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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

They've always shipped to me pretty quickly but I have no clue how long it will take to get to Australia.

So I finally got a job today and sold some stuff on ebay. I'm going to try to keep it under control but I think it's time for me to start spending money on wrestling DVDs again. I'm really hoping ROH puts on a really big sale once they get the site up and running because there are some shows that I would really like to pick up. Mostly DBD before it gets sold out.

I also want to catch up on some PWG stuff as well but I'm hoping Highspots will get a good deal going soon. They seem to be big on giving away free gifts right now with big orders but I want to wait until they get some better stuff up there. I really wish I had money when they were giving away those IWA:MS comps.

Ted Petty Invatational 2004 Night 2 Review

I've had this for a long time and have only watched bits and pieces. Really glad I got around to seeing the whole thing.

CJ McManus vs. Billy McNeil vs. Thunderbolt

Who the fuck are these guys? Well they all seemed pretty average and worked a very basic match. Nothing too spectacular but you had Thunderbolt playing a monster face and the other 2 were heels that worked together for a decent part of the match. The action was pretty good and everything was flowing nicely until there was a really awkward moment where Thunderbolt just let one of the guys up when he had the match won. Then he covered him a second time and it was broken up, like it was meant to be on the first side.

Well Thunderbolt wasn't involved in the fall and I don't know which guy actually won. Then I discovered that Thunderbolt was in fact a heel as he beat up both guys after the match. Everything was going pretty well until the last minute or so when I just felt really confused. Still a decent enough match for a bunch of unknowns.

IWA:MS Light Heavyweight Championship Match (or something like that)
Sal Rinauro vs. Jimmy Jacobs (c)

So Jimmy Jacobs came out limping badly. Yet Sal went after his back the whole match. I guess the injury might have been legit because there is no reason why Jacobs would sell his leg like that for no reason. The match was just a little to one sided for me to really enjoy. I'm ok with a heel controlling the match but Jimmy could have got at least some offense in. At least some of the stuff that Sal was doing was original and looked good. He also was really over as a heel with the crowd.

Jacobs eventually got his comeback going and the match started to pick up. It ended up being a decent match but could have been a little more exciting. 3 or 4 less minutes wouldn't have hurt either.

Falls Count Anywhere Match:

Ian Rotten vs. Steve Stone

Ian came in with his shoulder taped up. Stone went after it a little bit, enough that you could tell it was part of the match. They still spent most of the match just brawling out of the ring. It was pretty average really. Chris Candido does also shows up in the match and they beat up Ian together. I don't know why, this is a match where some commentary would have helped. I don't think this match had an ending. Ian just got beat up for a really long time until some fat guys and a really fat woman came to his aid. I don't know or really care who they are.

I'm guessing this was all about storyline advancement. It was still pretty terrible and I honestly had to skip through the beat down that didn't seem to end. Looking back it was really pretty terrible. I mean the best part of the match was when Stone was thrown into a wall. Just think about that for a second.

The promo after the match was actually pretty good by Stone, Candido, and some guy in a yellow shirt that seemed to be the mastermind of the whole operation.

NOTE: At this point I realized that there is in fact commentary but it only played on my left ear bud. You see I was watching with only 1 ear bud in and it happened to be the one with without commentary. There is no chance in hell that I'm going back to watch the other matches though, even though I think CM Punk had been doing commentary.

Quarterfinal Match:
Rainman vs. Danny Daniels

It looked like Rainman was playing the underdog in this tournament. He upset Sabin in Night 1 and now was in the ring with last year's winner. And he got his ass kicked early on. Good effort by Daniels to get the fans behind Rainman, a guy that hadn't seen much of before. As the match wore on he gradually became more and more of the heel as he started to get desperate. There was a bad botch on a hurricanrana (not sure whose fault it was).

Still a liked the more and more heel like tactics shown from Daniels and it made the match much more watchable and got me caring about Rainman, something that nobody else has ever done for me. Good match really. Much better then I expected as I don't ever remember seeing anything all that great from either guy before.

Quarterfinal Match:

Nigel McGuinness vs. Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is a badass. That's really the first thing that comes to mind while watching this match and it seems the whole match seemed to reinforce this point. There was some really good technical wrestling that was very enjoyable to watch but a lot of this match was Joe and Nigel just beating the hell out of each other. Since Joe had a lot more wrestling to do tonight Nigel took a bulk of the punishment, which made him look good for taking it all and and made Joe look like even more of a badass.

