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Re: Indy Circuit Pro Wrestling League

Monday 26th July 2010
Albuquerque University Arena
Capacity Crowd

The Official Theme of Monday Night Genocide
Bad Blood - Escape the Fate

Jim Ross: "Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another exciting edition of Indy Circuit Pro Wrestling League; we are only 24 hours out of the second day of the Never Give Up Pay Per View; and what a night it was!"

HBK: "That's right JR; we crowned a new Young Lions Champion; and were shocked by Monty Brown."

Jim Ross: "That's correct Shawn; Monty Brown shocked the world by decimating all his competition in the Never Give Up Hardcore Tournament to win the Number One Contender spot; for the Ironman Championship; which was surprisingly defended last night by the man himself: Nick Dinsmore."

HBK: "Dinsmore has been the face of this company since day one JR, and he isn't about to lay down to Hager."

Jim Ross: "Indeed he won't Shawn; however tonight Dinsmore is taking a rest day and we will be treated to one hell of a main event when the number one contender Monty Brown, The Alpha Male; takes on former Ironman Champions "The Edge" Adam Copeland and Daniel Puder; and of course one of the most dominating superstars in recent memory; Jacob Hager."

HBK: "That's one cracker of a Main Event JR I can't wait!"

Jim Ross: "And also tonight, our GM Richard Fliehr will address us all about a new title in ICPWL! Can you shed any light Shawn?"

HBK: "I am really excited about this new title; it will change the direction of this company and most importantly the Young Lions Division."

Jim Ross: "Of course in that match there will be several stars including: Former Magnum Champions Gomorrah and Sean O'Haire; The Young Gun, Maven Huffman; several assorted Young Lions competitors, and two returning superstars!"

HBK: "I can't wait JR."

Jim Ross: "Neither can I Shawn; let's get this show on the road shall we? Ladies and Gentlemen; I am JR Jim Ross, he's The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels; and this is Genocide."


Opening Match
Non Title Match; 1 on 1
Cloudy (c) vs. Joe Hennig
Winner: Cloudy
Overview - Classic wrestling match with both men pulling out everything possible to stand out.
- Despite his heroic win last night; Cloudy fought back to beat his former #1 contender with a picture perfect Yoshi Tonic.


The Copeland/Jones Lockeroom

Stratigias: "Come on AJ; it's going to be a walk in the park!"

Allen Jones: "That's easy for you to say Trish, you've never stepped into the ring with Daniel. He's a tough opponent and I'm going to have to be pretty damn Phenomenal tonight."

Stratigias: "That's easy for you AJ."

Allen Jones: "If you say so Trish."

Adam Copeland enters the lockeroom and walks to Jones.

Adam Copeland: "You're not seriously worried about this match with Covell are you AJ?"

Allen Jones: "What can I say Adam? Like I said to Trish he's-"

Adam Copeland: "I don't care what you said to Trish; he's a nobody. You're in my cabinet, you're with me; therefor you are talented enough to take out any of these clowns. We're the three best superstars in this god forsaken roster and you will go out there tonight and prove me right won't you?"

Jones shrugs to Copeland then exits the lockeroom, followed by a confused Strarigias. Copeland shakes his head then walks the opposite way.



Daniel Covell: "I lost last night but dammit I won't lose to AJ tonight."

NJS: "No you won't. And even if you do, it won't step on the toes of our master plan; it's already coming into effect. Just now Josh and Pat told me AJ was getting shit from Copeland; so we think he's nearing the edge."

Daniel Covell: "We'll see won't we?"

NJS: "Get out there and win Dan; we believe in you."

Daniel Covell: "Thanks Joe."

NJS and Covell shake hands then Covell moves off towards the arena.


Match 2
Reunion Match
"The Fallen Angel" Daniel Covell vs. "Phenomenal" Allen Jones w/ Patricia Stratigias
Winner: Daniel Covell


Adam Copeland's theme song plays as he begins to head down towards the ring where Covell and Jones are shaking hands.

Adam Copeland: "No No No, whats this?! We don't shake his hand once we finish, he is not worthy to have our respect."

Allen Jones: "Shut up Adam."

Adam Copeland: "I beg your pardon?"

Allen Jones: "I am sick of your crap; every week all I have to listen to is your whining and I am fed up. If I want to shake my opponents hand after a match with them then I will and you can't stop me."

TNA begin to make their way to the ring silently, then surround the ring around Copeland. Stratigias can be heard screaming for them to leave; however instead they storm the ring, only for Copeland to escape and run up the ramp to the stage. TNA, Covell and Jones all laugh, then collectively raise their hands.



Ian Richards and Billy Kidman are talking in the hallway when The Samoans approach them.

Jonathan: "Well looky here Josh, we got a bunch of washed up losers trying to beat The Fatu Brothers."

Joshua: "How pathetic."

