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Re: Indy Circuit Pro Wrestling League

Originally Posted by douba-douba-e1013 View Post
WOW, everytime I try to get some comments up a new show is up. I must say, you got something great going and pretty nice format for yea as well. Promos = Gold and that is just what your missing but hey, it is just starting up and yea getting it ready. Can't wait to see your promo work, I don't think I ever seen any of work, I am getting pretty impressed with it so thumbs up.

I like the real names coming into play, even though I don't think Copyright Infringment would effect a BTB HAHA! Nick Densmore, I think that it Nick Nemeth, Dolph Ziggler, if so, good choice for a World Champion, that guy is a gifted athlete, keep up the reign with him.

I really like The Young Lions Division, Alex Riley should be the champion type thing for that Division, if there is a title but I just skim most of the shows because it is just results, SORRY...Drew Galloway, I know that is Drew McIntyre, not the best choice for Magnum Champion, sometimes I like him, sometimes he is bleh. We'll see where he goes with that.

You have alot of inactive wrestlers and you have two shows, LOL. I would make one of your shows three hour maybe, Either way, you got something good and I look forward to your future writes but one question, Are you going to write PPVS in full?
I get really into my BTB when i get it going Promos will be in this show! (:

Nick Dinsmore is "Eugene" not "Dolph Ziggler"; Ziggler is in the Young Lions Division known as Nick Nemmeth.

Dinsmore is an amazing athlete nonetheless; he has won more OVW World Titles than anyone in the history of the company; and he is one of hell of an entertainer. I feel WWE shit all over him; so i give him a push in EVERY btb i do

Riley's gunna get a push very soon dw

I personally love Galloway; hence why i pushed him into the Magnum Division; dw he'll be out soon and into a cool new storyline

I have lots of Inactive Guys for the moment cause when I get more into my BTB i will be able to write them in more sufficiently. And its easy to just include them in the Inactive Roster and say they're on tour with JAPW or something for the mean time until I can write them in better (:

thnx bro!!

my PPV's are normally in full; like I said, this is just to get my groove back, then ill swing into it
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