There were times when Nigel looked like he had the match and even though he ended up losing he looked really really good in this. And did I mention that Samoa Joe is a badass? Loved the story of Nigel trying to hang with a monster like Joe. Especially since most of his other ROH stuff that I've seen involved him already being the champion and I haven't seen him play an underdog like this before.

Larry Sweeney, Hallowicked, and Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma, Icarus, and Trik Davis

Damn, Akuma has a mask, Icarus has crazy hair and doesn't seem to be the most hated man in the world. He still had the worst tattoo ever though. Things haven't changed that much as 6 years later Akuma and Icarus just broke up and Hallowicked and Jigsaw still team together. Pretty surprising in the indies.

The match was pretty decent but it's really obvious how much better these guys are today. The ending was as crazy as you would expect, they hit some really good looking offense. I feel like the early part of the match could have been a cut a little bit as they did seem to go a little too long with the feeling out process early on.

Quarterfinal Match:
AJ Styles vs. Matt Sydal

These guys are really really fast. They did some amazing stuff in the ring and just put on a fantastic show. It was impossible not to want Sydal to win the match while watching this. Besides the incredible stuff they did in the ring I liked the story they had going where this was their third match together and Sydal hadn't won a match against AJ yet.

It was really spotty but everything was executed really well and there was a pretty good story being told. I personally love this style of indy wrestling where the guys just go all out but there are few that would be able to pull it off as well as AJ and Sydal.

Rain vs. Mschif vs. Mickie Knuckles vs. Daizee Haze vs. Lacey vs. Mercedes Martinez

I really liked the beginning of the match. Everyone got their chance to show what they could do in the ring and there was some really impressive looking looking stuff. Everyone had their own storylines and characters that were all portrayed and it was all working very well. I just wish they had more time to really get things going as once the first pin happened we just saw one elimination after another very quickly.

I understand why this was kept short but they really should have taken some of the 8 minutes they spent on entrances and put 5 of those minutes to the match. Still a good match.

Quarterfinal Match/ IWA:MS Title Match:
Arik Cannon vs. Petey Williams (c)

I guess the title is on the line in the tournament.

Pretty good match. It was a little too slow for my taste early on and I couldn't really figure out what they were really going for as they went back and forth at a pretty slow pace for a while. It wasn't until Cannon started acted more like a heel like that I finally got interested. The end of the match was really good and the fact that the title was on the line created a much better atmosphere then a lot of the other matches had.

I also want to point out that I've been watching indy wrestling for a while and it was the first time I've ever seen Cannon actually win a match. Pretty cool moment and really made the night a lot more interesting with the title involved because you really didn't know what to expect after the champion just lost his title mid-way through the show.

Quarterfinal Match:

Mike Quackenbush vs. Nate Webb

I really like to watch Mike Quackenbush wrestle. He has a really unique style and it's always easy to watch. Haven't really seen much of Nate Webb before (I've seen him on WSX and maybe at DBD IV in ROH) but I was pretty impressed, mostly by his ability to sell Quack good offense. His offense wasn't bad by any means but all the crazy shit that Quack was doing was really the highlight of the match.

It was good to see that they kept things short too. I really feel that 10 minutes or so is really the ideal length for a lot of indy matches. Let the guys do their stuff but keep it short so the match doesn't turn into guys going for the "epic" match. This was a nice little match and something that a 15+ match card really needs.

Quarterfinal Match:
CM Punk vs. Bryan Danielson

I was tempted to give this 5* when a little kid told CM Punk that he hated him and Punk responded by looking right at the kid and saying, "I hope your parents die."

The match itself was awesome as well. I mean look at who you have in the ring, there really was no chance of them not having a good match. I was thrilled to see that Dragon started selling the leg after he took a spill. Punk didn't work on it too much but it seems like some pretty obvious foreshadowing of what's going to happen in Dragon's next 2 matches.

Good technical wrestling with enough hard hitting stuff to keep it interesting. I've seen Punk and Danielson in the ring a few times together and I have to say that I really like their chemistry.

IWA:MS Tag Title Match

The Wild Cards vs. Tank and Iceberg vs. Brad Bradley and Ryan Boz (c)

The actual wrestling in this match was pretty bad. Now that I have that out of the way I can start praising this match for being really entertaining. It was nice to see Eddie Kingston in a role where he wasn't just a complete badass. Him and his partner were just hilarious on this match. Over the top heel actions and they got their asses kicked the whole time. Kingston doing a moosault off the top rope to the floor also makes the match even better.

