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High Voltage Results

JR: Howdy everybody and welcome to High Voltage! Just 2 days after our first official PPV, we are live from the Kohl Center in Madison, Wisconsin. And King, the Canadian Connection taking on The Rock, Stone Cold, Maven, Sting and a partner of their choice. Also we have interview with Perry Saturn

King: Is that all Ross, I thought you would never shut up. But you're right it's going to be an unforgettable High Voltage, I cant wait.

JR: Well Roger Walker is now standing by with Perry Saturn, so we cross to him now.


Roger- Well Saturn last night you and 5 other men took it to the extreme, and you came out on top with the Hardcore title. I mean we all saw how brutal that match was, I mean you were hit with barbie when it was lit on fire, you were dropped on thumbtacks, not to mention everything else you took in that match, why are you here tonight knowing that the Hardcore title is defended 24/7 around here with so many hungry superstars here who wouldnt think twice about taking it of you.

Saturn- Is that all Roger, maybe you could crap on for another hour or so about what happened in that match. Yes I am still in great pain, but a true Hardcore champ never says die, and Im here because I am the best the Hardcore division has to offer.

Saturn is about to say something else but stops, then walks off.

JR: Well its true, Saturn took the most punishment in that 6 man hardcore tables match, and he came out on top. A true Hardcore champion.

King: These Hardcore guys are nuts! What they do week in and week out amazes me!

JR: Well coming up next is Juventud Guerrera vs La Parka.

Match 1: Singles Match
Participants: Juventud Guerrera vs La Parka

It didnt take long before Juventud and La Parka were turning the match into a game of can you top that? Just when Juventud looked poised for a victory after hitting a tornado DDT on La Parka, Syxx Pac ran down and gave Juventud the X-Factor. The ref rang the bell as Syxx Pac demanded that CM Punk accept his challenge for a matchup this Friday on Explosion for the Lightweight title.

Match Time: 8m 41s
WINNER: La Parka via DQ

JR: Well Syxx is hungry for some WIWA gold, and this Friday if Punk accepts he may get some. But if I know CM Punk, he wont want to give that gold up without a fight.

King: It seems like Syxx is obsessed with becoming a serious player in this buisness, and wrestling gold goes a long way.

JR: Yep, but folks dont forget still to come tonight, 5 on 5 tag team action!

King: Yes I cant wait for those cocky Canadians to get whats coming their way, a good ass whippin'!

Camera flashes out and shows highlights of the ROR PPV, including the demonic ROR matchup

JR: Wow, that was one hell of a video package, what a PPV!

King: Damn they took some punishment didnt they JR, blood, broken bones and shattered dreams all in one night, just brilliant.

JR: Well now Roger Walker is back in the presnce of the great one, the Rock


Roger- Well Rock tonight you team with Maven, Stone Cold and Sting plus a partner of your teams choice, to face the Canadian Connection.

Rock- Hahahaha, Canadian Connection? What kind of a maple leaf munching name is that? That sounds like the title for some b-grade action or thriller movie, not a god damn stable. But yes tonight the Rock, Stone Cold, Sting, Maven and the mystery man face off against the ingreat Bret Hart and his band of loyal ass kissers, Edge, Jim Neidhart, Christian and Lance Storm, and in front of a sold out Kohl Center, in Madison, Winsconsin (crowd errupts), they will have their anti-american asses hammered all the way back up into the rocky mountains. And, wait a minute, I forgot again.......FINALLY! THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO MADISON! (crowd errupts) And as god as the Rocks witness, he will LAYETH THE SMACKETH DOWN ON ALL CANADIAN ASS!.....................IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK.......IS......COOKING!

JR: Well the Rock seems pumped, but will his team end up on top after tonight?

King: Well we dont have to wait long because the match is up next!!!

JR: O hell yeah!

Backstage and Saturn is shown walking through the hallways, heading out to the carpark. He stops at a pepsi machine and purchases a drink. But no drink comes out instead a note. Saturn reads it and looks in shock. The camera zooms in on the note and it says BANG BANG! Saturn looks around but cannot see Cactus Jack anywhere. Saturn looks relieved and starts to walk off cautiously. But as he does, the vending machine door opens and out pops Cactus Jack with a can of pepsi. Cactus hits Saturn in the back of the head with it and covers Saturn to become the new Hardcore champion. He dosent celebrate long because as he runs off down the hall, AJ Styles slams a door into Cactus' head and Cactus falls down. AJ motions for his ref to count Cactus 1-2-3! AJ jumps up in celebration but Saturn lurges at him and both men fight back down the hallway. Saturn throws AJ into the wall then smashes his head through the pepsi machine! Saturn reclaims the Hardcore title off AJ and hops in his car and drives off, putting the finger up at Cactus Jack who tries to chase him.

