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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

KaijuFan's Stoned Reviews:
PWG - Dio!

Los Luchas vs Johnny Goodtime and LTP

** 1/2
Sadly there was some miss communication abound, but whenever there was a slip up the four guys would make up for it. Still, probably the most underwhelming match on the card.

Brandon Bonham vs Ryan Taylor
Lols were had with Excalibur saying they're the same wrestler with alternate attires. I'm starting to like Bonham a lot, he's not fantastic but I see him developing rather nicely in a year or so.

Scott Lost vs Akira Motherfuckin' TOZAWA
Another match that would have been better if it wasn't as sloppy as it turned out to be. Tozawa still managed to be the little asian running rampant on cocaine character.

Cutler Bros and Joey Ryan vs The Boston Celtics
*** 1/2
The Bucks are such awesome heels, I adore them (which I guess means they're not doing their job). Would have been much better if Malachi wasn't involved in the match at all, but it was hilarious seeing his brothers throw him out of the way for taunts and the like.

Candice LaRae vs Christina "My love" Von "No really" Eerie
They had a good match, but it wasn't as brutal as their previous encounters.

Chris Hero vs Brandon Gatson
Hero continues his putting over the home talent tour with Gatson this time, made him look like a champ with all he had to do.

iPeligro Abejas! vs Steendrick
*** 3/4
Solid and short, they didn't go into an epic long stretch which was refreshing in all honesty.

I had fun as always when watching a PWG show, but this was weaker in comparison to other shows they've done. Still worth a watch though.

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