Vampiro: "Didn't your dad use to shove his fat ass in peoples faces for a living?"

Billy Kidman: "Yeah, where is big old Kish these days?"

Jonathan and Joshua stutter for a moment before being pushed out of the way by Magnus and Jones.

Bob Holly: "That doesn't matter Billy; what matters is tonight Mark Magnus and Nathan Jones are finally going to be crowned World Tag Team Champions and there is nothing any newbie samoans or washed up veterans can do about it. My boys are in their prime and nothing can stop them!"

Vampiro: "Run along Bob, I think I hear your trailer on fire."

Bob Holly: "You're funnier than I remember Ian; whatever, make your jokes, we'll see you out there."

The Super Powers leave, leaving The Samoans, Vampiro and Kidman staring off in the same direction, before all parting ways.


Match 3
Tag Team Championship Battle Royal
The Samoans vs. Showtime vs. The Second City Saints vs. Vampiro & Kidman vs. Sinn vs. The Super Powers vs. The Minnesota Stretching Crew vs. The Natural Born Killers (C)
Winner(s): The Natural Born Killers.
Overview: - This match was nothing but a mess. Showtime and The Second City Saints breaking off to brawl in the crowd. The Super Powers were attacked collectively by Kidman, Vampiro and The Samoans.
- This left NBK, Sinn and MSC to fight it out; where NBK and Sinn would combine their efforts to demolish Shelton Benjamin.
- Burke would school boy pin Bane out of nowhere to capture the win.
- After the match the several brawls around the ring would continue until security broke them up.


Match 4
Magnum Championship Match
Drew Galloway vs. James Gibson w/ Perry Satullo
Winner: James Gibson
Overview: - The veteran Gibson pulled out every stop to out smart and out wrestle Galloway.
- Not much can be said about this match; Gibson would trick Galloway on every turn with high flying moves, before ending the match with a hit from the Magnum Title, after the distraction by Satullo.


The GM's theme music begins to play, and Richard Fliehr makes his descent onto the ring.

Richard Fliehr: "Well Well Well, what a night it's been and what a night last night was! Who enjoyed Never Give Up? I know I sat in the back enjoying every moment of every match, and personally I'd like to congratulate not only Monty Brown, but everyone involved for a great night indeed. Let's hear it for out Never Give Up competitors. Ok now we have to get down to business, I've been asked to come down and let you all in a little secret we in management have been cooking up, and that is a new title here in Indy Circuit Pro Wrestling League! That title will debut tonight very soon and I have been nominated to give you the details of that title. This title is known as the Junior Heavyweight Title. And tonight we will crown our first champion in a 9 man Battle Royal with: Alex Riley, Cody Runnels, Wade Barrett, Ken Doane, Gomorrah, Sean O'Haire, Maven Huffman... and two returning superstars... Eric Young and Jay Lethal! I think I speak for myself and the rest of the ICPWL world when I say; I can't wait!."


Match 5
6 Man Tag Team Match
Total Nonstop Action w/ Daniel Covell vs. Bad Company
Winner(s): Bad Company via Count Out
Overview: - TNA dominated the match; however with an interference from Adam Copeland; the three men and Covell chased Copeland out of the arena.
- TNA would return to the ring after Bad Company leave...


NJS: "Ever since I left ICPWL all I have been hearing is Adam Copeland complain; and I know I am not the only person who is fed up with his crap, so lets call out some other people who are; get out here guys."

The returning Eric Young and Jay Lethal make their way to the ring; then Allen Jones joins the group in the ring.

NJS: "Copeland, you've been terrorizing us with your words and actions since ICPWL formed only 5 short years ago, and I think I speak for everyone when I say your time here is up. Cross our paths again and face the wrath of TNA."


Match 6
Junior Heavyweight Title Match
Alex Riley vs. Cody Runnels vs. Wade Barrett vs. Ken Doane vs. Gomorrah vs. Sean O'Haire vs. Maven Huffman vs. Eric Young vs. Jay Lethal w/ TNA & Allen Jones at ringside
Winner: Gomorrah


Main Event
Fatal Four Way Match w/ Special Guest Referee Lance Evers
Jacob Hager vs. "The Edge" Adam Copeland vs. Daniel Puder vs. "The Alpha Male" Monty Brown
Winner: Monty Brown
Overview: - Hager, Puder and Brown fought the match tooth and nail, with Copeland not showing to the match, the other three fought bravely to win.
- The Ironman Champion made an appearance at ringside, causing a distraction for many of the superstars.
- Puder and Hager would brawl alot of the match outside; after first teaming up to decimate Brown.
- However, Brown would make an amazing return in the match destroying his opponents single handedly, before finishing Hager off with a sit down powerbomb.
- Dinsmore and Brown would lock eyes and stare off before ICPWL went off the air.

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