JR: Wow Saturn lost then regained the Hardcore title in about 2 minutes, what about Cactus popping out of the vending machine! Never saw that coming.

King: This damn title is driving the locker room insane JR! How many people can take this punishment week in and week out?

JR: I dunno but they aint sane if they can, and up NOW is our main event!

Match 2: 5 on 5 Tag Team Match
Participants: Stone Cold, The Rock, Maven, Sting & Diesel vs Bret Hart, Jim Neidhart, Christian, Lance Storm & Edge

It started off as 5 on 4 with Canadians getting the advantage. Then the horn of a truck went off and the crowd errupted. Edge had a look of total shock on his face, as Diesel, taped ribs and all, come walking down the ring with an evil smirk on his face. The crowd was going crazy. Diesel entered the ring and cleared house, throwing Storm over the top rope, booting Edge, sideslamming Christian, clotheslining Neidhart and then pulling Bret to Diesels corner and pummeling on him. Storm tried to stop Diesel but Maven cut him off with a dropkick, which caught Storm on the chin. Diesel then slammed Hart down and motioned for a tag to Austin. Crowd went nuts. Diesel and Austin evily smile at each other then Diesel extends the hand and Austin tags in. Austin whips Hart to the buckle, knocks him down and pummels him with the lou thesz press. Austin then drags Hart to the corner and stomps a mudhole in him. The Rock wants in and Austin tags him in. The crowd errupts again. Rock knocks Hart down repeatedly then gives him a spinebuster and motions for the peoples elbow. Neidhart comes in and Sting cuts him off with a diving clothesline. Rock hits the peoples elbow then covers Hart but Edge interferes. Diesel steps in and Edge scurries out the ring and into the crowd. Diesel then levels Hart with a forearm. Rock tags in Maven. Maven DDT's Hart then tells Christian were to stick it. Maven hammers on Hart in the corner then clotheslines him down and tags in Sting. Sting locks the sharpshooter in straight away but Christian breaks things up. Sting hits Christian from behind which sends Christian through the middle rope. America are in control. Sting suplexes Hart then covers but Hart kicks out at 2. Sting chops Hart down then attacks the leg for a while before tagging in Austin again. Austin gives Hart the finger then socks him down with a right. Austin then taunts the Canadians by holding out Harts hand and everytime they look like tagging in AUstin pulls the hand back. Austin tags in Maven who comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Cover broken up by Storm. Maven takes his eye off the ball and pays as when the ref takes Storm out of the ring, Hart gives Maven the low blow. Hart tags in Neidhart. The Anvil overpowers maven for some time before tagging in Christian. Christian and Neidhart double team stomp Maven in the corner, as Storm chokes Maven with the tag rope. Christian tags in Edge. Edge back drops Maven then taunts Diesel. Diesel steps in the ring but again behind the refs back Edge hits a low blow.
Hart has had Maven in the sleeper for a while as the crowd begin to come alive for Maven. He gets to his feet, rolls around and drops Hart with his double knee backbreaker. Both men down. Crowd claps on Maven to make a tag. Hart tags in Edge. Maven then leaps across the ring and tags in Diesel. Diesel destroys everyone. Storm and Edge attack Diesel from behind then all hell breaks loose as Sting, Austin and The Rock enter the fray. Maven gets to his feet and Christian drops him with a reverse DDT. Diesel then drops Christian on the buckle in a snake eyes then boots Christian down. Bret Hart chops down Diesels leg from behind. Austin comes in the ring and gives Hart the Stunner! Austin gives Hart a 10 finger salute but turns around and Storm kicks him right on the chin. On the outside Sting and Neidhart are brawling up the ramp. Neidhart charges at Sting but Sting elevates and drops Neidhart on the ramp. Neidhart holds his back in pain. Storm turns around in the ring and gets the Rock Bottom. Rock goes for another peoples elbow but Christian gives the Rock the Unprettier. Christian looks for some peeps in the crowd but gets a Jacknife when he turns around from Diesel. Diesel then raises his hand and Edge spears him. Edge goes for the cover but Diesel kicks out holding his ribs in pain. Edge cant believe it and sets Diesel up for another spear but Sting slides in the ring and puts Edge in the Scorpion Deathlock. Edge fades out. Bret Hart then grabs a chair and hits Sting in the back with it. The ref rings the bell as the crowd boos the Canadian Connection out of the arena. Team America celebrate and play to the fans in the ring.

Match Time: 23m 45s
WINNERS: Stone Cold, The Rock, Maven, Sting & Diesel via DQ
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