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Re: WCW 2007: Don't Call It A Comeback...

Originally Posted by HarlemHeat View Post
You got me hooked but I just suggest you wait a bit before posting further updates. Give people time to come in and read the first one before posting a second or even a third. If people have tons to catch up on it scares them away.
No disagreements from me, I just like to get my backstory out of the way. I'm going to add one more part today, then give it a few hours to breathe.

Originally Posted by the_enforcer4 View Post
This as long as it keeps the feel of WCW has the potential to be a huge BTB. Im gonna be honest, I can't freakin' wait to read more!
Thanks, I appreciate the kind words, I just hope I can live up to expectations.


December 4th, 2006

It’s Monday morning and the feeling at Titan Towers is very much one of ’the morning after the night before.’ The previous night had seen the running of the disastrous ECW December To Dismember pay-per-view, a show that was poor in terms of promotion, quality and buys. Rumours were spilling out from backstage about a furious bust-up between Vince McMahon and ECW head booker Paul Heyman about the show. They’d been butting heads for weeks over the show’s creative direction and it was inevitable that it would come to a head if the show failed.

Shane was in his office in LA doing paperwork when he got the call.

“Shane, it’s Paul E.”

“Hey Paul. Caught the show last night, it was a bit of a let down.”

“Don’t I know it, Shane. Look, I’m sure you’ve heard that your father and I have had a bit of an argument. We couldn’t get on the same page over the show and, well, he’s not happy about how things turned out. He never heard the old saying about ‘too many cooks’ - or so it seems.”

“That’s unfortunate, Paul, but I’m not sure why you’re telling me all this.”

“It’s simple, Shane. I know all about your WCW relaunch and I want in. I know you need a booker and, as of today, I need a job.”

“He fired you?”

“Less than an hour ago. So whaddya say, is there a job down there for me?”

“Give me a sec, Paul. I’ll call you back.”

Shane hung up the phone and hit the intercom.

“Janie, will you ask Eric to come in here, please?”

A couple of minutes later, ‘Easy E’ appeared in Shane’s office.

“What’s going on, Shane?”

“I just wanted to check in. How’s preparation looking?”

“We’ve got the Georgia Dome for January 1st, marketing are running spots for that now.”

“Good. But I was thinking more on the talent side.”

“I’ve spoken to a few old friends and some of the old WCW crew has agreed to come in. Bagwell, Kanyon, Luger, Sid, Hall. Scotty Steiner is in, too, but it was a tough sell.”

“That’s a great start. And you’ve spoken to the guys my dad let go these past few years?”

“Yeah, they’re in.”

“Do you have a booker yet?”

“Still looking. I’ve got Court Bauer coming in, but he’s not had a lot of experience booking at this level yet.”

“What if I told you I’d found one?”


“Heyman. Dad fired him about an hour ago.”

“You’re kidding?”

“Can you work together? I mean, I don’t want any bad blood backstage.”

“Shane, we buried that shit when we were the GMs up north. We’re not bosom buddies, but we can keep it professional.”

“That’s all I needed to hear.”

He picked up the phone and dialled Paul’s number.
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