The whole match was really about how Tank and Iceberg wanted to get into the ring with Boz and Bradley as they were the 4 big men in the match. So you have these 4 badasses in the ring and then there are the Wild Cards. They never tagged out and seemed to ruin the big fight every time the other teams were going to get started. The match reached a true level of greatness when the teams were having a stare down and Marciano (I think that was the name of Kingston's partner) hobbled into the middle of them all and just slapped Tank in the face. And to make this match even more over the top they ended up winning the titles.

It's not a technical masterpiece but they made up for the their limitations but putting on a match that told a good story and had some funny and entertaining moments. Much better then it had any business being.

Semi-Final Match:
Rainman vs. Samoa Joe

Really really short. A quick flurry of offense by Rainman where it looked like he had a fighting chance. Well that lasted about a minute as he soon got his head nearly taken off by a brutal clothesline for the win. I was entertained and the show needed a few short matches to keep it under 6 hours. It also did a good job of making Samoa Joe look like even more of a badass.

Semi-Final Match
Arik Cannon (c) vs. AJ Styles

I guess at this point everyone was told that they really had to pick the pace up on this show as this match lasted about 6 minutes. It was really intense for 6 minutes though and just a really easy watch. Cannon delivers some of the best punches that I've seen out of anyone. Cannon also did a really good job of showing that he was a heel in the 6 minutes. He had the crowd genuinely annoyed with him on a few occasions and someone managed to get his character to show in so little time with in such a fast paced match.

AJ got a surprise title win, or so we thought. after the 6 minute war that they went through. I can't go that high for the rating because it was so short but it was really a solid addition to the card. Nice swerve at the end where Cannon told everyone that he wasn't defending the title throughout the tournament and left with the belt and a ton of heat.

Semi-Final Match:
Bryan Danielson vs. Mike Quackenbush

They really did some crazy shit in this one. Both guys know how to do about a million different holds and we saw a lot them early on. I was surprised to see Danielson play the heel in the match as he was a face earlier in the night. Still as a stand alone match this was fantastic. They really made the perfect opponents for each other with the type of match they worked.

This was the longest semi match by far and it was also hands down the best. I liked how we saw Quack try and use a few of Danielson's signature moves, which seemed to only get Dragon pissed off. To sum it all up we get some great technical wrestling and they threw in a nice story in as well.

Jimmy Rave vs. Todd Sexton vs. Alex Shelley vs. Austin Aries vs. BJ Whitmer vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Chris Sabin

I'm not a fan of this at all. It was virtually 2 guys in the ring the whole time with everyone else standing or laying around on the outside. Someone would get a pin only for them to be eliminated soon after. It was also pretty sloppy at times as well. It's impressive how much better a lot of these guys are today than they were here. Lots of SPOTZ! in fact if you take away some of the crazy stuff there really isn't much to this.

Whitmer and Rave actually saved the match at the end as they had a pretty good mini match after everyone else was eliminated. With this much talent in the match it should have been a lot better. It wasn't bad just could and should have been a lot better.

TPI 2004 Finals:

Bryan Danielson vs. Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

I loved this one. We start off with some really col technical wrestling between the 3 guys early on and the match went on to really a feature a little but of everything. We saw them brawl on the outside, hit some high flying moves, and stiff the hell out of each other. They were all over the place until Danielson was eliminated but I mean that in the best way possible. I can't really say what kind of match they wrestled, all I can really say is that it was awesome.

Once Danielson took the fall they really put on this awesome David/Goliath match with Joe and AJ. Samoa Joe had been booked as such a monster throughout the whole show and it was great to see someone that just kept fighting and finally took him down. I loved all the attempts as a Styles Clash that led to the finish as it really had me thinking if AJ could actually hit the move on Joe. It was just a great moment when he hit the Styles Clash and got the big win.

A perfect way to end the show. Great clash of styles (see what did there?) throughout the match and a really intense and emotional finish. I have to say that I was really rooting for AJ to get the win at the end as he played a face that could take it right to Joe really well. It's always good when the last match of the tournament is the best on the card.

This show has a lot of matches and is really really long. It took me over a week to actually get through it. I still loved it but damn, it was long. Just look at the talent on this show, it's quite possibly the best indy line up I've ever seen. Highly recommended. Even if it means giving some of your money to Ian Rotten...

My only real problem was that guys seemed to be turning heel or face in between matches. The great wrestling easily overcomes all that though.

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