hook Bomberry, Top Gun Talwar, Phoenix Star, and Zokre vs. The Ballard Brothers, Human Tornado, Ronin

Much better than I expected. There was some funny stuff thrown in with what was mostly a high impact and fast paced match. I have to say that Human Tornado with a sling on is hilarious. The guys in this match really aren't all that great but they seemed to be working really well here and the match was highly entertaining.

Alex Shelley vs. El Generico
Both guys are much better today than they were when this took place. This was still a good match but if I were told that Generico and Shelley would get 15 minutes and I would have expected something better. I wasn't really sure what exactly they were going for. Entertaining enough but there were times when I really lost interest.

Christopher Daniels vs. Kevin Steen


I liked the approach they took to this match. Daniels used a lot of simple moves early on to keep Steen grounded. This really wouldn't be very exciting at all if it wasn't hilarious watching Steen get more and more pissed off before he was finally able to get some offense going and take control of the match. Rick Knox also showed his greatness with such lines as "One word and I can end this" and "Two wrongs don't make a right" in regard to Steen biting Daniels after Daniels bit Steen's hand. Just a very entertaining match all around.

PWG Tag Title Match:

Chris Bosh and Scott Lost (c) vs. Scorpio Sky and Quicksilver
Got to love the new tag belts for the show. Bosh and Lost were presented with 2 actual belts, 5 bananas, and a roll of tape.

The match itself was very entertaining. Easy to understand characters with Arrogance playing great assholes and The Aerial Express are fun faces to watch. The match was fast paced and just easy to watch. Couldn't have really asked for much more in a match. The ending made sense as I think these teams would go to feud a lot in the future.

PWG Championship Match

Samoa Joe vs. Super Dragon (c)
So when I saw that there were only 15 minutes left on the DVD when I started this I was really just expecting this to be 15 minutes of bombs and stiffness with very little selling. Well we didn't exactly get that and to be perfectly honesty I was a little disappointed by that. The match was still very good but I thought it was kind of weird that had Super Dragon play more of an underdog role and not as Joe's equal in the badass department. It was still hard hitting and very enjoyable but it wasn't quite the all out war that I expected. Still a great match and MOTN.

This is a really easy to watch show. The whole DVD was less than 2 hours and it was filled with quality matches. There wasn't a bad match on the card.
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